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Woke up this morning feel over pissed from the night before,sherice had a drink up at her yard

so i was there with her and a couple ova man were there basically getting lick up because her mum's in holiday in Jamaica so she's had a free yard for about two weeks. Anyways, so i woke up this morning with a fuckin dirty hangover and then i start to remember what happened last night and then i smile. At the drink up, Sherice's new link Jermaine and his boy Kieran were there and basically I knew Kieran from way back in the day when me and him used to go nursery together but I hadnt seen him in time and so when i saw him and he was lookin peng i knew i had to get him. We were chattin for bare and then he must have kissed me and i was bare happy cos i didnt want to do it first. So i told him to meet me upstairs in one of the rooms in ten minutes, and so when he gets there he sees me lying on the bed, playing with my pussy and he had this dirty look in his face that showed me that he was gonna beat me out differently, so I opened my legs and pushed my gstring to the side and let him push his big black ting inside of me, i got wet imediately as his crown got in and then the entire thing and then he started beating me and im loving it and then after ten minutes i took him out of my clit and then told him to put it in my mouth. i sucked on it, , he grabbed my head bare hard and pushed it back and forth and forth, until i felt it in my throat, it was so far down in my throat that i didnt even taste his cum when he bust, it went straight down but i felt it in my stomach, then he left and went downstairs, then i went down said by to Sherice and got the night bus back home. Now, i feel dumb for letting him fuck me because hes gonna tell his boys and theyre gonna be belling up my line like they think im fuckin dial-a-fuck, it's happened so many times, i fuck one bre and then everyones talking about it, it happened bare times before and even though I hate being known as a sket, i actually dont care anymore, i'm a big girl now and i can let anything i want in my pussy or in my mouth or sometimes in my backside. Just as i thought that, Sherice called me, I answered, "You alrite babe," she said, she sounded bare lively, "I was like yeah yeah, i just woke up, last night was joke," i said, then she said "Innit- true say Jermaine told me about u and Kieran, my man said Kieran said it was sick." I kissed my teeth, "I dont even have time for that shit man- anyways what u doing today?," i asked. "That's why i called- come we go central, i need to go hand out my CV at the Primark in marble arch," she said. "That's a treck, i swear there's a primark right by your drum tho," i told her. "yeah but they're not hiring, jus come innit, i'll buy you mcdonalds." Me and Sherice have been friends since yr 5 cos she came to my primary school and then we went same secondary and same college to do btec, shes been my girl from day so i didnt really mind following her central cos she'd do it for me. In the past, she's backed me so many times in secondary school when bare shit came out about me backing some asian guy brain in his yard and when he told everyone, people would prank call my yard and tell my mum about it and then graffiti on my front door and shit but Sherice stuck by me and so thats why were bare close. I'd do anything for that bitch.

So i put the phone down, got dressed in a deep outfit, i put on my purple cardigan dress with a blue pin stripe shirt underneath, them black tights from American Apparel and some Airforces, tru say I looked banging. I put on my make-up, brushed my weave,, put in some earings and left yard to meet Sherice at Brixton station so we could get bus straight to central. When i got on the bus, some guy that i

