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Marketing and Communications Information Questionnaire (Include a text field after each question or comment.

Can we make it look similar to the Calgary stampede form) Basic Event Information (make 1-6 mandatory) Name of event: Secondary event name (15 characters or less for freeway sign): Name of organization: 4. Address: 5. City/State/Zip: 6. Phone number:
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Contact Information
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Event manager: Event manager phone number: Media contact: Media contact phone number: Web address: Fax number: Public e-mail address to post online:

Event Management Information
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Anticipated attendance: Event dates: Event hours: Area and/or Fairplex buildings:

Price General admission: Children (ages): Senior (ages): 4. Other: 5. Do you sell tickets to your event online? 6. Would you be interested in selling tickets to your event on our website?
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Exhibits/Exhibitors/Entertainment Number of exhibitors: Number of exhibits: 3. Are there any exhibitors or sponsors you wish to highlight? 4. What types of products/services/exhibits will be offered at this event? 5. Please explain in detail any highlights, entertainment or special features.
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About the Event
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How many years has this event been in existence? How many years have you held your event at Fairplex? Please describe your event. (text field)

Marketing & Public Relations

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Do you use your own publicity/advertising staff or an agency? (Yes/No Drop down) Will you be doing advertising for your event? If so, what type(s)? (TV, radio, print, outdoor, direct mail, etc.) (text Field) Do you send out press releases, media kits, PSAs to the media? (Yes/No Drop down) Do you provide complimentary credentials/tickets to the media? (Yes/No Drop down) Is prior notification required for media to cover your event? (Yes/No Drop down) Are you open to media video taping or photographing your event? (Yes/No Drop down) What visuals are part of your event that would be interesting to television or photographers? (Text Field)

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How can Fairplex make your event a success? (Text Field) How can the Fairplex MarCom staff help promote your event (blogs, etc.)? (Text Field)

Questions or Comments (include a large text box here) Photos (ability to upload jpg’s up to 3MB in size) Please upload no more than five photos, no larger than 3MB each, to include on our website and other promotional opportunities. Videos (ability to upload wmv, mpg or other types of files. Or give us your suggestion on how we should egt videos from promoters. For example via YouTube? etc.) Please upload no more than two 30-second videos, no larger than XMB each, to include on our website and other promotional opportunities. Logos (ability to upload jpg, png or giff files you can suggest what size) Please upload up to four versions of your logo, no larger than 3 MB each to include on our website and other promotional opportunities. Contact List for Fairplex MarCom Department PO Box 2250, Pomona, CA 91769 Fax (909) 629-2067 Name Chuck McCann Debbie Vengco Delphina DeGuzman Kristy Dahlstrom Michelle DeMott Nathan Pinto Patty Torres Renee Hernandez Sharon Autry Susan Patterson Wendy Talarico Title Marketing Coordinator Marketing Manager MarCom Admin. Asst. Marketing Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications Marketing Assistant Marketing Online Coordinator Communications Staff Communications Coordinator Communications Staff Communications Manager Email Address Phone Number (909) 865-4200 (909) 865-4213 (909) 865-4265 (909) 865-4217 (909) 865-4215 (909) 865-4219 (909) 865-4218 (909) 865-4261 (909) 865-4262 (909) 865-4264 (909) 865-4263

Thank you message: Thank you for completing the Marketing and Communications Information Questionnaire. A member of our team will contact you shortly.