³Intimacy With Out Knowing´

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Suzie Anne Martinez had seen some people hand in hand with their other half. ¶I cannot say I envy them, my time will come..· Suzie thought sarcastically ¶I won·t hurry time, I won·t wait either, and I·ll just be there when it strikes me.· She whispered to herself. ´Love came when she least expected it. Her voice was caught in her throat, Her breath was long gone from her lungs. Her heart« her heart ceased to beat.µ There he stood. Pale and beautiful, made only for her, only her.

Chapter 1
The Awakening

uzie Martinez woke had a new poem Stook Annepen and notebookup realizing sheand began writing.in her head, so she her at her drawer
GENUINE I began to dream about you and me You were holding my hand and I felt so much glee We started to walk and I wondered why I looked up and saw the sky... Clouds were wild and began racing through the night, I was so confused I wanted to run away But your hands were so tight I decided to stay.. My hands are cold and yours is too We were still walking through and through We faced each other And we can stay like this forever You grabbed my waist And I remembered your taste So sweet and addicting And oh so inviting«

Sam stopped writing and began tapping her pen on her lap. What am I writing? Ugh! She thought continuously. But unfortunately half of her mind was still working and processing a way to end this poem. And still thinking of a title. Sam didn·t refuse anymore she began writing again.
You bent your head and whispered ³You are forever mine and you know it¶s true´ Your voice was so serene everything shattered I analyzed your words and I knew it was true I will always be with you, and never to feel blue.

She closed her notebook and placed it in her drawer. She walked towards the bathroom and along the way she saw Jane Martinez. ´Good morning mom, what·s for breakfast?µ Sam stuttered.

´Fried eggs and bacon, hey you look stressed. How·d you sleep?µ ´O-ooh, maybe because our house is new and I still don·t feel comfortable in it?µ ´Ha ha! You will be in time.µ Jane said confidently. Sam brushed her teeth and headed down stairs. ´Hi dad.µ Sam said. ´Well, hey there little pumpkin how·s your first night in L.A.?µ Louie Martinez asked. ´Hmmm, a bit uncomfortable.. Mom said I·ll get over it.µ She grinned. ´Yep. Your mom·s right«µ They ate quietly but Sam was still bewildered by the poem she had written a minute ago. When she had her last bite, she stood up and headed upstairs in her room. ´I·ll be at my room!µ Sam shouted along the way. Once in her room, she sat on her bed and thought things through. What was my problem? How can I write a poem like that, I never« she trailed off. Sam opened her drawer and took her notebook. She read her poem aloud. ´Hmm, it·s quite good for an inexperienced person!µ she hissed. She clenched her teeth tight and remembered that« that she never had a significant other. Sam decided to take a shower. After that she dressed and went downstairs then headed for the door. ´Where are you going?µ her dad was standing behind her, when she turned around and looked up she saw Louie was staring at her seriously. ´I·ll just take a look around the neighborhood.µ She said nervously. Louie straightened up and looked at his daughter more fiercely. ´Are you sure?µ-´Yes dad.. Sheeesh, can·t I take a look around?µ she looked at him fiercely too. ´Okay be back whenever.µ Louie rubbed her head. She rushed out the door. ´Whew!µ Sam said. She looked at her wristwatch and it was already 3:00 pm. ´What!? It·s already 3:00? How long have I been in my room?µ she whispered disbelieving her watch. Sam started to walk around. Then she saw a park. She sat there for hours. What could be Dianne doing now? Where could she be at this moment? The moment she was thinking of this her phone rang. ¶I climb, I slip, I fall reaching for your hands, but I lay here all alone sweating all your blood.· A song by paramore. Sam always liked paramore, the moment she heard there songs she was amazed. Sam answered her phone. ´Hello?µ she said calmly. The number was unknown. ´Hey Sam! It·s me Dianne! I miss you girl.µ Dianne said excitedly. ´Dianne! Ooh, I miss you too. How are you?µ ´Well I have good news and bad news, which do you want first?µ ´You decide.µ Sam was nervous and excited. ´I·m moving in Los Angeles!µ Dianne shouted blithely. ´Yey! Wow! That·s« I·m speechless.µ Sam was totally glad to know her friend was moving to LA. But as she thought things through, her mind functioned again. ´What·s the bad news?µ she said a little gloomy. ´

I·m not yet moving right now. We·re moving on spring break. I·m sorry Sammie«µ Dianne felt totally as gloomy as Sam. ´Oh.µ it was what Sam can only say. ´Hey I gotta go,µ Dianne Miller said still feeling sorry for Sam. ´Okay, I miss you so much. Bye..µ³´Me too.µ Then Dianne hung up. Sam gazed at her watch and was shocked to see it was 7:00 pm. She looked up the sky. It was beautiful. Mixed colors appeared. The sky was bluish-gray with orange streaks. She could see the sun settling down. Sunset. Sam thought. ´Beautiful isn·t it?µ a masculine voice said. ´Huh? Yes it is..µ Sam was nervous. One important thing her mom and dad told her DON·T TALK TO STRANGERS! When she was little until now she followed that simple precaution. She turned her head and gazed up. He was pale that was the first thing she realized. Is he an albino? Sam thought. He turned his head and returned her gaze. He has cerulean eyes. And« his gaze was shattering. Sam felt as if she was enthralled to him. She looked away as soon as she realized that he held her gaze there for a full 5 minutes. And inside that 5 minutes she felt utterly thirsty but the thought of food sickened her. ´I·m Christian Winterbourne.µ He held his hand out and when she didn·t respond he carefully took her hand. His hand was cold. It was the first thing she thought. ´I·m« I·m Suzie Anne Martinez.µ She said anxiously. Shaking at every word. ´It·s getting dark, what are you still doing out here?µ Christian was a little fierce but he never meant to scare her. They both realized that he was still holding her hand. They both looked down. Sam felt her blood rush up to her cheeks. She was blushing, but she barely blush. It was odd and she knows that. Christian looked at her and grinned. He placed her hand on her lap again. ´You must go home. May I walk you?µ Christian asked calmly. ´O-okay.µ Sam said. He stood up looking down at her and offering his hand . She took it without doubting. Then all of a sudden they were walking hand in hand. Sam felt so relaxed, like it felt so right but she was thirsty again. They were walking yet she doesn·t know who was leading. ´Do you know where my house is?µ she muttered. ´Yes.µ He answered. A sound of black velvet. ´H-how·d you know?µ she was suddenly tense. Christian let go of her hand and placed an arm at her shoulders. ´Don·t worry, I know where you live because you·re in my neighborhood.µ He laughed. The night was calm not like last night. ´So did you enjoy your walk?µ Jane asked. ´Yeah it was great.µ Sam said almost to herself than her mother. ´You met someone dear?µ her mom asked again and this time she jumped. ´No. I was

