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Module 5: DO-RNC Functionality, Setup and Use of the CLI

Jay Weitzen Airvana Performance Engineering

Infrastructure for All-IP Broadband Mobile Wireless Accelerating Access Anywhere

Radio Network Controller DO-RNC

Compact Design Chassis Client/server IP Architecture Carrier Class, High Availability Platform Highly Scalable designed for low entry cost of deployment NEBS Compliant Chassis

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DO-RNC Functional Overview

1xEV-DO Base Station Controller Communicate and Control multiple DOM(s) Uses IP-Abis interface (Standard GRE encapsulation) Communicate with PDSN over R-P interface (A10/A11) Support Automatic Failure Recovery DOM(s) dynamicly homed to Redundant DO-RNC if primary one failed (A13) Comprehensive Redundancy Features IP Load Balancing, Hotswappable Power supplies/fans/modules, Warm-Standby System Controller. Cost-effective operations and management via EMS and existing Operational Support Systems (OSSs) Standards compliant IS-856/1xEV-DO, 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 (3GPP2) Wireless IP Network Standard

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DO-RNC Configuration

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DO-RNC Modules
BIO Supports two 100 Base-T Ethernet ports. Supports TCP/IP stack over the Ethernet connections to both PDSN and Backhaul Network. Supports Abis Link connection(s) toward DOM(s) Supports for installation in multiple slots in DO-RNC IP Load Balancing for increased Bandwidth and Redundancy.

RNSM Responsible for terminating the signaling and session setup components of the 1xEV-DO protocol. Serves multiple DOM(s) and automatically balances the traffic load with other RNSM(s) installed within the same DO-RNC system Supports for installation in multiple slots in DO-RNC increases the number of DOM(s) served, and cost-effectively scale as cell site coverage area and capacity grows


Responsible for System Configuration, Routing Protocols, Disk operation, Network Management, and 1xEV-DO Signaling/Session setup activities Communicate with the RNSM and BIO modules over backplane connection Supports 1+1 System Redundancy ( both in Slot-7 & Slot-9 )
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RNC Disk Operation Overview

Slot_7 SC card is mapped to disk1: ( in green) Slot_9 SC card is mapped to disk2: ( in blue ) Active disk is always designated as disk0: which is a virtual disk and can actually be either disk. In Redundant mode operation, SC writes to disk0: which goes to both physical disks as part of automatic Disk Synchronization.
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RNC With Load Sharing BIO and RNSM


C-PCI Bus - Domain A

C-PCI Bus - Domain B





100BaseT x2 Radio Core Access Network Network

100BaseT x2 Access Radio Node Access Radio Node

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CLI (Command Line Interface) Can be accessed via console port at the back of SC module Each BIO module also has an operational console port All Console ports are 38.4 Kbps baud rate. Support most Terminal Emulation Most CLI configuration will be on SC module
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CLI Modes Base Mode lower level user prompt, some commands not available. Nortel-07> Enable Mode allows all CLI commands to be executed except changes to configuration. Nortel-07# Configuration Mode allows configuration changes. Nortel-07<config>#
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Accessing File System From the Enable prompt: Nortel-07#shell File operation executed inside the shell Nortel-07(shell)(disk0:/)# Unix-like commands such as ls to see files, cp to copy etc. Type exit to return to Enable prompt: Nortel-07(shell)(disk0:/)# exit Nortel-07#
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File System Basics

AIRVANA-07(shell)(disk0:/)#ls size date time name ---------- ------ ----- --------------2048 Apr 23 18:33 backup/ 2048 Jul 29 11:53 active/ 2048 Aug 9 13:51 logs/ 2048 Mar 6 20:27 config/ 30004 Aug 9 13:51 config.bin 12525 Apr 24 11:46 config51.bin 2048 Jul 29 11:53 images/ Free Bytes 46663680 Config file accessed at bootup Active software suite stored here All logging files stored here
Backup software suite stored here

Alternate config files

Upgrade software image placed here

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CLI Help Menu In Base Mode

Airvana-07> ? debug dir enable exit help ipcping logtest nettest no ping show telnet undebug Turn debug on List files on a filesystem Turn on privileged commands Exit from session Description of the interactive help system Send ipc echo messages Logging test suite Add/Remove Network Interface Negate a command Send echo messages Show Open a telnet connection Turn debug off

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CLI Help Menu In Enable Mode

Airvana-07>enable Airvana-07# ? activate analyze clear clock configure copy debug display-filter exit help no packet pflash ping reboot redundancy shell show snmp switchover syspanic terminal test vpd write Activate a version of software Functions for debugging/analysis Reset functions Manage the system clock Enter configuration mode Copy from one file to another Debug Commands display filter command Exit from EXEC mode Description of the interactive help system Negate a command or set its defaults packet command Program flash memory Send echo messages Reboot this card Redundancy Commands Enter Shell Command Mode Show running system information SNMP commands Cause a switchover to the Standby SC Generate a sysPanic() call. Display terminal configuration parameters Diagnostics/Tests related functionality. See sub-commands. Set the Vpd data Write running configuration to file

