/ Ph.C.E. recognized Universities in India will be treated as equivalent to P. Degrees of Andhra University. Candidates are advised to go through the Information Brochure carefully and apply for admission under appropriate category of reservation by ticking in the relevant box in the application form. Payment made towards registration fee / Late fee / Processing fee / Course fee will not be refunded. (FT) admissions will be considered only after the list of eligible candidates from with in the state is exhausted.M./ M. Candidates having PG degree in Science or Arts Courses and seeking admission into Full Time M. 9.Phil/M. admissions for candidates from foreign countries will be given as extra seats in consultation with International Students’ Advisor and approval of DRC of respective departments.D.I. other than those awarded through distance mode. in the concerned subject as approved by the DRC at the time of admission are exempted from appearing for AURCET. [2] . or Ph. Requests for inclusion or change of reservation category once claimed will not be entertained under any circumstances. 5. Andhra University.Phil. 4. 8.G. The applications will be processed as per the information provided by the candidate at the time of submitting the application and the admission will be sbject to the validity of the information provided and vacancy position in that category. The P. Directorate of Admissions. for the year 2013 offered in campus colleges. Degrees of all U. The tentative number of seats available are given in Annexure – II. M./ M.D. under extramural category / Project fellows / Faculty Development Programme / CSIR-UGC-NET fellowship holders.Phil./ L.I.D.D. 7. 2. 12. Admissions shall be given to such candidates in January / July. 10. Phil.Tech.G. Candidates who wish to apply for MPhil. The university reserves the right to fill or not to fill the seats announced for any subject / programme without assigning any reasons. Candidates from outside the state of Andhra Pradesh seeking M. and Full-time / Part-time / Extramural / Inter-disciplinary Ph. and Ph. 6. P. Eligible In-Service Candidates seeking admission into PART TIME programmes are also exempted from the AURCET. However.2013 can also apply for AURCET2013.Pharm/ MD/ MS/MDS degrees. 13. A separate fee structure is applicable for such foreign students. GENERAL: 1. programmes must appear for the ENTRANCE TEST (AURCET-2013) conducted by the Directorate of Admissions.G centers. 11. programmes in the subject areas indicated in Annexure. / Ph. Candidates qualified in UGC/CSIR-NET / ICMR / APSET / M. Allowing a candidate for entrance test or counseling does not guarantee any right of admission into the course of study. and recognized research centers in affiliated colleges and research organizations.D. 3. However. have to apply in the months of December / June every year.Phil.L. Visakhapatnam invites applications from eligible candidates for admission through Andhra University Research Common Entrance Test (AURCET)-2013 into Full-time /Part-time M. Admission is subject to availability of seats.G. PG Degrees obtained through distance mode from Universities recognized by DEC only be recognized. Candidates who have already appeared or appearing for the final semester or final year examinations of the qualifying degree in April / May .

