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UPAPADA So much confusion and misinterpretation about this chapter on UPAPADA is seen everywhere . First let us examine views that is prevalent wrt upapada in todays literature . 1.Upapada is pada of 12 th from lagna . 2. upapada is actually pada of second from lagna 3. Upapada 12 th if lagna is even and 2nd if lagna is odd . why this many versions because PARASHARA uses the word tanorauncharadyat syatuparudham taduchchyate that means one that follows the tanu ; what can be poosible analysis , tanu bhava what follows it , some say 2nd house and some say 12th house . Some say 12th because anuchara is one that follows ie one which is behind so 12 th house . But some argue 12th house has already risen and it is actually 2nd house that rises after First and hence 2nd house has to be taken as the one that follows . Some indigenously say that if it even then counting is reverse so its 12 that folows and when lagna is odd counting is straight so 2nd is to be taken as anuchara . Lets examine JAIMINI Jaimini says upapadam padam pitruanucharat pitru is ninth anuchara of ninth can be 8th or 10th But since upa means near , 10th , 8th seems very far off . how can these be upapada . so seeking Parashar shloka pitru is termed as pa = 1 ta =6 ankanaam amato gati so 61 61/12 remainder is 1 so pitru is actually 1st bhava . so anuchara is again 2 nd or 12 th .

Normally two things follow the body 1 punya 2. he could have simply used dhanapadam instead of upapadam . some still argue 2nd is about family kutumba and hence it is the upapada . shani etc . But the fact he doesnot even use once the word dhanapada for upapada shows . married life and children etc .some opine upapada is actually about wife . Parashara says it is gauna pada . 2nd does relate to wife . …………………………………………………………… Lastly when we say upagraha . Firstly anuchara is follower . Sage mentions TANU bhava pada is mukhya pada and upapada is gauna pada . what is that follows the self ? And this one is also one that follows FATHER . dara pada . so what is UPAPADA ? so upapada is tanu anuchara and pitru anuchara . and this is conclusive . and more so it deals with WIFE . putra darasukh . mantra pada . wife is known by 7th so upapada is actually pada of 7th . readers are welcome to comment on this . so why would sage complicate the issue . dhana pada . If it were 7th then there is abundant usage of darapada word in pArashara and jaimini so naturally these are not meant by UPAPADA . ie it is different from existing grahas . but before writing entire upapada chapter Parashara mentions dhanapada word in the padadhyaya to show riches the verse is evam lagnapadadeva dhanadipadato dwij sthandwayam samaalokya jatakasya phalam va det || after this sutra upapada chapter starts . …………………………………………………………………………….. Why this word had to be used ? Why Parashara could not have used dwitiya pada or kutumbabhava pada if he were to mean it . so in the context upapada must be different from existing 12 padas . etc . as each pada has its own name . SON if we take former than it becomes 9th . So what is upapada .and means dhooma chapa etc . it means something other than sun moon …. He could have also used vyayapada atleast once if it were 12th . The following analysis should interest readers as well . upapada has some other meaning .

which is this graha tano anucharah meaning fifth lord and pitruanucharat – one that follows pitrukaraka is putrakaraka in charakaraka scheme . so GRAHA ARUDHA of PUTRA KARAKA and fifth Lord is UPAPADA . Thus upapada is Graharudha of Suta bhava .but Jaimini says pitru anuchara . note the verses tanoh anucharat adyat syat uparudham sutabhav graho yah syat so api karak upapadam padam pitru anucharat upapadam padam putrakarakat yah syat so api patni karaka ucchyate . so SON follows a self body and it also fits in Pitru anuchara putra is natural anuchara of Pita . But are we meaning Fifth bhava pada . he could have told simply mantrapada or sutabhavapada ! So it is not fifth bhava pada as it should be different fromexisting 12 padas to entitle to be UPAPADA . Upapadam yatchubhatve bhavennruNama putradaradijam sukham || any affliction to upapada delays marraige . it is note worthy that in pada adhyaya graha arudha is mentioned and it will be out of place that its application has not been made in the hora shastra . and putra dara sukha as mentioned in upapada . Most importantly upapada lord if its exalted gives wife from good lineage and if it is . it gives sanyasa papagruha yute tatra papbhe papavikshite pravrajako bhavvejato daarhenothva naraha || then second from Upapada if it contains benefic . so the planet responsible for children sutabhav graha also qualifies as patni karak . if heavly afflicted . it gives a beautiful wife . In karaka adhyaya there is verse sute sutam vijayate patnim saptambhavatah | sutabhave [ not sutabhaave ] graho ya: syat so api karak uchcyate | | which karaka the previous linesays patnim saptambhavatah . if Sage were to mean fifth bhava pada . so it cannot be 9th . which denotes general happiness as can be seen from RAAJyoga adhyaya .

CONCLUSION – upapada is graharudha of charaputrakaraka and fifth LORD . If second from upapada is debilitated . denial of marraige takes place .debilitated gives a wife from otherwise . Those who have exceptionally beautiful wife can easily verify the veracity of this theory . if exalted there will be many beautiful wives of good qualities . krishnarpanamastu .