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Heavy sheets of rain coated the highway, making it exceedingly difficult for Buffy to see the deserted road as she speed along in her new sedan. As the rain increased its relentless onslaught on the small vehicle, Buffy inched up closer to her steering wheel trying to see out her windshield at a better angle. She tried adjusting her eyes to the distorted views that the water was causing, but realized it was useless, she could not see a thing. “Damn rain….I am never going to get to LA,” she cursed under her breath. Buffy sighed and sat back in her seat trying to relax her body; she hated driving in the rain, especially in the middle of a monsoon. She began to slow down her car so that she could pull over off to the side of the road, but with the fresh coat of water on the pavement and a big gust of wind her car began to hydroplane making her car glide uncontrolled over the road. Buffy jerked the wheel guiding her car back into her lane. When she focused her attention back to road she was directly in front of two bright blurry lights that burned holes into her eyes. Knowing it was too late to avoid the collision, Buffy screamed, let go of the steering wheel, closed her eyes tightly, and brought her arms over her face in a last attempt to block herself from the inevitable. The last thing Buffy heard or felt was the vibration of the screeching metal as it collided with the other vehicle. The driver of the Hummer barely noticed the small vehicle before they collided. He roughly slammed on the breaks and jerked the SUV to the side in an attempted to lessen the impact. The large grill of the Hummer smashed forcefully with the front end of the smaller vehicle causing the car to first spin out in a cloud of smoke, and then flip over and over landing on its roof. As the smooth metal of the car’s roof hit the highway it slid effortlessly across the rough pavement gaining speed as sheet after sheet of rain coated the road. The vehicle came to a crashing to a halt as the now pliable metal wrapped itself around the large wooden telephone pole. Buffy’s limp and bruised body lay semi-conscious with her head against the window. A steady stream of deep red blood flowed out of the deep gash on her temple. Buffy did not know who she was, what had just happened or what was causing the pain that radiated all over her body. Buffy tried to ignore the pain intense pain she was feeling in her arm, head and side. Instead she focused the little attention she possessed on the rhythmic sound of the rain beating down on the pavement. She closed her eyes and fell into a deep sleep feeling cold and alone. On the other side of the road a young man slowly got out of the damaged truck, still clutching the now empty bottle of whiskey in his hand. The man stumbled slowly in a jig jag pattern down the middle of the highway approaching the wrecked vehicle with caution. He squinted his eyes in hopes to cure the double vision he was having, only to focus his eyes on a mass of dirty blond hair. He could see the blood trickling down the window where she lay. “Oh my god! What have I done..” the young man whispered to him self as he looked down at the bottle in his hands, then to the unconscious person in the vehicle and finally back to truck. The events of the last couple of minutes came rushing back with fury. “Oh my god!” he cursed again “I cant stay here, I cant deal with this….I need to go, I need …to get out of here.” The man threw the empty bottle on the ground jumping slightly as the crash of the broken glass disturbed the steady rhythm of the rain.

The man got back into his battered Hummer, started to engine ignoring the smoke and grinding sounds and drove off into the darkness not once looking back at the women who lie dying in the other vehicle. Angelus increased the pressure of his large foot on the gas petal as he speed down the highway in his solid black Crown Victory cruiser. Angelus cursed the rain as it beat down on his dark tinted windshield making it difficult for him to see the road. Angelus reluctantly slowed, figuring that racing down the dark highway in the pouring rain was not the safest thing to do. He just wanted to get back to his apartment in LA, but everyone and there mother seemed intent on stopping him. He begun to think about how many fatal accidents there was in situations just like this one: dark disserted 2 lane highway + heavy down pour of rain=accident. [Why does the damn rain always seem to bring out the drunks and whack jobs] Angelus thought to himself. Angelus drove down the road deep in thought as he passed the overturned car. For some reason, he had the urge to turn his head at that exact moment. Turning his head on a whim he caught out the corner of his eye, what appeared to be a car lying on its roof wrapped around a pool. Angelus got a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach, came to a screeching halt and turned his car back to the overturned vehicle. Cursing his luck, Angelus jumped out of his car and ran through the pouring rain to check the car for survivors. As he got closer the car he thought he could see a bloody mass of blond hair resting on the window. Standing outside of the warped metal a panic creped into Angelus’ gut. There were many things that he hated about being a cop. He hated people in general, helping them and listening to them whine gave him a headache; but as much as he hated people he didn’t want them dead, he absolutely detested finding dead bodies. The only reason why he was a cop in the first place was so that he could do anything he wanted, to be above the law. Angelus quickly scanned the road inspecting the crime scene as he was taught. He saw a broken bottle of whiskey on the road, car parts, and glass spread across the freeway. About 60 feet from where he stood he saw skid marks, more car parts and very large grill to what looked like belonged to a Hummer. [Where in the hell is the other vehicle, awww fuck a-hit-in-run, I hate this fucking job. This is the exact reason why I hate people] Angel thought angrily to himself. He went to his cruiser to call for help. “Hey Price…” he said into the cell phone, “This is O’Connor, I need you to send medical attention immediately to the old 174 interstate highway, I also want you to send Williams and Gunn out here as well, it looks like we got a hit-and-run …I don’t care if Williams and I aren’t supposed to work together anymore…I send him dammit!” Angelus yelled into the phone as he clicked it off. He then diverted his attention back to the body in the car, he knew he needed to check to see if the person was still alive or not. Judging from the debris and wreckage, he guessed not. Crouching down on his hands and knees, Angelus wiped the rain from his eyes, and looked into the car. He was amazed as he saw the faint rise and fall of a chest, which he could tell was feminine; she was alive. He yanked at the door frantically trying to get it to open, a million thoughts racing through his head. He new he had to work fast, because he could smell and see gasoline leaking from the car as it mixed with rain. The telephone pole the car had hit was holding itself up with a splinter; he knew it was only a matter of time before it came crashing down. If a loose power line came into contact with that gas, there was going to one hell of an explosion. Using all his strength Angelus ripped the door off of the car, and eased the small body of its inhabitant

out the car. He knew he probably shouldn’t move her, but he had to get her out of the way incase the car caught on fire. Buffy vaguely registered that she was being moved. She felt strong hands guide her very gently out of where ever it was she was at. She suddenly felt warm and safe, like she was wrapped in the arms of heaven. Her eyes fluttered open slowly as the wet rain beat down on her face, softly washing the blood away. When her eyes came into focus she was staring into the most beautiful deep chocolate brown eyes she had even seen. [This must be my angel] she thought as she smiled. “Are you my angel?” Buffy finally asked, her voice weak and muffled. Angelus felt like he was going to faint as he was hit with waves of emotion as he looked inot her eyes. He was sitting on the wet ground, with Buffy cradled in his lap holding her gently but securely; the most amazing green eyes fluttered opened and looked him directly in the eyes. He could see the cloud of confusion and pain in eyes, and it made his heart ache. Her emerald depths memorized him and he instantly felt a pulling in the very depths of his soul, he had found his soul mate and he didn’t plan on loosing her. Angelus wasn’t sure until that exact moment that he actually had a soul or a soul mate, he was accused many times of not possessing one, but as he looked into her eyes he just knew. Angel was so caught up in his thoughts he almost missed the whisper that floated from her small lips, “Are you my angel?” she asked innocently. Angelus smiled at her question, he had been called a lot of things in his life, but an Angel was not one of them. “Sush love, don’t try to talk. You have been in an accident everything will be okay. I will talk care of you don’t worry, I promise.” He cooed to her as he stroked her mangled hair. Buffy felt comforted by his soft words and velvet voice she laid her head on his broach muscular chest. She struggled to stay awake but she quickly lulled back to sleep. Angelus’ cold heart was instantly warmed as he looked at the small girl in his arms. He continued to stroke her head delicately as he laid her gently down on the ground. It was like torture to let her out of his arms but he knew he needed to see how badly she was hurt. With that he began to examine her more closely. There was a large gash on her temple along with some other cuts, bumps and nasty bruises. Her arm might have been broken, but he couldn’t tell. Her ribs were already purple, maybe bruised or broken, and he knew internal bleeding was a very serious possibility. As his gazed traveled down the length of her body he became suddenly aroused, his dick rising to attention. [God, Angelus! Do you not have any decency? She is laying here bleeding to death are you are staring at her near naked breasts getting a hard on]. Her white shirt was torn in several places, showing all of her tight tanned stomach. What did remain of her shirt was transparent due to the rain. Her black knee length skirt was ripped along the side, exposing the whole right side of her long muscular thigh. Without another thought he quickly pulled the long sleeved v-neck shirt he was wearing over his head. His body shivered as the first raindrops began hitting his naked skin creating rivers of water that dripped off his lean muscles. His shirt was might have been wet, but it at least it wasn’t see-through. He couldn’t but help growl in jealously at the thought of anyone else seeing his girl virtually naked. He knew Spike, Gunn and the EMT’s would be there any minute. [What in the hell I am thinking, she is not mine; I don’t even know her name!!] He sat her up gently, still cradling her in his large arms and gently put the shirt on her, being mindful of her arm and other injuries. The shirt had fit him loosely, but it was incredibly too big on her tiny body. If the situation would have been different he might have laughed at how incredibly cute she looked wearing his shirt. [Did I just say she looked cute, God! I can’t remember the last time I referred

You have been in an automobile accident. she was wet and in massive amounts of pain. can you tell me what hurts?” Angelus said gently resisting the urge to kiss her. She opened her eyes only to stare a ball of large orange flames. as a blush crept into her face.] She anyone as being cute. but here I am fantasizing about this man.] “Sush. don’t cry love. He saw a lone tear slip out her eye that mixed with the rain that beat down on her innocent face. wincing in pain. Angelus slowly brought his hand up to her face and wiped her tears away with his thumb. Angelus just watched in amazement. this wonderful girl in my arms would dead!]. and your arm might be broken. safe and protect. The fire consumed the gasoline quickly and traced its way up the car. causing several electric lines to dance with rain on the ground. my side hurts really bad and my arm hurts. Who happened to be half naked. but instead of being scared she felt warm. Buffy began to stir as she heard the loud explosion. that if god would keep this girl safe and his arms. thinking to himself. “What hurts besides my whole body?” Buffy said with a slight smile trying to give a lift the melancholy mood. [She was in the arms of her Angel. using her mouth and tongue to lap at his chest. Angelus was startled by her small voice. and your ribs are pretty bruised. There was a small pause before the most spectacular explosion occurred. as the rain washed over his smooth skin.” He said as he stared lovingly into her face. “You have a pretty nasty cut on the side your head. and I dead? I didn’t think heaven was so…. Her eyes focused on his bare chest. but I didn’t matter. I don’t even know his name!!. No more one nightstands. face it!] Angelus pulled her tightly in his arms once more trying to keep her warm and comforted until help could arrive. She was tired. wait a minute…] she thought [Arms of an Angel. You might have some internal bleeding. She let a single tear fall out her swollen eye and quickly brought her head down. He would give it all up just for this one tiny girl in his arms. He kissed her forehead and continued whispering comforting words into her ear.” . he was assuming he was drunk because of the broken whiskey bottle. wet?] “What I am doing here. The car was enveloped in huge flames that competed with the wet rain for dominance. She was suddenly embarrassed as to why she felt so warm and safe. He vowed right then and there. caressing her face as he went. Buffy was becoming increasingly confused. hurt and confused. and realization sunk in. She was brought out of her thoughts as he brought his large hand up to lift her face to his. It was just mere seconds before one small spark hit the trail of gasoline that had leaked from the car and ignited. [I wish I could just lean down and kiss her beautiful pouty lips. but of a gorgeous stranger. She tried to look away. but she couldn’t her gaze was fixed. What is wrong with me? Your in love with her Angelus. She had so many emotions running through her empty head. He knew she probably couldn’t hear him. [He was going to kill the son of bitch that just hit her and run. but he couldn’t be sure]. why I am here. no more treating people with out compassion. The kept water was pouring over his delicious skin caressing every inch of his flesh. Angelus was brought to sudden attention when the unstable power line came buckling down. “To be specific my head is killing me. She had never seen anything as perfect as his broad chest and rippling muscles. what happened to me…?” she said in a confused strangled voice. [If I had been here 10 minutes later. It was just as Angelus feared as he watched the wires get dangerously close the car. no more drinking. [I can’t remember my name. or what happened. He looked into her eyes and saw the confusion that clouded her beautiful green eyes. Buffy began to fantasize that it was she who was bathing him in moisture. he would change his life completely. Buffy looked into the somehow familiar brown eyes. She was in the arms of not an angel.

how I got here. Buffy thought sadly. and turn off their radios.” he said giving her a his most brilliant smile. “My name is Angelus O’Connor. Angelus saw the disappointed wash over her lovely features. Angelus winced as her long nail dug into his back.” “Oh…” Buffy said disappointed. and now here we are. shaking his head. Spike laughed. “The car that is on fire.” he said with caution. and were even partners for a while. ”We’ll figure it out you and me.] Angelus saw the way his friend and colleague were looking at [his] girl.k. until they got too many complaints. Spike couldn’t help but notice how she was holding on to Angelus for dear life. as strange as it was he did love her. it is all blank. “So peaches. then a thought occurred to her [He sure is being very friendly with me. “Well Spike…” Angelus said in an angry tone. “Hey look love.” he said as he looked . [That is why he is being so nice to me.” he looks deeply into her eyes again. Spike considered him and Angelus to be pretty good friends. This was how Spike and Gunn found them. hung out together. and almost growled like a possessive animal as he hugged a bit more tightly. looking into each other eyes. I work for the LAPD. [I bet he doesn’t do that to all the girls] and smiled. trying to warn him to back off.” She starts to cry again as she clutches at the soft skin on Angelus’ back. who’s your pet here?” Spike asked Angelus as he looked back and forth between Angelus and Buffy.” He said pointing at her and them to him self to emphasize his point. “this is…. now I see why he is all with eyes. rain pouring all over them. I mean for some weird reason I feel like I know you too. They went to the academy together. Spike) said in his English accent. “You bloody well know what I am talking about. I may not know my name.” Gunn said half joking. [Damn she is hot. I was driving home and I saw your car. “Seen what Spike?. “Hey…no its not like that…I know what you feel. “Actually we don’t know each other. “so loved…?” Buffy said with hope..a. you ponce!” he yelled as he got out the police car. He leaned down and pressed his warm lips on her forehead unable to resist his urge to kiss her any longer.” He said looking at the fire that now consumed her vehicle. They had a good time together. giving his partner a glare. but I do feel like I have known you all my life. we just met. because if you are…I need a new partner. have you ever seen anything like it before. its his job to comfort]. “I pulled you out. “Bloody hell. “or are you referring to his naked chest. Buffy could feel the heat and electricity that ran through her body from that one single spot where he had kissed her. he is a police officer. “I cant remember anything…my name. Buffy and Angelus just sat there.her mood sudden shifts and her voice comes out in almost a whisper. You make me feel so safe…” she paused debating on her next words. don’t cry. or what was your car. He now knew it was the right decision to cover her up.] “Um… do we know each other? You are being so sweet and caring. . Buffy still felt uneasy. They would ditch work have a few beers. pick up on some chicks.” he paused before continuing. or that ‘I am too good for my own shit’ Angelus is making googly eyes at the chick.” he stumbled a bit “we’ll we aren’t sure who she is…she cant remember her name.” Officer Gunn replied.” Officer Williams (a.

seen or heard the love that he was giving this stranger. but they did. the great all mighty Angelus was looking at this small girl with such love and compassion. and starting to cry. “Love. “No. I think I took a knock to the head. we’ll get through this together. Buffy squeezed Angelus’ hand with all her might as she felt all the aches and pains that she had not felt while she was in Angelus’ arms. Call my cell if you need me.” Angelus said ignoring the looks of utter amazement that adorned their faces. They could not believe what they were seeing. “And I Buffy trying to reassure her.] . It was a widely know fact that Angelus hated compassion.” Angelus said looking back at Buffy with a smirk. way! I’ll bet you money he is in it for some other reason. Not mention the fact that in the 7 years that Spike had know Angelus.” Buffys smile turned upside down into a sad frown. they will get you all clean up and fix up good as new.” He said smiling as her tears lessoned. I promise. Spike chuckled out loud [I like this girl.] “Don’t worry your pretty little head pet.” she joked. my body hurts. Gunn and Spike stood there. they need to take you to the hospital. he had never.” he continued as he stroked her back and kissed her head. their mouths hung slightly agape. I don’t know how he or she drove off. baby” hugging her tightly trying to be mindful of her sore side “don’t cry. and oh ya I am soaking wet!” Buffy said chearly as if she was explaining all the new shiny things she got for Christmas.” Spike and Gunn both looked at each other in utter amazement. “I am not letting you out of my site. the ambulance was right behind us.” “Ah. Angelus gave Buffy’s hand a reassuring squeeze and turned to Spike and Gunn. and immediately pulled her into a big hug. I can’t seem to remember anything. and a good sense of humor. she’s got spunk. I don’t care if I am wet anymore (sniffle. Angelus slowly stood picking Buffy up with him. she too saw the looks on there faces. you promised. [There is no way Angelus O’Connor is in love. [I wonder what that is all about]. I believe a drunk driver hit her. “You two take care of the rest. It was Spike who spoke first. Like I said. “Please Angelus…(sob) don’t let them (sniffle) take me. I am going to ride with her to the hospital. Angelus looked at her small sad face. still being mindful of her injuries. 100% hated hospitals. As the ambulance went speeding down the road with the sirens blaring. Seconds later the ambulance pulled up and ran out to help Buffy. “Plus.” Gunn replied back. She new in the pit of her stomache that she absolutely. I want to (sob) stay here (sob) with you. hey it will okay. and begin the report. I promise.” Buffy said smiling. sniffle) really I don’t. This earned smiles from everyone. I think peaches is in love with the girl. “Ya. “Bloody fucking hell. I want to make sure is going to be all right. Buffy looked at Angelus with pleading eyes. I will stay with you the whole time. “all I know is my head is killing me. not once. I am not going anywhere. The grill is over there somewhere. and set her gently down on the stretcher the EMT’s had set up. he doesn’t even have a soul.” Spike said in shock. I will right with you.