2013 will be treated as late applications and shall be accepted only on payment of late fee of Rs. 4. All disputes whether regular or consumer courts pertaining to AURCET-2013 shall be within the courts jurisdiction of Visakhapatnam only. The name of the applicant and the programme for which he/she is applying should be written on the reverse side of the D.500/. FULL-TIME M. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Research Programmes for the award of M. Provision of hostel accommodation is subject to availability of rooms. Directorate of Admissions. Candidates have to submit applications in DUPLICATE along with a D. Vijayanagar Palace. Applications received after 30-06-2013. 5. Directorate of Admissions. Office of the Directorate of Admissions will not hold any responsibility for the non receipt of applications sent by post or courier or late receipt of applications due to postal delay or for any reason whatsoever. BC. Phil.800/.in/doa 2. Visakhapatnam-530017 by Registered Post or in person on or before 20-06-2013. / Ph. Pedawaltair. Andhra University. III. 2. 3. degree. for an amount of Rs.14. 5. 3. Phil. Andhra University on any Nationalised bank payable at Visakhapatnam. Engineering and Pharmaceutical Sciences by candidates possessing minimum qualifications prescribed in Annexure-I. Phil / Ph. No Research Scholarships will be awarded by the University. IV. HOW TO APPLY: 1. / Ph.(Rs.500/.M on 30. 15. Post-graduate degree holders with at least 55% of marks (50% in the case of SC/ST Candidates) or equivalent CGPA in the concerned subject or in an allied subject or any other PG Degree recognised by the University as equivalent thereto prescribed in eligibility criteria can apply for full-time M. Applications received after 20-06-2013 and upto 5 P.m. Science.for SC & ST) towards Registration fee and Processing charges drawn in favour of the Director. degrees can be pursued in the Faculties of Arts.800/.D. 16.D. 1000/in addition to the Registration fee of Rs. Similarly a candidate seeking admission in more than one department or center has to submit separate applications in duplicate. 1.andhrauniversity. programme by furnishing false information are liable for prosecution and cancellation of seats without any notice. Minority and PH categories may apply for financial assistance to Social Welfare Departments. LAST DATE FOR RECEIPT OF FILLED-IN APPLICATIONS: 1.D. The decision of the University is final. D) has to submit separate applications in duplicate for each programme.D. Directorate of Admissions.06.D. Government of Andhra Pradesh 17. D: (a).edu. Candidates are required to download the Application and Information brochure from the website: www. [3] ./Ph. A candidate seeking admission in more than one programme (M. ST.D. Candidates admitted into M. drawn in favour of the Director.for SC & ST) through D. II. Application forms completed in all respects should reach the Director. Law.(Rs. They must qualify in AURCET-2013. or Ph. However.00 p. as well as incomplete applications will be summarily rejected. Phil. eligible candidates belonging to SC.Phil.

D programmes offered and the respective eligibility criteria are given in Annexure – I of the AURCET Information Brochure. M. The statement may contain the objective.D programmes in various Science./ M. different M. Such candidates should submit a ‘Statement of Purpose’ along with the admission application form. 2.E.M. and there should be an internal guide (Principal guide) recognised by A. programme under Extramural category.G. names of the departments. Test codes. in which the major part of the research work needs to be carried out.Candidates qualified in UGC/CSIR-NET / ICMR. Arts and Basic Sciences and humanities in Engineering will be conducted by the Directorate of Admissions in VISAKHAPATNAM only. 3. APSET/ Project Fellows /Research Fellows funded by recognized National Funding Agencies and Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship. AURCET-2013 for each subject / department consists of two papers with multiple choice objective type questions. proposed methodology and justification. ENTRANCE TEST: (b) 1. Inter-Disciplinary Research (IDR):  Candidates who wish to carry out research work relating to more than one discipline can be considered for registration for Ph. 2.  Candidates who are admitted under this category will have the Principal guide from the department in which the candidate is registered and the co-guide(s) from the other disciplines involved. Admission into part-time programmes will be made in the specified order of priority (Please see page – 5 – VI-2) with service seniority in each category. or equivalent degree having fellowship attached to institutions recognized by Andhra University as research centers and having completed atleast six months with scholarship tenable for a further period of two years. Extramural:  For admission into Ph. The same will be discussed in the Departmental Research Committee meetings of the concerned academic departments. /L. 4. definition of the problem.  Candidates once admitted under this category under full-time or part-time will not be permitted to transfer their registration from one department to the other. under ‘Interdisciplinary’ category. Admission under Extramural category will be given for the following candidates. the research institution where the candidate is working should have been recognized by A. Common Entrance test (AURCET-2013) for admission into Full time M. for its scope and viability from scientific and logistic points of view.Tech. The Statement of Purpose should also contain information on the disciplines involved and the post graduate degree possessed by the candidate. In-Service candidates satisfying the above eligibility conditions can apply for part-time. from the same institution.  (a) Scientists and Technical officers with P. D: (a). or equivalent degree working in research institutions recognized by Andhra University having put in two years of experience.U. V.Pharm/ MD/ MS/ MDS degrees. [4] .L. PART-TIME M. Phil & Ph.D. other than those awarded through distance mode.D. in the concerned subject as approved by the DRC at the time of admission are exempted from appearing for AURCET-2013. 3. OR (b) Research scholars with P.Phil / Ph.Phil/M./ M. The candidate will be registered in the discipline in which he/she has secured the qualifying degree.G. They are exempted from AURCET-2013.U. Phil / Ph.

