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Developmental History Theory Psychosocial (Erik Erikson) Age 77 years old Maturity Developmental Task Ego Integrity vs Despair

Patient Description Interpretation

Masaya naman The patient was ako kahit alam ko able to look back na may sakit ako. in life and feel a Older adults need sense of fulfillment to look back on life Paminsan but sometimes he and feel a sense of nalulungkot ako doesnt because he fulfillment. dahil minsan feels lonely. Even Success at this kinakapos sa pera though he had stage leads to problems feelings of Mahirap din dahil financially he still wisdom, while madalas mag-isa felt happy. failure results in lang ako. regret, bitterness, and despair. Genital Stage Energy is focused on genitals. Interests turn to heterosexual relationship. Matanda na ako, mahirap man pero tumanda akong walang asawa at anak. He only focuses on himself because he doesnt have a wife and children.

Psychosexual (Sigmund Freud)

77 years old Puberty to death

Cognitive (Piaget)

77 years old Formal Operations Adolescence through Adulthood Adolescents who reach this fourth stage of intellectual development are able to logically use symbols related to abstract concepts, such as algebra and science. They can think about multiple variables in systematic ways, formulate hypotheses, and consider possibilities. They also can ponder

The patient is an undergrad but even though he didn't finish college he had a job. He easily was able to answer all the questions and he even elaborated.

The patient clearly developed intellectually even though he didn't finish college. He had a job and he had hir own systematic ways to live life.

abstract relationships and concepts such as justice. Moral (Kohlberg) 77 years old Post Conventional Lagi kong Level sinusubukan na maging simpleng tao lang Understanding your own personal beliefs allow adults He sees himself equal to the society to judge because he stated themselves and others based upon that he considered himself as a simple higher levels of person. morality. In this stage what is right and wrong is based upon the circumstances surrounding an action. Basics of morality are the foundation with independent thought playing an important role. Stage 6: Universalizing Faith What some might call "enlightenment". The individual would treat any person with compassion as he or she views people as from a universal community, and should be treated with universal principles of love and justice. The patient respects everyone around him. He knows what's right and what's wrong with proper reasoning. He sees himself equally with other people because that's the way he lives.

Spiritual (Fowler)

77 years old

Lagi kong The patient is God pinagdadasal na fearing and gumaling pa ako. because of that he treats others right. May takot ako sa He has faith in God Diyos. because he always prays to be healthy again. He tries to be faithfull to God even though he has his sickness.