and she looked equally hell bent on keeping him there as well. They were all excited and giddy at his arrival.’ “This young lady doesn’t have a name…well she does. Giles was the most kind and gentle doctor he knew. He was leaning over in a rather uncomfortable position sleeping with his rested on protectively on Buffy’s stomach.The two men looked at each. Buffy felt and unexpected fit of jealousy consume her at the thought of any of those nurses seeing in like that. so you don’t drip all over the floor. plus all the nurses are drooling at your lack of clothing. you can stay with her the whole time. not intimidated by his presence. she is in good hands you know that…” Giles said contemplating his options. I think she hit head pretty hard. Angelus was no stranger to the ER. I am here to help. Since Angelus had requested him specifically Giles knew it must be something serious. Angelus had pulled his chair up right next the bed. By the looks of the situation Angelus did not plan on leaving this young lady’s side. Jenny Calender. and then entered. when he saw Angelus storming in through the doors of the ER.” Angelus said with concern as he stroked Buffy’s damp forehead. He knew Dr. especially Dr. who may I ask is this lovely young lady” Dr. Giles. he was well known by all of the doctors. Whenever Angelus would come into the ER with his latest suspect after maiming or beating them from failure to comply. She did how ever feel better knowing that he was not going to leave her side. now clam down Angelus. He smiled at the sight that lay in front of him. but she cant remember it. Giles asked giving Angelus a curious glance and he took in his wet half naked appearance. Buffy tried her best. this is why he asked for him in particular. “Your on!” they said in unison. I you know wont hurt her. But for some reason this was different. “Now.” Giles replied back to Angelus. Giles took an instant liking to Buffy. He lightly knocked on her door. She was involved in a hit-and-run accident. and then down at the frighten girl on the stretcher. [She doesn’t seem to be injured that badly] he thought to himself. Usually after his trips into the ER he would always take home a girl or sometimes two. She knew she could get through as long as Angelus was with her. He had been waiting for him to arrive after getting the call a few minutes prior. so if you hurt her…. the nurses ran around crazily trying to please him. despite her pain to give the nurses a warning look to stay away from her man. In the back round several drooling nurses watched the site in front of them with jealousy. his large hand clasping her much smaller one. They all swooned from his presence dispite his reputation as ‘love-em-and –leave-em. Chapter 2: Leave Feedback Next Chapter Previous Chapter Dr. trying to make the experience for Buffy as easy as possible. An hour or two later Giles came back with the results of Buffy’s tests. “I have to warn you. she hates hospitals and doctors.or make her upset I will hurt you” Angelus said suddenly angry at the thought of anyone hurting his mate. She has a pretty large cut on her head and think she broke some ribs and maybe her arm. “If its makes you both feel any better. I will have one of the nurses get you a pair of scrubs to change into. “Now. Angelus sat right by her side holding her hand laughing and joking as well. exchanged glances and then shook. and by all of the nursing staff. Buffy was taken into a private room where Giles gently examined her. Buffy gave Angelus a nervous smile. I found her off of interstate 174. Rupert Giles was standing next to the nurses’ station talking with the Head Nurse. Buffy seemed . They talked and joked during the whole examination and testing procedures.

so innocent.” they looked at each other and smiled.” He saw the look of horror that washed over Buffy’s young face at his news of her extended stay. With that Giles left room. It took Angelus a few seconds for his surrounding to register. Your memory could come back tomorrow. I want to go home. “Now which one would you like to hear first?” Both Angelus and Buffy answered in unison “Good news. Giles could clearly feel the love that radiated off the two young adults in front of him. giving the couple some privacy. and sighed. and if he heard correctly from some of the gossiping nurses he had been the one to find her. [Fate works in mysterious ways]. He couldn’t believe that they had just met a few hours ago. He leaned in . Angelus slowly brought his head up gently removing Buffys hand from his hair. just for observation. and this was not one of the traits they described. You have two broken ribs and your left shoulder is broken. “Well I have some good news and some bad news. He looked around in daze. The difference was like night and day.” Giles said with disappointment evident in his voice.] “I guess we must have dozed off” Buffy said lovingly as she looked at there positions on the bed knowing they had fallen asleep together. Giles had never seen Angelus with a girl like this before. The described a cold. or a year from now or quite possibly never. He looked at Buffy’s sleeping face and smiled. if you can withstand that you can survive in here for a couple of days. a week from now.” He said sternly letting both parties know the subject was not up for debate. Buffy looked at Angelus groggy face and hair and smiled [He looks like such a little boy. They had hoped the doctor would be able to do something to help her remember who she was and where she was from. Angelus looked into her big green eyes. [He looks like such a little boy] Giles couldn’t help but think. “young lady survived that car accident at all. “But…Angelus… I hate hospitals. loveless man who could show any living thing compassion if his life depended on it. “Judging from what Angelus has told me about the accident.” He said smiling. Buffy needed all the rest she could get. and that merely hours ago.” he points to Buffy. He did not want to scare her. I want to run a couple of other tests just to make sure we have not missed anything. The two seemed like completed halves of a part together. “Sweatheart” he gently stroked her face until she opened her eyes. Without another thought.” Buffy wined sticking her lower lip out in a pout giving Angelus her best puppy dog eyes. Giles had seen and heard from various nurses how Angelus treated woman. is that we don’t how permanent your amnesia is. Giles cleared his throat softly not wanting to the wake them. he knew he was never going to be able to deny this beautiful stranger anything. where ever in the hell that is. “The good news is that you do not have any brain damage or internal bleeding. it is lucky that you. Both Buffy and Angelus frowned. Angelus did what felt natural. it will just come back on its own accord. “I would like to keep you here for a couple of days. There is nothing we can do to treat it. take a hot shower and sleep for a week.much more comfortable as she lay sleeping with her good hand threading through Angelus’ wayward hair.” he said looking at Buffy with a gentle face. but with rest and a little TLC everything should heal nicely with no long term damage. “The bad news however.

are for you. and gave Angelus a haste kiss on the lips. Buffy’s body felt like it was being consumed with fire. There tongues. Time stood still as the two familiarized themselves with each other. Angelus took this as permission and placed his hand around the back of her neck pulling her lips firmly against his. “Oh…Spike. they didn’t think about names. Her body was soaring with desire and her thighs were slick with the evidence. rip off her flimsy white gown and make love to her. Buffy moaned louder as his tongue massaged hers more roughly taking dominance in her mouth. tongues and teeth.” Angelus said annoyed with jealousy. play nice! He is just being friendly. . Her body was responding to him in a way that no other woman’s had. He wanted to take this woman.” Buffy searched her empty mind for the perfect word to describe the ecstasy that she had just felt. Her lower stomach coiled and she could fell the moisture drip out of her core.and kissed her beautiful mouth. He slowly slipped his tongue into her welcoming mouth. “Tell me about it. She winced as she lifted her torso. They were involved in a very heated lip lock. barely able to find his lust laced voice. Spike shyly opened the door. Her face was flushed with desire and her normally green eyes were almost black with lust. “That was absolutely amazing. mouths and bodies were moving in perfect synchronicity. Angelus. pet. that was…. “These. if it was possible it looked like they were trying to swallow each other whole using mouths.” Angelus felt lightheaded with desire. For some reason he knew he needed to take things slow with his blonde goddess. He gently nipped at her extended bottom lip and then soothed it with his soft tongue. Her soft touch with the combination of her moans and movements was driving him crazy. Angelus moaned into Buffys mouth as his cock grew to a painful size. Spike. “Ya. just each other.” She said in a seductive tone letting Angelus know she was flattered by his male testosterone. finally giving into temptation.” He said as he handed them to her. “Now. car accidents or pain. you shouldn’t have. Angelus rested his forehead on hers. “Wow! That was intense…” he choked out. Angelus reluctantly pulled away from his love. she looked absolutely breath taking. Hi peaches!” Spike said cheery pulling out a small bouquet of flowers from behind his back. Not knowing how much time had passed. both said in unison once again. “Hello pet. right here and now and he didn’t even know her name. Angelus took a deep breath willing his painful erection to go away. Buffy moaned softly at the contact and leaned into the kiss. “Come in” they. they are beautiful!! Thank you. you shouldn’t have.” Buffy said excitedly as she smelled the yellow daisies. The two looked up as they heard a soft knock on the door. Buffy raised her good arm bringing it around to play with the short hairs on the back of her neck. When he first arrived he peeked into the small window in the door not wanting to walk into anything. Buffy caught his tone and new he must be jealous of Spikes show of affection.

then brings it up to his lips for a soft kiss. “Well anything that was in pet’s car was destroyed. The laughing was make her ribs ache with pain. the bloody car was just ashes. and Angelus was acting like a lovesick puppy. Angelus knew for a fact that this tiny girl who was gasping in half pain half delight. By the time the fire dept. Spike is such a riot! I can see why you two are such good friends.. mate I am being friendly-like. “Buffy. Angelus changed the subject quickly. and that SOB over there is known as Spike.” she said out loud. leaving out a single detail. Buffy was giggling like a schoolgirl. Everyone burst into fits of laughter. She was laughing so hard at one point she almost peed her pants.” Buffy said exasperated.” He pushes the call button. She had a feeling. “I. We did however find this ceramic key chain. Neither Spike nor Angelus.” Angelus said still chuckling. I don’t know what you did.” he looks at his watch “for four bloody hours and you are all ‘ohhh Buffy’ ‘ohhh Angelus’” Spike said very playfully as he imitated there voices and actions with the imaginary person the side of him. Tomorrow we will go over the accident and see if we cant get that pretty little head of yours to leak any information. he begins to nip and bite at her soft flesh.“Ya. Whatever it was.” He said agreeing with Buffy. “that sounds familiar. “You two make me wanna’ bloody kill my self.” he shakes her hand. They forgot all there problems and just enjoyed the moment. He must like you a lot. that she didn’t mind not remembering her past. “you have known each other for what. Spike is a pretty good guy. Spike and Angelus exchanged stories informing Buffy of there adventures together. “I am going to call the nurse so she can get you some more pain medication. but you unleashed something in him. was going to make some very major changes in this life.” he pulled it out of his duster and handed it to them. I don’t think I have heard him laugh like that. “Well. but couldn’t stop. would you stop already. .” he gags for effect. “Ya. Angelus and Buffy stayed up for the next 4 hours talking a laughing. but you could still make out the five blocks ‘BU-F-F-Y’. I am telling you Buffy. Buffy…it is nice to meet you. because I have never seen him be like that in front of anyone else before. “So Spike did you and Gunn finding anything helpful?” he said hopeful. am Angelus O’Connor. you are going to have to get some sleep.” Spike almost gaged at the show these two were putting on. I mean really laughing. from the fire. all for the best.” she said looking at Angelus. “Gosh. how could it be better than this? That was first time either Angelus or Spike remembered laughing. Buffy begging them to stop in-between breathes. Chapter 3: Leave Feedback Next Chapter Previous Chapter Spike. The key chain was stained black. once you get to know him. That just made them laugh even harder. but then again I thought you and I were old friends.

I think that would be okay. hands wandering. inching his hand up to her welcoming core teasing her with his long fingers. and is touched that she would want to call him by such a holy name. Your Angel. Angelus almost jerked off the bed as her small hand made contact with his hard flesh.] “Well…” he begins slowly matching her tone. “Angelus. I am in big trouble. my god she is so tight around my finger. They kissed frantically. Sensing her discomfort he leaned down. and crushed her lips to his bruising them in the process. my bad ass don’t fuck with me.” Buffy asks in a small voice. Buffy feels butterflies swarming in her stomach making her feel as if she could fly. her pulse begins to speed up and her body is slightly quivering waiting for his touch. she must still be a virgin. [That is not fair. teeth and tongues colliding. I will not ever be able to look at another woman again. He lightly strokes her bare arm and whispers into her ear.” He finishes as he sucks and nibbles on her soft ear lobe.Out in lobby the nurses see the call button light up.” He says as he begins to smirk with a lustful look in his eye. saying what is on everyone’s mind. or five. that you will scream out. after being with a goddess like Buffy. MY Angel.] a smile went across his face. “I am not going in there so I can watch Angelus put his hands all over that skanky girl. Angelus continued teasing her heat. She was making even strokes applying pressure then taking it away. She needed the contact. where did he find her. She was about to cum just from the anticipation alone. I mean please!. “and what. “but on two conditions. “do you think it would be okay if I called you Angel?” Angelus stops to think about this. she reached her good arm over to stroke him through the soft cotton of the scrubs her was wearing. Angelus did not miss the fact that she called him. “One. positioning her to the side him so they are facing each other. He began to pump his . would that be?” She bats her long eyes lashes at his seductively. he would barly graze his fingers over her moist lips then back away. Both parties were so caught up in their kissing and groping that they didn’t hear the creak open door.” he gets on the bed with her. thoughts in his head. one look and he can reduce me into a quivering mess. Angelus’ finger plunged easily into her wet welcoming depth. as she tried to get her body closer to his. she was moaning and writhing on the small bed trying to get him to go where she wanted him the most. [Oh. just like he was doing to her. it is Angelus not Angel. and two. He slipped his hand under her gown. She could feel his large erection digging into her hip. “when we are in the throws of passion. Each nurse begins to make her self-scarce. and I am giving you such pleasure you have never dreamed of. They were both moaning and whimpering into each other’s mouths. Angelus slightly spread Buffys legs apart to get better access. and began massaging her thighs. her Angel. reputation would be ruined. she craved it like an addict. you can only call me. I want to hear my real name being screamed out of your beautiful mouth. Buffy was about scream. Buffy was seduced by his velvet voice and words.] Her passion filled voice purrs out. when we are alone. he would get close then back away. Buffys body felt as if it was on fire. and bodies shifting to ease the ache between their legs. but she doesn’t have to worry. “Mmmm…. my one finger. keeping weight off her side. [I guess she is possessive too. If the guys down at the station found out you were calling me that. “Ya.” She let out a breathy moan. One of the nurses speaks up.” he pauses getting a naughty.” They all continue to argue as to whom would go in.

forgetting where they were “Oh Angelus…. arousal and jealousy. She was frozen with a combination of embarrassment. Buffy was still slightly out of it. ohmygodohmygod…. but he said I was the only girl now.” her tone became angry realizing how much a jerk Angelus O’Connor was [I cant believe I thought I was in-love with him!!] she yelled at her self. Angellllusss… yes!” It was just seconds later she heard the crash of metal as it hit the hard cement floor. and I believe she told you to go. clank clank!!. please don’t yell at me…I just came in because YOU pushed the button. get it right. but obviously you were taking care of her in other ways. vaguely recognizing the girl who stood before him. letting both girls know whom he had chosen. when she saw the look utter shock and hurt of the nurse face. she just stared with her mouth wide open. The nurse started to cry.] The nurse ran out of the room crying. After all it was only a couple of days ago she had given him head in the broom closet. If it was possible she got even tighter. don’t you fucking knock before you just come barging into someone’s room. “Well spit out!” Angelus yelled out. “Um. “I was bringing your precious Fluffy here some pain medication. and don’t worry about what Angelus was doing or whom he is doing it with. Realizing there was someone else in the room Angelus quickly withdrew his sticky hand from Buffy. Buffy spat back as her own jealousy rose to the surface [to think I felt sorry for this bitch!] “My name is Buffy.” Went the sound of the tray the nurse dropped as she walked in on a very intimate moment. so go. feeling sorry for the girl. [Oh my god! I knew I should have knocked] she thought. Buffy flinched at his tone. Buffy loudly screamed. ohmygodohmygod…. not feeling any sympathy. he curved his finger as he was in her slick passage hitting her g-spot over and over. She exploded with pleasure almost immediately as he began to pump wildly into her. you another one!” She yelled out in jealously. “CRASH!!.” he spat out harshly. and covered her up. “Ummm…ummm” she stammered. It is none of your business now get out of here.” Angelus said smirking. almost cutting the circulating off his finger. She couldn’t move a muscle. The girls lower lip started to quiver as she felt tears spring into her eyes. They both looked up in unison to see who the intruder was. so that bitch can just go to hell. “Angelus. Buffy’s body immediately responded to the welcomed invasion of Angelus’s fingers into her core. Angelus glared at her. excuse me. Its not enough to have ten girls in your bed. Her mind went blank as her inner muscles griped his finger pulling it deeper within her. pushing past the crowd of other nurses who were standing by the door listening.finger roughly in and out of her as she mulled in pleasure. One of the other nurses said out loud to no one in particular. Her muscles began to clutch and pull at his finger as she bucked of the bed. hoping that he would stand up for her. Angellllusss… yes!” she screamed as she climaxed around his hand. “that is the reason . “Oh Angelus….” The girl looked to Angelus. slowly coming down off her high. Buffy checks quickly reddened as embarrassment set in. “Buffy is the only girl that is worthy enough to be in my bed. Buffy smiled in victory [he might have had a promiscuous past. Angelus broke the silence.