5.Centers. All candidates appeared for the Entrance Test will be awarded AURCET-2013 testwise Rank as per marks secured in the test appeared.Phil. UGC/CSIR-NET.andhrauniversity. Phil. the order of merit will be decided on the basis of marks obtained in Paper-II of the Test. Ph. Paper-II shall be of 90 minutes duration with 100 multiple choice questions for 100 marks in the concerned subjects for which the syllabi are given in 4.D.U. the marks obtained by the candidate in Paper-I shall be taken into account. 2. 1. Chemistry. Those who obtain not less than of 40% in Paper-I and Paper-II put together (35% in case of SC & ST candidates) only will be eligible for admission. Admission Test of candidates into M. 6.(FT) & Ph. Paper-II will be different for each subject. ICMR. Based on the number of seats available and the number of applications received.andhrauniversity. The order of priority for Entrance admission is M. its P. mathematics and Humanities in professional colleges. AU. Similarly Paper-I is common for all Arts Subjects / Departments for 50 marks with 45 minutes duration. 20% of the total seats are allocated to those who are exempted from without appearing for AURCET-2013 under IV. the University reserves the right to conduct or not to conduct the test. D (FT) Admission Criteria 1.G.(Page 3-IV/1-b) M. OR [5] . the date of birth of the candidate shall be taken into account.1. 3.U. APSET. Counseling for admissions into all departments of Andhra University Campus (FT) 1./Ph. (a) Teachers working in Post graduate and professional colleges. Paper-I is common for all Science and Engineering Subjects / Departments as the case may be. 2.Phil. Rank cards can be download from the website : www. chemistry. Paper-I of Science stream is different from Paper-I of Arts stream. Paper-I shall be of 45 minutes duration with 50 multiple choice questions for 50 marks. Admission into part-time programmes will be made on the basis of service Part-Time seniority in the respective category in the following order of priority.4. VII.07. 2. with priority to older candidate.U website : www. Engineering Chemistry and humanities. Full-Time shall be made on the basis of AURCET rank AURCET-2013 results and admission schedule shall be posted in A. If the tie continues. The candidates have to attend for the counseling as per schedule and no call letters shall be sent to the Candidates. with Entrance Engineering Physics. In case of a tie between candidates securing the same marks in a by 25. Teachers working in the University or the A. mathematics and Humanities in professional colleges OR (b) Lecturers / Librarians / Asst. This provision is not applicable to teachers teaching Physics. VI RANK 1.. 7. Test . Librarians working in affiliated degree colleges teaching physics.(b). ADMISSION INFORMATION: 1.P. In case of a further tie. VIII. 80% of the total seats are allocated for AURCET-2013 qualified candidates in science and Arts courses and Engineering Mathematics.2013. Centers/Campuses offering research programmes and recognized research centers in affiliated colleges shall be made at the office of DOA.G. Phil. There is no provision for revaluation or personal verification of the answer sheet. website. Admission Procedure Programme M.

Centres having completed at least five years of service./ Legal / Public sector organizations /Public Ltd. (a) Teachers working in Post graduate and professional colleges. A. mathematics and Humanities in professional colleges OR (b) Lecturers / Librarians / Asst. Overall seniority for candidates shall be calculated with the following weightage. Librarians .P. 25% extra seats in each department are allocated for Executives / Administrators in Govt. mathematics and humanities in professional colleges. Admission into part-time Ph. This provision is not applicable to teachers teaching Physics.Centers./ Quasi Govt. after putting in at least six months of service in the project and the project should have a valid tenure of at least two years from the date of submission of application by the candidate. Teachers working in Post graduate and (i) . (i) Teachers working in Post graduate and professional colleges.G.Ph. Teachers working in the University or the A. 2. 1.five points for each professional colleges as specified in 2 (a) completed year of service (ii) Lecturers / Librarians / Asst.P. (iii) Teachers working in Polytechnic / .One point for every Government Junior Colleges. Technical employees working in research institutes attached to Andhra University / Non-Teaching employee of Andhra University.U. 4. (iii) Teachers working in Polytechnic / .two points for each working in affiliated degree and completed year of professional colleges as specified in 2 (b) service. chemistry.D Part-Time (c) Teachers working in Polytechnic / Government Junior Colleges.D.P. completed year of service 3. Centres having completed at least five years of service. Librarians .five points for each completed year of service (ii) Lecturers / Librarians / Asst. OR (c) Teachers working in Polytechnic / Government Junior Colleges. Librarians working in affiliated degree colleges teaching physics.G. Chemistry. Registration under such category shall be done twice a year i.One point for every Government Junior Colleges. Technical employees working in research institutes attached to Andhra University / Non-Teaching employee of Andhra University.two points for each working in affiliated degree and completed year of professional colleges as specified in 2 (b) service.Phil or equivalent degree holders will be given priority in each category. 5.e. completed year of service 3. in the months of January and July every year.G. Candidates with requisite qualifications working in research projects in Campus colleges / PG Centres and selected by a selection committee constituted / approved by the University are eligible to register for Part – Time Ph. 50 crores.U.U./ Private Limited companies with a minimum turnover Rs. A. M. as specified in 2 (a) [6] . Overall seniority for candidates shall be calculated with the following weightage .D will be made on the basis of service seniority in the respective category.