alone. Hey mom guess what!?µ Sam tried to change the topic. ´What is it honey?µ³´Dianne called and said she·s moving in LA on spring break, isn·t that fantastic?µ she jumped with joy. ´Yes that·s great.µ Both her mother and father said in chorus. And they all laughed. Sam went to bed early because tomorrow is her first day of school. What if they don·t like me? She thought continuously. As she thought it through and through she drifted to sleep. A cool hand touched her cheek. ´Baby, hey« wake up.µ Jane said soothingly. ´Uh-huh.µ Sam nodded. She got up with her hand slightly pressed on her head. She headed for the bathroom with towel and toothbrush in hand. The cold heat of water pouring on her skin, making goose bumps and a tingling feeling, made her think. Could she drown herself using a shower? Lever soap in hand, liquid got to her eyes. It was the shampoo in her hair. ´Oh crap!µ she shouted while splashing water on her closed eyes. After a few moments, she calmed down eyes still closed, searching for her towel to wipe her eyes, she knew it was by the door but once she groped again it was there in her hands like someone handed it to her. Eyes open, she searched for someone but there was no one, just her, her reflection in the mirror and her shadow. Sam realized she only made a fool of herself and laughed.


am was in the backseat of their car while her dad and mom was in the front. ¶I·m still wondering how my future will be, will my life end cause of a sudden death or a painful one?· Sam thought. While looking at the clouds she shook her head back and forth to forget what she was thinking, her mother, Jane said, ´Here you are baby! Good luck, have a nice day. Get boys, a lot of them.µ Sam frowned and looked at her father, Louie, with a make-her-stop-dad look. ´Sweetheart don·t listen to your mother, she·s joking, but yes have a nice day good luck.µ Louie said with a grin on his face. ´Bye mom, bye dad, thanks take care.µ Sam said with uneasiness turning over. Walking down the hall she felt eyes intensely glued on her, she looked back, then left and then right but no one was staring at het but still Sam could feel it. The bell rang and Sam knew she had to go to her class yet she doesn·t know where, looking confused someone behind her said ´Need help?µ Sam tried to look where it came from, she looked back and someone was there looking at her, observing her reactions with a smirk on his face. ´Yeah, I don·t really know where building two is and room two-o-threeµ Sam confessed. ´I·m headed that way too, I·m Wayne Smith by the way, May I tour you Ms«?µ Wayne smiled. ´Sam, Suzie Anne Martinezµ---´Ms. Martinez let me tour you.µ pointing left to right, and

right to left, Wayne showed her the school. As they got to building two and room two-o-three, Wayne opened the door for courtesy and said ´Welcome Sam to a world where fun is nowhere to be found.µ Sam looked around and everybody was staring at her, some were waving, some stood up and introduced themselves. ´Okay, okay, that·s enough everyone go back to your seats.µ Mr. Thompson said. Everyone got to their seats except for Sam, looking confused at Mr. Thompson. ´Oh hello Sam, take a seat any chair you want to, just make sure you·ll listen and we·ll be fine.µ Mr. Thompson pointed some empty chairs. ´I·m Edward Thompson, good luck!µ Sam took a seat on the first table on the first row, while fixing her things; something entered her mind, Christian, she thought. She remembered how he held her so gentle and painstaking. Sam couldn·t say a word. Trying to clear her mind, someone entered the room with a halo that·s so strong it caught her attention. Sam looked at him, and abruptly she forgot to breathe, Sam felt captivated with those deep green eyes staring at her thoroughly, like being enthralled or tied to him. (What·s wrong with me, oh crap! I·m getting crazy, what am I feeling«) ´Mr. Hales? Late again I see« It·s the first day of class yet you show up late, why?!µ Mr. Thompson stated. ´I·m sorry, sir« Won·t happen again, just a little traffic problem.µ Mark apologized. ´Now take a seat where ever you want.µ Mr. Thompson declared.

Chapter 2


ark walked across the room, then he looked at Sam with deep concentration. There he knew she was his. He walked towards her and stretched his hand out. ´I·m Mark Anthony Hales. How about you?µ Sam was abruptly anxious. Please don·t sit beside me« please, please. She repeated on her mind continuously. If Sam took Mark·s hands, it would be a start on her journey to eternity. ´I·m Sam, Suzie Anne Martinez.µ She shook hands with him. And it is where and when her true journey begins. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ After a while, Mr. Thompson and the adviser of the other section, Mrs. Greene talked. Mrs. Greene·s class lacked students so they·ve decided to take some students on Mr. Thompson·s class to have balance. They took Mark. Sam was really pissed because Mark, who was still a mystery to her, the guy she felt strange interacting with was gone, never to be seen again. It·s been weeks and still Sam could feel something was missing. Something was wrong, something was about to happen. She made friends continuously, for every subject she attended, Biology, Economics, English, Trigonometry, Poetry and more. At the cafeteria, she could only catch glimpses of Mark. She was picking her food when someone touched her cheek with smooth caresses she abruptly came to a complete stop. ´Miss me?µ a familiar masculine voice asked Sam. (Who is this? Why is he touching me like this? Pictures, I can see a lot of pictures. I feel excited, no! I·m scared? WHAT IS THIS?!) Sam continued screaming in her mind. ´Who are you?µ Sam asked, slowly turning her head to know the guy. ´It·s Mark, silly. Are you okay?µ Mark laughed loudly. A slow smile curved on Sam·s face. She felt relieved to know it was Mark. Yet, why did she felt that way. She was still puzzled to what has happened; she took a deep breath to find the words to say. ´Oh it·s just you.µ Sam laughed nervously. ´What are you doing here?µ she took another deep breath. ´I·m in the cafeteria, I·m eating.µ Mark laughed more loudly. ´Yeah right, sorry for that stupid question.µ Sam shove her red streaked hairs pass her shoulder, it reached her waist. ´Don·t say sorry, it·s nothingµ Mark gripped on her shoulder. ´Ooops, sorry.µ she continued. ´You did it again you know. You like saying sorry huh?µ--´No. It·s just, well« They say it·s my mannerism.µ Sam felt anxious, excited, scared, nervous, disappointed all at the same time. As her amber eyes held the chocolate brown ones, she saw some glimpse of images of herself smiling, grinning, frowning and more. ´Yah I know.µ Mark said confidently. (Oh no! She might wonder why«) ´Yah I know? What?!µ she touched the small if his back.