Buffy just nodded her head. you have until.” Angelus checks his watch. all those nurses hate me now. She was tried. Calender to take over. Secretly she was bursting with joy at the idea of going home with Angelus. and we can’t wait until he boots your skinny ass to the curb. Buffy was tucked into his side with her head lying on his chest. I can tell she is hurting. Chapter 4: Leave Feedback Next Chapter Previous Chapter “Giles. You are a bitch. but she is not ready to go home.” “Sush. so I can take care of you. “You are just jealous that Angelus dumped you like yesterdays trash! You are lucky that I am in this hospital bed injured or I would get up and slap that stupid sluty smug look you have off your face. Frankly I can’t wait until you leave. under any other circumstance it might have been weird to go home with a man she had just met. “I can understand your predicament Angelus. “I need to get out of this hospital. Most people were afraid of Angelus O’Connor. “I am not eating that crap. and I cant be responsible for what I or she might to them! Each one takes turns coming into the room every 10 minutes for the last 8 hours!” Angelus said angrily.” he cooed her. “I will talk to Dr. “Angelus. “Oh that is it! I don’t care if you are injured!” The nurse yelled as she went to approach Buffy. that is final!” Angelus yelled as he stormed back to Buffy’s room. “You don’t understand.” Giles said not backing down. but not him. but Buffy felt as if her soul was complete in the arms of her Angel. she needs to get out of this hospital! The nurses are driving her crazy. Face it Angelus needs a woman. “9:00 pm to do the rest of your tests. Giles in the morning. in pain and hungry. I am going to check you out here tomorrow no mater what. I said take it away and get out. I will see if I can get Ms. not a tramp!” Buffy spat out. don’t cry. “Well. Angelus adjusted them so they were both comfortably lying in the bed.. all feeling there own jealousy.” All the girls gave Buffy a drity look. You are going to come back to my apartment with me. baby. Both Buffy and Angelus fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms. Just the sight of it and you is making me sick!” Buffy yelled at the blonde nurse. Angelus could her the yelling half way down the hallway as he approached Buffy’s room. and she won’t take any pain medication. before returning to their stations. . What do you not understand about staying here for observation? I will have a talk with the nursing staff.” The nurse replied back. She refuses to eat. one way or another I am taking her home tonight. but she is too damn stubborn! She wants to leave! I don’t care you don’t want her to leave or not. “Oh dear lord! What am I going to do with those two?” Giles said out loud to himself as he took off his glass to clean them. princess…I don’t care if it will make you sick of not.” She said in a small voice tears almost springing to her eyes.why I didn’t want to go in there. I don’t know why Angelus is staying here with you. Now try to get some sleep okay?” He gently stroked her head trying to sooth her. So don’t worry.

Angel I hate it in here! Did Dr.” “Angel. I am going to get you out of here later on tonight. what the hell is my problem!]. Giles. I suggest you let me finished my testing.“Okay girls that is enough!” Angelus said calmly as he strolled into the room. “I have decided to let Angelus take you home tonight. The nurse quickly spoke up as she pouted. I have already put in a request for some time off. “I am not sorry that I met you. I swear they come in here every 10 minutes. I will get her for talking to me like that!] “Ughhh. He couldn’t get over how sexy Buffy was when she was mad. “We will deal with what ever comes along. the best he could. please come home with me?” “Are you sure Angel. me and you together.” “For some reason I don’t believe that. “Go away!” both Buffy and Angelus yelled at the person behind the door.” Buffy said embarrassed that she yelled at Giles. okay?” He asked kissing her more passionately. you are not getting any rest here. but anywhere is better than here!” Buffy said as she began to cry on Angelus shoulder. and I refuse to let you go. The nurse gave Buffy one more dirty look as she snatched to food away and stormed out of the room. if you plan on taking Buffy home tonight. I mean what happens to us. I mean I might have a boyfriend or even something more serious. I am sorry Dr. “Bitch!” She called out for good measures.. she needs to rest. and you are coming home with me.” she pauses. now I believe Buffy asked you to get that food out of here and leave. Spike said they are running the plates on the car and getting some more information to see if they can get your full name. Angelus thought to himself. it is just the nurses wont leave us alone. “Oh. It is fate Buffy. I can see why you are upset. They should come up with something in a few days. it brought us together for what ever reason.” he embraced her in a hug. I have just a couple of more tests to run. Giles knocked loudly on the door waiting for the okay to come in. “Buffy I need you. I mean one minute you are driving home and the next I come a turn everything up side down!” Buffy began to sob harder. [This isn’t over. “It is okay dear. but once we get out of here and away from everyone else things will calm down. “She started in Angelus. “Hey baby.” Buffy said sadly. and this time don’t send one of your friends in here in a couple of minutes. It shouldn’t take more than an hour or two. ya things might be crazy now. [This really isn’t like me.” Giles said smiling.” Angelus began to pepper light kisses all over her face. Giles say I could go! I don’t really have any where to go. I am sure I will figure something out. She really liked the older man. as his kissed her forehead. Angelus why don’t you get some fresh air while me and Buffy finish up?” . I am taking you home with me and that is final. I didn’t mean to make you life a living hell. “when I find out who I am. I will take care of you. you don’t have to do that. Lets not worry about that right now. “Sush…Baby don’t cry. I must say you are causing a lot of commotion with my nursing staff.” Angelus said as he looked lovingly at Buffy.” Giles said as he walked through the door. “Well.

immediately feeling better.” Angelus said as he used his hands to show her measurements. Angelus washed the grime and dirt out of his hair.” “Buffy are you sure. you must have hit a soft spot in him. and he did not have any sisters. Cordelia smiled. “Okay. “Angel. but he needed to get back to the hospital. You look like you need some air.” Angelus said semi embarrassed to ask for help. besides I will be with Dr.] “Look. ya I guess you can. she did want Angelus there. Cordeila sighed sadly. I am going to be her new life. “Giles if you hurt her…” He let his sentence hang in the air as he left the room. Angelus paniced as he walked into the store. Angelus scrubbed himself quickly as he began to devise a plan to keep Buffy all to himself. “I have never seen him so protective of anyone other that himself Buffy. I am getting something for my…” Angelus stumbled. He wanted to stop by the mall to get Buffy a few things. “right?” “Of course my dear. but nothing compared to Buffy] “Um. [Wow. [She is so perfect. it is okay.” Angelus said unsure. I am sure. something comfortable. “for my girlfriend. go…I will be here when you get back. he had never shopped for a girl. and a dark t-shirt. Angelus quickly looked her up and down. I wonder what Xander is doing right now?] She asked herself. Angelus dressed in a clean fresh pair of dark blue jeans. because I can stay. let . [She was attractive. my name is Cordelia. I don’t even know where to begin. its not a problem.] Angelus quickly cleaned his large apartment before he jumped into a hot shower.” Buffy said faking a smile. you have nothing to worry about. I want to get her an outfit. Angelus kissed Buffy briefly before he stood to leave. A beautiful brunette approached Angelus quickly. well what size is she?” “Umm. he didn’t know what she was. shaking her hips seductively as she approached. hello can you say salty goodness?] “Hello. and I should clean my apartment before Buffy comes over. “Well it sounds like she probably a size 3 or 4. she was good a sizing people up. friends or family. Angelus raced home as he thought about Buffy. and I am not letting her go. His mother had died when he was very young. but she knew he needed a break. Giles he wont let anything happen to me…” she looks at the doctor. He took careful time to do his hair. so he didn’t even know where to begin. making it stick up in small spikes. It had been 2 days since he had showered and he knew he was starting to smell ripe. even to himself.” Giles said with a smile as he looked in Buffy’s pale but beautiful face. [Air would be nice. and I don’t care if she does have a boyfriend.Angelus nodded his head indicating he wasn’t going anywhere. I don’t know. can I help you find something?” She asked as she battered her eyelashes at him. he knew she didn’t have anything besides her ripped dirty clothes from the accident. she petite probably about 5’3 about 105 to 115. She is mine now. [figures a guy like has got to have a girlfriend. small to medium size bust.

“Buffy is it okay I come in?” “Hi.” Jenny said smiling as well. he had wanted to ask her out for months and now was his chance. “That sounds lovely Rupert. but it is kinda hard. Jenny come in! Did Giles talk to you?” Buffy said as she noticed her grin that reached from ear to ear. By the time Jenny was done. “Oh its not problem. shirts. When his father died in the line of duty he was left a large amount of insurance money. plus money from the state. he found her behind her desk filling out a large stack of paperwork. and I don’t trust any of the other girls. I like her she is a sweet girl. you see Buffy was wondering if you could help her clean up a little.” Angelus left the store 30 minutes later. “I was wondering if you could do me a favor. “So what do I get for this favor?” Jenny asked shyly. “Umm…” Giles stumbled. I feel so gross. “Hello Jenny. Plus she deserves something for taming the beast. he said you wanted to get cleaned up. ya know. [I think those two are up to something.” Giles said smiling. Giles was taking Buffy back to her room after he had finished the rest of his tests. It felt good for Buffy to be able to talk to someone about her feelings for Angelus.” With that she left Giles standing there with his mouth open. with jeans. shoes and what ever else he felt she needed. .” Giles explained. she was worth it and he had the money to spend. her cuts have closed nicely so I think it will be okay if she washed. Jenny smiled at his embarrassment. but he didn’t care.” Giles rushed the last part out quickly as he blushed. and I think she is feeling a little grimy. he was really going to miss the petite blonde. “We could…ummm…we could…I could…ummm…takeyououtdinner…. He is taking me home tonight and I wanted to get a clean. have you seen the way he is with her?” They both laughed. [She is so beautiful]. I would do it myself. as she called him.” Jenny said in good mood. Buffy was clean and feeling better. I will get her for you. I don’t see why Angel even wants to be around me. he just hoped that Angelus would treat her right. we will talk later about the details. “Hello Rupert.” Buffy said embarrassed. Giles left the room in search of Jenny. He had spent over $600 dollars. “Um…Giles do you think you could get Nurse Jenny for me? I wanted to clean up a little before Angel got back. She knew everything there was to know about Jenny and Rupert. they had been flirting for months. they would probably drown me. Jenny knocked lightly on the door. I has been almost two days since the accident. “Ya. but they were both two chicken to do anything about it. panties show you what we have.] “Yes he did.” Giles said smiling. I don’t mind at all.” Buffy said with a chuckle. “I am sure Jenny would be happy to assist you. I must smell.

[I am such a dumn ass!!]. I don’t know how you put up with me the last couple of days. Angelus waiting for her to start dressing and Buffy waiting for him to leave or turn around or something. “Giles said I could go as soon as you got back. “Umm…you gonna dress?” Angelus asked oblivious to her discomfort.Angelus walked down the hallway whistling. “I am sorry. she couldn’t do it. hello love!” Angelus said as he came in and gave her a big kiss. I am starving. I figured you didn’t want to wear that gown out in public. She tried for a couple of minutes to maneuver her body into the clothes. I refuse to eat the crap in here. “Well. He had flowers in one hand. Buffy was stunned at the quality of the clothes that he pulled out. I feel a lot better. You are looking very handsome yourself!” Buffy smiled at his appearance. some panties and a bra out of the bag. “Do you think you could turn around. I am glad that you did though. . he wasn’t sure about her choice of words sometimes. “Thank you. I love them. I looked absolutely awful! Nurse Jenny helped me get all cleaned up. so why don’t we blow this stand?” “Blow what??” Angelus asked confused. So what did you bring me?” Buffy liked the idea of him shopping for her. but it was no use. even though he knew the answer. I can’t wait to take her home and ravish her body.] “Wow. you didn’t need to get all this. “Well. I went the store and bought you some clothes. “You miss me?” “You know I did. she winced at the pain she felt in her body. hey how did you know what size I was?” She asked amazed that he would do all that for her. and those pants. not to mention its is partially see through. he was in a damn good mood. I wasn’t thinking. “Angel. “Lets get out of here silly. and I would kill someone if they were looking at you…” Angelus started getting made at the idea. she must have gotten cleaned up.” He turned around and stared at the wall. ummm his ass looks good in those pants. she looks and smells great. he smells so clean. Angelus laughed. are those things for me?” Buffy asked excitedly as she looked at the bag and the flowers. I’ll just be over here.] [Wow. these look expensive. and a bag with a change of clothes for Buffy in the other. [I wonder what he picked out. a baby blue t-shirt. [He must have gone home and showered. Angelus pulled out a pair of jeans. Buffy sat up with much effort and got out of bed. I cant imagine him shopping]. They both looked at each other for a second. Buffy you look great! Giles finaly let you take a shower?” Angelus asked. while I get dressed?” Buffy asked embarrassed her checks getting red. Buffy laughed as she saw the anger rise in his eyes.

” He used his hand to separate her delicate folds as he began to lick her more forcefully. Buffy was moaning and grasping at his hair as he fucked her with his mouth. She held onto his shoulders and closed her eyes. He grasped the sides of the flimsy undergarment and slowly began to slide them up her smooth legs. my god…Angelus…yes… that feels so good…. He moaned against her opening. It aches…” she managed to get out in breathy moan. He dropped the panties that he was trying to put on as he became lost in the moment. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were closed tightly. He needed to have his face buried in her moist folds. Angelus slowly turned around. Buffy moaned. Buffy let out a small moan as his cool lips brushed her sensitive skin. He gently inserted one finger as he moved his mouth to her sensitive bud. “ummm…. “Oh.. and he needed it now. and never get tired of this. using long even strokes.” Angelus began to work faster as he was encouraged by her words. He had never liked going to down on girls before. He saw a drop of her arousal that was running down her thigh and he greedily lapped it up. He was moving so slow Buffy almost fainted. but it was rapidly becoming his favorite activity. it was like honey and he longed to taste it.” “Do you want me to get Jenny for you?” Angelus asked even though he wanted to be the one that helped. do you think you could help me? I don’t think I can do this by my self. Her core was aching and begging for his touch. It was the best thing that he had ever smelled. Angelus slowly licked her opening from beginning to end. [God. then repeated the action with the other.I need you.] “Oh god. Buffy’s body began to burn as he moved farther up her legs. He was stroking her in out . He parted her legs slightly as he looked up for approval. He stiffened his tongue and began pushing into her hot center. damn that woman is sexy. He had only seen glimpses of her body. it is okay…you can help…I mean after all you have touched me and stuff…” Buffy trailed off as her checks continued to get redder by the second. she was taking long even breathes in an attempt to control her desire. letting the sensations warm her body. well she is innocent Angelus]. Angelus couldn’t resist any longer as she moaned in pleasure. Angelus…. He picked up the white lace panties that he had bought and kneeled down in front of her. [I could eat her for days..“Ummm…Angel…. He had wanted to take things slow. but she was a goddess. Buffy held her breath in anticipation. “What do you want baby?” he asked as nipped and sucked on her inner thigh. putting one side of the panties on one foot. She looks so innocent. “No. and smiled at her blushing form. and he wanted to worship her body. Angelus smirked against her leg as he heard her moan. He slowly picked up one foot. As he brought the panties up he began giving her legs small kisses. revealing in her unique taste. He could smell her musky arousal that lay just inches away from his mouth.

my god Angel. “Angel…. He was determined not to waste a drop. she is so tight!] He rolled and lightly bit at her clit as he sucked at it. bound by fate…” he said as he kissed her hard and with passion. He quickly added a second finger. “Angelus. He pulled his fingers out as he moved up her body. you are right. Angelus suddenly stiffened as he realized they were. “You are so tight around my fingers. On the downstairs level there was a huge kitchen with marble countertops and mahogany cabinets.” Angelus said between kisses. . it is like we are bound together. Angel.each time felling her virginal barrier. Like our souls belong together…” Angelus smiled against her lips. I love you too. “Oh my god Angel. He liked his fingers seductively getting the last of her juice as she looked into his hooded eyes. all in the same deep mahogany color.” [There I finally said it. this place is amazing! It must have cost you a fortune to decorate this place. I am not going to take you here in the hospital while nursing staff stands around and watches. “God. It took them another 30 minutes to get Buffy dressed. He had a stainless steel oven with a matching refrigerator. It almost took her breathe away. She wanted nothing more than to make love to this man. Angelus bit down on her clit as he stroke her a couple more times. I can’t remember anything about myself or where I came from.] “Oh. Like I know you. but I feel this connection to you. She could feel his very hard arousal poking into her stomach and moaned again. as Angelus kissed every inch of her bruised and beautiful body. “I feel it too. As she moved throughout the house she noticed how each piece of furniture matched the next. The apartment was so elegant. [Oh god. baby you taste so good…. waiting for her to adjust before pumping in and out. please don’t stop…” Buffy begged without shame as her stomach coiled tightly. “I am sorry baby. But I just can’t help my self around you…I…” Angelus hesitated. I know it doesn’t make since. He could feel her muscles tense as she neared her orgasm. Buffy. I am sooo close. but yet manly at the same time. She came screaming his name as he greedily drank her sweat nectar. did you do it yourself?” Buffy asked still finding it hard to speak. we are bound together. imagine what my cock will feel like…” Angelus moaned out.lets go home…. “Oh. Buffy let out another moan and she felt her desire rush back. That was amaz…. “I love you.” Buffy was cut off as Angelus kissed her forcefully letting Buffy taste herself on him. Chapter 5: Leave Feedback Next Chapter Previous Chapter Buffy was speechless as she walked into the large two story building that was Angelus’ apartment.” Buffy tried to get out.

if we could stop getting interrupted every couple of minutes.” He kissed her forehead affectionately. is she moving in with you?” Spike said is disbelief. Once you are feeling better we will go shopping and you can pick out things that you like. he may have some information. a game room. “If you like the downstairs. just trying to get some alone time with my girl. and a workout room. understand? I will met you later for a drink and you can tell me the news then. Peaches what has your head in a ruffle?” Spike said in amusement. “Buffy. “Bloody hell mate. Me and Buffy just got back to my place actually..” Buffy simply nodded her head and began exploring her new environment trying to give Angelus some privacy. “Why is it so strange that she would staying here.” Angelus said smiling at her expression. I must say I am impressed! Lets finish the tour!” Buffy said excitedly as she clung next to Angelus’ side.“Yes I did decorate it myself. Darcy or Darla or something like that?” “Her name is Darla. “Possessive much mate? Well I have some information on your pet there.” “Wow. Angel…you don’t have to do that!” She turned her head searching for his lips. do you want me to come over and share the news? Or do you have plans to do other…more interesting things with your new toy?” Spike said starting to get semi aroused as he thought about all the things he would love to do with Buffy. Picked each piece of furniture out. and I mean no one. and you can have her. calm down. if you touch her I will break every bone in your hand. “I better get this it is Spike. I wasn’t thinkin’ nuttin’ about your bloody pet. you should go up those stairs. “Spike” Angelus said harshly into the phone. “Nurses keep poppin’ there nosey heads in there? Cause if you need me to…distract. “Oh. she is kinda psycho. I want you to know…” he paused “that I want to you stay here as long as you want. “Spike. I know you too well. besides me touches her. even if and when you find out who you are. I mean where is she going to go? Besides she is mine now so I might as well show where to get comfortable.” “Wait…she is at your place…Giles let her go? And.” Angelus said smirking through the phone. No one. “Jesse. Meet me in an hour . I will be more than happy.” Angelus said growling at his friend.. Just as the kiss began to deepen Angelus’ cell phone began chirping. What was the cute blonde one’s name. You will always have a place here. There is one large bedroom with a connecting bathroom. and what ever you want is yours. I believe in sparing no expense when it comes to my comfort. I don’t care if you are my friend. “Oh nothing.some of them birds for ya.” Angelus said frustrated. I spend most of my time up there. and decided where it went. what ever it is that you are thinking stop.

