ORGANIZATION PROFILE About us: Sri Bhuvaneshwari Engineering Services is a leading engineering concern started with group of technical experts

with the aim of providing engineering design, detailing, manufacturing and supply of Oil Storage Tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks, DM & Make up water storage tanks, Pressure parts,
Heat Exchangers, Silencers, Chimney, Duct & Bellows, Structures, pumping systems, Oil pre-heating

system with good standard codes of practice like ASME, API, TEMA, EJMA, IS, ASW, ASTM, ANSI which is being used in various industries like Power, oil & gas, Chemical, refinery, Water treatment, cement and pulp & paper industries.

We are arranging construction approval and obtaining license for statutory equipment from explosive department and also we are concentrating in trading covering mechanical, civil, electrical, electronic instruments which is being used to most industries. GROUP COMPANY: Our group company is Tech Weld Engineering. PRODUCT & SERVICES: Our Project Team fully concentrating into design, detail engineering, manufacturing and supply of various products as listed below. Our young energetic engineers are extremely flexible, they can easily adopt with scope of work and they know the value of time and quality. Our strength is QOT“Quality on Time”. We meet the client requirement with QOT. • • • • • • Storage Tanks & Bullets DM & Make-up Water Storage Tanks Pressure Vessels Heat Exchangers Silencers Water treatment filters and vessels • • • • Duct and Bellows Damper Fans and blowers Steel Chimney

manufacture and supply of Industrial Silencers to control Steam noise as per OSHA. 2. Our storage tanks types: 1. Detailing. Our Heat Exchanger Range: 1. 3. ASME Code of practice. 3. Horizontal Dished end. INDUSTRIAL SILENCERS: We design. Steam Drum Silencers. 4. Detailing. EMSV Silencer. manufacture and supply of Storage tanks as per ASME. chemicals. petroleum products and Gas. Boiler feed water heaters. API 650. HEI and ASME Code of practice. Super heater safety valve silencer. 2. manufacture and supply of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger as per TEMA. Our Silencer Range: 1. Vertical Cylindrical Cone roof Self supported Storage Tanks. IS-803 and IS 10987 to store fluid. 2.STORAGE TANKS & BULLETS: We design. . Vent silencer. HEAT EXCHANGERS: We design. Vapour condenser. Oil cooler and oil heater. Detailing. Flat end both above and below ground storage tanks.

3. Metallic Expansion bellows. 2. Detailing. Single and multi louver dampers FANS AND BLOWERS: We manufacture and supply of Fans and blowers as per Code of practice. Flash Vessels.PA & SA Fans 2. Ducts along with supports. 3.PRESSURE VESSELS: We design. Our Pressure Vessels Range: 1. Detailing. EJMA and HVAC Code of practice. Our Range: 1. Process vessels for water treatment plant. FD. ID. DAMPER & BELLOWS: We design. DUCT. Blow down tanks. 2. Our Pressure Vessels Range: 1. manufacture and supply of Pressure vessels as per ASME and IS-2825 Code of practice. Blowers . manufacture and supply of Duct and Vessels as per ASME.

to drain. valves. These components completely assembled as a skid mounted unit and key factor to design this pumping system depends upon the nature of the end-use equipment. to transfer fluids for processing. OUR TRADING: We are concentrating in trading covering mechanical. This typical pumping system contains components like pump. electronic instruments which is being used to most industries. to provide hydraulic power to machine etc. piping. civil. strainers and safety instruments.. commercial buildings and municipalities to provide cooling and lubricating services. • • • • • • Isolation. Flexible Hose pipes. example heat exchangers. There are many different types of end-use equipment. Fuel handling pumping and pre-heating systems • Pressure reducing station STATUTORY CLEARANCE: We are arranging construction approval and obtaining license for statutory equipment from explosive department.CHIMNEY: We design. electrical. We are focus on the below listed items. motor. regulation and control Valves Pump & motor Pipes and tubes Strainers. flanges and fittings Oil seal Plummer block and bearings • • • • • • Safety Instruments Steel Bars Pipe hangers Actuator Grinding and abrasive wheels Conveyor Pulley. Tanks and hydraulic equipment. to store. idlers and belts . • • Fuel handling pumping system. Detailing. manufacture and supply of Steel Self supported Chimney as per IS 6533 Code of practice and pollution control norms PUMPING SYSTEMS: Pumping system are used widely in industries.

.MANUFACTURING FACILITIES: We have manufacturing facilities with required machinery like welding machines. profile cutting. grinding. drilling. We have more than 12Nos permanent Labour along with qualified welders and fitters. Our manufacturing plant having more than 7250 sq ft area with covered portion of 2400 sq ft. plate Bending machine. sandering machines and painting facilities. We have 30-50 tonnes capacity to fabricate equipments per months. : 2Nos : 3Nos : 1Nos. OUR FABRICATION SHOP MAN POWER CAPACITY: • • • • • • • Welders 3G Qualified Welders Helpers Structural welder Grainding people Reggars Fitter : 3Nos : 2Nos : 5Nos : 1Nos. Pipe bending machine. The manufacturing process is continuously updated with latest technology to yield higher productivity with improved quality product.

• • WPS. The following quality documents which are maintained by our quality team as detailed below. PQR. : 15 Ton MEASURING INSTRUMENTS & GAUGES We are having metrological instruments with calibration for supporting to machining the components. : 1No. : 2Nos : 2Nos : 1No.POWER TOOL AND MACHINE CAPACITY • • • • • • • • • MIG Welding Machine (350Amps) TIG Welding Machine (350Amps) ESAP Welding Machine (400Amps) Aluminium TIG Welding Machine (600Amps) Grainding Machine Hydraulic Bending Machine Drilling machine (1 1/2" capacity) Power cutting machine Lifting capacity : 2Nos : 2Nos : 1No. : 2 Nos. WPQ Stage And Final Inspection Documents . SECTION • • • • • • Metal preparation Gas cutting unit Setting unit Welding unit Machining unit Assembly unit Painting Unit QUALITY & STANDARDS: Our qualities to the product by inspecting stage by stage of process of work and maintaining necessary documents to provide our quality product to meet client requirement.

2. JONES INDUSTRIES. Ph: +91 9791029402 . SRI AND SRI ENGINEERS AND CONSULTANTS. SEETHA TECHNOLOGY We look forward to your valuable communication... manufactured and supplied our products so far. please visit our website: www. MEGATHERM D’TECH PVT LTD..sbengineeringservices. 3. TRICHY SHARNATH EQUIP PVT LTD.. PRAIXAIR INDIA PVT LTD. enquires and opportunities enabling us to serve you with our quality engineering and trading. 6. For more Yours truly FOR SRI BHUVANESHWARI ENGINEERING SERVICES T. 1.• • • • • Hydraulic Test Certificate Material Test Certificates Quality Assurance Plan Operation and Maintenance Manual Painting Certificate OUR PARTIAL LIST OF VALUABLE CLIENTS Our valuable partial list of clients to whom we have designed... SIFA ENGINEERING... 4. 7.PRIYANATHAN –Proprietor.. 5.

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