U. in the recognized research institution where the candidate is working.C. RGNF.G. c. j. a. Candidates should submit the following original certificates in support of the Qualification and reservation claimed in the application at the time of admission. at the time of admission).D. Migration Certificate for candidates from other than A. l. g. f. should also submit T. In addition to the Internal Guide. a faculty member eligible to guide research from within the concerned Department of Andhra University or its PG Centers has to be included as an External Guide.Ph. The candidates opting for admission under PH quota should produce relevant certificate. For admission into Ph.D Extramural Research (EMR) a. Post Graduate Degree / Provisional Certificate of the qualifying examination. i. [7] . Admissions for such candidates can be done only against advertisement. Certificates of CSIR-UGC-NET. b. programme under Extra-mural category there should be an Internal Guide (Principal guide) recognized by the A. iii) Registration of an extramural candidate shall be done twice in a year i. or equivalent degree having a fellowship and attached to institutions recognized as Research Centers by Andhra University and having completed at least six months with scholarship tenable for a further period of two years.C. One set of Photostat copies of all the above certificates. Part-time admissions to candidates from institutions where they do not have an eligible guide in their institution shall be considered and in such cases a guide may be allotted from the University. ICMR. and C. Physical fitness certificate. c. h. Study Certificates for the last seven years or Residence Certificate for preceding seven years of the qualifying examination.G. k. b. Eligibility for admission under Extramural category shall be as follows : i) Scientists and technical Officers working in a research institution recognized by Andhra University with a P. Date of Birth Certificate (SSC or equivalent Certificate). d. 3. M. m.U.U. or equivalent degree. in January and July every year. Project Fellowship.Phil. e. 4 attested recent passport size Photos. Transfer and Conduct Certificate from the institution where the candidate last studied (candidates who have studied in A. APSET. OR ii) Research Scholars with P. which ever is applicable (For Full Time candidates only). All required formalities will be fulfilled by the parent department in the University. Marks statements of Qualifying Examination. Service certificate and No objection certificate from the employer in the prescribed format (for part-time programmes only). Integrated Community Certificate issued by the competent authority in case of BC/SC/ST candidates.e.