´No it·s nothing forget it. Sit with me?µ his masculine voice was so tempting. ´I can·t, maybe some other time«µ her voice so mesmerizing anyone would be bewildered. ´And why is that?µ³´Because, Stephanie·s waiting for me.µ She took off. Suzie walked away with such grace, turning her back from Mark, who still continued to stare at her. She felt his gaze, yet trying to ignore it. Sam waved a hand of goodbye but didn·t look back. ´Hey Steph, I·m sorry for being late, I guess?µ she stated. ´It·s okay, as long as you·re with that handsome guy, I know his name« Wait.µ Steph paused. ´Mark, hmm, Mark Anthony Hales. Am I right?µ Steph continued. ´Yeah you·re right, but he·s nothing, just a friend and nothing less, nothing more.µ She stuttered. ´I wish that·s what he is for meµ she whispered to herself that Steph couldn·t possibly hear. As school ended Sam decide to walk home but suddenly she dropped her books, her bag, everything. Then she heard footsteps, it wasn·t walking, it was running and abruptly Mark came into view, breathing helplessly. ´Hey, need help?µ Mark offered. ´I·m almost done, I« I·m fine.µ picking her things quickly. Mark came closer and helped her, as their gaze met, Sam saw Mark·s thoughts. It was full of pictures of her, every smile, every hair flip and every grin she made. While picking her bag, Mark reached for her hands to help and all of a sudden their hands intertwined and Sam could feel a mix of emotions. Weird?! Sam thought. ´Thank you«µ Sam said. ´Can I walk you home? That would make me feel better.µ Mark stated with security. ´Uh« okay, make you feel better??µ she said while confusion was rising. ´Well, it·s just I want to protect! Protect you from all of them!µ he said, raising his voice to a whole new level. ´I« I don·t understand.µ ´You·ll know everything once you turn eighteen and come with me.µ ´Eighteen? That·s a year from now« your scaring me you know.µ Mark couldn·t stand it anymore, how could he hide the truth to Sam if he wanted her so badly. ´Sam, just forget what I said, and let·s get you home.µ Mark stated. ´O« okay, but once I turn eighteen you have to explain it right away!µ Sam groaned. ´Yes I will, I·ll be glad to.µ Mark carried her bag and books. Suddenly a glint of light shone on Sam·s face, it showed her creamy skin and pale neck« Mark saw the light and followed its direction, it headed to Sam. He saw her under the light like an angel ready to take the darkness in him, her pale neck showed and Mark never left his eyes off it. As if glamorized by the image. It was mouthwatering and breath-taking to see her neck, almost translucent at this minute. Thirst. It was the first thing that came to his mind. It has been years, decades, and centuries since he fed by blood. Abruptly, he heard her pulse, the blood rushing through her veins. Why now? After hundreds of years« why now!? Mark thought over and over. I could take her now, were alone, I can do this so easily like taking candy from a baby, but this is different I·m taking blood« Mark trailed off, he inhaled deeply and

his nostrils flared by the scent, so sweet, so« warm. He shook his head with a smirk without humor. Sam saw his expression change, and caught him staring at her. She felt so thirsty all of a sudden, but she didn·t know what she was thirsty for. She felt confusion, anger, desire and ineffable thirst. ´Would you stop staring at me like that?µ Sam said when she gained control. ´I·m sorry, its j« just you·re unbelievably beautiful.µ It was true, but at this moment for Mark beauty is mixed with his lust for her blood. ´Mark! Stop joking and start walking if you want to walk me home.µ Sam made a face and walked right pass mark. ´Hey Suzie,µ Mark was catching up to her. ´I wasn·t kidding back there, I was serious«µ Mark continued pacing with her. ´Yeah right« whatever.µ Sam was confused by what she felt when she saw Mark·s eyes, when their hands entwined and the way she felt thirsty? What was that back there? It·s so damn weird. Wait, when I saw Stephanie I saw a lot of guys, when I tugged her arm to me I felt excited, elated and so much more. When Mr. Thompson asked me a question, I knew the answer because someone whispered it and I heard it even if it was so low. It almost happened to everyone I encountered. I need answers. Do my parents know about this? Sam thought while they were walking. Mark was fighting the beast rising in him, he played cool but inside he was arguing with himself. No! I won·t do this. After centuries of mainstreaming, why now? Why her? Mark thought convulsively. As they got to Sam·s house, they climbed the stairs slowly. Then when Sam reached and touched the doorknob, images of her mother and father, Jane and Louie appeared in her mind. Sitting on their couch waiting for her, there were so many images, Sam felt faint coming. Mark saw her expression change, how pale Sam was turning, how blood was circulating slowly which was strange yet so inviting for Mark, and how uneasy she was feeling. ´Suzie, are you okay?µ Mark asked while laying down Sam·s bag and books on their porch. ´I« I·m okay, it·s just I need somewhere or something to lean on.µ Sam said stopping at each word. Mark came closer to her and held her waist, Sam saw Mark·s intentions again and felt his emotions, full of concern, rage, uncertainty, and thirst. Sam felt dizzier with those add-ups things. Mark blocked and shielded his mind away Sam, so she could breathe normally not helplessly. When Mark successfully blocked his mind Sam was feeling better than okay. ´How·d you do that?µ Sam was confused now. ´You made me feel at peace,µ Sam said searching for answers. ´And how can I do this? How did you know?µ ´Sam, calm down.. I don·t know, are you alright?µ Mark stuttered, holding her tighter. ´I·m fine, it·s just I·m a little confused on some things« Could you tell me what happened slowly?µ ´Well, you touched the doorknob and look shocked then you turned utterly pale, that·s when I realized you·re close to faint. I held you as tight as possible and I blocked my mind from yours.µ Mark sat her down on the closest chair. I need to

