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Thursday  August  1st  
Our  Lady  of  Mount  Carmel  
14598  Oak  Ridge  Rd   Carmel,  IN  46032  

John  Paul  II  Youth  Center   Across  the  street  from(Oakridge  Rd)  



Artis t…  

Jack  Conway-­‐  The Lord blesses us all with many gifts and talents, and it's our job

to embrace these talents and give them back to Him. As for my singing career, it comprised of the crowd in my house with a broomstick as a microphone. Sophomore year at Carmel High School I joined choir and still do it today. Being blessed with this gift of music, I recently competed in the competition "CarmelFest - Carmel's Got Talent" and was able to win 1st place. It is my honor and blessing to be able sing and Jam to the Lamb.     Jacqueline  McHaffie-­‐  Christ desires to connect with us. He gives us   communities, communication, passions. That's why I find so much joy in praise and   worship. It's a beautiful opportunity to gather in community and to communicate with   the Lord through my passion - music, singing, song writing. I have always loved     singing ever since I was 2 years old... but never have I received as much joy as I   have when I am singing for Him. My prayer is that the music I share will bring you   closer to Him... because He loves you who He created and desperately desires to   connect with you.  


Julia Perillo- Music is my passion and I feel that if God places in you a desire to do something, you should always pursue it because He didn't give you that yearning for no reason. I have been performing since the age of four and most recently, I was selected as one of the finalists in the Michael Feinstein Great American Songbook High School competition which made me realize, even more, how much I love playing, singing and performing. I hope the songs that I have chosen will Bless you all tonight.   Miran  Brooks-­‐  I have always loved singing ever since I was little. I taught myself to play piano and guitar, and I used to play the flute for Masses. I started writing songs when I was 12. I'm in two choirs and a acapella group at Guerin Catholic High School- Golden Voice, Cecilia, and GCGND. I never understood what great gifts I'd been given at first, but I noticed that when I sang, everybody in the room stopped to listen. And I've come to realize that the best thing about singing my music is that it can make people stop and think. I hope that God can help use me through the talent he has given me to point others back to him.  

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