U.000.000. affiliated colleges. M. and recognized research centers in related disciplines in A.has to be paid by each candidate towards Counseling and Admission Fee.U. 10.000.S. X.Registration fee M.00 10. affiliated colleges. 2. College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and recognized research centers in related disciplines in A. In addition. / L. Ps. 6. (iii) A.P. (Part – Time) (after 2 years) M.M degrees have to pay Rs. 5. Visakhapatnam.000. (v) A.00 12. (i) A. and recognized research centres in related disciplines in A. 4. Candidates are advised to obtain information from the website www. Faculty FT (Rs) 6000 ------M. XI.Phil. 1. (Full – Time) Rs.U. RESERVATION OF SEATS: The number of seats reserved under different categories shall be calculated on the total seats available in respective units as given below as per the A.U. affiliated examination Fee.U.00 500.000.000. Govt. Description 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year Examination Fee Library Fee ( to be paid along with the 1st year fee) Re.00 7. FEE STRUCTURE: First year fee is to be paid by each candidate at the time of admission for research Programmes. Naicker P. D PT (Rs) 12000 12000 20000 50000 EMR (Rs) 15.1. College of Arts & Commerce. College of Law.00 10. Colleges of Engineering and recognized research centers in related disciplines in A.00 10.00 (after 4 years) [8] . Phil PT (Rs) 10000 ------FT (Rs) 6000 6000 15000 --Ph.000. Website at the time of Library fee and all the candidates except those having M.andhrauniversity.000.U. Ps. A.U.Phil.Phil.IX.U.000.L. (iv) A.U. College of Science & Technology. Visakhapatnam.000.No. 6.norms.500/.U.000 25.000/.00 2. affiliated colleges. an amount of Rs.00 2. Centre Kakinada.00 12.000 --- Science & Arts Law Engineering & Pharmacy Executives / Administrators All candidates have to pay Rs.U. (ii) A. YEAR-WISE FEE STRUCTURE: S.000 15.00 500.000/. 3. (vi) Course wise distribution of seats following the rule of reservation will be placed in the for details. 7.

000.000. For Ph. to Ph.000. Change of Guide : : : 5.000.00 30. 3. admission under Extramural / FDP / NET Fellowship / Project Fellow Conversion from Full – Time to Part – Time or vice.D. For Conversion from Full – Time to Part – Time Or vice-versa 4.Ps.000. 15.000.00 8.Processing charges: 1. 50. 5. 4.00 Engineering & Pharmacy S. Year Ph.00 3.00 Ph.00 75.00 15.00 15. Ph. 2.000.D.00 15.00 3.000.00 15. 6.000.Registration for Ph.00 35.000.00 15.D. 15.Ps. 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year 6th year Library Fee ( to be paid at the 1styear ) Re.000.000. Rs. faculties other than Engineering & Pharmacy: S.00 9.00 3.00 500.Phil. 20. (Full-Time) Rs. to Ph. 5. (Part – Time) Rs.00 3.00 500.000. Rs.00 20. Ps. 25.000.00 500.00 Processing charges: 1. For admission into M.00 [9] .00 Description 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year 6th year Library Fee ( to be paid at the 1st year ) Re.00 20.00 50.000.Phil.00 20. 9.00 8.00 15.00 24. 7.000.00 75.00 14.D.00 Ph. For conversion from M.No.00 15.000.000. 7.D.000.D.00 500.00 15.000.00 1.000. For Change of Guide Ph. 2.00 3.000.Ps Ps 12.000.00 12.00 500.Registration for Ph.000.000.00 12.00 20.D.00 500.000.000. (Full – Time) Rs. 6.00 - 10.000. M.000. 11. 3.( Part – Time) With Without MPhil. 3.000. 8. 4. (after five years) Processing charges for Ph.00 17.00 30. (after five years) Extramural Rs.00 13.000.00 10.000.00 5.00 Executives Rs.00 25.000.D.versa Change of Guide : : : : 3. 3.D.D.00 22.D.000. 15.00.00 75.00 1. admission under Extramural /FDP /NET Fellowship /Project Fellow 2.000.00 3. 1.D.00 500. 6.00 12.00 15.00 15.00 16.Ps. MPhil.Phil.000.D. under Extramural/ FDP/NET Fellowship / Project Fellow 3. Conversion from Full – Time to Part – Time or Vice-versa.No. Ps.00 Ph.00 Ph.000.000.000.

