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• This weekend, the Survivors will be away in Shanghai for our first match in 2009 of the Yellow Sea Cup. There will be no formal training held for those remaining in Seoul. • Unfortunately, the Survivors

Maybe Next Weekend
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will not be sending a team to the Gumi touch tournament on May 30. Training will be scheduled as normal due to the YSC match against Guangzhou the following weekend. • The new kit has arrived to rave review from the few lucky souls to have laid eyes on it. They will be available to players in Shanghai this weekend.

By RJ Karas
The Seoul Survivors will kick off their 2009 Yellow Sea Cup campaign with a match against the Shanghai Hairy Crabs on May 23rd. As the current holders of China Pub Company’s Yellow Sea Cup, the Hairy Crabs will provide a strong test for a young, hungry Survivors squad. Although the Survivors have yet to play a match in the fifth edition of the annual round robin tournament, the defending champions have already announced their presence with authority in an attempt to prove that last year was indeed no fluke. Last month the Hairy Crabs ventured to Hong Kong and handily defeated Macau, the newest participant in the five team tournament. With match reports indicating that conditions were less than favorable, some areas of the pitch being completely submerged with more than an inch of standing water, on-lookers were quite surprised with the fluidity of Shanghai’s back line. At full time the Hairy Crabs not only earned three points for their 40-23 victory but also secured the ever so valuable bonus point by scoring more than four tries. The Survivors will look for strong play from its starting XV led by pitch captain Simon Walsh and the rest of his forward pack to counter the defending champion’s skills throughout their back line. John Goddard, former captain of the Hairy Crabs and current Survivor, emphasized the importance of a strong pack, saying “[Shanghai’s] front five [are] well drilled and fit but lightweight hence scrum time is an opportunity for Seoul.” Bruisers Richard Jarvis and Joshua “Bumble Bee” Pearce, along with newcomer Ken Wilson, will be relied on heavily to create an advantage in what looks like an area of strength for the Survivors. If early season play is any indication, however, the Survivors will not have to fret. With “Bumble Bee” taking charge there will be no doubt that Seoul’s numbers one through eight will have their stingers out from the opening whistle. Smart play and ball control from the pack will enable the Survivors back line to do what they do best. An important addition to Seoul’s backs has been Richard “Jonesy” Jones. Though small in stature, “Jonesy” is not afraid to deliver those bone-crushing blows that he and his fellow Kiwis are commonly known for. Hailing from New Zealand’s South Island “Jonesy” has mixed it up with his fair share of mongrels and is quite handy with a set of sheep shearers. After realizing that his initial goal in life, winning New Zealand’s
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Nutrition Tip: Game Day Grub
3 hours before kick-off Game day is upon us and getting your eating right may provide you with that final boost you need to get over the line. Eat a main meal focusing on carbohydrate-rich foods with a small amount of protein. This meal should be light and easy to digest. Example: • Spaghetti or other noodles with a little lean mince and/ or vegetable or tomato-based topping .

1 1/2 hours before kick-off Top up your fuel stores with a small snack. Example: • Fresh fruit and low fat yoghurt. • Fruit smoothies. • Sports bars or cereal/ breakfast bars and sports drinks. Just before kick-off Drink about 400-500ml fluid as this primes the stomach and assists with fluid emptying.

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Ted Gray (President) 011-287-9558 Roddy Bancroft (Manager) 016-494-7363 Simon Walsh (Pitch Captain) 010-9417-9554 Kurtis Taogaga (Media) 010-7263-5878 Rawiri King (Coach) 010-8698-4982 Justin Jackson (Social Officer) 010-5465-6122

Player Profile
Name: Alexander Rawiri Walsh Nickname(s): Sabot; Albie. Position: Birthdate: Hometown: Utility 15/05/1986 Ashhurst, NZ

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Showdown in Shanghai coveted Golden Shears and capturing eternal glory amongst Kiwis worldwide, was unattainable, “Jonesy” moved on to his second passion and certainly has exhibited the skill and prowess that is needed to control a back line. Alongside “Jonesy”, the Survivors will rely heavily upon the quickness and finesse that returning starter Tim O’Conner, rookie Hendrick Perry and, the crafty veteran of the bunch, Jacob “Biscuit” Leonard bring to the fold. Although there is little need for extra motivation, past history being what it is, Shanghai has added a wrinkle to what is already a heated rivalry. After more

The editor would like to reassure all readers that the selection process for player profiles is totally random.

First rugby memory: Simon running me over constantly in the backyard. Any funny childhood memories? Getting a blister on my Sherman ‘elmet, when running into a ruck and pinching it between someone’s knee and my thigh. What brings you to Korea? Opportunity to travel and a good long break from study. What do you enjoy about your position? Enjoy stealing opposition lineout, or tackling the other halfback before he’s got the ball out. What don’t you like about your position? Getting done in the lineout or the back of the scrum.

than a year playing on the road the Hairy Crabs have chosen the May 23rd encounter with the Survivors to christen their new home pitch. Shanghai will undoubtedly want to do everything within their power to have a good first showing. According to the Hairy Crabs’ former captain “We played all our YSC games away last season as we had no pitch to call home ... so they will be well up for a first YSC win on their new home turf.” With memories of a heartbreaking 2007 loss to Shanghai, which shattered the Survivors dreams of returning the Yellow Sea Cup to its original home, still fresh on the Survivors’ minds, Seoul would love nothing more than to ruin the Hairy Crabs’ homecoming.

The Hairy Crabs present a daunting challenge for the Survivors’ opening act of 2009 however the boys from Seoul have never been known to back down from a fight. Traveling with a full squad, the Survivors look to take the first and most important step to returning China Pub Company’s Yellow Sea Cup to its original home.

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What do you like most at training? Satisfaction at the end of running Hennie Muller’s or shuttles. Or the game of league at the end.

How would you like to improve yourself off the rugby field? More tolerant of others and maybe a bit more cash in the pocket.

If you were to die tomorrow, What do you like least at what would you be rememDo you have a good luck charm/ritual training? bered for? for games? Socks pulled up and shirt tucked in, gotta Tackling practice without hit pads Dying too young. look good out there, none of this Josh Kron- where I’m guaranteed an injury. The Survivors feld socks down nonsense. What are your interests out- would like to What song psyches you up before a side rugby? thank Scrooge War history, music, skating, match? Pub for its You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel swimming at the river and of continued Like A Millionaire—Queens Of The Stone course gaming. support. Age, and The Distance—Cake. Do you have a favourite quote or saying? What’s your favourite food? Not a man ‘til you’ve had a man. Mango/passion fruit Yoghurt on Ice Cream

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