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Things That Happened In 1995 I was born in 1995 so here are some of the highs and lows of this

wonderful year. Music I love music and 1995 was a fantastic year for some great hits and exciting number ones. The Top 10 greatest singles of 1995 At number 10 is Oasis with Wonderwall. The number 9 spot is taken by Everything But A Girl with Missing. Michael Jackson takes 8th with You Are Not Alone. At number 7 is Simply Red with Fairground. Michael Jackson also takes 6th place with Earth Song. Céline Dion and her hit Think Twice which she realised in October which made it to number 5. At number 4 is Take That and Back For Good.

Number 3 is Robson and Jerome with I Believe. Just of the top spot is Coolio with Gangsta Paradise at number 2. And reaching number 1 is, again, Robson and Jerome with Unchained Melody. Fabby Times for Céline and Take That Céline Dion had an amazing year with Think Twice which was realised in October. She sold 930,000 copies which I imagine paid the bills rather well. Take That had a good year with Back For Good and Never Forget. Back For Good was realised in the April of 1995 and there is a picture to the right of the single album of the boys 5, 13 years ago. The song was written by band member, Gary Barlow. The single was realised on the third of April, six weeks before planned but after request came out early and hit

the UK singles chart selling 300,000 copies in the first week. Not surprisingly the song is currently Take That’s top record. The band also received 2 certifications that year in Austria and Germany. In this year Blur also had a hit with Country House and Michael Jackson had a hit with You Are Not Alone. Boyzone also realised their album Said and Done, which was a big release for them. In the same year “Now 1995” was also released, so all in all 1995 was a very good year for the ever popular music industry. The Computer World 1995 was a huge year for the computer world with Microsoft landing new software and much more.

Microsoft first came out with Windows 95 which is still popular now. It is said that Windows 95 was one of the biggest hits to the world of technology being much more advanced than its earlier counter-parts and taking other competition completely out of business. On the right is a picture of the Microsoft Windows 95 logo!! 1995 was also, amazingly, the year when MSN first became online. MSN was another of Microsoft’s new technology, the name, MSN, coming from The Microsoft Network which has become almost a “famous” online network. However it is much different nowadays than what it was then but still on the same basis of ideas. Tragedies in 1995 Unfortunately, as with every year, in the world tragedies happened in 1995 and here are just a few!!!

Obviously, I was born!!!! This may have been tragic part of the year for some but hopefully it has proved a good thing for others!!! On the 16, January an avalanche struck killing 14 people in Súðavík, Iceland. There is not much information recorded on this accident so I found out no more than this!!! Fortunately, there is not an awful lot of bad news reported on the internet however statistics show that in 1995 69% of the news was bad but clearly this is not shown. Deaths in 1995 As with every day in every year people pass away and here are some of the famous people that died in 1995. th • Jerry Garcia died on the 9 August from complications from diabetes and heart failure.

• Shannon Hoon (Blind Melon) died from a marijuana overdose. • David Briggs died on November 26, 1995, after a battle with lung cancer. • Gary Crosby died of lung cancer. • Don Pullen, pianist/composer, dies at 53 • Maggie Kuhn, activist (Gray Panthers), dies at 89 • David Shipman, film historian, dies at 63 Fashion in 1995 On a happier note let’s see what the “in” fashion was in 1995. The Designer of the Year award (at the British fashion awards) went to John Galliano. Accessory Designer went to Patrick Cox and Glamour Designer went to Ben De Lisi. Marks and Spencer took the Classic Design Award and Red or

Dead walked away with the Street Style Award as did Oasis with Best Design-Led Retail. In the nineties, the T-shirt exploded to three times its normal size to fit in with the grunge look. 'Witty' political messages and parodies of well-known slogans were printed on t-shirts in bright colours Rice Krispies became Nice Tripsies. For a while, it seemed like the Seventies all over again, but thankfully not for long. Combat boots have hung around the fringes of fashion since the 1940s. But in 1995, not only boots but camouflage pants and jeans with side-pockets hit the High Street. By the end of the year the whole of the UK looked like a military training camp. Members of the older generation suggested anyone found wearing combat pants over five miles outside Catterick

should immediately be dropped into a war zone. Sadly, this was not made official legislation. Looking through the internet pages, the “Baker-Boy” hat seemed to be o very fashionable accessory especially in grey or brown tweed much like the farmers cap!!!!! Other “Rages” from 1995 As per usual every year has its weird and wonderful thrills here’s just a small chunk of some of the outrageous and strange things from 1995. sweet, syrupy, and tasting nothing like alcohol, they appealed to - shall we say - less mature palates. Soon there was a myriad of new drinks, including Alcoholic Grapefruit, an alcoholic cocktail with Irn Bru and even Alcoholic Milk. The brewing industry protested in vain

that it wasn't picking on the kiddies but was forced to re-brand the items to be less appealing to young people. Eventually, children were driven back to drinking cider and Creme de Menthe.