he just couldn’t get enough of her soft silk. She was in the bathroom looking at the biggest most decedent bathtub she had ever seen. Angelus smirked knowing what she was thinking. He moved her long blonde hair to the side and begin kissing and licking at the nape of her neck. Buffy just moaned at his words and the loss of contact.” Angelus yelled up the stairs. so wet for me…I could taste you forever…” Angelus purred out. She could feel her arousal building up again. After your bath I want you to crawl your nice…” he began kissing her neck again. because that was…] “umm…. I will be back before you know it. and then leave?] Angelus moaned out loud at the thought. “ the usually spot. I need to go meet someone. He began filling the large bathtub with warm water as he added oils and salts to make her bath more enjoyable. . He stood back briefly when he had rid her of all her clothes. [Oh god. “Don’t worry baby. He slowly and carefully took off her top and kissed her newly exposed skin. He was breath taken once again at how absolutely beautiful and perfect she was. “Um…you taste good.Buffy….” He kissed her pouting mouth. She let out a small-disappointed sigh when he lifted his body back up in front of her ignoring her dripping sex. “But… I don’t want you to leave…you could take a bath with me?” Buffy said in a husky voice [he is just gonna kiss all over me. “As much as I would love to get into that bath with you. and he was glad he did. because Buffy seemed rather pleased at the idea. bringing her back up against his torso. He kissed every inch of her skin as more and more was exposed. Buffy could help but hold her breath as he teased her skin. well she thought she had seen anyways. I am going to run a hot bath for you and put some nice vanilla oil in it. we will have plenty of time for that later. He had taken the sales lady’s advice on getting the bath products. “beautiful (kiss) naked (lick) wet (moan from Buffy) sexy (nibble) body into that big bed over there and wait for me to get home. I am up here!” Buffy yelled back. Angelus approached her from behind as he slipped his hands around her small waist. sucking and nibbling on her the extended bottom lip as he reached down to briefly play and tease her wet folds. I promise…” Angelus turned her around kissing her passionately on the mouth. He brought his hand up to his mouth and once again tasted the sample she had provided for him.. get me hot and bothered. [How does he do that!! Dammit!!] “I need to go out for a bit. He slowly unbuttoned her loose jeans and slipped them off her slender legs. Her face was flushed with desire and her eyes were hooded. You sound like you need a drink!” “Buffy…. I should be back in 2 hours or so.” Angelus finished as he sucked hard on the side of her neck leaving a mark. You need to relax and get some sleep.” Buffy moaned out loud at the thought. “Umm…Angel…” Buffy moaned as she leaned more fully onto him. is he going to kiss me down there again. he wasn’t sure where she had wondered off.

Angelus could feel her scortching heat soak through his jeans as she left a wet spot where she was rubbing her self. The damn thing had been perpetually hard since he had met Buffy.” Angelus said in a firm lust laced voice. god my dick hurts. “Buffy…baby…you need to stop that…oh god…” he barely squeaked out as she reached down to stroke his hard erection. but nice. He was tired. ignore the looks that the beautiful women were giving him as he passed by them. She could feel his hard arousal pressed in between her legs seeking her depths. giving Angelus her best. He had to sit in the car for 20 minutes willing his erection to subside. He closed the gap between them and gently grabbed her head bringing it up to his lips for a soft kiss. he had said enough with the kiss.” she said out loud as she let the silky fragrant water absorb into her skin. letting her know he was leaving. No words were needed as Angelus left Buffy alone in the tub. Now get that sexy ass of yours in this tub and relax. Buffy pressed her naked flesh against his clothed body and kissed him passionately. a wet . Buffy pouted as she slowly got into the tub. I need to leave.. He wanted nothing more that to loose himself as he buried his hard cock in her warm tight core. but we will continue this when I get home. “Baby. ‘please come into the bathtub with me so we can touch explore each other’s bodies’ look. I swear I am going to fuck her into oblivion. In one last attempt to get Angelus to stay. feeling uncomfortable at the intensity of his brown chocolate eyes. she could see how beautiful she was by looking at him devouring her body with just a look. he would feel so good inside of me…I need him…] Angelus moaned as he felt her blunt teeth close around his skin biting him. Buffy blushed even more at his words. He grabbed his keys and walked out the door trying to shift his painful appendage to a more comfortable position. [Oh god. don’t ever cover you body in front of me.. just by looking at you…tasting you…I need to leave now or I will never go. and I want to look at it. [If I don’t leave right now. He abruptly backed away leaving Buffy leaning dangerously forward in an attempt to follow his moving body. “No. besides the fact he could still taste her juices in his mouth. but still held her head in his hands staring into her lust filled eyes. She was rubbing her heat against his hard dick seeking some sort of relief. It is beautiful. By the time Angelus made it the Willy’s he was 30 minutes late. Buffy could faintly hear the closing of the door as she laid her head back to relax in the bath tub. [Where did he go?]. He slowly sauntered into the bar. sexually frustrated and he couldn’t stop thinking about a naked.a sexually frustrated heaven.” Angelus said as he put her arm back down to her side. Angelus kissed her hard as she laid delicately into the tub. and can you die from blue balls?].” Angelus said as he broke the kiss. “now this is heaven. baby you make me so hard. then continuing to nip and lick at his neck like he had done to her.Buffy blushed at his gaze and move her good arm to block her exposed body. “God.

he picked up another shot and downed it. please leave me alone.” She said as she grabbed is dick and began stroking it. “Peaches. Just as long as this isn’t some ploy to keep her here with you longer. right?” Spike had a feeling he knew what Angelus true intentions were.” she purred out and she stroked his chest. what ever you say. He had. because you should see the look on your face. “Hey mate. hum…]. I will tell her what she needs to know once I am sure she cant live with out me.] “All right. if it isn’t the great and all mighty Angelus O’Connor. And where Buffy is at is none of your fucking business. I need her and she will need me just as much.” Spike said giving his friend a curious look. that is a start. we ran the VIN number on the car. “You know you want me Angelus.” The blonde nurse from the hospital said.. Both men quickly downed their shots of whiskey pointing for a refill. “Get the fuck off me.” Angelus said as he downed his second shot. Yes. one being a shot of whiskey and two a good tumble in the sheets. I have one of my men checking into this Joyce character and seeing what it will turn up. is there a reason why you aren’t telling Buffy anything? I mean I personally really like the bird. well. “Now what news do you have for me. Spike was just sitting back at the bar trying not to laugh.’” He said mocking Spike. because you know she will find out sooner or later. “Mind your own business ‘mate. and it is registered to a Joyce Summers. lying in his bed. but they would not have quelled his desire. had several encounters with Darla and none of them ended well.” Angelus said mater of factly. lord know Bunny isn’t doing it.” Spike said in amusement. Besides I don’t want to get her hopes up if something doesn’t pan out. “lets go out side for a while…” she paused as her hand landed on his hard dick. “Well.” Angelus said annoyed. I see you dropped your trailer trash school girl. “Darla.” Spike said proud of himself. “It is none of your fucking business Spike. you need a woman who knows what you like. “Go fuck yourself Spike. and don’t tell me your virginal school girl is giving it up to you…please Angelus. well. but kinda sassy. it is bloody priceless! You look like you could use two things.” Angelus stood quickly and pushed Darla away from him. “let me take care of this for you. he could have fucked any of those women. We should have addresses and other personal information by tomorrow. “Well. [Darla is a bit crazy. . Ca.” Angelus said curtly ignoring the amused look on his friends face. I will tell her what she needs to know. her last know address was in Sunnydale.Buffy. and her name is Buffy!” he spat out harshly making the girl slightly quiver. “Ohh… I love it when you get rough with me. [Ya. but call on the cell phone and don’t tell Buffy anything unless I say so. because I am very anxious to get back home?” “Well. Let me know what else you find. and I think she has a right to know. what in the hell took you so long.

Her legs were slightly parted. she slapped him hard across the face before she walked out the bar through the back entrance. “I would never let a whore. he then gave Spike a slight wave and walked to his car. She slowly crawled onto the bed sinking as her body came in contact with the soft goose down feathers.” Spike said out loud as he once again took his seat at the bar. When Angelus slowly mounted the stairs as he tried to dispel his hatred for Darla.Angelus ripped her hand away harshly squeezing her wrist hard enough to bruise. so he could see her exposed mound. This only infuriated her more. Leeringly. and that alone. there was a very nude Buffy sound asleep lying in the middle of the bed. Buffy laid her damp towel on the back of one of the chairs that was in front of a vanity table. “I think she likes me. She immediately responded to his body next to hers and cuddled in deeper to his side. Angelus said you give one hell’ov’a bloody blow job. he could live off that. and that is sucking my cock…but now I don’t even think you are good enough for that. He had a gorgeous woman in his bed and he couldn’t wait to get back to her. “Wow…” Buffy said talking to herself again. Angelus slid his naked body enjoying the feel of the soft velvet against his skin as he snuggled closely to Buffy. The bed was covered what looked like a thick velvet feather blanket.” Buffy quickly dried off the best she could. “Umm…it smells like my Angel. She sighed happily and went back into a deep sleep. He pulled the covers back and carefully moved Buffy’s limp body under them. She smiled as she inhaled the clean scent of the towel. Buffy sighed as she laid her nude body in the center of the bed.” Spike said as he stroked her check. It was adorned with several big pillows. [God. Spike carefully approached her. She slowly and carefully got out the tub and used the fluffy towel Angelus had laid out for her. He left the soft smell of vanilla and the smooth plane of her skin pull .. “That bitch will pay!” Darla yelled out as she got up wiping the dirt from her short skirt. Her golden hair was laid out like a fan behind her. I want her.” He pushed her away knocking her the floor. “So pet. touch my dick ever again. You are only good at one thing. His heart melted as she sighed and snuggled closer to his arm. but I should let her sleep]. Angelus licked his lips as he thought about the sweet her honey was. why don’t we got out back and find out what you are made out of. Angelus’ thoughts were forgotten when he walked into the bedroom. she is so beautiful! She looks so peaceful. yawning as the last couple of days of restlessness caught up to her. he leaned down to whisper in her ear. Angelus striped off his bar infested clothes that smelled like Darla’s cheap perfume and crawled onto the bed. Angelus smiled at her unconsciousness and laid a hand protectively against her stomach rubbing small lazy circles on her smooth skin. [What is the hell was I thinking about that one? I could kill that bitch!!] He thought angrily. She walked into the bedroom and smiled even brighter as she saw the huge four-poster bed laying in the middle if the room. She let her self drift off to sleep as she was surrounded by Angelus’ scent. Buffy had soaked the tub letting the water sooth her wounds. like you.

//”Come on Buffy. Her car is missing and some of her things from her apartment are gone too. you know you want to. Things were tight. “No she is not here.” Riley hung up the phone quickly as he ran to the bathroom to throw up the contents of his stomach. Buffy wanted to wait until she was in love. her goldfish are dead. what do you mean a break? I thought you said you loved me? Is there someone else. I don’t want to have sex with you. “Riley have you been drinking? You smell like whisky..him into a deep sleep. “Riley! Your home…have you talked to Buffy?” Willow said frantically. now have you heard from Buffy. You wont give it up to me. “Baby. “It’s Willow. “Now who in the hell would call me at this hour?” “Hello…” He said groggily. and she certainly wasn’t in love with Riley. but in every dream something was missing. Her mother had just died a few months ago. He was caught off guard as the night of the accident came rushing back to him.. Each time the dream was a little different. and I said no. could it have been?] “Umm… Willow I have to go. She was a tease. “A break. is she there?” Willow said trying not cry. “I think we need a break Riley.” Riley said harshly. but please…. but she was dealing the best she could. “Slow down. but who was it? The young man sat up stiffly as he heard the phone ringing. I don’t where she went. but it doesn’t look she has been home in a while. sometimes the girl died and sometimes the girl crawled out only to beat him savagely. I have needs too…” Riley whined as he continued to adorn her neck with wet sloppy kisses. I was threw with her anyways.I said no! I am not ready and you know that!” Buffy said trying to push his hand away. but you will spread your legs for some stranger?” Riley said getting angrily. The young man tossed and turned in his small bed. [Buffy? No it could not have been Buffy in the car. [Oh if she wants a break I will give her a break!!]. He had been plagued with nightmares of the blonde mass of hair pressed against the window.” Riley said as he kissed her neck and slowy reached under her black skirt in his drunken haze.” Riley swallowed quietly. please have her call me. I bet that’s it. The last time she had seen her.” Buffy said softly. and in order to get money she had to sell there house and move into a small apartment. I could care less you know. “Serves you right for being dumped! Well if you hear from Buffy. They had been arguing about this for a month now. She just had too many things on her mind. and I have not heard from her since she dumped me. who is this?” Riley said trying to wake up.I am a man you know. It had been over three days since she had talked to her best friend. The car seemed so familiar and so did the mass of hair. “Riley. he glanced over at the clock. she had been with Riley. Willow smiled to herself. .” Buffy pause gathering her courage.

He woke up the next day in his bed with bruises all over his body. Lets give a couple of more days and if we don’t hear from her by then. “Get me out of here! Please!” As the man looked into the car. He stumbled into his Hummer and sped off into the rain in search of Buffy. He drove for an hour sipping off his bottle. Riley had been drinking all day so when he went to hit her he lost his balance and fell on his face. and Riley felt like he could pass out at any minute. “You whore!!” Riley yelled back as he went to hit her. She had a bad feeling about what had happened. but she felt fate pulling her to the busy city. tan skin and emerald eyes that made him fall in love with her at first site. I guess Buffy broke up with him and left. She saw a faint figure stagger to the window. and I will never love you!!” She screamed as she slapped him hard against the face. “Please someone help me!” Buffy yelled loudly as waves of pain racked her small frame. Buffy laughed at his drunken stupor and walked out of the house. “How dare she hit me!!” He yelled out loud. He got onto the lonely highway in search for her small car. “Riley. “No he hasn’t. “I will get her for this!” Riley grabbed the bottle of whiskey and quickly downed half of the bottle. Riley was having a hard time concentrating on driving. but they didn’t think she would just run away.” Willow said sadly. Riley got up slowly from the ground furious at Buffy’s behavior. The rain was only getting worse. He gave up and turned his big vehicle around heading back towards Sunnydale. It was not like Buffy to just run off with out calling. we will file a missing persons report. but I don’t like just sitting her waiting!” Xander said defeated. but being an only child she inherited all over mother’s belongings. did Riley know where she was?” Xander asked nervously. . “I guess your right. Willow turned to face her other best friend. “Don’t call me Riley Finn. Buffy realized she knew him. I don’t know where she could have gone. He had no idea where Buffy was or where to find her. its over!” Buffy got into her car. He got really quiet and then just hung up the phone. grabbed a few things and drove off towards LA. They all knew she was under a lot of stress with her mother’s death and work. something inside of her just snapped. Buffy didn’t feel like staying home so she went to her house. he was seeing two of everything and the rain was making it worse. oh God Riley please help me! I can’t move…” Buffy cried. The last thing that Riley remembered was the image of two small headlights staring him in the face. “Oh God please help me!!” She yelled to the stranger.Buffy couldn’t hold her angry in anymore. actually it was her mother’s car before she died. “Fuck you Riley! I never loved you. she had been putting up with Riley’s crap for far too long. “Help!! Help!!” she screamed in the empty battered car. Chapter 6: Leave Feedback Next Chapter Previous Chapter The hot twisted metal surrounded her and she couldn't move.// “Well Willow. Maybe she needs some time alone. He had always loved Buffy. there was just something about her blonde hair. She had no idea where she was going.