Marine Living Resources 12 13 14 15 Mathematics Meteorology & Physical Oceanography Microbiology Nuclear Physics [ 10 ] . Applied Mathematics M.Sc. Capture and Culture Fisheries .Sc. Microbiology -20%seats Environmental Sciences / Environmental Studies (50% seats) Post Graduate of other Science/ Engineering/ Agricultural Sciences/ Medical Sciences and Equivalent (50% seats) M.Sc.S. Marine Geology / M.Sc.D programme offered Applied Mathematics Biochemistry Biotechnology Eligibility Criteria M. Organic Chemistry.Sc. Marine Biology. 03. Geology / M.) Geophysics.(Geology) M. M. Mineral Exploration / M. Delta Studies Institute 08. Marine Biology and Fisheries. Biochemistry / M.Sc. (90%) M.Tech / M.Sc.Sc.D.Biotechnology. (FT / PT) PROGRAMMES A. Biochemistry M.(Geology) / M. Atom.Sc. M. Science M.Annexure-I ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR ADMISSION INTO M.Sc. Environmental Sciences 06.Sc. Microbiology. Analytical Chemistry.Sc.Phil. M. Environmental Chemistry 10. Human Genetics / Molecular Genetics (67% seats) and M. Meteorology / Physical Oceanography / M.Sc. Geo Informatics or any PG Program releated to Earth Sciences offered by other Universities. Biotechnology.Sc. M.Sc. M.Sc. M. Physics / Nuclear Physics. Inorganic Chemistry.Sc. / M./M. M. Physical Chemistry.Zoology with specialization in Fisheries / Marine Biology.Tech. M.Sc. Applied Geophysics. Geography Geology 07.Sc. Biochemistry. Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry M.Sc.Sc.Sc. Geology / M.Tech. / Ph.S. Botany 05.S. M. Microbiology. Human Genetics 11.Sc. M./M. Others M.Sc. Microbiology. 04.Petroleum Exploration.Phil.Sc. Horticulture and Landscape Management 30%seats. M.M.Sc. Geophysics 09.(Tech. Marine Geology / M.Sc. Fisheries. (Tech) Applied Geology.Sc.Sc.Sc. Biotechnology M.Sc. Marine Geophysics / M.Sc./Ph. Marine Chemistry.A. Mathematics. Science Programmes: Test Code 01.Sc.Sc.Sc.Sc.Sc. Biotechnology/ M.A. Subject in which M.Sc.Sc. Geography M. (Tech) Applied Geology or M. M. 02. M. M. Bio-Inorganic Chemistry. Aquaculture. M. Hydrology/M.Sc. Coastal Aquaculture and Marine Biotechnology.Sc. BioChemistry (33% seats). Geophysics / M. Applied Chemistry Specializations shall be considered only when no candidates are available belonging to the above four specializations M.Sc. Applied Mathematics. M.Tech. Agricultural Biotechnology/ M.Sc. Biochemistry (10%) M. M. Executive work experience in Petroleum Exploration M. Botany-50% seats M.

Political Science M. 33 34.Sc. 46.A. 51. 36 37. 53.A. M.A / any other equivalent PG Degree./ M. Drugs & Water M.A. M. History.Ed [ 11 ] . Statistics Systems Design M. Digital Signal Processing / M.A. Hindi.A.Tech.A. Social Work M. MHRM M.U.C. Anthropology Commerce A. M.Sc. Statistics M.Sc. 40.C. Education / M. 44. Drugs.A. M. Ancient History & Archaeology.Tech. Psychology / P. Telugu.Sc.Sc. M. Sanskrit or Equivalent Exam from Sanskrit University.Ed. Chemistry M. M. E. 21 Zoology 22 Food. M. M. 25% seats only allotted M.Sc.Sc. 43.A. Education (VI). 39.L.Sc. M.A.E. Tech.Sc. M.M.A. Com. Home Science with Specialization in Food Science and Nutrition. Campus.J. 32. Nutrition & Dietetics B. Arts Programmes: Subject in which Test Code M. Zoology / Fishery Science / Industrial Fisheries / Aquaculture are eligible. Quant. Organic Chemistry / Chemistry of Food. English with diploma in Linguistics.A. Physics/ Material Science/Space Physics/ Nuclear Physics / Electronics / Nano Science. 52. M.P. Philosophy M.A.Sc.Sc. Spl. VLSI / DSP & ESD. M. 54. 50. M. M. M. Economics / M. English.Sc.16 17 18 19 20 Organic Chemistry & Chemistry of Foods. 47. 38.A.G.A./ M. 49.Ed. Adult Education.A./Ph. /M. Economics / M.D programme offered 31.A. Electronics. 48. Degree in Medicine./M.A. 35. M. Public Administration M. 42. / any other equivalent PG Degree M.Phil. Electronics & Instrumentation. Music M.A. Applied Economics.Sc. 45. Linguistics or M.B. VSP Management Studies Economics Education Adult & Continuing Education English Hindi History Archaeology Human Resource Management Journalism & Mass Communication Library and Information Science Linguistics Music Philosophy Political Science Public Administration Psychology & ParaPsychology Sanskrit Social Work Sociology Telugu Physical Education Eligibility Criteria M. 41.A.A.A. and Water Analysis Physics Physical & Nuclear Chemistry and Chemical Oceanography.I. Anthropology M. Sociology M. M. Marine Living Resources / Microbiology / Biotechnology / Biochemistry/ Zoology of Andhra University Distance Mode.