get out of here; she·s so inviting, so tempting and so« sweet. Mark shook his head, erasing the thoughts of blood-lust. ´Trust me, your parents would explain this to you better than I can« Do you want to go inside now? F« for more information?µ Sam stood up Mark did too. Then she opened her arms wide and hugged Mark. ´Thank you, I think you better go home now. Talk to you later, bye«µ Sam whispered on Mark·s ear as she loosened her hold. ´Your sure you going to be alright? I think you need me you know«µ Mark said with a grin. ´Naw, I·ll be fine.µ Sam waved goodbye. Sam entered the house with an eccentric look. ´Mom, Dad? What·s this all about?µ--´Baby, sit down first then we·ll discuss this through.µ Jane said. ´Honey your mother·s right, calm down.µ Louie said. Sam dropped her bag and books on the floor without looking down and sat on the nearest chair. ´I want the truth mom; you know I need the truth dad.µ She shoved her hair at her back so air could enter. ´Weird things happened to me, and I« I don·t understand.µ Sam said truthfully. ´What kind of weird things?µ Jane stuttered. ´Well, somehow I could feel the emotions of people around me. Especially when I touch them, I could see their intentions, know what their thinking and the actions they·re about to take..µ she shivered, not because it was cold but because of what she can do. ´Weird isn·t it? Mom, Dad tell me. Is this a disorder or something? Do I need medications? Do you think I·m crazy? Tell me!µ grief was rising in Sam. There was a moment of silence then Jane whispered ´µMy guess was rightµ that she thought Sam could never hear her. Sam stood up. ´Haven·t I told you? I could also hear even the lowest whisper, your heartbeat, your breathing and the blood that flows in you in every pulse!µ Sam shouted. ´What guess? What guess was right mom? I can·t take it anymore« I can·t.µ she calmed and breathed heavily. ´Honey, your mom is« is a clairvoyant.µ Louie interrupted the moment of silence. Jane slid her hand on Louie·s hand for support, a sign of affection. ´Baby I was, not anymore.µ Jane said. ´Say something, hey..µ Sam sat helplessly, bewildered by what she heard. She was speechless; she could only feel the tension bursting inside their house. ´You·re a what?µ Sam clenched her teeth. ´I was a clairvoyant back then, not anymore because I chose being mortal when I was eighteen.µ Jane stuttered. ´Today is« the weirdest day in my life. I got close to the guy I felt strange interacting with---µ she paused. Jane and Louie looked at each other and grinned. ´Then, I« He« We« I felt connected with him. He looks at me like he·s a blind man seeing colors for the first time, when he hears my voice he smiles the most wonderful smile I·ve ever seen since I was born. And when I saw vivid pictures of you waiting for me, I felt dizzy and he grabbed me but then I got dizzier because of the emotion and pictures I felt and saw. Then I guess he saw that I was getting uneasy« he blocked his mind away from me.µ

She continued a little shy. ´Really? Is that so? I know we should·ve talked about this earlier but I never thought you·d be like me.µ ´It·s okay, I understand.. So you·re scared just like me.µ Sam paused. ´Let·s talk about this right now so« so I won·t feel strange.µ ´Okay, I·ll just get us a cup of tea, wait e second I·ll be right back.µ Jane stood up and walked towards the kitchen while saying ´Louie, sweetheart. Start the conversation«µ ´Sammie my little angel who·s growing too fast for me, come a little close to daddy.µ Sam sat on the couch in front of her father. ´I met your mom when she was 17, at a sidewalk, we bumped into each other. Then she fainted, I carried her and sat her on the closest bench I could find. Your mom was oh God so pale that time I didn·t know what to do. So I took my handkerchief and waved it like a fan to cool her off. People were staring like crazy. I blocked my mind, my thoughts from her; well I·m a psychic so I can do that. And after a few moments her color was coming back.. I said to myself ¶glad that was over.· She was just like you, both your reactions were the same, not that I was eavesdropping on you earlier, we just heard it«µ beads of sweat was coming out on Louie·s forehead. ´Then months has passed I never saw her, I missed your mom so much I went to her school and looked for her, that·s when I found out she transferred to new York.µ Louie continued. ´Hey what are you telling to our little pumpkin?µ Jane said a she entered the living room with a tray of tea in her hands. ´Drink first before you continue my love.µ Jane wiped the beads of sweat on Louie·s forehead and kissed his cheek. ´Here·s a cup of tea baby.µ Sam reached for it. ´Sammie how about we stop our conversation about how me and your mom met, let·s talk about it later. C«could you tell me more about the guy who could block his mind away from you?µ ´Well, his tall, somewhat pale. He has this deep chocolate brown eyes b«but sometimes its deep green, his hair dark ebony with crimson streaks.µ Sam said through her teeth shyly. ´Oww, I think his gorgeous!µ Jane confessed. ´Hey now sweetheart.. Wait just a sec, little pumpkin get to know him a little better okay?µ Louie touched Sam·s fragile shoulders. ´Yes dad, can·t we continue this conversation tomorrow? It·s getting late and I feel tired with all the things I felt.µ ´Okay, night pumpkin..µ Louie kissed Sam·s forehead. ´Night baby, sleep tight.µ Jane kissed Sam in the cheek. ´Night mom, night dad« Uhmm, thank you.µ Sam said as she got up. Louie and Jane fixed the living room. Jane hugged Louie. ´Oh honey, our daughter·s really growing up, I can·t believe it.µ

´Yah, I know sweetheart. I just wish she would still stay as little our pumpkin.µ Louie kissed Jane in the forehead. Sam sat on her bed for a minute; she took two full breaths then stood up. ´I can do this.µ She said to herself. She went to the bathroom. Inside she undressed and opened the shower. Sam felt as if someone was watching her. But that thought was impossible. For her. When she was finished, she went to her room and dressed a blue satin nightgown. She is interested on reading books, especially the ones with the fiction-based novels. Sam already read the Vampire diaries series by LJ Smith. It was a wonderful book, and it made her feel more jealous, of the people who already found love, felt love and living swimming with love. Although Sam doesn·t believe in vampires, the love shown inside those books was overwhelming. It was genuine, it was true« it was the one she was waiting for. Sam felt a need to write so she took her pen and notebook. She sat at the side of her bed and began writing what she felt. STALKED
The restless night takes my soul Though you¶re far I feel you close The reluctant breeze of the wind Brushes every inch of my skin I can feel you above me, Come with me and let it be Let me know you and Let me hold you You¶re like an illusion slowly fading Sitting beside me simply shadowing Come out and show yourself Bereave the dark and let it crawl itself.

Sam read the poem over and over again, she finds it a wonderful piece of what she is feeling right now. A moment of silence ruled over on a couple of minutes. ´I·m a clairvoyant«µ she whispered. Sam stood up abruptly. She began walking and went to her parent·s bedroom. Before she could know it her father opened the door. ´H-how did you³µ Sam trailed off. ´I mean hi dad! I just want to ask one thing.µ She said nervously. ´What is it darling?µ her dad was totally calm. ´Are you still a psychic?µ³´Yes, but it only comes occasionally. Like something triggers it. Is that all?µ Louie asked. ´Uhmm, yeah« One more thing!µ Sam almost shouted. ´Yes?µ³ ´I·ll go to the mall tomorrow, just to look

around. Is that okay?µ Sam was nervously excited. ´Okay, be safe pumpkin.. Night.µ Her dad said as he closed the door. The morning was calm, peaceful. Sam woke up and sat up on the side of her bed. She looked at her window and guessed what time it was. ¶Must be 6:30 in the morning..· she thought. She walked towards the bathroom and brushed her teeth and washed her face. She walked down stairs immediately. That was when she found out her parents was still asleep. She took a sticky-note paper and placed it on the refrigerator.
Mom, Dad.. Went out jogging. Be back later.. Love yah.

