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The global market for industrial seasonings, herbs & spices is currently worth $5.9bn and is growing at a rate of 4.4% per year, according to the latest research from RTS.
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Growth in Asia Pacific
The global market for industrial seasonings, herbs & spices in food and drink is currently worth $5.9bn. Central & South America and Asia Pacific are the fastest growing markets by region. Demand for seasonings, herbs & spices in Asia Pacific is growing at a rate of 6.1% per year in value terms, while NAFTA remains the largest market, valued at $2.0bn in 2008.

Areas of focus
Total global usage of industrial seasonings, herbs & spices in food and drink currently stands at 1.5 million tonnes, with usage in Asia Pacific forecast to grow by an additional 42,000 tonnes over the next five years to 2013.

Growth in usage of seasonings, herbs & spices in Central & South America.
CAGR, 2003-2008. Source: RTS Resource

The largest markets by country are: GLOBAL VALUE BY REGION
Global: Market value of seasonings, herbs & spices by region, 2008 $m Western Eastern NAFTA Europe Europe $2.0bn $1.3bn $0.5bn

USA China UK Japan

441,983 tonnes 144,130 tonnes 99,550 tonnes 96,574 tonnes

Market drivers
■ Growth markets/regions ■ Use of ethnic recipes
Central & S America $0.4bn Africa & Middle East $0.2bn Asia Pacific $1.4bn

■ Meats, meals and snacks ■ Pastes, pulps and wet seasonings

Source: RTS Resource

Asia Pacific Focus
In Asia Pacific, the market for industrial seasonings, herbs & spices grew to $1.4bn in 2008, with a yearon-year growth rate of 6.1% by value. Over the last 5 years, the market has seen a marked change in its growth, with some countries such as Malaysia (8.3% CAGR), India (7.8%) and China (6.9%) growing faster than others in value terms. By volume, China (144,130 tonnes), Japan (96,574 tonnes) and India (27,183 tonnes) remain the largest markets. For detailed country analysis see the country focus on Japan below.

Forecast opportunities
The global market for seasonings, herbs and spices is expected to grow steadily at a rate of 2.1% per year, reaching $6.3bn by 2013.

Forecast global market value of seasonings, herbs & spices.
2013. Source: RTS Resource

Meat and savoury products, snacks and ready meals will remain the largest markets by segment. Carcase meats and soft drinks are forecast to be the fastest growing segments, although from a small base.

Global: Volume usage of seasonings, herbs & spices by key sector, 2008 tonnes

Other 5,796 Culinary & condiments 2,905 Soups & bouillon 4,187 Snacks 7,240

“demand is growing at a rate of 6.1% per year”

Meat & savoury 19,769

Source: RTS Resource

Published: May 2009
Japan: Volume usage of seasonings, herbs & spices by segment, 2008 tonnes

Key growth markets
Snacks Ready meals Meat & savoury products Culinary & condiments Cakes & pastries 38,901 31,171 9,650 7,999 2,126

Meat & savoury +46,139 tonnes Snacks Ready meals Culinary & condiments Soft drinks +35,989 tonnes +22,979 tonnes +13,384 tonnes +8,271 tonnes

Source: RTS Resource

Forecast growth in usage, 2008 to 2013. Source: RTS Resource

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