/M.Remote Sensing / Geo-Engineering / Civil Engineering / Computers Engineering / M.Tech. M. 85.Tech. Computer Science & Systems Engineering. 74.Tech. (IT) Or Its Equivalent M.E.Phil./B.Pharmacy (Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry) [ 12 ] ./Naval Architecture/Mechanical Engineering/Production Engineering. Metallurgy Economics English Business Management Engineering Chemistry Engineering Physics Engineering Mathematics D./M. Physics / Nuclear Physics./M. M./Civil Engineering (B.E./M.E. 72.Tech In Industrial Engineering area with B.Sc. (Marketing or H. Chemical Engineering/Bio-Technology with B. M.E/M. Instrumentation / Electronic Instrumentation / Industrial process Instrumentation / Control and Instrumentation. M. Subject in which M.Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Biotechnology) M. For Research In Industrial Engineering Area M./M.E.Sc. in any Specialization Related To Mechanical Engineering. 92.E.E.B. Metallurgy/Production Engineering / Mechanical Engineering With Production Technology Specialization M. Electrical Engineering With B. (Computer Science) / M./M. Chemistry M.Tech. Subject in which M.Tech.U. 81. 73. Marine Engg. Engineering Programmes : Test Code 71.E/B.) M.Tech.Tech Mechanical/Production or Equivalent Degree Recognized By A.) And M. 75./M.A.Sc. English M./Ph./Ph. 83. Electrical Engineering M. 77. (ECE) M.D programme offered Chemical Engineering./M.E.Pharmacy ( Pharmacology) M. Electrical Engineering.Tech. 84. Applied Mathematics / M.D programme offered Pharmaceutical Technology Pharmaceutical Chemistry Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Pharmacology Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry Eligibility Criteria M.Tech in any Branch Of Engineering.R. Instrument Technology Marine Engineering 79.Sc./B.Tech.Tech. Applied Chemistry / M.Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) M.Tech.A. 95. (IIRs) and ITS Geoinformatics. Geo-Engineering Eligibility Criteria M.E. Pharmaceutical Science Programmes: Test Code 91. Chemical Engineering / Bio-Technology M. Electronics & Communication Engineering.C. (Any Specialization of ECE) with B. 94.A. 93./B.E.Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Technology) M.Phil.Tech. Civil Engineering.E/B. 78.Tech. 86./M.(Applied Economics) M.E.Tech.Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical analysis & Quality Assurance) M.Sc. Mathematics 76.M.Sc. (Five Year Integrated Applied Chemistry / M.(Economics) / M.Sc. Civil Engineering M.E/M.A.Tech.E. 82. 96. Mechanical Engineering 80.E.

E. 98. HRD / Social Action Note : The following Test code Numbers will have a common entrance test and candidates appearing for the test will be considered only for those departments to which they have applied.A. Subject in which M.Phil. 10.D programme offered Department of Law Human Rights & Duties Eligibility Criteria L. 33 & 83 (Management Studies) Nos. Law Programmes: Test Code 97. 01 & 86 (Applied Mathematics) Nos. b) c) d) e) f) g) Test code Test code Test code Test code Test code Test code Nos. 37 & 82 (English) ******** [ 13 ] .L. 34 & 81 (Economics) Nos./Ph. M. 16.M. 17 & 85 (Physics) Nos. 18 & 84 (Chemistry) Nos.

