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All About S1 #2 Cracking the Hungarian Writing System!

2 Grammar



g. zs. z. j.CRACKING THE HUNGARIAN WRITING SYSTEM! 2 . cs. Apart from a few traditional forms and exceptions. e-é. ü-ű Some of these might look bewildering at first. What we call the Hungarian alphabet today. dzs. r. o-ó.GRAMMAR The Focus of This Lesson Is the Hungarian Writing System Hungarian used to have its own writing system called Old Hungarian script. once you learn which letter corresponds to which sounds you're pretty much done. ty. Here is the list of all the consonants in the order they appear in the alphabet: b. i-í. but equally straightforward. Alphabet When learning the Hungarian alphabet. forming the longer version is easy—with the exception of a-á and e-é. Prospective students should will be happy to know that there are no little squiggly marks or any other weird symbols that human imagination can conjure up—but you will have to learn what the combination of two consonant letters represent. what makes them easier is that they come in pairs of short-long sounds (or at least this is how they are taught). which appear rarely and only in names and foreign words. The seven pairs are: a-á. but instead of being QWERTY it is QWERTZ (the German type). Hungarians adopted the Latin alphabet very early. k. once you learn the first one of the pair. ö-ő. But really. ny. w. m. the good news is that it is mostly phonetic—that is. The specifically Hungarian vowel letters can be found on the right side HUNGARIANPOD101. the short vowel. d. The vowels are a bit more challenging. c. x. t. which is the arch-enemy of all the world processing softwares even today. this rule stands. l. you can read Hungarian decently. y. s. Using the greater alphabet here. f. n. gy. X and Y. Instead. but only a very few amount of text remained. is actually the Latin basis extended to conform to the characteristics of the Hungarian language. q. around the eleventh century. Other than z and y trading places.COM ALL ABOUT S1 #2 . sz. W. everything is at the same position. v. p. h. where the difference is not in length. Hungarian has 30 consonants. The alphabet has 40 or 44 letters. depending on whether you include Q. especially ű. u-ú. ly. The layout of a Hungarian keyboard is very similar to the English one. dz.

X. Zs.while í like to wonder around the left side of the keyboard. W. É. Ú. Ő. S. Ö. F. If you'd like to follow along with the audio. Í. Ó. L. V. N. Ny. Ű. Q. T. E. Ty. HUNGARIANPOD101. O. Z. Ly.COM ALL ABOUT S1 #2 . the full alphabet in order is: A.CRACKING THE HUNGARIAN WRITING SYSTEM! 3 . Gy. Dz. Dzs. Ü. K. J. H. I. B. Á. M. D. except for the infuriating reflex of hitting z every time you want to write y. Using the Hungarian keyboard to type English is very easy. U. Y. C. Sz. G. Cs. R. P.