2015 All Star Game Ball Park Preparation

$3,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $15,000 $5,015,000

1. Budget

Projected August 1, 2013 Capital balance 2014 Capital Contribution 2015 Capital Contribution Accumulated Interest

2. Concrete, Waterproofing, Painting

(These costs are for typical annual ongoing repair & maintenance items and does not include painting of the steel structure or light towers, for ex) Exterior: Heavy Duty expansion joint replacement & seals; concrete breaks and spalls @ sidewalks & joints, joint to joint replacement. Low façade steel painting, handrails, walkway side plates, entry gates and control fencing. Concrete walls, steel truss & concrete rust stains, cast stone, handrail embedment corrosion, efflorescence on pavers, stainless steel screens.

C&W Painting Cleaning


$460,000 $50,000 verify w THP $50,000 $560,000 Membrane replacement at Club House, press box, Diamond Club, etc. - top slab resloping, seating area expansion joint replacement. Low level steel rust removal, epoxy primer & painting; steel plate surface prep & coating, zinc coating on underside corroded metal deck, select drain line pipes. Face wall rust stain removal, general cleaning of low overhead steel pipes at concourse; exposed drain piping. $1,864,000 $50,000 verify w THP $50,000 $1,964,000 $2,524,000 $2,491,000

C&W Painting Cleaning

($100K contingency included)

Run Total: First C&W package will be ready to print by 8-1-13

3. MicroLite Lighting System Replacement

Estimates: PBS - United El - Cooper (2011) $390,000 PBS - PraxisOrin (GE) (2011) $511,950 Mayer - Cooper Controls $378,401 Mayer - Synergy Lighting Control $427,714 Mayer - Lutron Lighting Control $452,819 (Two installation PBS/GABP discount)? (May use Ameresco to bond project) Run Total: $400,000 $2,091,000

4. PA System & Components - updates/repairs

Working on reviewing WJHW evaluation from 2011 and eliminating what we have already performed Adam to review this list (from Roger) and prioritizes based on the real need and the realistic approach to this comprehensive plan) Placeholder: Run Total: $300,000 $1,791,000

5. Mechanical, HVAC, Kitchen Equipment

System updates/repairs - two year phased approach Placeholder: Run Total: $600,000 $1,191,000

6. Security, Fire, Emergency, Cameras, Access Control Systems

System updates/repairs - two year phased approach (Sprinkler valve replacements - Dalmation) $140,000 Placeholder: Run Total:

$300,000 $891,000

7. Carpeting

(Press Box, FL Interview Room, Crosley Room, Sharp Business Conference Center) Run Total:

$60,000 $831,000

8. Wall Pads
Run Total: $120,000 $711,000

Were replaced in 2009, replace in late 2014?

9. Kitchen Flooring

Replace original floors in kitchens Run Total:

$50,000 $661,000

10. Other Contingency Considerations:

Lighting Towers & Roof Structure - review, any major issues to be included in the THP report for work to complete prior to July 2015. Otherwise, work into longer term plan 2016-2020 Run Total: $50,000 $611,000 Cost TBD


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