Baby wake up I am right here…” Angelus cooed into Buffy’s ear and he stroked her head trying to get her wake up gently. ”No Riley don’t. as he was determined her breasts had. He lights the bottle of whiskey he is holding in his hand and throws it at the car. until Buffy was whimpering with pain and pleasure..Please help me! Angelllll…” Buffy yelled tossing about on the big bed. promise” Buffy said trying not to hyperventilate. He alternated between breasts as he kissed. ummm that feels good… make me forget. He moved his mouth lower and his nipped at her toned stomach. ”Your Angel isn’t going to save you now!” Riley said as he staggered back to his beaten vehicle..” Buffy slowly sat up fully waking up from her dream staring into the eyes of her protector.” He tweaked her other nipple with his fingers as he rolled and pinched it. Angel. I am scared. Nothing is ever going to hurt you again. stopping to bath her bruises with love. “I will always be with you.” He moaned as he trailed kissed down her neck then on to her shoulders. you dirty whore” Riley yelled as he withdrew a lighter from his pocket. and he…” Buffy was sobbing so hard she could not finish her sentence. ”Hey baby.. She could feel his soft velvet hardness pressed against her leg. . [Oh my God. “It is on a nightmare baby. and there was someone else there. He dipped his soft tongue into her belly button smiling at her squeals.. And he.” Angelus cooed as he kissed her face and wiped her tears away. is that what I think it is?] Angelus couldn't restrain himself any longer as Buffy was moaning and whimpering as he began to kiss and caress her flesh. ”I promise baby” Angelus replied back with complete honesty as he gathered her in his strong arms. his name was Riley. testing its weight and firmness. had enough torture.. it is okay. “I was trapped in a car. ”Sush. ”Angellllll. She was lost of all conscious thought as she felt his smooth firm body pressed against hers. I promise.. promise me you will never leave. Angelus smirked against her flesh. She moaned as he took one of her hard pebbled nipples into his mouth and begun suckling from her. Buffy melted into his touch and maneuvered her body closer to his. sucked and pinched each one. “You will burn in hell you stupid bitch…” He said with vengeance as he looked into her scared eyes.” ”Angel…please hold me.” Buffy started crying tears streaming down her smooth face. Angel! Angel please help me!!” Buffy screamed as the car became engulfed into flames. its okay. ”Angelus. He brought one hand up to cup her small breast in his hand. Angelus was awakened by Buffy’s blood curdling screams. It was awful. no one can hurt you I promise. I am right here. “Angel oh god! I had the worst dream. He let his hands roam down her arms and sides and continued to kiss her body down to the valley of her breasts. “Umm…Buffy you smell so good…you are so responsive.. Please make it go away. is right here.”I am not helping you. heat lapping at her face and limbs.

kissing her tenderly to take away the pain she was feeling. Angelus knew what she wanted so he dropped his head and kissed lower. starting with her inner thighs. I know it hurts. avoiding the area that he knew needed the most attention. ”That’s a good girl. He knew the longer he tortured her.. "I want to feel your mouth and fingers in me.” Angelus said before he attacked her mound. making sure no inch of her sex was not being mauled by his onslaught. but was soon rewarded with a deep moan from Angelus.” Buffy said shyly as she blushed. “Sush baby.Buffy let her hands roam as much as she could. She tried moving her body to increase the pressure of his mouth. ”Angelusssss…ohgodangelus!!” Buffy felt like her insides were being ripped apart as all her nerve endings jumped and sizzled. She felt slightly uncomfortable about telling him what she wanted. Her whole body shook with pleasure as she finally blacked out dropping her body limply on the bed. Angelus gently guided a second finger into her as he continued to pump the first one curving his finger to hit her G-spot. but was forced back down on the bed as Angelus pressed down on her hips. He kissed and bit at her lips roughly as he moved his head back and forth quickly in an up and down pattern.” Buffy whined. Every time she got close to cumming he would back off and decrease the pressure making her rise and fall many times. The feelings were so intense she didn’t think she could take much more. so he added yet another finger in hopes of stretching her vaginal muscles to accommodate his size. where she needed it to be.” ”I want you to touch me. ”Angelus!! YES… Oh God that feels sooooo good. I need your tongue inside me. He slowly pumped his fingers into her depths a couple of more times.” He cooed against her mound. I am sooo close. He knew that making love to her was going to painful for her.” Angelus’ dick was rock hard as he lost himself in her soaking center. Buffy awoke slowly as Angelus kissed his way back up her body slowly letting her come down off her high. He inserted one finger into her as continued to torture her clit. think or talk. relax its okay. He could feel her whole body tense as she let out a yelp. Buffy almost leapt off the bed as Angelus tongue barely grazed the outer side of her lips. . ”Please what baby? What do you want? I want you to tell me what it is you want. the better her climax would be. the feelings just kept coming and coming in waves making it hard for her to breath. please baby let me cum.. ”Angelus…please it hurts. She brought her hand up to his hair and begun massaging the scalp pushing his head further down. Buffy yelped a little in pain as he added the third finger slightly tearing the hymen that protected her barrier. He couldn't believe how tight she was. ”Angel. and used his blunt teeth against her bud and she quickly came screaming as an intense orgasm over took her making her forget all about the pain she had just felt." Buffy hesitated before she continued. her inner muscles were clamping so hard on his fingers. please…” She was not beyond begging for what she wanted.

Angelus felt safe and protected. she was perfection. He knew that no mater was going on with the world. I will stop.” Buffy purred out as she saw the love and passion shining from his brown eyes. making her own eyes water slightly.” He had never felt anything like it before.. he could always seek sanction in her warm depths. “Angelus it hurts…¦stop. If the pain gets to be too wet. “Its okay baby. that cant be his… it is so big. He had to close his eyes tightly and will the sensation to pass. but she felt deep down in her soul it was right. but there is no way around it. “Angelus… that feels good…ohhhh… yes right there. For the first time in years. her inner walls were fluttering from her orgasms. not waiting for her reply. . after all they had not known each other long. It was only a matter of seconds before Buffy’s body relaxed and responded to his touch. He started off slow. Their tongues dueled and chased each other as Angelus began rubbing the velvet head of his penis against her wet heat coating it with her juices.. When she felt the pain subside Buffy slowly began moving her body letting Angelus know she was okay. Angelus stopped moving allowing her body to adjust to his large girth. he needed relief and quickly. Buffy’s whole body froze as she felt his hard dick slowly entering her. She was very nervous of making love to him.” Buffy let his hand soothe her as she forgot about his hard cock seeking entrance into her. Buffy screamed out in pain/pleasure as the two opposite sensations hit her once. I don’t think that is going to fit…” Angelus laughed slightly. He gently spread her legs farther apart as he adjusted his naked body in-between her thighs. ”Angelus…I love you too. I love you Buffy…let me make love to you?” Angelus said in-between kisses. “Oh god Buffy you are sooooo tight….” Buffy said in pain. “Angelus…um I think it’s too big. I don’t want to hurt you baby.” Angelus said as he kissed her again trying to reassure her. His dick was so hard he felt like he was going to pass out. “Angggggelus…” She screamed loudly. [Holy shit. but most importantly his soul felt complete. As Buffy’s body began to shake with her second orgasm. I assure you it will fit. she was home. He wanted to make this a pleasant experience for Buffy.Angelus almost came against her leg as he saw the passion and pleasure rise into body as she climax against his fingers and mouth.. it will only hurt more if I keep easing it in. ”You are so beautiful Buffy. It may hurt a little at first. She soon felt the familiar coil in her stomach signaling the beginnings of another orgasm. He greedily sucked up all of the juices that came pouring out of her body. Angelus almost came as her tight muscles squeezed him intensely. ”Oh God Buffy I love you soooo much…” He said before he crushed his lips to hers. and back in as her fresh cum coated his member.. Angelus reached down in-between them and began rubbing her sensitive clit gently. but I promise I will make up for it. she was ashamed that she could not give him this one pleasure. I need to break your hymen. He slowly put the very tip into her entrance and rocked his body against hers.. She was heaven. Before she could come down from her second climax she came again as the head of his penis came into contact with her womb. gently moving all the way out of her. that is never going to fit in there!!!] Buffy broke the kiss hesitantly. Angelus dove his body into her heat ripping through her virginal barrier quickly.

He realized from her labored breathing that he was probably crushing her. He moved ever so slowly inside of her.. just how he felt. I feel connected to you. her body milking each drop. not until you…you are perfect. they had found there soul mates. He could feel her tight muscles gripping and pulling his dick farther into her depths. he could never leave her. ********************************************************************************** **************** . telling her in his own way that he too felt the same way.. He wanted to make love to her for hours. “Angelus that was amazing. Buffy pulled back slightly and smirked at him. Buffy moaned and wiggled her body in time with his thrusts thankful for his faster pace. Angelus smiled lazily at her as he tried to recover from his own climax. Angelus had no concept of time as he rhythmically moved with her. He left the feelings and sounds of her precious body lull him into oblivion. he knew that her body still hurt from the accident. It was Buffy who found her voice first.” He said simply. Minute’s passes as each other just stared at the ceiling. He reluctantly removed his penis from her. too spent to move. “Again????”She asked giggling as he mounted her once more kissing her with passion. It was not long before Buffy felt him stiffen against her leg. worshiping and loving her body as he kissed her gently still gazing into her beautiful face. Angelus said nothing as he kissed her once more..promise me again that what ever happens you wont leave me. You complete me. She was overwhelmed with love and tenderness that he was showing her with his body. especially after this morning. “I have never experienced anything like that before. They screamed out each others names as his seed shot deep within her womb. He increased the pace of his thrusting trying to be careful not to pump into her too hard. binding them together for eternity. both moaning at the loss. creating friction. trying to cope and understand the intense moment they had just shared. It wasn't long before Angelus felt his balls clench as his orgasm approached. I love you so much. As they looked deeply into each others eyes they could see the bond they shared. ”God.” He whispered as he moved within her kissing her mouth and face that stupid?" Buffy asked getting embarrassed at her declaration. ”I love you too…” Buffy whispered back as a single tear feel out of her eye. Angelus O'Connor made love for the first time in his life. there souls were bond together. He planned on showing her many more times. the emotions were almost too much for him. Angelus collapsed on her side as he remained limply inside of her. ”I love you Angelus. They made love three more times that morning until both Angelus and Buffy each fell asleep to exhausted move. I need you.The world seemed to stop spinning as the their souls connected and merged as one. She was apart of him now. the feelings were so intense she didn’t know if she could absorb it all.” She said as she turned to look into his eyes. but there were too many new sensations and emotions overtaking him. “I love you Buffy.. Buffy began pumping her lower body in time with his. He reached down to manipulate her clit as they climaxed in sequence.” Angelus said lovingly and honestly as he tucked her sweat-laced hair behind her small ears.

“Well.” Spike laughed out loud at her last comment.] Buffy smiled brightly as she answered the offending sound before it woke Angelus up. [Are they sleeping in the same bed? Did she just call him baby? Did Angelus say they made love…four times!! Bloody hell!! He is going to do it again??].” Buffy said in a horse. as she admired the smooth planes of his muscles.Buffy awoke several hours later as she heard the familiar chirping of Angelus’ cell phone. Angelus reluctantly pried his face off her delicate skin as he reached for the phone. it sounds like you and the bird were quite busy last night. Spike could barely hear the conversation that Angelus and Buffy were having. “Aggggain baby? We already made love four times…you want morrrrre?” He said as he kissed around her stomach. and I don’t even think I am going to be able to walk today.. Do you feel better now Peaches?” ”Much.” Buffy lightly shook his head. “How are you. He smiled embarrassed as he looked at the small puddle of drool that lay just to the side of her belly button. drooling lightly on her skin. “No way! Spike is on the phone. hello pet. now is there reason why you are interrupting? I was trying to sleep.” Spike said smiling through the phone. because I really didn't get a lot of it this morning. is Angelus there?" Spike said. [He is so beautiful. [she sounds like she has been screaming all night. it had been a long time since she had heard from him. he did not have much more news for the couple. he was determined to please her any time she desired him. but cheery voice. let me wake him up. well. She looked down and smiled as she saw Angelus laying on the lower half her body. The sheets had fallen to the floor at sometime during there love making.. Buffy just giggled and hit him the arm.] ”Hi Spike!!!” Buffy said excited.. ”Ya he is sleeping hold on. but he still wanted to check in.. well knowing Angelus she probably was. it is lovely to hear your voice. beside I am way to sore. when do I get to see you??” Buffy asked as she began playing with Angelus hair absent-mindedly. ”Ya Spike what’s up…” Angelus said groggily as he took the phone. maybe we could get together for lunch today. all her screaming taking a toll on her vocal cords. ”Well. Buffy giggled at his kisses and assumptions. Angelus barely stirred. someone kept me UP all morning.. ”Well.. "Hey you started it mister!" "I just wanted to make sure you made it home last night." Angelus said winking as he emphasized the word ‘UP’. with his head rested on her stomach. So how was the pet? And did you tell her the news I gave you last night?" Spike asked as he tried not to imagine a very naked Buffy tangled in . “Baby wake up…Angel wake up” Buffy said lovingly as she stroked his head and arms. Spike was still laughing. ”Hello and good morning. He was sound asleep. Angelus was pretty pissed when he left the bar last night.

Angelus sat back on the bed bringing his large arms to rest under his head. She was feeling so much better. “Angelus…. and it was making it next to impossible for Angelus to resist taking her in his mouth.. Truth was he and Faith had talked all night. She would walk around the house in a robe or in one of Angel’s shirts. call me later when you stop fuckin' the poor girl. I will call later. Her juices were shining in the light. She stretched her arm and legs out slowly.” Angelus said as he winked at Buffy again.. He had been staring at Buffy’s nude form for almost a week and half solid. I mean its not too late to call them and tell them we have other plans…” Angelus said as he drew small circles suggestively on her lower abdomen. It had been a week since there lunch with Spike. "Ya. remember Faith? She is looking more fuckable then ever." Spike said laughing. her should or her ribs. he was going to need the details later. Yesterday Faith helped me pick out the perfect outfit. hardly hurt anymore. Angelus couldn’t believe how quickly Buffy was healing." Angelus said as he began soothing her sore core with his tongue.. Angelus didn't even bother saying good-bye as he hung up his phone and threw it across the room. Spike could hear her giggling again in the background. I mean she does have to walk mate. After you left last night I ran into an ol' friend. and secondly we really didn't talk much last night. She gave her hips an extra sway for his benefit.. Buffy and Faith had hit it off famously. but now she felt liberated..” Buffy said as she slowly crawled out from under Angel’s arm and got out of bed. lets see. if I cant make you feel any better. Buffy had been modest with her body in the beginning. "All right then bloke.Angelus arms and legs." Angelus trailed off as she stroked Buffys swollen over sensitive bud. I'd love to see her again. "Right then! I am just gonna' get goin'. "Oh God. ”First off none of your business WIlliam. Faith and Spike are going to be here in an hour. and it still amazed him how this one tiny girl could be made that perfect. Chapter 7: Leave Feedback Next Chapter Previous Chapter “Baby…we should get up.she wants to see you again. “Don’t get any idea’s Angel…I have been looking forward to going out all week. At her last appointment Giles was amazed.. and the four made plans to go the new bar that had just opened on the outskirts of LA. . stop staring…you are getting that look in your eye… stop smirking…” Buffy said playfully as she walked away giving Angelus a nice view of her pert ass. there are some things that are needing my attention right now." Spike said trying to sound nonchalant. not again... he didn’t have an explanation as to her rapid healing.. She no longer needed the brace for her shoulder. Spike was starting to have feelings for her. But it all depends how Buffy is feeling later. and the bruises on her ribs were almost gone. Angelus licked his lips and continued to stare.” She giggled. do you want to meet for lunch later. "Well. but now she preferred to be in the buff.

Angelus sighed as his beauty and glanced down disappointed at his large erection. but was stopped as he ran into the side of the door jam. “besides you haven’t gone out since Buffy left. he wants to see you. and Angelus just smirked to himself. bending his long torso down to kiss her full red lips. The combination of red and black made his skin look even paler then it already was. and promised to get them in. “Maybe later…” He pulled the silk sheets off of his body enjoying the feel of the smooth texture against his bare skin. There was a long line that had formed around the club. He padded slowly towards the open bathroom door was Buffy was warming the shower. “I am okay. and his large package. He had heard about this new club opening up right out side of LA. “Oww!!!” Willow gave a slight chuckle at her friend’s antics and went up the stairs to change. Tonight was about Buffy. He brought her small body close to his chest. and her alone. I will come back here in an hour to pick up…so be ready. “Come on Will. and he finally wore down on her patience. Everyone who was waiting stopped their conversations to stare at the long black limo that pulled up in front of the club. curled tightly at the ends. Xander had been trying to persuade her all week. Oz said he could get us in. it will be fun…Oz is playing there tonight” Xander wiggled his eyebrows at her. I am just saying Oz is a good man.” Xander yelled out. The club was packed and in full swing as the two couples arrived. There were a few choice cat calls yelled out from some of the braver girls.” Xander yelled after. Buffy’s long hair was left down. it was good to see her smile. “I don’t know Xander. don’t worry about me…the bleeding will stop.” Willow counter debated. And there will be no Oz/Willow groping so get that thought out of your head Xander Harris!” Willow gave up. His dark hair was perfectly manicured into several short spikes. I mean what if Buffy comes home or calls?? Don’t you think we should be here for her. it reminded him of Buffy. alright. “Alright. The kiss ended a few minutes later with Angelus teeth slowly nibbling at her swollen bottom lip. The mouths of almost all the female onlookers dropped open as Angelus stepped out from the limo as if he alone owed the world. She looked absolutely . Most of the girls were quickly quieted as Buffy was pulled gracefully out of the car by Angelus strong arms. He tried to run dramitcally out of the house. None of these others girls were even in the same class. but I am bringing the cell phone. to support her? Besides me and Oz broke up a long time ago…I don’t like him like that.” Xander said trying to persuade her to go. He was wearing a pair of tight leather pants that showed every curve of both his tight ass. Oz had gotten a gig there. On the top half he was wearing a blood red silk button shirt. “Alright. and leaving the number on the answering machine. She got slight butterflies in her stomach at the thought of seeing Oz again. covered partially by his long black duster. “We can’t sit around here for the rest of our lives…now we are going.” Xander smiled a goofy grin. As she walked the curls would brush seductively against the bare skin on her back giving her goose bumps.

I mean. nuzzling her neck possessively.” Xander agreed as he started telling Willow jokes to make her laugh. and she was wearing a silver haltertop. I have a constant hard-on since we left the house. I mean I have known her 8 years!] Willow thought as she stared at the two girls grinding themselves together on the dance floor. It was another 45 minutes before Xander and Willow got into the club. “I guess you are right. “Alright luv. but from the appreciative looks she was getting from all of the males. There had been some mix up at the front. “Faith…Spike we are here. and just sat back to watch the show their girls were putting on. it is dark out here. Besides look at the way that hunk is hanging and putting his hands all over her. “Its nothing. Spike just watched the show with an amused look on his face. Buffy would never be caught dead in anything like that.gorgeous. Just as he would go to get up. and judging by the looks on those guys face they do too. “Angelus what is wrong with you…” Buffy said as he kissed him lightly one more time. Her leather pants were some how tighter than Angel’s. Angelus quickly scanned the crowd glairing at anyone who dared challenge him as he brought Buffy protectively to his side. I just knew I shouldn’t have let you out of the house like that. she could kick . Faith could take care of her self. I mean I wouldn’t complain. Will. but Buffy is kind of a prude…I mean would the Buffy Summer’s we know and love walk around shoving her tongue down some guys throat…please!” Willow rambled on. Willow was wigged out by what Xander had said. “Are you kidding me Xander. so they ended up having to wait in line. “Gees. Buffy and Angel just laughed and enjoyed there own time together. “Hey Will…don’t you think that girl kinda looks like Buffy…” Xander said nudging Willows arm. Spike you could at least let me re-tie my shirt…” Faith said as she smiled wickedly. When Buffy had emerged with Faith from the bedroom. They had been making out and groping the whole 30-minute drive to the club. [I guess it kind of did look like Buffy. Angelus regretted his decision immediately. Angelus almost intervened many times as various guys tried to rub themselves against them. and that girl is barely even wearing a shirt. calm your panties… we are coming. From the back she didn’t even look like she was wearing a shirt at all. The only thing hold the scrap of clothing against her body was two thin strings that tied in the middle of her back. Spike and Angelus had taken a break. then another thin string around her neck. but she would never act or dress like that.” Angelus said releasing the death grip he had on her waste. that girl is way to hot and I do mean in a naughty way…maybe it’s the hair that reminds me of her. The bouncer didn’t even look twice as the foursome strolled into the club each couple hanging and kissing all over each other. Faith would say some witty remark or put some loser in his place. I mean those pants are way too tight. which exposed her midriff almost completely.” Spike said reluctantly as he dragged Faith ungracefully out of the limo. It took a lot of persuasion and more promises for Angelus to let her go. You can stop humping each other…” Buffy called into the limo. Angelus almost made her go back in and change.