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CLI Help Menu In Configuration Mode

AIRVANA-07#config Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CTRL-Z. AIRVANA-07(config)# ? abis Set Abis Signaling parameters carrier Select a carrier to configure celldm Configure logging/diagnostic activity clear Reset running system information clock Manage the system clock controller Select an interface to configure delta-config Modify delta configuration parameters ds1mode Specify the type of DS1 link end Return to enable mode exit Exit from configuration mode frequent See sub-command for more information. help Description of the interactive help system hostname Set system's network name interface Select an interface to configure ip Global IP configuration subcommands logging Configure logging on the local processor module Select a module to configure module-logging Configure logging on a specified module no Negate a command or sets its defaults node Configure Node Properties node-alias Set the node alias parent-rnc Specify Candidate Parent RNC power-control Power Control rate-control Rate Control router Routing Protocol Configuration sector Select a sector to configure sector-element Select a sector-element to configure

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Redundant Disk Synchronization Virtual disk0: is the destination for all writes
This could map to either physical disk ( either Disk1: or Disk2:

System has a list of files and folders that should be synchronized

/images /active /backup Anything starting of containing config

Log files are NOT synchronized

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RNC Network Time

show sntp time displays the timing source and current system time. This is important for interaction with the PDSN.
Airvana-07> show sntp time Sntp Time Details - UTC Timing Source = Base Secs Base Nsecs Base TBH Base TBL = 3269960376 (c2e7a2b8) = 73527825 (0461f211) = 2074 (0000081a) = 1874264749 (6fb702ad)

Current Secs = 3269960534 (c2e7a356) Current Nsecs = 813621610 (307ee16a) Num Leap Secs (since 1980) = 13 Date = 2003/08/15 Time = 18:22:14.813 Local Time Offset = -240 minutes State = Initialized

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RNC Modules Information & Status

show module displays module info on Operational status, Slot number and runtime Software version
Airvana-07> show module
Slot Present Power Contains 01 YES 02 NO 03 YES 04 NO 05 NO 06 NO 07 YES 08 YES 09 NO 10 YES 11 NO 12 NO 13 NO 14 NO 15 NO 16 NO 17 YES 17 YES 18 YES 18 YES 19 YES 19 YES 20 YES YES bio1/1/1 YES NO Status SW Version Up Time Active Active 006d 04h 33m 11s 006d 04h 33m 11s 006d 04h 33m 11s 006d 04h 33m 11s 006d 04h 33m 11s 006d 04h 33m 11s 006d 04h 33m 11s 006d 04h 33m 11s 006d 04h 32m 07s 006d 04h 33m 11s 006d 04h 33m 11s 006d 04h 32m 19s

YES rnsm1/3/1 Active YES YES YES sc1/7/1 YES hsc1/8/1 YES YES YES YES YES YES YES -


YES hsc1/10/1 Active -

YES power1/17/1 Active YES fan1/17/2 Active YES power1/18/1 Active YES fan1/18/2 Active YES power1/19/1 Active YES fan1/19/2 Active YES disk1/20/1 Active -

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RNC Software Version

show version displays runtime software version show version boot displays flash memory software versions

Airvana-07> show version boot Bootstrap: Version: Build: 35 Created on Sat May 31 17:10:58 2003 by nightlybuild Bootload1(active): Platform BSC Product RNC8500 Processor SC Image BOOTLOAD Version: Build: 36 Created on Sat May 31 17:11:14 2003 by nightlybuild Bootload2: Platform BSC Product RNC8500 Processor SC Image BOOTLOAD Version: Build: 43207 Created on Wed Jul 23 15:05:14 2003 by nightlybuild

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RNC SC_Redundancy Information

show redundancy displays which Active SC module is currently in control of the RNC.
Airvana-07> show redundancy Current State: ACTIVE Total Standby Resets: 0 Redundancy Supported: YES Failure Reason:..Peer Down.. Switchovers: 0 Active Slot: 7 Standby Slot: 0 Disk States disk0: RS_READY disk1: RS_ACTIVE disk2: RS_REMOVED Automatic disk synchronization: ON

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Connection Definitions Abis Links between the DOM and the RNC. A10/A11 Between the RNC and PDSN to support user data traffic connections A12 Used for AN AAA between the RNC and AAA server A13 Used for Inter-RNC handoff PPP L2 Data Link protocol used for connection between the PDSN and the AT, DOM is merely a pass-thru
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RNC Abis Peers Status

show abis peer displays whether the DOM is successfully homed to RNC
Will never come up without valid clock from DOM Will not come up without proper IP connectivity over the Backhaul Network Node Shutdown
Airvana-07# show abis peer
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Peer IP | Peer | Peer UpTime | | (in sec) 250982 Hellos | Messages Address | Status | Sent | Received | Sent | Received 19488 19189 6362 11468


