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Press Release New Delhi 22nd May, 2009 IIM Lucknow's Noida Campus organises a leadership series for

its International Programme in Management for Executives(IPMX) batch Dr. Mukesh Aghi, CEO, Steria India Ltd., addresses the students As part of the peer and industry interaction programme at IIM Lucknow's Noida Campus, Dr. Mukesh Aghi, CEO, Steria India Ltd., visited the campus to address and interact with the International Programme in Management for Executives 2009-10 batch students. The Leadership Series is already underway for the new batch, which began its classes less than a month ago. The leadership series focuses on peer interaction with leading luminaries and specialists in the sector and emphasizes on the importance of leadership as a skill in guiding a company to success. Prof. Punam Sahgal, Dean, IIM Lucknow Noida Campus also attended the session. Steria is amongst the top IT services provider in Europe and UK. Dr. Mukesh Aghi is the CEO of Steria India and has close to 25 years of experience in leading various international business giants including IBM Corporation, Ariba Inc., J.D.Edwards & Co and Universitas 21 Global. An MBA from Andrews University, Dr. Aghi holds a doctorate in internal relations from Claremont Graduate School and an advanced management diploma from Harvard. In addition he is a member of the Prime Minister’s IT Task Force (India). During his visit, Dr. Aghi talked about some of the most important qualities that a leader should possess in these recessionary times. Sighting the examples of Mahatma Gandhi, Peter Drucker, Collin Powell and such leaders, Dr. Aghi illustrated the importance of vision and perseverance for future leaders. He also stressed on the importance of work-life balance and people management in an individual's career. Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Punam Sahgal, Dean, IIM Lucknow Noida campus said, “We appreciate the fact that Dr. Mukesh Aghi, CEO of Steria India Ltd., was able to take the time out to speak with our IPMX batch students. We believe that a true leader is one who provides direction, guidance and mentorship. We at IIM Lucknow set up a Leadership series where the students can not just interact with the leaders who they look up to, but also learn from their experiences. Dr. Aghi spoke about the vision and perseverance of

the leaders and I believe that the aspiring leaders can emulate his way of thinking”. "During these tough times, companies, especially IT companies, need to constantly look for innovative ways to reduce their operational costs, and need to tap newer markets for growth opportunities", said Dr, Mukesh Aghi, CEO, Steria India Ltd. He opined that laying-off people does not hold the key in resolving current situations. He believes that people, if nurtured properly, are the biggest asset in resolving company problems. IPMX 2009-10 batch has 46 participants. A majority of participants come from engineering background having worked in private organizations in India and abroad. Like the first batch, a major number of participants are below 35 years of age with average work experience of 9 years. The session ended with students delivering a vote of thanks to Dr.Aghi. About IPMX IPMX, is a full time, one-year residential executive programme launched in April 2008 at the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow-Noida Campus. The International Programme in Management for Executives is designed for mid/senior level professionals, to prepare them for leadership roles. The programme is designed to develop business education that is grounded in the Indian and international business environment. It will accelerate understanding of business at functional and strategic levels, and prepare students to manage enterprises engaged in global business. The curriculum focuses on a strategic understanding of business, rooted in practical skill development through action learning projects and industry interface. A core component of the programme is an international module of 45 weeks at Faculty of Management, McGill University, Montreal Canada which provides students with the opportunity for an international learning experience to equip them with the knowledge and perspective relevant to current global business issues. The programme is rigorous as well as rewarding as it provides ample opportunity for personal development and professional growth through inquiry and insight in an interactive learning environment.