Sam changed clothes and went out. The cold breeze of dawn welcomed her. She began to jog, a slow pace. She passed a lot of houses. When she felt tired she stopped on the sidewalk and breathed raggedly. ´Are you alright?µ Sam straightened the exact moment she heard the beautiful serene voice. ´Yeah.µ ¶I didn·t even hear his footsteps coming.· Christian stood right beside her, calm, graceful, perfect. ´Are you doing anything this afternoon?µ He asked. Sam·s heart raced. It was beating wildly in her chest. ´Uhmm, no.. But I was planning to go to the mall later.µ ´See you later then.µ Sam was about to gaze upon him but the moment her head jerked towards his direction he was gone. She was completely confused and thought that what she heard was simply an illusion, an imagination created by her subconscious mind. But she knew he was there. She felt his breath at the nape of her neck but something was wrong.. Terribly wrong. Christian Winterbourne leapt in the air then started running. Leaving Sam alone. ¶Is she the one?· he thought to himself. He started to walk, human pace. And then thought things through. ¶If she·s the one, why don·t I feel what others told me«· he continued a little bewildered. There are other vampires who already found their mate. They said that some may find a mortal or a human. And some may find a mate which is already a vampire which is« easier. Sam showered and immediately wore a checkered skinny jeans and a sleeveless top. After that she sat down, blow-dried her hair and placed eyeliner beneath her eyes, just a thin lining. She walked across their hall and knocked at her parent·s room. The door was opened by her mother. ´Mom, I·m going to the mall now.µ She said in a rush. ´Okay, be careful.µ Jane hugged Sam tight then waved goodbye.

Once she entered the mall, she was awed of how big it was. Not that the malls in New York City wasn·t big, she was just surprised to see how big a mall can be in Los Angeles, and it was her first time to enter one here in her new hometown. Suzie Anne Martinez walked around until she found a store named ¶GET LAUD· with a different trend of clothes that caught her attention. She entered it reluctantly. The store emphasizes different styles of dresses which she wants to try. All of a sudden a hard, cold hand covered her eyes. ´Guess who?µ a familiar, serene voice said. Sam tried to think very deeply and find out who this guy was. But its emotions, thoughts, and intentions she cannot feel nor see. ´I«I don·t know who you are, so I think you need to let go of my eyes.µ She muttered. Then abruptly there was a boom of laughter. And her eyes were released. ´You·re just so fun to be with.µ He said. Sam turned around and saw Mark Hales. ´Oh, it·s just you.µ She grinned. ´Ha! Ha! You should have seen your expression when you talked, but still I¶m sorry for startling you.µ He said, sincerity in his eyes. ´So, wanna try some clothes? I·ll pay for it« µ he continued. ´Actually, I·m supposed to³µ ´No. No. Go on and try some dresses.µ Mark said pushing Sam inside the fitting room. ´Excuse me, try giving her dresses and some shoes or stilettos that fit her well.µ He spoke charmingly to the saleslady, and in that instant it was captured by his voice. Immediately, the saleslady brought dresses and some high-heels. Christian Winterbourne entered the mall, and brusquely smelt his kind. He continued to walk using human pace, searching. Until« ´How about this?µ Sam asked excitedly, twirling the bloody-red colored dress that fits her body and shows her real curves. It was a knee length dress, tube-like with a black ribbon. Her heels were high but she was feeling comfortable with it. The dress emphasizes her beauty, the way her curled brown hair with red streaks sways with every movement she made. Mark suddenly stiffened, as he smelt his kind. So close yet in a distance. He turned around quickly to see« ´Mark! It·s been so long since we·ve seen each other. Aah so you met her«µ Christian glanced at Sam. ´You know each other?µ she felt the tension arise. She glanced at Mark then at Christian looking a bit confused. ´Uh.. Yeah we kinda know each other.µ Mark answered. ¶Can I talk to you alone? · he thought to Christian. He nodded then quickly glided outside the store and waited outside. ´Sam wait for me here, I·ll just talk to him. Go change and before you know it I·m back.µ Mark said reassuringly. She nodded weakly and walked away. Once inside the fitting room, she leaned on the wall and thought things through. ¶They know

each other? How can that possibly be? ·She thought. As Sam undressed and changed in her usual jeans and a sleeveless top, she brought the dress with her along with the heels outside. She immediately saw Mark. ´Heyµ ´I told you I·ll be here.µ He grinned. He took her hand and then she began to see what they talked about earlier. (´So when did you arrive here?µ Mark asked. ´Just a couple of months ago, then I found her.µ Christian blatantly answered. ´I think she·s³µ ´No! Don·t even tell me it·s her. I know you talked to her first but I·ve been watching her and don·t even try to do what you·re thinking«µ Mark weaved a sigh. ´Bro, we just saw each other and were fighting? Let·s not talk about this, I think we should just let everything fall into place.µ He playfully punched Christian in the shoulders. ´Okay. Hey have you seen John? I miss our fights.µ Christian grinned and punched Mark on the chest. They fought each other playfully in public. ´I smell him every time, I think he·s in my school«µ he stood straight and fixed his hair. Smoothened his shirt and looked around if someone was looking. ´You go to school?! What for?µ Christian did the same too with a shock etched in his face«) Sam went back to reality when they loosed contact. He stood in front of her as worry and confusion choked him. ´Are you alright?µ he immediately asked. ´Yeah. Sorry about that.µ She stuttered. Mark weaved the barrier again. Sealing his emotions and thoughts only to him then tugged Sam close to her. As Mark paid for the dress and heels Sam couldn·t stop saying thank you. ´I told you five times now, you·re welcome. And well find a day that you·ll wear that dress.µ He beamed. And by that, the day continued to pass swiftly.