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RNC Showing Interfaces

show interface displays each interface and associated administrative and operational status, as well as the associated IP address.
Airvana-07# show interface
Name ethernet1/0/1 ethernet1/1/1 ethernet1/1/2 mgmt1/0/1 node1/0/1 Connection IP Address In Octets 0 1549805340 0 0 0 Out Octets 0 1494439815 0 0 0 Admin Down Up Down Down Up Oper Down Up Down Down Up -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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RNC PING Utility

ping A.B.C.D a tool used to test for connectivity between the DOM and other IP entities on the network
Airvana-07# ping Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds: !!!!! Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 0/0/0 ms

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RNC Viewing IP Routing Table

show ip route displays the IP routing table to reveal what path (if any) will be taken to other networks or devices
Airvana-07# show ip route
IP ROUTING TABLE ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Destination Flags Gateway Owner S S S R S S S S S S S S S S R R R Interface ---------------------------------------------------------------------------ethernet1/0/1 ethernet1/1/1 ethernet1/11/1 ethernet1/1/1 ethernet1/0/1 ethernet1/1/1 ethernet1/11/1 ethernet1/0/1 ethernet1/1/1 ethernet1/11/1 ethernet1/1/1 ethernet1/2/1 ethernet1/11/1 ethernet1/12/1 ethernet1/1/1 ethernet1/1/1 ethernet1/1/1

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RNC PCF Session to PDSN

Airvana-07# show pcf pdsn all
PDSN Selection Table -------------------No. IP Status Active Inactive Inactive Inactive Inactive

--------------------------------0 1 2 3 4

RNC chooses a PDSN for each connection based on the last 4 digits of the IMSI ( use Mod-64 to determine the PDSN number)
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RNC RN Mapping Information

Airvana-07# show rn mapping
BTS SLOT 5 3 INTFS INTF_ADDRESS 1 2 13 2 4 2 3 2 15 2

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RNC DOM Homing and Carrier Information

Airvana-07# show 1xevdo rn all config
RNC Slot Number: 3 RN IP Address: Carrier: 1, Channel Number: 900, PN Offset: 40, 212, 384 RN IP Address: Carrier: 1, Channel Number: 200, PN Offset: 28 RNC Slot Number: 4 RN IP Address: Carrier: 1, Channel Number: 225, PN Offset: 16, 20 RNC Slot Number: 5 RN IP Address: Carrier: 1, Channel Number: 225, PN Offset: 28, 32 RNC Slot Number: 6 RN IP Address: Carrier: 1, Channel Number: 875, PN Offset: 92 RNC Slot Number: 13 RN IP Address: Carrier: 1, Channel Number: 900, PN Offset: 24, 196, 368

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RNC 1xEV-DO Sessions and Connections

Airvana-07# show 1xevdo session all 1001 40
UATI List Inst UATI24 (Dec) (Hex) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 4 1 RATI (Hex) PSI (Hex) HW Id (Hex) IMSI (BCD) Dormant Active Dormant Dormant Active Dormant Dormant Active Dormant STATE ConnState

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1003EA C600C7A6 50000001 C600C7A6 310012268486566 Open 1003EB A8A9BC4C 50000009 7403B7C7 310012033798087 Open 1003ED 03A10ABC N/A 81101682 N/A 7403B822 310012033798178 NoA10Conn 6B200093 310012153092243 NoA10Conn 6B200065 310012153092197 NoA10Conn 6B200085 310012153092229 NoA10Conn 8D049730 310012184850224 NoA10Conn

13 1003F2 15 1003F3 17 1003F4 18 1003F5 5 3 1003F6 1003F8

722E19AA 5000000F 6B20001B 310012153092123 Open 79F50DBE N/A E1E16078 N/A

C600CD21 5000001B C600CD21 310012268487969 Open 0F3CE01C N/A

Total Displayed Number of Current Active Sessions: 3 Total Displayed Number of Current Dormant Sessions: 6 Total Displayed Number of Current Sessions Awaiting Close from AT: 0

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Per-Subscriber Identifiers
PSI PCF Session ID ESN Hard-Coded by Mobile manufacturer

UATI Given to the mobile by the RNC IMSI Given to the mobile by the AAA with Terminal Authentication, or generated by RNC

Airvana-07# show 1xevdo session all 1001 40

UATI List Inst UATI24 (Dec) (Hex) 1 2 RATI (Hex) PSI (Hex) HW Id (Hex) IMSI (BCD) Dormant STATE ConnState

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1003EA C600C7A6 50000001 C600C7A6 310012268486566 Open

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RNC 1xEV-DO Sessions and Connections (Contd)

Airvana-07# show 1xevdo connection all -------------------------------------------------------------------------------S# 1 2 3 Slot 3 4 13 Session Instance 15 5 3 UATI24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------0x001003f3 0x001003f6 0x001003f8

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