An Indexed Gazetteer as one of the key in “One Map” solution for Disaster Risk Management

A.P. Perdana, R. Mayasari Center for Topographic Mapping and Toponym, BADAN INFORMASI GEOSPASIAL Jalan Raya Jakarta Bogor KM46, Cibinong 16911

Abstract Gazetteer is a list of geographical names and an important reference for information about place and place names (toponym). Toponym is one of basic geospatial information as mentioned in Indonesian Geospatial Information Law Number 4.Toponym is the key and bridge for one to other information, especially between spatial and non-spatial information. In disaster event, the first question comes up is “where” and the power of “where” can be answered by “gazetteer”. An indexed gazetteer is urgently needed in order to develop “One Map” as a solution for Disaster Risk Management (DMR). DMR is closely related to investment to protect human lives and livelihoods and safeguard growth in key socio-economic sectors. In this case, too many maps with different or not standardize place names in maps make disambiguate or confusing the map user and it’s not good because disaster need “one map” information. On the other hand, digital information such as social media has new roles in quick information related disaster events and it can be used as rapid assessment geotagging. This paper described the urgency in building an indexed national gazetteer for supporting Disaster Risk Management in Indonesia by means of “One Map” policy. Key words: Gazetteer, Toponym, Maps, Disaster Risk Management

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