Chapter 3

Suzie Anne Martinez woke up as shards of sunlight stung her back. She immediately jumped out of bed and ran towards the bathroom. Inside, she quickly undressed and showered. After that she sat in her room and blow dried her hair. She let her hair loose but with a ribbon headband. She wore a black checkered miniskirt and a white fitted blouse with abstract images and a hi-cut sneaker. She ran along the stairs, that·s when she realized her parents left to work. She looked at her watch to find out« ¶Shit! It·s already 7:30? How will I get to school in time? ·She thought patently while panic dwelling up. Sam was running on the sidewalk on her way to school, because if she slowed down she will totally be late. Then brusquely, she bumped into a hard, cold chest. ¶Is everyone cold and hard like Christian and Mark? · that was her last thought before she passed out. ´Hey are you okay?µ a brawny guy said. ´Y«yes. I think?µ she muttered. ´I·m sorry.µ ´It·s okay« hey! You·re the new girl. Sam right?µ John stretched out his hand. ´I·m John Kellerman, from Economics.µ They shook hands but Sam was still a little dizzy. ´I·ll walk you to school, you might pass out or something«µ John said as he walked beside her. ¶Thanks· was all she could say. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

´Hey Sam, who·s that freakishly large guy who walked you to school?µ Stephanie Roark asked. She·s Sam friend since they began talking to each other. ´Oh! He·s John Kellerman from« Economics·.µ She said. ´Ooh, so are you dating?µ Stephanie giggled. ´N0, hell no!.. I just bumped into him on my way to school, so he said he·ll walk me to school.. Besides I like«µ Sam trailed off. ´I like what? Someone else? Who?µ Stephanie jumped up and down, her shoulder length hair bounced. ´You have too many questions.. See yah!µ Sam took off. ´Hey! Wait! Not fair..µ Stephanie yelled across the hall. Sam was glad to be in Mr. Thompson·s class, away from Stephanie·s questions. She was bewildered. ¶Why did I attempted to say such a thing?· Then there conversation ran through her mind again, especially what she·d said. ¶No! Hell no! I just bumped into him on my way to school. So he said he·ll walk me to school, besides I like«· Sam trailed off, continuing on her mind ¶Mark·. Mark was on another advisory, yet she still shared classes with him, this class with Mr. Thompson; English subject. Mark still sat behind her, just like the first time

she·d met him. She was actually early for her 3rd class. Fifteen minutes to be exact. Sam looked around, but she was alone, at least she thought she was. Mark Hales was there inside the room, but not in a human form, a mist on the corner. Slowly watching her, every move, and every breath she was taking and reading her thoughts. Mark knows it wasn·t right to read her mind without her consent, but he cannot overcome the curiosity of the beast inside him. She took a deep breath then a deep sigh. ´I know you·re out there. I can feel you«µ Sam said between her teeth. Mark became fully aware and went out of the room then headed straight to the men·s room. ´Whoo! That was close, why didn·t I saw that one coming?µ confusion dwelling up on him. Sam was shivering because she could feel its presence, feeling every time it moved, every time its eyes were on hers. Her breath was caught in her throat. But the minute he was gone out of the room she could breathe again. ´What was th«that?!µ she said aloud. Startled, she ran her hand through her hair to smooth it out; shaking her head back and forth to forget what she felt. Wayne Smith entered the room. ´Hey, you·re a bit early? How long have you been here?µ Wayne sat beside her. ´I just needed to sit down.µ Sam said still shivering. ´Are you alright? You·re shivering.µ He paused. ´And p«pale.µ Wayne continued. ´I«d-don·t know.µ And with that, Sam passed out; luckily Wayne caught her by her small, slender waist. He was about to carry her but then Mark came into view. ´I·ll do it.µ Mark said hoarsely, stealing Sam from Wayne. ´B«but³µ ´Give her to me!µ Mark interrupted. He carried her towards the clinic painstakingly with human pace. ´Sam! Sam! Wake up!µ he kept on screaming. Her eyes began to flutter and slowly opened. ´Where am I?µ she stuttered at every word. ´Ms. Claire?! Are you there?µ He shouted ferociously. ´Yes, yes my dear, what seems to be the pro³µ Ms. Claire paused when she saw Sam, pale and looking half-unconscious. ´Lay her down by the bed over there; I·ll just get my things.µ Ms. Claire pointed a bed and she walked away for a minute to get her stethoscope. ´Mark what h«happened?µ Sam said a little bewildered. ´You just passed out. Did you eat breakfast this morning?µ Mark asked curiously though he already knew the answer. ´No, I was going to be late.. so I didn·t.µ she shied her head down. ´So that explains it! You apparently lack energy, no matter how late you·ll get you need nutrition.µ ´What are you? My mom? I·m okay now, let·s get to class.µ Sam tried to get up but Mark restrained her from moving. ´No, we·ll go out today, just you and me, I·ll take you out some³µ

´What? No! I still have classes.µ Sam interrupted Mark but he placed a finger on her fully shaped lips and said ´play sick«µ Sam didn·t want to be with him but how could she resist such a« a creature, so perfect by his features and so gentle by his touch. Ms. Claire got back with a stethoscope on her neck. ´What are you feeling?µ she asked. Sam did really well on playing sick and Mark played with her, he bent his head to her, ´I AM NOT SICK!µ Sam whispered on Mark·s ear. ´She said she·s feeling dizzy Ms. Claire, I think I should take her home.µ Mark·s voice held persuasion. Husky. Serene. Lovely. ´Okay, will you come back Mr. Hales?µ Ms. Claire asked. ´Can you tell some of my teachers I·m sick, I·m going to take care of her, if she wants me to?µ Mark looked at Sam and winked, and she just nodded weakly. ´Take care of her. I·ll do the talking with the teachers.µ Ms. Claire walked away from them. Mark helped Sam get up. ´Where are we going?µ she said, that only Mark could hear. ´I told you already we·re going out.µ Mark said confidently. ´O-out? Are you kidding me? My parents will kill me, this is like cutting cla³µ ´Don·t worry. C·mon hand me your phone.µ He held out his hand, Sam followed, a little doubtful. As he strolled down on her phonebook, he reached for his pocket, took his phone out and started dialing. On the third ring someone answered. ´Hello?µ Louie said. ´Mr. Martinez, this is Mark Hales, I·d like to take your daughter out. She won·t be late so don·t worry.µ He sounded calm and dominating. ´Okay, but take care of her or you·ll be dead young man.µ Louie trailed off. Mark grinned sheepishly at the word young man. ´Yes, yes sir.µ Mark hung up. ´So where·d you want to go?µ he asked her sweetly. ´Nowhere«µ she muttered. ´Oh c·mon there must be somewhere you·d like to go.. You·re new here and I bet you haven·t gone somewhere without your parents. This is your only way out.. Please?µ he was begging, and it was his first time doing it. ´Hey! I went to the mall,µ she sounded pissed. ´how about« you give me a tour? To all your favorite places.µ Sam said reluctantly. ´Okay!µ Mark answered flooding with elation. This kind of emotions was new to him. When she was with him, all human emotions came rushing back. They walked along the sidewalk then slowly a car came to view. ´Hop in..µ ´What!? Is this your car?µ Sam was awed. In front of her lies a bloody-red car. She doesn·t know anything about cars, but then something slipped out of nowhere. ´Nissan GTR?µ she asked. ´Y-yeah, how·d you know?µ he beamed. ´I«I don·t know.µ She stuttered. ´I just got it a year ago. C·mon!µ he tugged her arm gently and opened the door for her. And she slid inside carefully. He started the car and began to drive. ´Where are

