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Exploitation of Mobile phones in Society

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 Introduction  Methodology  Social impacts of Mobile phones
 Exploitations of mobile phones in Social institutions

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Educational institutions

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Religious institution
Effects on Health Institution of Family and Mobile phones Impacts of Mobile Phones on our Traffic System
 Mobile Phones and Exploitation of Pakistan’s society



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Youth Crimes’
 conclusion  References


As we know the benefits of mobile phones but in this report we are viewing mobile phone from conflict perspective of society. Mobile phones which are using in our every way of life but in this report we are critically analyzing that how mobile phones are exploiting out society and in this we are collecting researches and discussions, for this purpose we also conduct a research through questionnaires in our university’s young students. and this research tells that how Pakistan’s youth is exploiting through this device. Even there is a great threat to their health. In this report we also get such things which may guide us that how mobile phones are affecting health of society. how it is taking part in the crime rates of society. how it is making conflict with traffic system.

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For making this report I use the following methods for research: Internet searching Interview with youth to know their views

Digital library of HEC searching (Blackwell synergy) News papers

Research through Questionnaire technique to know real exploitation in our society.(primary data) ------------


“Social impacts of Mobile phones”
‘Exploitations of mobile phones in Social institutions’ Educational institutions:
If we view world wide we will see that it is a major problem in especial our country that during education hours or we can say Lecture hours there is not 100% stop of Mobile usage which is disturbing educational institutions and there is not stop of communication even in Libraries, people hide them selves book’s catalogues and communication through mobile phone is going on and on. Mobile phones are also disturbing the teacher student relationship ,in our country there was a time when students visit their teacher’s home to get the right form of knowledge but now a days it is the trend and society’s practice that teacher and students don’t know each other and if they want to contact each other they call each other through mobile phones. During my college education time there were some students who threat their teacher to pass them in examination and all this happen through the technology of Mobile phones. Even there are number of Cheating cases during examination came on the scenes just because of Mobile phones.

Religious institution:


If we view the disturbance of mobile phones in our religious institutions especially in Mosques and churches or other worship houses we will find the interference of mobile phones also here disturbing people’s worship. and we can see each wall is decorated with the term “Please Switch off your Mobile phones during prayers ” and hardly you will find no mosque whose management is not facing and debating this issue. Once I see some people were going to bellows and fight with the person whose mobile was cause of disturbance even one I personally saw a people using bad language in Mosque just because of mobile phone usage in Mosque.

Effects on Health:
Public concern has been expressed over the possibility that children may be more susceptible to radiation emissions from mobile phones. Whilst there is no definite answer in regards to this matter, the issue has become a major concern for parents around the world. Several reasons validate their concern. Firstly, children have thinner skulls therefore radiation can penetrate further into their heads (Electromagnetic Radiation Australia, 2004). “Studies have been conducted to measure the energy absorption from a mobile phone using anatomically correct phantoms of both child and adult heads� (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, 2003). However, once again, these studies have not provided enough evidence to suggest children will suffer adverse health effects. A second reason for parental concern is due to the fact that children are developing every day. This means that their cells (which are also growing and dividing) become even more vulnerable to the radiation (Electromagnetic Radiation Australia, 2004). Several animal experiments have looked into the sensitivity of the nervous system. Although one particular study analyzed morphological changes in brain cells and behaviour, no significant results were found (Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency, 2003).


Cook an egg with mobile phone?
I shall put up the pictures for your view. Here it goes…There is no magic in cooking with your cell phone.The secret is in the radio waves that the cell phone radiates.

The journalists created a simple microwave structure as shown in the picture.

::Extensive use of the mobile phone may damage your hearing. Some experts warn that mobile phones should be used with care and for short periods only in order to avoid hearing loss::
The use of mobile phones and other wireless communication are becoming an almost indispensable part of modern daily life. However, the hand held devices have generated widespread controversy over whether they pose a risk to human health. The concern surrounds the risks associated with the radiation caused by the electromagnetic fields that the mobile phone emits.

-8Long talks harm hearing A Turkish study investigated the possible effects on the hearing of adults from frequent and long term repeated exposure to the electromagnetic fields of mobile phones. Due to the proximity of a mobile phone to the head, and because the distance from the phone’s antenna to the inner ear is only a few centimetres, the auditory system is exposed to the electromagnetic radiation. The results of the study showed that a higher degree of hearing loss is associated with intensive use of mobile phones. The study was carried out on three groups each consisting of 20 men. The first group used their mobile phone very frequently and spoke for almost 2 hours per day. The second group used their phones for 10-20 minutes per day while the third group never used mobile phones. While short term exposure had no effect on the hearing, those people who used their mobile phones frequently had a significant difference in hearing at various frequencies, compared to those who only used their phone moderately and the nonusers.