U.D & Water Physical and Nuclear Chemistry & 19 Chemical Oceanography 20 Systems Design 21 Zoology 22 Food Nutrition & Dietetics 23 Delta Studies TOTAL A.II (NUMBER OF SEATS AVAILABLE) M.U.D M.College of Science & Technology 1 Applied Mathematics 2 Bio-Technology 3 Botany 4 Geography 5 Geophysics 6 Marine Living Resources 7 Mathematics 8 Meteorology & Oceanography 9 Microbiology 10 Physics 11 Bio-Chemistry 12 Statistics 13 Environmental Sciences 14 Geology 15 Human Genetics 16 Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry 17 Nuclear Physics 18 Organic Chemistry. F.D PT A.S.College of Arts & Commerce 1 Anthropology Education 2 Spl Education 3 Library & Information Sciences 4 Linguistics 5 Music 6 Philosophy 7 Economics 8 History 9 Journalism & Mass Communication 10 Commerce and Management Studies 11 Adult Education 12 English 13 Hindi 14 Human Resource Management 15 Politics & Public Administration 16 Psychology 17 Sanskrit 6 13 4 5 18 8 1 9 4 3 8 6 6 4 2 20 2 120 5 4 2 1 15 7 19 30 14 12 16 4 3 3 2 26 5 6 13 4 7 2 12 7 3 23 37 5 10 6 4 5 3 9 2 5 3 1 4 2 2 6 4 2 2 1 20 2 6 1 1 2 1 8 4 2 24 7 11 6 3 2 18 2 113 3 6 3 3 1 1 2 10 14 90 15 7 20 4 2 3 2 35 14 Will be updated 2 2 213 63 6 6 3 3 2 3 2 19 7 2 15 11 Will be updated 2 30 60 Will be updated 12 12 7 8 12 24 4 4 3 3 3 [ 14 ] .No ANNEXURE .Phil Ph.Phil Subject FT FT PT Ph.

D PT Social Work Sociology Telugu Physical Education TOTAL A.L.S.S.Ambedkar college of Law Pharmaceutical Sciences English PHARMACY COURSES M.U PG CENTRE. Eluru 1 Political Science Dr.G.R.College of Engineering (A) 1 Chemical Engineering 2 Civil Engineering Electronics & Communications 3 Engineering 4 Geo-Engineering 5 Metallurgical Engineering 6 Instrumentation Technology 7 Computer Science & System Engineering 8 Electrical Engineering 9 Marine Engineering 10 Mechanical Engineering 11 Engineering Mathematics 12 Engineering Chemistry 13 Engineering Physics 14 Humanities & Social Sciences English a) Economics b) English c) Business Management TOTAL LAW COURSES 18 19 20 21 7 3 14 4 168 7 7 4 8 1 6 1 34 - 11 2 23 8 168 45 17 4 4 3 4 136 - 17 3 12 6 215 86 31 16 10 30 25 21 45 67 23 5 2 1 1 363 72 39 9 6 Will be updated 14 9 24 7 2 3 18 14 2 4 4 4 1 1 2 2 1 1 165 29 36 26 - 1 1 1 Dr.College Naraspur 1 Public Administration Sir C.B.No Subject M.Phil FT Ph.R. Krishna Govt Degree College 1 Biotechnology 2 Botany 3 Chemistry Vishnu College of Pharmaceutical Sciences 1 Pharmaceutical Sciences 2 4 3 1 - 3 3 1 26 4 1 - 2 27 4 3 12 3 1 18 [ 15 ] . College Bhimavaram 1 Social Work 2 Economics 3 Commerce Dr.N.Phil PT Ph.V.B. KAKINADA Will be updated Research Centres Sri Y.Courses.R.S. NAIKAR A.R.D FT M.N.College 1 Microbiology D.U.College P.

SCHEDULE OF AURCET-2013 Last date for receipt of filled-in Applications without fine Last Date for receipt of filled-in Applications with a fine (Rs.1000/-) Date of commencement of Entrance Test for Full Time Admissions Date of commencement of Counseling for Full Time Admissions Date of commencement of Counseling for Part Time Admissions : : : : : 20-06-2013 30-06-2013 20-07-2013 27-07-2013 05-08-2013 [ 16 ] .

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