we going?µ Sam asked cheerfully. ´Wow, first time you said that with happiness,µ he teased. ´A place where I enjoy a lot. Well mostly when I·m alone I drive to this place and« enjoy the view.µ He rubbed his knuckles against his temples. ´I·m so glad I get to share this with someone« especially you.µ Mark stretched out his hand and found hers. He held on to her like there·s no tomorrow. He was definitely gentle with her, afraid to startle her with his strength. ¶What is he doing? Why is he holding my hands? I might«· Sam trailed off as she realized she wasn·t feeling, seeing, sensing or knowing anything by Mark. He was utterly cold but« relaxing beyond belief. She·d let him hold her as long as he wants. It was completely silent for a while except for their breathing and her pounding heart. She could hear it on her ears thudding wildly. Thud. Thud. Thud. Mark felt complete, a whole« with her by his side he ineffably calm. ¶I would not give in, not now, not ever.· Mark thought angrily. He never wanted to be vampire. Never wanted to be feared or to ever hide himself. He hopes that Sam« Sam would be with him whatever he was, whoever he was. For Mark, Sam was light, she was life and being with her became an addiction, so natural. Not seeing Sam within a day was painful, beyond painful. The pain staggered deep in his heart. ¶Being with her is so easy like breathing.· Mark thought. ¶I would never get enough her.· Sam heard the last thing Mark thought. She didn·t mean to hear it and she was startled by what she heard. ´Mark«µ Sam said. ´Yeah?µ ´What did you mean by ¶I would never get enough of her.· Huh?µ She muttered calmly. ¶Whoa! She heard what I thought, I must·ve forgotten to block her at my thoughts.· Mark checked his barriers, it was fully built. He doesn·t know that every single day Sam was getting stronger. Mark tightened his hold on her. ´Where you heard that?µ he asked. ´ In your mind...µ Sam was uneasy admitting this. She thought Mark would think of her as crazy but« ´Oh I see. And how is that possible Sam? Why can you hear me?µ Mark pretended as if he didn·t know that Sam was a clairvoyant, in fact she was more than that. ´My« my parents told me I·m a«µ she paused. ´If I tell you will you believe me?µ ´Of course I will.µ He wanted to hear it come from Sam·s mouth, Sam·s voice because the sound of her voice was enough to complete his life even her presence was enough. But he worries about John Kellerman and Christian Winterbourne. They were his childhood friends. They grew up together and« and all of them became vampires at the same time. They were all created by Vlad Winterbourne, Christian·s older brother. After creating them he said ¶Join me and we will embrace the darkness. All four of us King of Night, King of Darkness.· But John, Mark and Christian had a bond that can never be broken. All of them looked at

each other and immediately knew what they would do. John launched towards Vlad·s throat, Christian launched at his brothers arm and Mark at Vlad·s wrist. They sucked the life out of him because of their gnawing thirst. When Vlad was drained, they took him under the sun. Mark was stuck between present and past. Vivid pictures flashed through him. A picture of Vlad being drained by them then a picture of Sam smiling innocently. After that, he saw an image before his eyes of Vlad burning followed by Sam, spinning with the dress he bought for her. That proves it, she is light to his darkness, and she is fire when he was ice and she was his life, she was his all« she is for him only him. ´Mark are you okay? You·re really going fast, slow down will you?µ Sam was worried now. ´I-I·m fine, continue p..please.µ Mark stuttered, still bewildered. He was still confused of what was past to present. To reality to imagination. ´If I tell you this, would you tell me why you·re pale and³µ Mark interrupted her with a mouthful of yes. ´Mark, I·m a clairvoyant«µ Sam said nervously. Seconds of silence passed, and the silence was making Sam crazy. ´What?! Say something, will you?µ Sam broke the silence. ´What. Is. A. Clairvoyant. Exactly?µ Mark paused at each word. ´Well« a clairvoyant can read minds, feel emotions and know intentions. They are different types of clairvoyants. I don·t know what I am yet, I haven·t turned 18 but I can do all what I·ve said but there·s· still more.µ She explained professionally. ´Oh, so you can do all that?µ He was nervous now, if Sam can do all that, then she might know he·s a« Sam felt wholly nervous, but she doesn·t know if that was her emotion or Marks·. She wanted to ask Mark if he was nervous or why was he nervous. Trying to regain control of herself, it slipped out in surprise. ´Why are you nervous?µ she paused, ´is it about what I told you? You know you could just drop me by that sidewalk, I think I can go home walking..µ She continued furiously. ´No, I don·t care about what you said.. I·m nervous because«µ Mark didn·t know how to continue but he should try. ´You know, maybe I·ll tell you next time.µ He said reassuringly. ´Are you sure your okay that you·re hanging out with a clairvoyant?µ Sam said curiously. ´Ha-ha! Oh lease, I promise you, you·re not the most dangerous thing out there.µ Sam smiled at what he said. ¶because I·m the most dangerous thing out there. Are you sure your okay that you·re hanging out with a vampire?· Mark thought blatantly to himself.

´Uhm, Mark? If I·m not the most dangerous thing out there, then what is?µ she asked with obvious curiosity. ¶Me..· Mark answered her in his thoughts but then spoke out loud. ´I don·t know.µ

Chapter 4
My Favorite

Mark stopped the car with care. ´This is it; we·re talking about my favorites. I actually have three, and this is the 3rd one on my list. The Park.µ He said while turning the engine off. Mark got out of the car and walked human pace to Sam·s door. He opened it and she slid out painstakingly. ´The park, you like it here?µ she asked then remembered the day she spent with Christian Winterbourne, the way his cold hands held hers. But this was different she felt butterflies turning over her stomach. ´Wait a minute, you love the view here? This is it?µ she asked a little confused. ´No, no, no« This is just a taste of the places I love. And the place that has a really beautiful view will be showed for last.. Trust me.µ Mark looked at her pleadingly. Sam didn·t remember walking along the stone path, but she was already sitting on the swing. She looked around and she didn·t spot Mark, she panicked. Sam closed her eyes, seeking a mind to hear and searching a heart to feel and when she found a mind to hear, it was just wonderful. ¶Maybe, if I buy her ice cream she won·t think that I·m panic-stricken.· She smirked to hear that kind of thought, it was from Mark. He was buying ice cream in the other corner, ¶I wonder what her favorite flavor is? · Mark thought. He close d his eyes and then searched for Sam. Once Mark found her mind, he immediately searched for memories while she was eating ice cream. (´Mmm, mama I like this one, stwoberry is so good..µ a running 6 year old Sam with a brown hair said. ´I know it tastes good but« c·mon honey we·ll go out again tomorrow.µ Jane said sweetly, smiling at her daughter·s expression. Sam·s curls bounced as she ran towards her mom. ´Pwamise mommy? You·ll buy me again tomorrow?µ she smiled at her mom.) And in that instant his vision of the past stopped, he·d already found what he·s looking for and bought the strawberry flavored ice cream. Sam was still sitting on the swing when Mark reappeared. ´Hey, want some?µ he asked. Mark was looking at her with obvious curiosity. ´Yeah« sure.µ He handed her the ice cream. ´Wait a second, how·d you know that strawberry is my favorite flavor?µ she gave him a questioning look.

