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• Training at Jamwon rugby pitch scheduled for 10am Saturday. Make your own way there or meet Kurt outside Itaewon Paris Baguette at 9:15am.

Maybe Next Weekend
V O L U M E 1 I S S U E 1 A P R I L 2 3 2 0 0 9

• YSC: Shanghai beat Guangzhou 40-23 with a bonus point. • Game against Daesim postponed until further notice. • Money for new jerseys due ASAP. See Roddy. • Register interest in a team paintball game to Justin so that we can plan for the trip in the coming weeks. • Do your best to be available for our first Yellow Sea Cup match against the Hairy Crabs in Shanghai on May 23. Tickets are cheap and the times will be good.

Inaugural Survivors North v South Match
The Inaugural Seoul Survivors Northern Hemisphere vs Southern Hemisphere match kicked off April 18th at Korea University. rally saw the Southerners Northern Hemisphere: Justin Jackson (c) home for the win.
Richard Jarvis Mavrik Jeon David Judge RJ Karas Gyuhang Kim Youngchol Kim Jacob Leonard JB Paquereau Hendrick Perry Jordan Smigelsky Beau Spencer James Tucker Southern Hemisphere: Simon Walsh (c) Roddy Bancroft John Bresler Dean Dawson Richard Jones Rawiri King Jin Lee Joshua Pearce Rene Ringuet Kurtis Taogaga Alex Walsh

Thanks to Nathan and Roddy for refereeing the matches and also to our The games were played as 10- supporters who came and a-side with two twenty minute made it an enjoyable day. matches and a final thirty minute match to round out a warm Spring day. The Southern Hemisphere team lived up to their “favourites” tag taking out all three matches. However, the Northerners harassed the opposition all the way and nearly caused an upset in Match 2. The North then sent panic through Southern ranks by leading for a significant period in Match 3 before a late






through Exit 6. Walk straight down two blocks and turn right between Hyundai High School and Shinsa Middle School. Walk to the end of the street and turn left following the highway embankment until you can enter the River Park area about 50 metres ahead on your right through the tunnel. Look for the rugby posts.

The only injury concern from the match was JB who appeared to damage some ligaments in his shoulder much to the dismay of his parents watching sideline. Get well soon, JB.

Survivors Production Line Churning
The Survivors have welcomed two new additions to the squad this week. Aidan Roderick Bancroft born to Roddy and Rene Bancroft April 21 and Jagger Hoeft born to Aisea and Charlotte Hoeft on April 23.
Proud parents: Roddy and Warmest congratulations to Delicate Hands: Aisea comes Rene with baby Aidan. to grips with baby Jagger. both new sets of parents.


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Ted Gray (President) 011-287-9558 Roddy Bancroft (Manager) 016-494-7363 Simon Walsh (Pitch Captain) 010-9417-9554 Kurtis Taogaga (Media) 010-7263-5878 Rawiri King (Coach) 010-8698-4982 Justin Jackson (Social Officer) 010-5465-6122

ANZAC Day Commemorations
April 25th is ANZAC Day. ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps and is a widely revered observed national holiday in Australia and New Zealand. April 25th commemorates the 1915 landing of Australian and New Zealand troops on the Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. tions on the field of battle. In Antipodean circles, it is as much remembered for the raw fighting abilities and rugged determination of ANZAC soldiers as it was for the callous indifference of the British officer corps to the troops’ suffering. Australia suffered 28,150 casualties, of which 8,709 were killed, and New Zealand suffered 7,473 casualties, of whom 2,721 were killed, in the campaign. These were huge losses for the relative sizes of the two countries. Although ANZAC Day and the Gallipoli Campaign holds a particular poignancy for Australians and New Zealanders, it must also be remembered that 21,255 British, around 10,000 French and 87,000 Turkish soldiers also gave their lives in that place.

A Kiwi soldier in solemn pose.

The Gallipoli Campaign is remembered as a military debacle and an utter failure that nonetheless forged the identities of two young na-

• There will be a group

of us going to the War Memorial Museum 6am Saturday morning before training. RSVP for breakfast. All welcome.

A5N: Korea vs Singapore
“For that blood shall he sheds with be today his me my
After training on Saturday, we will head to Seongnam Stadium for the 2pm kickoff of Korea’s Asian 5 Nations campaign against Singapore. The stadium is closest to Moran Station, on the intersection of Line 8 and the Bundang Line, and Sujin Station on Line 8. We should be able to make it there in under an hour from Apkujeong, leaving plenty of time to take in food and refreshments before the match starts. We should have eighteen free tickets to provide for our players on a first-come firstserved basis. So get to training early and put your hand up to support our host country in their bid to challenge the Japanese for rugby supremacy in Asia. It’s not often you see international rugby in Seoul, so make the most of it.


Survivors battle heat and dust to go unbeaten against KU Old Boys
Kicking up the dirt against the Old Boys.
A last minute phone call on Saturday gave us the opportunity to wake up for an early morning match the following Sunday. A Survivors team, still battered and recovering from the Hemisphere match, were needed to provide the Korea University Old Boys’ Club with a runaround near the varsity campus. Although we weren’t afforded the use of the university’s turf, the intrepid Survivors turned out and, despite Saturday morning’s bruising and the night’s indulgences, managed to take it directly to the Old Boys to remain unbeaten for the day after three matches with minimal rest time and only a single man on the bench. Big thanks goes out to all those who made it out on short notice. It may not be ideal but at least it’s a game.