Buffy could see Spike and Faith from the corner of her eye.any guys’ ass twice her size. So your pet huh? You and Faith seem cozy…” Angelus smiled at his friend. “Now I am gonna go rub my dick against my girls fine ass…are you comin’?” Spike asked. you would think Peaches over there is a bloody sick school boy. “Are they always this bad. wraping her arm around his neck. “Angelus stop your bloody broodin’. I am just watching her…. I just don’t know how to bring up. I need some frothy nectar or something. He moved her long hair away from her nape of her neck as Buffy sigh contently. Angelus kissed her quickly before making his way through the crowed club towards the bar. As soon as he put his hands on her.. “I love you baby…you know that right?” Angelus whispered into her ear. but you need to tell her soon…you cant keep her here forever. I…I don’t know if I can back into the darkness William…” Angelus said his mood shifting. and she started to blush… “And they always that bad?” Buffy smiled thinking that was something Faith would probably say about her and Angel. . my pet wouldn’t let anything happen to her. ”I am afraid so Pet…you should hear them on the phone…it is bloody pathetic. How can I tell her Mother is dead?” Angelus leaned his chair back giving Buffy a sideways glance. she is the light in my life. she will remember one day…” Spike said as he got up from the table. They stood there on the dance floor for minutes just staring into each other’s eyes. Buffy turned her body around as the beat of the music slowed. that is all. “I am not brooding. “We are getting along right as rain peaches.. Angelus approached swiftly and silently behind Buffy. “Angel do you think you could get me a drink…my throat is so dry…” “Well.” Spike said as looked at the worry lines that were etched into Angelus square face. She reached up on the tip of her toes to give him a passionate kiss. she could tell who it was. if you are thirsty…you could suck on my…” “Angel!! Not that kind of thirsty. Everyday she gets a little bit brighter. Angelus nodded and followed his thin friend. “I mean just look at the smile on her face. How are you and the bird? Have you told her anything about her past yet?” “Its none of your business William what I have or haven’t told her. He put his large hands on her slim waste and brought her roughly against his chest. “Peaches…don’t go get tin’ all emotional on me mate. “But enough about them…” “Ooooh…so you want it rough do ya…” Faith purred as she reached between them to feel Spike’s hard dick.” Buffy hit him playfully on the arm.” Faith said as leaned her head on Spike’s firm chest.. “Ummm…Baby you better stop that…” Angelus said as he released his hold on her.” Spike said as pushed Faith aggressively against the nearest pole. showing him how much she loved him. Without her.

Willow just stood and watched the whole scenario play out around her. but do I know you guys?” Buffy asked as she took a step closer into Angelus arms. Willow to Buffy and Xander. He appeared suddenly behind Buffys shoulder giving Xander the most vicious look he could muster. Buffy to Angelus and the strangers. One minute his was hugging on to Buffy for dear life. Angelus had gotten half way through the crowd when her heard a whiney voice yell Buffy’s name. “and Willow. “Um. . “Buffy.I don’t mean to be rude or anything. willing the nausea to pass quickly. pain radiating off of his face in waves. “Buffy.Xander had been keeping a close eye on the girl who he thought was Buffy.. Xander was right it was Buffy. Then the next minute he was flat on his back. Xander had always had a crush on Buffy. He had memorized every look or emotion that played across her face. she would stand up for Xander. She wanted to hug her. she was in too much shock to speak. its me. Xander was running through the crowd. Him and Willow exchanged surprised glances before he spoke. and ewww…he is drooling on me. Willow mentally shook her self as she ran towards Xander’s side. As the night went on.” he points to Willow. who looked to be in his early 20’s. “Buffy…oh my god Buffy its really you!!” Xander yelled as he grabbed Buffy in a tight embrace. [How is the hell does he know my name. Angelus stormed through the stampede of people. Xander had been going on and on all night about this girl that he knew was Buffy. thanking the gods she was alive. It was Willow who spoke first. when she was attacked by a thin man. Buffy had been standing there staring absently out into space. the way she blushed. Before Willow knew it. He turned around just in time to see some punk kid pawing and hugging all over his girl. Xander. Xander slowly got up from the floor. and who is that guy?” Xander asked as he took a frightened step behind Willow. I am telling you I know my best friend and that is not her!” Willow yelled. There was a huge crowd gathering around the scene. but she was weary of the older man. ANGEL HELP!! Owww. pushing people roughly to the side. my shoulder!!]. She looked up angrily to the tall man standing over Xander’s form. and Xander to Willow then Buffy. how she laughed and or smiled. that god you are alright! I missed you… we missed you so much!” She said smiling. We have been your best friends for the past 9 years! What is going on with you! Why are dressed like that. “Don’t you ever fucking touch my girl again Boy!” Angelus growled lowly. When Xander saw the large man walk away he took this as his chance. He was yelling her name and squeezing her so tight she could barely breathe. lets get a closer look…” “Xander you are crazy. Xander didn’t even know what hit him. Angelus down at the boy and back to his love. Willow looked to Buffy for help. “Come on Will. It was a few seconds that passed that all four just looked at each other in bewilderment. It was the little things that she did. I really thinks it her. he became surer with each passing moment that it was her.

23 years of memories came rushing at her all once. Her mind was clouded with thousands of thoughts, pictures, and emotions. She took one last look at Willow and Xander before she fell backwards, fainting. It was all just too much for her. Angelus moved with inhuman speed to catch her before her limp body hit the floor. “Baby…wake up…please baby you need to wake up…” Angelus cooed softly into her hair. “Someone call an ambulance!!” He yelled fell to the ground beside her. He cradled her unconscious form closely to his chest as he peppered light loving kisses all over her face. “Please baby…you cant leave me…wake up…” He whispered to himself. Chapter 8: Leave Feedback Next Chapter Previous Chapter

The temped ocean water lapped greedily at her delicate feet as she walked down the deserted shoreline. She smiled brightly as the millions of coarse tiny pebbles that made up the sand rushed at her feet, tickling them. She had no idea where she was, but she felt completely safe and comforted by the sound of the crashing waves all around her. There was something else too, she couldn't describe it, it was like small voices in the wind whispering to her. "Where am I?" She asked her self, not talking to any one in particular. "You used to love to come here. I can't believe how much you have changed..." Joyce said lovingly as she smiled at her daughter. She was much thinner, more troubled. The warm sun basked her entire body, making her skin glow and radiate. There was a slight breeze in the air, which made her hair dance playfully in the wind. Her slim body was outlined by her sundress, as it pulled taut against her. Buffy looked around curiously, just a moment ago she was alone, "Mom, is that you?" she said blinking her eyes in disbelief. "Yes, Buffy its me..." "But, how...I don't understand? I thought you were...dead..." Buffy said sadly, a single tear running down her warm skin as she embraced her mother in a tight hug. "Don't cry sweetheart. I am don’t need to worry about me. This is a were calling to me. You needed me to come, so I am here." "I miss you mom, so much has happened...I don't know where to start." "Its okay, I know everything that has happened...what will happen..." "I don't understand Giles, it's been two days! Why hasn't she woken up yet??" Angelus said exhaustedly. He had sat by her bedside since she was rushed to the hospital. "She is in some sort of a coma...physically she is fine, but her is somewhere else..." Giles tried to explain. "We have no way of knowing what brought this on, maybe it has something to do with her rapid heeling? We are running blood tests, looking for anything abnormal. You should go home and try to get some rest, Willow is with her now." "I am not leaving her side, what if she wakes up…and I am not there. I made a promise to her, I will not leave her." Angelus said he walked back into the room.

"Buffy…please wake up…do you know hard it has been in the last couple of weeks? I need my best friend..." Willow said through tears as she stroked Buffy's limp hand. Willow smiled as a peaceful look crossed Buffy's face. "Its okay Willow...she'll wake up soon." Angelus said as he put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently. In the two days that Buffy had been in the hospital the two had become friends, neither one refusing to leave Buffy's side. Angelus and Xander learned to tolerated each other, but only through Willow's expert mediation skills. Angelus had come close several times to strangling the boy. "Willow, why don't you and Xander go back to my apartment, take a shower and get some rest. I will call if anything changes..." Xander strolled into the room carrying food for the inhabitants. "We aren't leaving Buffy alone with a psycho like you!" He shouted, still angry for being hit. He didn't trust the older man. Angelus was at the edge of his patience, no sleep, Xander's whining, and nurses throwing themselves at him. He didn't know how much more he could take. "Well, this psycho happens to lover her more than anything in this pathetic world. I have taken care of her since the accident, Hell! I saved her life, so if you don't shut your mouth in the next second, Willow won't be able to protect your sorry ass!" Angelus yelled loudly as he approached him fist and jaw clenched. "Angelus, calm down...the yelling isn't good for Buffy. Me and Xander will take you up on your offer. Thank you, that is very kind of you." She stands to leave letting go of Buffy's hand. "I will see you soon Buffy. Come on Xander lets go..." Xander shot Willow a wounded look, "But Willow, we can't just leave her here..." "Xander come on, we are leaving." Angelus' smirked at Xander, happy in getting his way. The two left quickly, leaving Angelus and his love alone. Angelus took the seat next to Buffy, taking her small hand in his. "I know this isn't the right time, but I wanted to give you something...a sign of my devotion to you...Buffy I need you here, in my life. Please come back to me..." Moisture pooled in his dark distraught eyes. Angelus brought a small box out of his pocket. It was a surprise he had originally planned on giving to her, the night at the club. He pulls the small intricate ring out of the box, and gently slips it onto her finger. "In Irish custom, they exchanged rings, like this, as a sign of devotion. Its called a claddagh ring. The hands represent friendship, the crown represents loyalty, and the heart represents love. I put it on with the heart pointing towards means you belong to someone..." Angelus pauses as he looks at his own hand. "See I changed mine to do the same. Buffy I need you, please come back to me..." Angelus was interrupted when the door slowly opened. "Angelus, do you have a moment. Um...we have found something through Buffy's blood test. I have

a couple of questions for you..." Giles hesitated. He hated to interrupt such and intimate moment, but this couldn't wait. Angelus' body shot straight up, [Oh god, please nothing bad...] "What, what is it....what's wrong with her?" "I don't know how to put this, so I will just come right out and ask...we you and Buffy intimate, with each...other?" Giles took his glasses off and clean them rigorously to avoid looking at Angelus. "Yes we were, but what does that have to do with her situation..." Angelus shot out, not understanding his point. "Well, according to Buffy's blood test, she's...well she is pregnant and only about a week to a week and half along." "But that is know I can't have were the one who treated me after my accident, you were the one to tell me...I don't understand." Angelus said his face draining of all color. "Well, you are sure was a virgin, correct? I mean is it possible it someone else's?" Angelus' rage flared at the statement..."Well of course she was a virgin! I should know, it was me who she was clenching on to, as I ripped through her...I still have the goddamn scratches to prove it!" Angelus said clenching his jaw. Just the thoughts of any other man touching his mate aggravated him to no end. Giles blushed as he got a picture in his mind of what Angelus was describing, "Calm down Angelus, I am just trying to get all the facts. Miracles do happen you know Angelus. I want to run some test on you...see if your condition has changed any." Angelus quickly shifted his mood from anger to deep concern as worry lines creased his forehead, "Is the baby...our baby..." Angelus reached out to feel Buffy's flat abdomen, trying to imagine his child growing inside of her, "okay? I mean with Buffy being in a coma..." "Everything should be fine, but we'll need to run more tests to be sure...I will be back in an hour." Giles said compassionately. He couldn't believe the test results when he saw them. When he had asked for tests to be run, he did not expect them to run a pregnancy test. When Giles left the room, Angelus laid on the bed with Buffy. He brought his head gently down her stomach and fell into a peaceful sleep... ************************************************************************ "I love him mom, but I don't know how he can fit into my life. Things were so much simpler when I couldn't remember anything..." "What was simpler love..." Angelus said as he walks towards her. Buffy shook her head slightly, "Mom, mom where did you go?" Buffy asked not knowing what to expect next. People appearing and disappearing was wigging her out. "She wanted me to tell you goodbye. She had to go...but she said she would visit soon." Angelus said as he wrapped his arms around her slender waste. "What are you doing here?" She asked as she kissed his plump lips softly happy to see him. She

." Buffy said." Buffy said as she stared at the ring with astonishment.I love you... He swiftly moved her panties to the side. I am not ready to go back.its beautiful... pleading with him.... I don't know how.symbolizes friendship. He removed his hand carefully away from her stomach and brought it up to cup her face. I need you.. "I already explained everything to you..its a ring. "Yes.. making love to her body." was the last thing Angelus said as he woke up in a sweat. They made love over and over again rolling around in the sand.. devotion and love.." She said stubbornly. Giles had come an hour ago to run some tests.I need you inside of me.. She moaned as he licked and sucked the honey that was flowing out of her... He began slowly moving inside of her..please make love to me. letting the gentle ocean water wash over their sweaty bodies. we Buffy.. letting all the cares of real life drift away.." Buffy asked not quite understanding his gesture. This is my dream." Angelus asked him self-out loud as he rubbed his sore body... releasing pressure on her lower body. ignoring the kink in his neck.your giving me the child I could never have... He didn't have the heart to wake him..I need you so bad."Angelus what is this. but he is being driven by an insane need to be in her.that feels so good... her flesh being exposed to him. Tears of happiness were running down both of their faces as Angelus gently lowered her to the ground.." Angelus says in-between nibbles and bites. Buffy is panting and mewling around in the sand. "Baby. he reached down blindly to free his cant stay here for ever... "Buffy.brought her hand up to thread her fingers through his hair when a small glint of metal caught her eye.but your and me. She brought her hand in for closer inspection. Angelus shot upright.... [Her dream. but Spike had shoved him away explaining Angelus' desperate need for rest. Angelus was inside of her hot depths in an instant. you need to wake up..... Angelus rubbed his hand from the calf of her leg. we will get through everything together.I need to know you love me... "We. its my dream dammit!] "Its okay." Angelus said as he brought her delicate hand to his mouth. and I meant it... .. "Please Buffy come back with me. I will wake up when I want. we need you.. so he stood guard outside of the room." "But. "Damn how long was I dreaming.... "You have been sleepin' for about two hours mate. He kissed her passionately." Angelus said as he smiled brightly. as he watched her face contort in pleasure. He kissed her tenderly and let his lips linger against her warm's just too much for me. He pulled his body slightly off of her. He had gotten there right before Angelus feel asleep.need me as bad as I need you. I promised you I wouldn't leave you alone. bringing it all the way up to the apex of her thighs. He wanted to show each inch of her skin the love and devotion her felt for her. "Oh god.." Spike said as he pushed himself out of the shadows that the setting sun created. He stared lovingly into her big green eyes. I don't know how to deal with everything." Angelus said as he laid a hand protectively on her lower stomach.

Spike was going to find out sooner or later... Thing had been so much easier and safer in the dream world she was living in. He was ecstatic about her pregnancy... lets get some air outside.. "Let me get Red in here. She sat up tiredly and moved her legs over the bedside." He said as he slumped against the chair. her corneas burning with pain. Chapter 9: Leave Feedback Next Chapter Previous Chapter Buffy's eyes fluttered open softly as she reluctantly regained her unwanted consciousness. A chill ran up her legs at the first contact of the cold linoleum against her skin.Buffy grabbed at her throbbing head and sighed heavily.. A thick wave of dizziness rushed her. as she looked around the small white room for her clothing. We have some stuff to talk about. moaning at the soreness of her muscles. So how she is?" Angelus hesitated. "How long have I been in that damn bed?" She asked herself." Spike began choking on the saliva that had gathered in his throat. and I was her first. where was everyone? She pulled the IV from her hand. She took a small step. causing her thin legs to wobble unsteadily as she stumbled forward. "Ya she is.she's only a week along... ************************************************************************ Angelus walked slowly down the empty white corridor wandering in no particular direction.. "Willow is back?" Angelus asked ignoring Spikes question. as she thought back to her last conscious moment. It took her a few moments to get her bearings in order. It was at the club. Angelus rose on unsteady feet as he followed his best friend out the door. wanted to make sure you got some decent rest. As her emerald eyes peered open. She was alone and confused. It . the fluorescent lights surrounding her hospital bed harshly assaulted them.. Her eyes blinked open.. slowly lowering her bare feet to the floor.she is pregnant with my child. you and me. wincing at the slight pain. He found that between the hours of 2 and 3 am he could pace out here peacefully without interruption. her and that bloody Xander kid." Spike said as he opened the door expectantly. "What. That is a nice shiner you gave him. She brought one hand slowly up to cover her eyes. She shut them quickly."Have you been standing there the whole time?" Angelus asked rubbing the sleep out of his tired eyes as he slowly dislodged himself from Buffy. her body unable to keep sleeping. So how is the bird?" Spike asked his voice full with concern.that's just not possible mate. "Ya. Her unused reflexes quickly kicked in as she gripped at the side of the bed regaining her balance. protecting them cant have kids. "She's.well. She waited a few moments letting her blood pump regularly through her veins. Me and red out there were taking turns making sure no one came in here. he just hoped Buffy would be as happy.. Slowly letting her eyes adjust to the bright lights she looked curiously around the empty room. easing the sway of her head...are you sure it ain't someone else's?" "Ya I am sure.