´I« ahm, guessed?µ he was panicked when he answered. Slowly and unsure of what he would say, Mark ran a hand through his dark ebony with crimson streaked hair and tousled it. ´Will you please be honest with me? I already told mine.. I just wanna know abruptly come out of nowhere, guess my thoughts and«µ she trailed off. ¶And be so attractive, that I can·t resist you.· She thought. Sam crossed her legs in a graceful manner, and showed her smooth, firm legs. Mark looked at her, as if captivated by her beauty. ´What if I told you I·m a vampire?µ his face was suddenly expressionless. Sam felt as if a light bulb lit up at the thought of him being a vampire. But instead of feeling fear, she felt excitement and curiosity. He was looking at her, halfexpecting she would run-away any minute. ´Y«you·re a what? A vampire?µ Sam stuttered at each word. She stood up and walked towards Mark, who was taking a step back each time she walked forward. ´Aren·t you afraid?µ he was furiously curious. She stepped a little closer enough, enough for her to feel his breath, ragged and fast. ´I·ve known you long enough, to feel and sense that you·re different from humans, that you·re hiding something, something you·ve kept so long«µ she ran a hand through her hair. ´Now that you know I·m a vampire, what do you plan to do? Spread the news and run away from me? From us?µ sam trembled in that instant when he·d said ¶from us·, she knew the answer right away. John Kellerman. Christian Winterbourne. Vampires. They were all connected, they were on the same page, and they were ONE. ´John and Christian are vampires too? Wait, no! Why will I do that? Never« I could and would never tell anyone about what you are« Trust me.µ He paced closer to her, hugged her tight and whispered ´Thank you.µ He pulled away slowly, thankful that Sam understood him. ´Are there any special thing you do? Because I·ve read books and uhm« some vampires are supposed to have« you know.. abilities, maybe?µ Mark was startled by her question, she already knew he was a vampire yet she wanted to know more« ´You read books about vampires?µ Mark laughed hysterically and Sam was surprised because she never heard him laugh that hard. ´Well.. uhm.. Yeah, so is there anything special?µ she was curiously excited. When Sam jumped up, immediately Mark took her by the hand and shifted her into his arms. He ran fast, incredibly fast« in preternatural speed that Sam felt as if his feet never touched the ground and her weight was nothing to his strength. Mark sneered, he was always a shadow in her mind and forever will be. ´You·re not fat, and your weight doesn·t bother me, not even a bit..µ he grinned. Sam backed away looking at him with disbelief in her eyes, her hands was pressed against his chest, she relentless twisted his shirt in her fingers.

´Y« you read minds?µ she stuttered reluctantly. Mark stopped painstakingly and placed her down. He firmly took her face in his hands and traced her fine lines. He, then, gently rested his chin on her head. ´I can read your mind, yes, all three of us can.µ He paused. ´But since you found out that you·re a clairvoyant, we only caught glimpses of your thoughts.µ He raked a hand through his hair. ´Ooh, uhm« Can I ask you something?µ Sam wrapped her hands on Mark·s arms, urging him to walk but when nothing happened, ´Hey! Walk with me..µ she smiled. ´You·re 17 right?µ ´Nope, I·m 18..µ he ginned sheepishly. ´18? Ooh.µ Sam wanted to ask him how long he had been 18, but instead she tried to test him if he was listening to her thoughts. ¶How long have you been 18? ·She shimmered the question in her mind. ´Sam, stop messing around.. I can read your mind if you don·t have barriers. And I was born on 1919 and was changed on 1936..µ he waited for her to gasp in shock instead he saw genuine curiosity in her eyes and heard her breathing even so then he continued. ´I·m supposed to be 90 years old and I·ve been 18 for fourteen years. Weird as it sounds, all three of us are.µ A very uneasy silence formed.. Until they were both looking at each other·s eyes. Mark came closer, Sam came closer. Her breathing was ragged, her heart was beating so wild she was afraid it might burst out and a lump was formed in her throat and Sam could hear his breathing. They were centimeters apart and now, both were looking at each other·s lips; both had their own fantasy to what to do with them. Mark thought her lips: a soft, kissable pleasure. Sam thought his lips: a sweet, sinful candy. They were so close yet so far for their fantasies. Sam was the first one to back away. ´I« I·m sorry; should·ve thought about it first.µ She lied; she wanted him so bad it made her damn mad. Mark smirked and inched a little more closer. ´Don·t worry.. We·ll think about it..µ They were in a place where no person was to be found. Chair-looking stones were placed in a circle form and Mark tugged at Sam towards it. Once they sat; a comfortable breeze welcomed them. ´Do you want to know my other power besides reading your oh so mind full of fantasy?µ he beamed. ´My mind? Full of f-fantasy? W-what?µ she blushed scarlet while stuttering. ¶He couldn·t have! No!! · ´Oh yes! A sinful candy, huh? That·s sweet!µ Mark wrapped his arms on her waist. ´Don·t worry I won·t tell anyone on how you think about my lips..µ he laughed boomingly. And Sam punched his arms playfully. ´Hmp! You weren·t supposed to hear that!µ Sam protested, then something dawned on her. ´Hah! A kissable pleasure? What about that Mr. Hear-it-all?µ she

exclaimed while laughing. His heart melted, her laugh sounded so carefree; it went straight to his heart. ´About that« I was thinking of other³µ ´Other things? Like what?µ Sam interrupted him. Then all of a sudden her stomach growled. ¶Damn! That ruined the moment.· She thought when Mark looked at her with disappointment. ´You·re hungry, why didn·t you tell me?µ he had her in his back instantly. ¶Well« cause I was so caught in the moment with you.· She thought hoping he would hear it. And he did, loud and clear« it shook his world. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡

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