“Institution of Family and Mobile phones”
Mobile phones are also disturbing in some ways of families but mobiles are also providing some benefits to family users
>Below chart is the result of research in USA “A LOOK AT THE US STUDENT MARKET”<

The role of mobile phones in parental monitoring and Supervision:


Almost all parents reported initially getting their child a mobile phone for  one of two reasons. Firstly, it was a present as the child had been asking  for one, and secondly, for safety reasons as the child was spending  more time out of the home. One of the most cited reasons that parents want their children to have a mobile phone is for safety (Geser, 2004; Ling, 2000a; Srivastava, 2005). The mobile phone is given to the children by parents when they are first venturing outside of the home alone or going to school (Oksman & Rautiainen, 2003). The issue of gender and safety does not seem to have been considered in most research, with parents seemingly as concerned with the safety of both male and female children (Ling & Helmersen, 2000). There appears to be an over reliance however, on the use of the mobile phone as a source of protection for children. In an Australian study, 68% of parents reported that as their child had a mobile phone, they knew where they were at anytime (Matthews, 2004). There was one parent however, who acknowledged that this was only a perception. There needs to be trust in the parental child relationship, in that the child will be truthful in reporting their location. This study also found that 77% of parents reported at least one occasion when they needed to urgently contact their child but were unable to do so. Conversely 37% of young people reported that they were unable to contact their parents urgently mainly because they were out of credit (Matthews, 2004).

“Comments of parents”  She is diabetic, so we do have a few problems relating to her illness, which we do sometimes resolve on the ‘phone, which actually is quite a major problem. About a week ago, she actually went to Brighton shopping… she has an injection she’s supposed to do and she went to do it and there was only two units left in it, so that was quite a problem, ‘cos she was in Brighton and her spare insulin’s in the fridge here… we had quite a few

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conversations trying to sort out the best way to deal with that .And so it was very useful then and she was very upset and tearful over it…” (Mother of 14-year old girl, East Sussex) Most parents accepted that young people would use mobiles for  conversations that they did not want their parents to hear. For  example: “Oh, no - no, she prefers her mobile, because she goes in her room and it’s private and nobody listens to the conversations.” (Father of 13-year old girl, Manchester) “I think [son] tends to use his mobile more. He’s got a lot more secretive stuff, texts and stuff like that - he wouldn’t want me to see that - he’s a bit [private] about it.” (Mother of 13-year old boy, Manchester)

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“Impacts of Mobile Phones on our Traffic System”
• • •

Disturbance for drivers Cause of charge on users Cause of Traffic Disturbance

- 12 •

Cause of accidents

Above points are always pointed out in our traffic system but regarding use of mobile phones in our traffic system a search conducted in India and America and result are shown in following charts:


- 13 -



- 14 -


“Mobile Phones and Exploitation of Pakistan’s society”
if we view our Pakistan through sociological perspective we will view the mobile phone companies exploiting Pakistan badly and there is no barrier to stop this exploitation ,on the front end of this picture we are viewing that Mobile phone companies are offering employment , technology ,profit and short ways to society but if we view our society’s picture from the back side we will view that this technology is cause of following points:

 Changing our culture especially our youth:  Crime rate of mobile snatching:
 Marketing strategy of mobile phone companies:

 Generating Discriminations:  Camera crimes through mobiles:

- 15 -

 Threat is like Game:  Disturbing Nights of our youth:  Targeting each class of society

“Recent News”

“Girls Colleges Ban on Mobile Phones in Punjab”
Government of Punjab has put a ban on girls studying in the colleges to not to bring mobile phones with them. While the parents and majority of girls are praising this step, some girls are very acrimoniously objecting to this. Principals and teachers of girls colleges are very much satisfied with this step, and according to them this would save many families lots of grief. According to a teacher in one girls college in Lahore, she herself caught couple of girls passing on obnoxious sms and mms along with dirty pictures. She said that it had become a norm in the colleges for some girls to chat with boys on phone, and there were lots cases in other colleges too of same kind. The teacher said that parents were also happy about this step, as some girls were using cell phones without the awareness of their parents, and parents were happy that now teachers were also helping them. Only imposing blanket ban on mobile phone in girls colleges won’t do much good, rather a massive campaign should be launched to educate the youth, and also render them alternative options for recreation and entertainment

‘Youth Crimes’

- 16 -

Mobile Theft:
The incidence of ‘true crime’ in connection with young consumers and their use of mobile phones are startling. Over 2 in 10 young consumers have an acquaintance of some kind with bullying via mobile phone, with 16 per cent from direct personal experience, either to themselves or a close friend or family member. Mobile theft is even more common. Theft accounts for the experience of 7 in 10 young consumers either personally or through an account from a family member, friend or acquaintance.

Over half of parents (52%) have some experience of mobile theft whether to their child or through a friend, family member or someone else they know. Perhaps unsurprisingly, 83 per cent of teachers have some experience through students at their own or some other educational establishment, with 40 per cent in connection with harassment via mobile.

Mobile phones are also playing great role in other crimes which are disturbing the equilibrium of our society:
 Kidnapping

- 17 -

 Bank robbery  Leaking out secrets  Cheating in examinations  Street crimes  Taking illegal pictures

After going through primary and secondary data of research we would like to conclude that mobile phones are really exploiting the society and it is so much harmful for over all society especially for young and children. So there should be some system who takes action on the exploitation of society and the main aim this department or system should be to provide awareness to society about the exploitation of mobile phones. In Pakistan if we see then we can conclude that there are mobile phone companies who are misleading the whole society and these companies must check for their explicated material. and recent days we are hope full to see action against them according to recent news of News papers which is attached in above page.


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