. Angelus sighed impatiently. as she knelt in front of him.was the only time he ever left her side. more to himself than to the blonde kneeling in front of him.just put the tip in your mouth and suck. She slowly relaxed her mouth. She stopped eye level with his hardening erection. Angelus shut his eyes tightly in guilt." He whispered. Angelus moaned deep in his throat as she sped up her pace. "Dammit Darla. Angelus' thoughts strayed back to a time." He coaxed. he knew it only just a matter of time before he would say fuck it and lose himself in another warm body. "Darla.I don't want you. causing unnatural lines of worry and regret to upset his handsome features. "I think I can do something to calm your nerves baby... Xander and Spike back to his house a couple of days ago. as he threw her arms off of him... now leave me the fuck alone!" He yelled in anger. She seemed peaceful and happy. sliding slowly down his body. He was caught in a vicious circle of guilt. // "I am afraid Angel. He would often wonder what she was thinking and dreaming about. "Baby.. She slowly reached out for his zipper. Darla didn't miss a beat as she shoved his back against the wall. listening and following every direction he . Her face would move and shift lighting up with different emotions. as she knelt on the floor in front of him. He had been sitting by Buffy's bed. He wasn't so much mad at her..its okay I will guide you. but the undertone of hesitation was laced tightly with every word he spoke. as he was with himself. Thoughts of betrayal raced maddeningly through his jumbled mind. please need to go. She would not get turned down again. and there was nothing that could keep him occupied long enough to keep his tired mind off of her. what if my teeth get in the way?" Buffy asked innocently.. in a stance of defiance staring at his sad handsome features.. Angelus sighed contentedly as her tongue swirled over each part of his skin. the mother of my child. He was tempted yes.. [How could I even think about doing that to Buffy.. If it happened to be Darla then so be it.." Angelus said softly.its too big to fit in my mouth.. as he pushed her head down towards his dick.. letting the smoothness of his shaft glide into her mouth. Angelus purred with pleasure. "Don't. He had sent Willow. If Buffy didn't wake up soon. His eyes were closed tightly. His resolve was weakening with each passing moment. almost content to stay in her own world. making his empty stomach churn with pain. to get some much needed rest.. looking up at his face. He missed Buffy terribly.I told you I wasn't interested..I am such a fucking bastard!] Darla stood arms across her chest... day and night for the past 6 long days waiting impatiently for her to rejoin him in world.. when Buffy had done that act herself. The three would come in shifts during the day to check up on her condition. She giggled nervously as her soft tongue darted out of her parted lips to taste the drop of cum that adorned the very top it. stroking his member softly. She inhabited every single thought that passed through his head.?" Darla purred as she came up behind Angelus. wrapping her small arms seductively around his waist moving towards his groin.

. holding her hand firmly out in front of her.. "Don't.. "Buffy. giving her strength. her voice crackling with the force. and stopped dead in her tracks her heart ceasing to beat. eyes closed and head resting against the wall behind him. straight into the crushed face of his beloved. She screamed. "Just don't. She felt as if someone was taking a flaming hot poker. Buffy was to stunned to move or even breathe.... "Don't fucking touch me. as he sprinted towards her. Angelus felt a deep pulling in his gut. as Angelus stopped a hairs breath in front of her. She felt as though her soul was being harshly ripped from her body. and pulled her head closer to his crotch.what it looks like.its not... she needed to talk to Angelus and she couldn't wait any longer. as she grabbed her stomach protectively.. She smiled devilishly as she reached out to stroke him with her tongue. and he slowly opened his eyes.gave her." She spat out. forcing her head down on what appeared to be his crotch." He whispered. but she knew.. withdrawing his hand back quickly. as she gave Buffy her sweetest smile." She said smartly. Instinctively he looked to his right." She cried out suddenly as her stomach muscles began clutching and extracting. She took five steps to her left. In front of her was Angelus. tickling her thighs. She backed her body up slowly whilst clutching tightly at the flimsy material of her gown.its not. He reached his hand out to caress her tear stained face. Darla brushed herself off. Kneeling directly in front of him was one of the blonde headed nurses from when she had first been admitted.. She could feel it growing inside of her. and shoving it harshly into her abdomen." He stumbled. . // Angelus grabbed Darla's straggly dyed blonde hair tightly in his fist. He was too weak to resist the temptation.. He quickly tucked himself back in. but she smiled as she felt a drop of her arousal drip down her leg.. but Buffy quickly moved out of his reach... Darla cried out with a yelp as he pulled her hair. The hallway was left in complete silence as she watched the stranger reach out to take his large dick into her mouth. Through Buffy's clouded vision she could see Angelus' hand firmly intertwined with her hair. Darla could sense the other girl's presence right away. her teeth scraping him painfully. Buffy smiled to herself as she rubbed the lower part of her abdomen lightly. Buffy could see the girl's hand reach for his zipper and slowly draw it down. "Really? It sure seemed like I was about to suck your dick.. "Baby. immediately doubling over in pain.please let me explain. She wrapped her arms around herself tightly. She moved slowly as her small feet padded across the hard floor. ************************************************************************ Buffy gave up hope of finding anything decent to wear. It only took a few minutes before his hot seed was coating the back of her throat. She opened the door quietly as she slipped unnoticed into the long hallway. as she stood to laugh. He panicked." She screamed with rage.. like a small child who had been burned by a fire. pushing Darla roughly off of his member.. no one had to tell her about the baby. Buffy's body shook with small tremors as the intense and gut-wrenching pain hit her.

his large feet nipping at the backs of her heels. and rushed to grab her before she fell. Angelus could see her wobbling form." hatred spilling harshly out of her mouth. fighting the maze of halls and corridors." Buffy whispered her face wrenching in agony. as he carried Buffy's limp body back into her room. Chapter 10: Leave Feedback Next Chapter Previous Chapter Willow's pale face went gaunt with terror as she walked briskly down the hall that led to Buffy's room. He was staring stoically at the puddle of deep red blood that still lay a few feet in front of him. Willow stopped dead in her tracks causing Spike to collide with her petite body.can you hear me?" He yelled. but her mind was too far-gone to respond. Spike's reflexes kicked in as she began to fall. Angelus stood in the cold hallway as he watched people running in and out of her room. He slumped his large body against the wall..get Giles. and his face showed his handsome features distorted in agony. sliding down to the floor... do something dammit!.help her. letting her tired body fall effortlessly into his arms.. Angelus pulled his cell phone slowly out of his pocket. making his tall firm body press flush against her back... cooing reassuring words of wisdom. It's not too late to save this baby. He couldn't help the tears that slipped out of his large chocolate eyes. His breath hitched as he saw Buffy's small form. Her eyes were open. he pulled her back tightly against his hard chest holding her firmly in place. waking up every living and non-living soul in the entire hospital.. Her tanned thighs were shaking and streaked with her life force. involuntary dropping the phone with a loud thud. Spike walked quickly behind her. staining the white cement.. following the shapely contours of her toned legs. Giles came running quickly the hallway. He watched in horror as the blood slightly increased its flow creating a small puddle around her bare feet.. Angelus' heart broke as he looked away from her scared shaking form." He screamed. tears pouring out... each part of their skin was touching through only a thin layer of clothing." He shouted. he had lost Buffy and quite possibly their child in one brief second. "The baby. She didn't respond. "Buffy. it is going to be okay. as he stared at the path of blood leading down the hallway towards her room. but he lacked the emotion that motivated it.. panic laying a thick blanket in the air.. "Spike. as a slight trickle of deep velvet red blood ran down the inside of her thigh.. as she looked weakly down at her bloody legs. Angelus sat slouched against the wall.. "The baby. He knew what he was doing.. his large frame doubled over in pain. screaming "Get the fuck away from me.. he was in a mechanical daze. Angelus' pure scream of torture could be heard throughout the facility. "I need a team in here stat! Darla what in the bloody hell are doing just standing around." Was the only word Angelus managed to whisper out as his hand went limp. . "Darla get over here...stay with me.. It was his fault. Dr. "GILES!!!" He screamed. "Buffy. Buffy shimmied out of his hold. stinging his soul sharply.we need to hurry!" Giles yelled angrily. With all her remaining strength.Angelus' face went ghost white with fear. The sight of the rich blood pooling on the floor was making her dizzy and nauseous." He whispered to himself. standing in a small puddle of dark blood... it only took one moment of weakness for Angelus' life to crumble. but she was too scared and heartbroken to speak.

. Willow and Spike both smiled at the news. playing the earlier events over and over in his mind. still slightly confused from the fuzzy details. " you hear me Angelus. Spike watched Willow retreat sadly and then he turned his focus back to his friend. cowering further into the wall.. Angelus jumped at the contact.. tucking her beneath his arm. It was Willow who finally broke the silence." He looked pointedly into the guilty eyes of the responsible party. Willow could smell his intoxicating scent mixed with his leather duster. and let me find out what happened here.Giles what happened out here. Spike grabbed Willow and brought her to his side.calm down. Giles was stunned at Angelus' reaction and stood stiff as a board. "How is she Giles? Is she okay? The baby?" Giles inwardly smiled at his concern. The combination of events was just too much stress on her fragile body. Spike took one look into their watery depths and pulled her into a gentle embrace.. " what in the bloody hell happened here? You look like someone ran over your dog mate.. barely even remembering to breathe. not having any male embrace edict. the baby could not take the pain. and pulled Giles' smaller frame into a tight impromptu masculine hug.. but they will recover with time and rest. "Luv." Angelus choked out just barely louder than the faint breeze of a whisper... not saying a word. he could have pushed her away. Spike cautiously reached his arm out. making her knees slightly the baby okay. "The baby. He pulled Willow out of his arms slowly.. .Willow turned her body around. He could have stopped Darla. Buffy is under NO circumstances to be upset. "She is going to be fine Angelus. his loud footprints echoing down the hallway.. and as he opened his mouth in a vain attempt to explain. He could not believe how broken and sad Buffy had looked as he had carried her limp body back into her room. her and the baby.why don't you go wait over there.. to put a firm hand on his shoulder. Willow nodded her head meekly as she trotted off.. watching idly as various nurses were leaving Buffy's room. as he lightly kissed the top of her red hair..what happened here. resting his firm behind on his ankles..... He did not know the exact story. but when it came to him and Darla he had a good idea. ignoring Angelus' distant and empty eyes. is the Bird okay?" Spike asked. much to Giles appreciation. what is wrong with the baby?" Angelus' consciousness was rapidly returning to his empty body.what are you talking about. why is there blood and stuff on the ground?" Willow asked shyly. Angelus still clutching Giles. It was a close call.. tears threatening to spill out of her large welcoming brown eyes. attempting to shake him out of his hypnosis. Angelus began pacing like a caged animal. "Umm. Angelus practically sprinted the few short steps that separated them. except that Buffy and the baby were okay. Everyone just stood around. Giles walked tiredly out of the doorway to Buffy's room.. He had registered nothing. Angelus neither heard nor saw anything. he looked at the pathetic form of his friend. He had no idea how long he had stayed in that exact same position.. He slowly knelt in front of him. but then quickly frowned at his prior activities. all with blank emotionless faces.. Panic jumped across his handsome features as he scanned the hallway looking for answers. gripped her lightly by the arm and looked into her eyes one more time. and grabbed the older doctor firmly by the shoulders. as he continued to stare at his soul mates discarded blood.oh God Buffy.." He said as he pointed further down the hall away from the blood and Angelus.. Angelus ignored the warming.

. until her body makes a full recovery. It had been an emotional hour for everyone.. adorning each bone with a sweet kiss. they felt like dirty voyeurs spying on what was obviously an intimate moment. her knees tucked up into her body in the foetal position.. She almost had a miscarriage. The three walked into the room slowly." She said without the slightest hint of concern. He could not and would not go on living without his goddess by his side.. each saying a silent prayer for Buffy. Her face was pasty. "Her name is Buffy. when Darla came strolling into their path. "So how is Fluffy? I heard she had a close call out there. not responding to any requests or comments. Her whole aura screamed with heartache." Angelus sunk further into himself. "You should have seen the look on her perfect little face. he always did love it when I blew him." She said wickedly as she seductively ran a manicured finger down his chest. . even out in the hallway. It would always make his heart ache with pain. Angelus could feel it too. said he couldn't wait to feel my tight lips around him. most especially Buffy. They both slipped out undetected. "I have given her a mild sedative. Even in her sleep they could all see her face wracked with pain. afraid to disturb her. Willow and Spike were giving Angelus curious glances. who seemed to be standing rather close to her. if you would like to check in on her. Darla dismissed the redheads comment and focused her attention back to Spike. it was not any different this time around. her body cannot handle any negative emotions or stress. He had jeopardised perfect happiness for one lousy blowjob. He scooted the chair closer to her small sleeping form and sighed. inspecting his impeccably cleaned shoes for the faintest speck of dust or dirt.. She should be fine now. Spike and Willow were feeling uncomfortable with the situation. She had just sobbed uncontrollably.Angelus immediately let go of the doctor and cast his ashamed eyes downwards.. Her soul was being ripped from Angelus.I need some scotch!] "Well. and her skin clammy as she lay uncomfortably on the bed. She needs to take it easy for a while. He brought her hand slowly to his mouth. Giles could still feel her soul screaming. shaking her hips. her body went into extreme emotional distress. She was laying on her side. [Oh brother. then to where Spike was holding onto Willow. They had just reached the outside hallway. as I shoved Angelus' cock into my mouth. It put too much pressure on her fragile body and the baby suffered. it was his fault and he knew it.. Angelus did not know if it was for warmth. curled under the covers shaking from her vague memories. He was begging for it. or protection. but we were able to prevent it with a series of hormonal shots. but she should be conscious in about an hour." Willow spat back her voice laced with malice.. each knowing that he played a big role in this somehow. Angelus took his usual spot. Angelus grabbed her moist hand. making it incomplete.but as I was saying earlier. he would give her anything if it would make things right again." Everyone gave their nods of thanks and approval as Giles walked slowly down the hall. He wanted to beg for her forgiveness. as he sat down in the large chair that still remained by her bedside. Giles cast a disappointed look first to Angelus. He would find Buffy like that some nights. gently stroking the knuckles.

] Rage burned through her body at the thought of the tramp pawing all over Spike and Angelus.please listen to me. and tossed it at him. as rage and anger took its place. Spike pushed Darla back harshly. It was tainted.. and with this slut?? Oh poor Buffy...stopping above his groin. bringing it closer to her face for inspection. "Don't even fucking try to make an excuse for yourself! I can't deal with this right now. Angelus was going to have to do a lot more than say empty words and make intangible promises. She could think of nothing else expect for how the velvet tip of his penis was wet and glistening in the light from Darla's saliva.. "Baby.don't. love? What was love she wondered? Getting a blowjob from an ex-girlfriend. then going back to the current one and grovelling for forgiveness.I want you to leave." He pleaded as he brought himself closer towards her.. His words aggravated her even more than she already was. Buffy smiled triumphantly .it just hurts too much. "This. "Love Angelus? You don't love me. Her hand came out quickly. Her face was red.I can't live without you... Her body reacted first. Willow's face went pale. but it wasn't working. no one needed to explain what it meant or what it symbolised. gliding with speed and ease. before turning in tandem to return to the room. her head hitting the wall behind her with a thud. trying to grab her hand once more. "Buffy. then her mind. Her eyes were bright with flames reflecting off her silent tears. It really was beautiful. He knew there was nothing he could say. before falling to the floor with a small clinking sound. She looked at him affectionately..NOW!" She yelled...... He sat back.. She fingered it briefly before calmly removing it from her slender finger. [He cheated on her. She couldn't forgive. the tops of the crown digging into her skin.. and stinging as the air around hit it. He wanted desperately to make things right again. her body coming off the bed to sit up. I mean I was upset and. slightly purring as he kissed and stroked each one of her knuckles affectionately. Willow and Spike both looked at her with total and complete disgust. Buffy awoke startled by Angelus' presence next to her.I can't look at you right now." He began to explain roughly." She looked down at her hand sadly where his symbol of love lay.I love you. "I thought I told you to go away.. Angelus was amazed at how much her eye colour could shift with her passing moods. It only took Buffy a second to remember how mad at him she was. She was trying to keep her body and mind calm.." She said with tears welling up in her slate green eyes. They could hear Angelus' muffled voice yelling from down the hallway.. The pain subsided for only a brief moment. Her normally soft brown eyes were black with hate. causing her to bleed. She pulled her hand away roughly. Without a second thought she brought her arm back. She closed her fist around it tightly.. at least not yet. as she slapped Darla across the face with a loud smack... The ring flew gracefully through the air. rejected.. but the closer she looked the more she saw the slightest of flaws that marred its beautiful surface.. ignoring her blood pulsing in arousal at his didn't mean anything... It collided roughly with Angelus' forehead..I am sorry. when she awoke. Somehow she had known it was think a piece of metal will bind your 'devotion' to me?" She laughed again... Buffy had to laugh at his statement.