fucked saw me and tried moving to me and at first i was tempted to let him have my new number but i knew that if i gave it to him, he'd be bellin it too much and plus he looked like a fair skin sean kingston- ALLLLOW IT. I bascially met him at some party in East about two months, i think it was some Choice Fm ting, i'm not sure but anyway he was there and we must have been whining together for the whole night and he touched my pussy and to be honest, i couldn't even be bothered to say no, so i let him beat it. I was too pissed to remember if i came or not but all i remember is waking up in his yard, in his bed and looking up to see him fucking me again with stretch marks and spots all over his body. So when i saw him on the bus, it brought back them memories and like i said before, ALLLLOW IT. Anyways, i meet up with Sherice at the station and she wasn't look all that good because her eye brows weren't done and her clothes were a little creased but i didnt tell her cos shes my girl innit and that would be raw. After like half an hour we get to the Primark and it is fuckin pack up but it was a Saturday mornin anyway so it was to be expcted, so we go up to one of the workers and ask where Sherice can give in her CV and she said we needed to go up to the mens departement and give it to the supervisor called Rico, so we go up to mens and i asked another worker where he was and then the worker pointed to the sexiest fair skin ting i had ever seen in my life, he was around 6 foot, had a neat shape up and dark green eyes and some thick pink lips, OH MAN! Sherice looked at me and was like "he's mine" but that bitch knows that when it comes down to it, my pussy always win the prize. So we go up to him and Sherice is like "Ah hi, can i give in my Cv please," and he said, "Yeah yeah, full time yeah?" and she said "yeah cos ive finished college for summer innit so i can do full time yeah." Whilst he was looking at her cv i looked down at his trousers and could see the outline of his piece and i knew i had to get in there so i said, "You're so young to be a supervisor, how old are you?" He said, "25," and Sherice said "Oh you look our age." "how old are you lot?", he asked and then i said, "17 innit." I saw him look at my tits, cos i was horny my nipples were showing and i kept playing with my hair, he asked me, "Are you lookin for a job too?". I had to think fast and even though i wasnt looking for a job i said, "Yeah i am." Sherice gave me the dutiest look i had ever seen in my life boy, and then he said, "where's your cv," and i said, "lemme email it you," and i gave him a pen and let him write his email adress onmy arm, . Me and Sherice said by to him and i promised to email my cv to him then we left and when got outside, Sherice said, "You're a little sket man- you arent even lookin for a job." "but me and u could work together," i told her, but i was really thinking about working on the dick of rico, she smiled and gave me a hug and then we went McDonalds. Whilst we were there, my mum called me to tell me that she was going to spend the week at her man's drum in Mitcham because she was helping him move in so i said cool, i didnt mind being home alone anyway and was never home anyway, my dad was paying the rent for the flat so she didn't even need it or use it, i live there alone and she's always at work or with a new man so basically the flat is mine which is sexy because i can always bring man round when i need and if Sherice ever needs to stay the night, she can, so its cool. So when i got home, i went on facebook and typed in Ricos email adress and found him, in his photos he looked even better, there was one with him and his pitbull outside of his yardand one with him and his boys and i knew that i needed to fuck him, i could tell he would be good. Because i was bare horney, i went outside and knocked on my neighbours door, he

lives alone, his name's Daniel and hes a big man, i think hes 30 but anyway me and him have been doing tings since i was 15 and he was actually the first guy i let do it in my ass so i got bare love and respect for him. I know he shots dro to bare of them Crystal Palace man because i remember linking one guy there who asked me if i knew him. Daniel was peng and his piece was, how do i say it without sounding like a hoe? long and good, lool, one of them ones He answered the door and i asked if he was free, he grabbed my waist and took me to his front room, he knew what i wanted. He had long fingers which he used to stroke my clit and then he pulled down my tights and licked me out, i couldnt take the pleasure, i was screaming like a fucking bitch as he bit my lips and then stuck his long wet tongue into my pussy and licked out the juice, i bus in his mouth and all over his red lips and then to return the favour i told him he could bus in my mouth, i know its dirty but i love it, it feels so good when the bus runs on the tongue and they have a big smile on their face. he wanked into my mouth and then fucked me in the mouth and when he came- he held my head so i couldnt move it, so the cum was floating around my mouth and his dick was stopping me from spitting it out, then he took out his dick and i just spat out all the cum, it went all down my top as Dappy shouted na na naii in the background on MTV. Just as he was starting to eat me out again, the doorbell rang and he said "wait here, im going to get it," so i was waiting in the living room and then he came in with two man, one of them looked familiar, i was thinkin WTF IS THIS GUY DOING BRINGING THE GUYS HERE WHEN HE KNOWS WE'RE FUCKING and then when Daniel said, "This is my girl," i felt sort of nice and relaxed when he said, then he said, "We're just fucking," and for some dumb reason i said "you lot can watch," yeah i know it was fucking dumb but i was jus bare on it, so these two guys are watching Daniel beat the shit out of me and theyre proper bashing off to it and then Daniel says, "come and join in", i didnt even mind, i just needed some dick, i didnt care how many or whose it was, i needed it, so one guy banged me in the ass, whilst on was in my mouth and daniel was underneath. IT WAS SICK. i came like 6 times and thought, "its a good thing im on the pill". when we were done, i jus got dressed and left and didnt say nothing, i just went home, got showered, ordered some pizza and watched tv thinking about what it would be like to get Rico, i even forgot to email my cv and then Sherice called me and said, "Rochelle, it's me, Rico just called, he said i've got an interview on monday afternoon, he said he thought i was peng." To be continued.