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Who Should Be on Your Safety Committee?

So your company has decided to form a safety committee; now you need to populate that committee with members. How do you choose the right individuals for the job? A recent BLR audio conference discussed the types of people you need to have and their roles for the most successful safety committee.
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According to the speaker, a representative from each department is a fundamental characteristic of a well-formed and fair safety committee. This includes your shift workers as well. This balance is important so the committee and its efforts are not dominated by only one area of the company. Generally speaking, 50 percent of the committee should be management and 50 percent should be production employee representatives. Size. A good rule for determining the size of your safety committee is based on your company size. The speaker said:

If your company has fewer than 200 employees, the safety committee should have approximately 6 to 10 members. If your company has between 200 and 1,000 employees, the safety committee should have approximately 6 to 12 members. If your company has more than 1,000 employees, you should consider forming committee teams at each location to avoid an overwhelmingly large committee.

Tip: If you have multiple safety committees or teams, try having members sit in on meetings at other locations for new ideas and best practices. Personality. Active, productive people, someone who works well in groups, and is comfortable speaking out are the most important personality traits of a good safety committee member. Who Should Chair? Although there is no set method for choosing a committee chairperson, the speaker recommends that this should be an elected position. Keep in mind that the chairperson doesn't have to--and probably shouldn't--be the company's safety manager. The best role of the safety manager in a safety committee is as the facilitator. This is because he or she will know the most about safety compliance and best practices. Length of Term. To avoid becoming stale, people should rotate out of the committee every so often. The speaker suggests (for companies that do not experience a lot of turnover) a 1year term for each member. This is just long enough to see accomplishments of the committee from start to finish without becoming wearing on an individual.

Bhavesh Joshi Started The Discussion:

Minutes of safety committee meetings are compulsory or not? Is there any legel clause? In our chemicl company committee chairman refuse to give minutes to other members...
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[ Dipil ] Member Since: Nov 2009 (Contributing Member) Dear Mr. Bhavesh Joshi As per factories act 1948, section 41G it's mandatory to form safety committee and the details as follows: 41G. Workers' participation in safety management. (1) The occupier shall, in every factory where a hazardous process takes place, or where hazardous substances are used or handled, set up a Safety Committee consisting of equal number of representatives of workers and management to promote cooperation between the workers and the management in maintaining proper safety and health at work and to review periodically the measures taken in that behalf: Provided that the State Government may, by order in writing and for reasons to be recorded, exempt the occupier of any factory or class of factories from setting up such Committee. (2) The composition of the Safety Committee, the tenure of office of its members and their rights and duties shall be such as may be prescribed. Rule prescribed under sections 41 and 41G ; (Please refer your state factories rules, even though almost everything will be same for more details). As per Maharastra Factories Rules 1963 it's as follows: 82[73-J. Safety Committee - (1) In every factory-

(a) wherein 250 or more workers are ordinarily employed; or (b) which carries on any process or operation declared to be dangerous under section 87 of the Act; and employs more than 50 workers; or (c) which carries on 'hazardous process' as defined under section 2(cb) of the Act and employs more than 50 workers, there shall be a Safety Committee. (2) The representatives of the Management on Safety Committee shall include(a) A senior official, who by his position in the organisation can contribute effectively to the functioning of the Committee, shall be the Chairman; (b) A Safety Officer and Factory Medical Officer, wherever available and the Safety Officer in such a case shall be the Secretary of the Committee; (c) A representative each from the production, maintenance and purchase departments. (3) The workers' representatives on this Committee shall be elected by the workers. (4) The tenure of the Committee shall be two years. (5) Safety Committee shall meet as often as necessary but at least once in every quarter. The minutes of the meeting shall be recorded and produced to the Inspector on demand. (6) Safety Committee shall have the right to(a) ask for necessary information concerning health and safety of the workers; (b) seek any relevant information concerning health and safety of the workers. (7) Functions and duties of the Safety Committee shall include(a) assisting and co-operating with the management in achieving the aims and objectives outlined in the 'Health and Safety Policy' of the occupier;

(b) dealing with all matters concerning health, safety and environment and to arrive at practicable solutions to problems encountered; (c) creating safety awareness amongst all workers; (d) undertaking educational, training and promotional activities; (e) deliberating on reports of safety, environmental and occupational health surveys, emergency plans safety audits, risk assessment and implementation of the recommendations made in the reports; (f) carrying out health and safety surveys and identify causes of accidents; (g) looking into any complaint made on the likelihood of an imminent danger to the safety and health of the workers and suggest corrective measures; and (h) reviewing the implementation of the recommendations made by it. 8. Where owing to the size of the factory, or any other reason, the functions referred to in subrule (7) cannot be effectively carried out by the Safety Committee, it may establish subcommittee as may be required, to assist it. Regards, Dipil Kumar V

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[ PTRC ] Member Since: May 2008 (Contributing Member) Dear Mr.Dilipkumar, I have just seen you r reply. Unfortunately that do not reply to the pointed question Mr.Joshi has

asked. Mr.Joshi should refer to the state rules where ever he is located. Spirit of the Act is to share the minutes but we need to look for exact wordings. There is a provision to maintain the minutes and present before the Inspector when demanded.

[ Dipil ] Member Since: Nov 2009 (Contributing Member) @ PTRC I think you have posted your comments without reading the entire reply. Both concerns you raised icluded in the reply: Please go through the following from the earlier posting itself and comment please. "Rule prescribed under sections 41 and 41G ; (Please refer your state factories rules, even though almost everything will be same for more details). As per Maharastra Factories Rules 1963 it's as follows:" "(5) Safety Committee shall meet as often as necessary but at least once in every quarter. The minutes of the meeting shall be recorded and produced to the Inspector on demand." Hope I guided Mr. Bhavesh Joshi in the right direction. Regards, Dipil Kumar V

[ Janardhanhv ] Member Since: Dec 2008 Please can I have any formats form a harassment committee and safety committee formalities as per the Karnataka factories act Regards Janardhan

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