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Weekly Anuban outline

Teacher: Mike Higson Class: EP 3 Lily Week no: 11 Dates (from / to): 29/07/2013 02/08/2013

Weekly Outline:
Activity session subject : Mother's day Vocabulary: Holidays, mother's day, mummy, mum, sunshine, care, love, happy, skies, grey, dear, father, grandfather, grandmother, child, daughter, son, baby, pregnant. Grammar: This week we will focus on emotions and words to describe how you feel about your mother. mother eg: happy, loving etc. Use this opportunity to review family members. Worksheets: After learning the new vocab the students are given a worksheet where they have to match up pictures of family members with the correct word. A family and mother's day wordsearch. Crafts: This week students will make a Mother's day wall display. students will make a Mother's day card with a poem inside. Colouring in of family pictures and writing practice Activities: The students will solve a series of puzzles set by the teacher. One puzzle will feature a list of family members with the vowels missing. The students have to fill in the blanks. Another is a word scramble, where family members and Mother's day vocabulary are mixed up. The students have to rearrange the letters. A third is a series of questions using adjectives to describe family members. The students must identify the members and spell them correctly. Worksheets: a word search containing Mother's day vocabulary words. Songs: This week we will learn the mother's day song. v=EEqj2BdVerg Games: A student is blindfolded and randomly points to another student. The student pointed to then has to

I am going to see my mum/dad/brother/sister etc Who is that? That is my...

Practise the verb 'to go.'

choose a random flashcard, spell it out and pronounce it. The blindfolded student then guesses who is speaking. If they are correct the student who read the flash card takes their place. Hangman-students guess letters to spell a word on the board. The focus vocab as well as phonic words are used in this game. Musical chair-a flashcard is placed on the chairs and students move round them to the music. A chair is removed each time. When the music stops the students sit down and must read the flashcard on their chair. If they cant read the card or if they cant find a chair they are out of the game.

Phonics: Review:

In phonics we will recap the previous sounds and words (cl, clam, clap, clip, fl, flag, flap, pl, plan, plane, play) using phonics flashcards. Continue to work through Phonics book 3. Practice the new sounds and words on the board, reciting as a whole and individually. Read pages 6-9 in the reader as a group so the students can understand the meaning of the words. Also pay attention to prepositions on, in and under and 'here' and 'there.' Do exercises in the activity book on pages 6-9. Exercises include circling the correct answer, tracing and writing the correct word and understanding prepositions. Play splat-students hit letters called out by the teacher and try to guess which word is being spelled out. Recap the vowel sounds as some students are still mixing them up. Focus on handwriting mistakes, especially making sure the letters are the correct size and in the right position. This week we will review the phonics from the past few weeks, paying attention to common mistakes. We will practice handwriting, making sure the letters are the correct shape and position.

Notes / parent follow up: Please help your child to speak clearly and loudly and encourage them to speak English with you. Here is a fun video that you can watch with your child. This is what we have been covering in class and it will help their vocabulary a lot.