" She trailed off. but things had changed. [God damn she looks sexy when she's pissed. Willow knew not only by the red splotches appearing on her forehead... She elbowed him. like it or not!" "Fuck you. "Buffy. his promise. "You don't love me.." A single tear fell from his dark eyes. "This is my child goddammit! I will take care of both of you." Riley said.that was what got you into trouble in the first place!].. I will be going home. That is my child too. the door swung open. to my own apartment by-my-self. her face blushing despite her best efforts.and I love you.calm down... as he tried hard not to go over there and shove his apology down her stubborn throat.. " He said sadly. as both Angelus and Buffy shot her daggers of death. I will find a way to win you back. I would have never worn the things you bought me to wear.. as he .it was a mistake all of just won't be working! I will be your sole support from now on!" He hissed out. once they heard the outburst from Buffy. how could she? That was his sign to her. "Its fine Spike." Spike said quickly after getting a bruised rib from all of Willow's friendly reminders. "Angelus. Spike just shrugged his shoulders.. You shaped and moulded my persona into a different person.. as he watched tear after tear slide down her agonised face. Spike and Willow came bounding through the door. Willow backed up slowly." She said in an even tone. I wish I could take it all back. Buffy was a different person now. Buffy never yelled. "Buffy. you arrogant piece of shit.. "Your child. to my own miserable life. trying to let him know silently that she needed his reinforcement.. do the things we did. "It was not a mistake Buffy. with all that my cold dead heart is capable get out.... I am taking you both home with me tomorrow..I will not take your money you bastard!!!" Her loud shrieks stinging everyone's ears.luv the doctor said you need to stay calm. I don't need to see your dick shoved in Darla's throat making it worse with each passing second. enjoying the screaming she saw the small mark that now marred his perfect face... "Buffy.. believe it or not. I won't have my pregnant..I do love you more than anything. we are through talking....oh shut UP Angelus....I will take care of you whether you like it or not.. "I am not some fucking whore that you can just pay off. it just wasn't in her nature. but I can't and now I have to live with the consequences.... you will be mine. none of it!" Angelus said raising his voice loudly. my soul mate? Huh! You know nothing about me Angelus. Buffy what in the fuck is this asshole talking about.... her voice getting louder with each syllable. don't. revealing a blonde shaggy haired man standing in the doorway. until her back made contact with Spike's chest. as her body clenched with disgust. Buffy's anger grew even more. I will pay for your rent and all of your bills. when would it end? Angelus' face need to stay relaxed." Willow said meekly...please.but know this Buffy.. as she hid the pain she was beginning to feel once more. now get the FUCK away from me!" She yelled back.. but by her screaming she was upset. If you won't come home with me.. "Do you know that I was saving myself for my one true love..your my girl..." She rubbed her stomach slowly. "Now.... Before anyone else could respond.

but Angelus was too far gone. A cold chill ran down her spine as she looked into his blue eyes. but he didn't deserve to be beaten to death. It was too much. she had never seen this primal rage that Angelus carried deep within him. Angelus scrambled back.. Buffy was screaming for him to stop. before he used the hard surface of his knuckles to smash in the fragile bones of his just like to play hard to get. Somehow this man seemed familiar. Spike and Angelus both exchanged a glance.... .[Riley Finn?? As in I hit Buffy with a truck and left her to die. "Buffy. "Riley... No one even knew what was happening before it was too late.. Angelus was perched on the boy. hitting him in the stomach. he got up and moved to Buffy's bed..I am not your girl. Spike ran behind Angelus.. straddling his waist as he grabbed his shirt collar.. and put his hand protectively over her stomach.... He could faintly hear her sobs from behind him. two weeks since you broke up with me.I am so sorry. as she rocked and soothed him.. Xander had told him about Buffy being in hospital.Angelus. Willow shrieked in terror as blood splattered off his fist and landed on her leg..your killing him. but they both knew deep down that no matter what. but Xander explained that she had no recollection of the accident.I didn't. She could feel the warm tears falling from his eyes. He repeated the action a couple more times. Without saying a word. Angelus immediately took a closer position beside Buffy.and your already fucking someone.. he had been hesitant in going to see her. They both knew that things were not resolved between them.....please stop.looked sadly at Buffy who was trying to soothe her unborn child with her hand.its all just too much. The only thing that stopped Angelus from killing the boy was Buffy's screams.. and coating her cool skin. seeping threw her flimsy gown. the fact that he had called the mother of his child a whore and a slut.. Riley was absolutely the last person she wanted to see right now. and then it dawned on him.." Buffy said sadly as she tried to pry Angelus' hand off of her. that Buffy was still leaving. Angelus let go of Buffy's hand and rushed the goofy boy. grabbing her in a bone crushing hug. looking at his own bloody and broken knuckles.I love you. the boy's audacity to come waltzing in here. She didn't like Riley. Spike was thrown back as Angelus' elbow extended back. He was like an animal protecting its mate.I bet he wasn't even your first.. Riley Finn?] "You fucking whore....I can't deal with you too. Buffy was scared." Buffy screamed as her body was racked with loud sobs..I love you..and you need to leave.your pregnant? Its been what... and tried to pull him off the much smaller boy. He picked the boy up effortlessly before slamming his hard skull into the concrete of the floor.. Angelus' last remaining thread of sanity was broken in half. "Angelus.. He had almost beaten someone to was all just too much. you are nothing but a slutty bitch!" Riley spat out. each would always be there for the person that was the other half of their soul... and then to the messy mush that remained of Riley's face..." He cried sadly into her shoulder. in her hospital room. Buffy was finding it hard to breathe. He clutched onto her so tightly..... anger and jealously coursing through his veins. ignoring her protests..I need some time to myself. but Angelus was too strong.

yelling through the small speaker on the cordless phone that Willow was holding up to her ear. but it was something. she just flat out refused no matter what he did. Buffy had a strong feeling that he just wanted an excuse to spend more time with Willow.all right.... each one with a beautifully written note attached. After getting checked out of the hospital. Chapter 11: Leave Feedback Next Chapter Previous Chapter "But.we found our suspect." Buffy asked. "Ya.. the bloke is crazy about you. but Willow would race to the phone.... He brought his cell phone out. Besides the ripping thing. Spike had graciously offered to help move her things. Buffy sighed thinking about Angelus for the 100th time of the morning.... She missed him with all of her heart. and take what she couldn't fit into the apartment to a storage facility. they had been pressing the subject non-stop for the last week and a half. awakening her arousal.. Every time she brought the subject up to Willow the red head would blush profusely and change the subject." Buffy explained tiredly.he needs medical attention.he practically ripped a man apart. Buffy could hear him clear as day.Red's got a point. Buffy decided that it would best if she moved in with Willow.. Buffy knew that Angelus was watching her." Spike talked into the phone. NO! I do not and will not see him.. using the small spare bedroom that she had available. Whenever she left the house. She wasn't exactly sure what was going on. . other times it would be about a poem that he had written for her." Willow whined.what are you talking about.he couldn't tell her. so they would always end up chatting into all hours of the night.. she could feel his eyes." Spike chimed in. On a breezy day she could smell his unique scent wafting through the air.I will call you later. She did not agree with what Angelus had done.Spike watched in shock.. things had all happened so quickly. her voice barely audible from Angelus' suffocating body. tearing her insides apart.. sometimes it reminded him of her eyes or her beauty.. but her determined mind would not allow it.... She was caught in a vicious whirlwind of hate and love. which was getting more frequent.walked right into her room. In every note there was an explanation of why he had chosen those particular ones.. They were constantly flirting and touching whenever he was around. pet.. "Suspect. Angelus gripped her tighter. serious unchecked rage issues going on there. not yet. feel the strong pull of his soul reconnecting the wounds of her own. following her. She would often wake up next to beautiful extravagant flowers placed on her pillow. for you. and pressed the speed dial. He called all the time to "check up on Buffy". "I already told both of you guys. with his bare hands. "Spike here. Buffy he loves you. but she could tell how really sorry he was. Buffy was just too stubborn to accept his apology.

they were beautiful. but she was determined not to use it. for when he would sneak in at night. She sat down tiredly on the bed. her old job back. In the past Buffy was always very self-conscious about her body. cherished them. "Buffy. He was always there. but everyone knew. his guilt money. she really did hate. Buffy was still in shock about the whole situation. "I don't hate it Will. The last thing she wanted was his pity. clad in only her skimpy underwear. Willow would see the beautiful flowers in the trash. the presents and flowers were already enough. She figured Angelus would not appreciate her going to work in the nude. Riley had been transferred to the Sunnydale Hospital. It was just yesterday that she reluctantly set the 2 carat diamond earrings back. lightly stroking their unborn child. The subject was very touchy for all of them. Buffy wondered to herself. Willow watched as Buffy sorted through her entire wardrobe trying to find something to wear. if you hate your job so much why don't you just quit...She found herself. I sit at the desk all day cataloguing books. finding something suitable to wear. the fear of what would happen too great for her to handle just yet. The truth of the warped situation was that it made her made her feel safe. Angelus needed to suffer for his sins. Willow was surprised that Buffy didn't mind her being in the room with her. stretching her sore body and moped around her room. Buffy got back up slowly. but to hit her. You know you don't need the money. but she would feel better once he was locked away. Willow could almost read the thoughts running through Buffy's jumbled brain. her womanly curves spilling out of the small material. loved and protected. "You never minded it before." Buffy sighed. She would never open her eyes. a sign of her are going to wear that?" Willow asked as her eyes widened in surprise that Buffy even owned that. what is so different about it now?" ". She could feel his strong hands on her. She was not sure how he got into her room. It was not likely that he would be getting out of bed any time soon. The things that were too valuable to throw away were set on the window sill with a short but curt note.. I get to go put books back on the shelf. but she just couldn't keep them. No one talked about Angelus presence' in the small apartment. She knew that Buffy loved them. then when I am really lucky. but she was sighing at each piece. but it was not material things that would win her back. or how long he stayed each night.its just so boring.. he had not missed one single night with her." Willow spoke up fidgeting with her short fingernails as she idly listened to Spike rambling on about something. anxious and excited to wake up and see what surprise he had left for her. and then drive off? Buffy had talked the Sunnydale Library into giving her. he was only 5 miles away. . Angelus had already deposited numerous amounts of money into her accounts. why she had stayed there so long before. She knew Riley had emotional problems.

.I just can't get it out of my mind. walking around practically nude. no emotions of feelings to get in the way. "Its not that Willow. A tear drifted out of her eye. the only thing Buffy saw when she looked or thought of Angelus was Darla's mouth around his large cock.. which came down to mid thigh..but... "What if we went on a double date? You and Angelus. I just see THEM together." Willow sat next to her friend on the bed. she had not meant to say the last part of her sentence. She couldn't help but wish that she could just talk to him...or maybe it was just Angel's note. I do know he is sorry.. him to know me. me and Spike?" Willow asked excitedly. There were little things all week that Willow had been noticing that were different about her." Willow stumbled.. You can wear whatever you want there... "What. "Why don't you just call him Buffy? Give him another chance...Isn't there any way you can just give him one more chance. ready to wade the rough water. "not appropriate for work?" "No. Angelus bought it for me! He approves." Willow said quickly as she hung up the phone. Light bulbs went off in Willow's head... It was useless though.. "What's she wearing Red? Come on tell me.. between Willow and Angelus her walls were slowly crumbling. It was not bad.please Buffy. "Don't worry Spike.. She looked at Willow hoping that she would just ignore the latter part of her sentence. ... He is sorry Buffy. leaving a small trail of dust in their wake. it's not that. I mean what are you going to do about that later?" Buffy sighed heavily once more.. too wrapped up in her brilliant idea to realise what she had leaked out...I just don't trust myself with him. it was completely see through. I know. just two people: a boy and a girl.but I also know you hate throwing them away.I see the flowers and candy in the trash. "Don't worry Buffy... I don't know.. maybe my hormones are just a little wacky. Under it she was wearing an even smaller tank top..he is the father of your child.?" Buffy looked down at herself. She wished that she were braver." Buffy's smile dissipated at the mention of his name. and her clothes had gone down about 2 sizes in each direction. causing bright lights to shine through her brown eyes. I just don't know if I am ready.. Buffy had to crack a small smile when she heard Spike in the background. She missed him terribly." Spike whined excitedly. she thought the outfit was cute. I just didn't know you owned anything like that. whose purpose was to hide the round peaks of her cleavage that were popping out of her lacy bra. She was cursing a lot more. and I can feel deep down that he really does love me. I want to get to know him. rubbing her back for support. it was just different. and a tight white sheer shirt. "Hey Spike I'll call you later.... Yesterday I started getting morning sickness.." Buffy said.She was wearing a short black skirt. not meaning to let the last part slip out." Buffy explained softly.

. I mean please did Xander really think he could go up against Angelus?" "Buffy! Such language!" Willow laughed as she picked up the phone quickly dialling by memory. "I guess we could try it. "I don't mean a date..." She screamed loudly and happily into the phone. no! Wasn't that back in high school? And you too never really did anything anyways..if I make it that long.. all four of us together I mean.but I don't know Buffy.nothing else!" Buffy said as she slipped on her black platform shoes. Just you know four friends going out." Buffy said as she could see her friends planning to run screaming out the door..but they are so tiny and they don't feel nice.Oh I don't know Buffy! I am so confused!" Willow blurted out at the end.. "Well. contrasting against her fair skin... I mean. Willow began to fidget. "You and Spike? A date? What is going on with you two anyways?" Buffy asked as she put her childhood stuffed pig named "Gordo" in her lap... after all this was her best friend.ya know on a date.spill. date. "Xander... A rosy blush crept up her face..]. shifting her eyes up to the white speckled ceiling. He scratched the short stubble that had grown. as he spat off . "Spike!!! Guess what.. like a caged animal." Buffy stopped to contemplate Willow's suggestion. as she turned her body towards her friend for some seriously needed girl talk.. "Oh no you don't Will... "What? But no promises. and she couldn't keep her feeling in any longer.. his mind being pushed to the brink of complete and total insanity. as Willow realised what Buffy was saying.. and me.umm. Willow smiled at her gesture [I guess some things never change.this is just dinner that is all.... her thin body moving uncomfortably on the bed.Buffy's green eyes widened themselves. just don't tell Xander! He'll kick both our asses.." Willow lay back down on Buffy's bed.. do you like him.. "Kinda. "I'll see you when I get home from work.. ************************************************************************ Angelus paced around the large hotel room.. drinking soda.. I feel like I am going to puke all over his shoes! I mean we talk about going out sometimes. stark raving you get funny little butterflies lightly tickling the insides of your stomach?" Buffy was smiling wistfully thinking about how she felt when Angel first kissed her.....he's so experienced. He was delirious. as she waved goodbye to her friend. do you remember how fucking pissed he was when he found out what Angelus did.does Xander count as experience?" Willow asked as she laid her head down next to Buffy..well you know.

" Spike said cheerfully." He taunted." Spike said trying to be as calm as he could.. waiting for the slow rhythmic sounds of her breath. would wake them up. never missed a beat. He had been trying to persuade Willow to go out with for a week." Spike said wincing at his rough and raspy voice. Buffy. "Quit the bullshit and tell me what the fuck is going on." Angelus ran off a mental question list quickly. It wasn't until her tense body relaxed and her breathing slowed once more that he would leave her bedside. Panic would always take a hold of his reality when he could sense that she had awoken. Once he was sure that she was indeed asleep. "Where and at what time. worry and guilt clouding his wandering mind. I need to shave.. He would leave slowly. but not once did she open her lovely emerald eyes to look at him. stroking and whispering to their unborn child. and yes shave. He had not slept in a week. It was her defiance. watching the sad and forlorn expressions pass over her beautiful face. other nights he would sit lightly on the bed like a feather. in a car. "WHAT!!" He yelled meanly into the phone.several poems by memory. should I send a limo for her. and don't get her anything. thinking he should have turned it off.. "Mate. hoping that the warm friction created by rubbing the coarse skin of his fist with the soft skin of his eyelids... Sometimes he would just watch her for hours. During the days he would follow her. disappearing into the black shadows of the night. "I've got some good news. Angelus was brought out of his ranting when he heard the loud annoying squealing sound of his cell phone. trying to decide which one would be good enough for his beloved. but she adamantly refused each time. He cursed. that no one touched or looked at her. you know that. "You are no fun peaches." Angelus shifted on foot to foot impatiently. "Alright.. "Slow down! I will pick you up at your hotel. Angelus' soul purred at the news. not wanting to waste one precious second with his mate. her resistance to him.calm down. making sure that nothing happened to her. She's agreed to see you. does she want me to pick her up. The panic would fade slowly to the back of his mind. the four of us." Angelus replied as he felt the heavy boulder lift off his broad . as his harsh and dark features immediately softened. She doesn't want it. Wear a suit. signalling her sleep state.dinner tonight. He rubbed his dark bloodshot eyes.. should I buy her a present. he would sneak into the shadows of her small room. He was there always.. he had more important things to think about right now. what should I wear. and we will go together. In the nights he would perch himself on the thick oak tree outside of her window.. I will see you then. He was obsessed. and don't be late or I will beat the shit out of you.. not pausing to breathe between thoughts. as he would continue to rub her body lightly and slowly.

"Sorry was breathtaking. "Damn he has a lot more than just rage issues. the infamous red dress." Buffy said regaining her composure first..remember you said that you never wanted to see it again?" "Oh. try it for me.. hanging tightly to her figure. "Its okay." Willow said embarrassed.well its Angelus' favourites.. "OW!" They both yelled.. jealously eating at the back of her brilliant mind... Buffy emerged a few seconds later.please?" She batted her eyelashes as she pulled .. There were two hair thin straps holding the dress to her body... and I want to look nice. running into Buffy full force their foreheads melting together in pain. gripping their heads as they took a moment to recover. as she desperately wished that she could reverse the sands of time and say "hell no" to Willow's idea.shoulders. As she walked the precious stones would glimmer and sparkle in the light. The material was a deep red." Willow stuttered out.. you look.. What seemed like a good idea at the time was turning into a nightmare in the look.I don't think it would look right on me.." She said shyly as she walked off slowly in the direction of the dress... "Willow!! Have you seen the red strappy dress with the criss-cross thing in the back and the little sparkly things on the bottom. The dress fell straight.. with a few more placed sporadically on the soft material. but when it was on. panicking. as she extended a slender hand to help her fallen friend.. reflecting millions of rainbows out into the room around them. Willow walked calmly out of her room. "Thanks Will. "I don't know Buffy.. "Come on. Willow knew it was beautiful hanging in her closet..... Spike hung up the phone mumbling to himself. Willow had to blink a few times to take it all in. he's insane!" ************************************************************************ Buffy was running through the house frantically. and must have cost a fortune. made out of Italian silk.the red dress is in my closet..hey I have this black dress that would look amazing on you!!" Buffy shrieked with excitement. it was amazing... "Wow.?" Buffy yelled down the short hall. which crossed at the back.amazing... On the bottom of the dress were diamonds embroidered into the hem.. landing in the middle of her calves.. framing her tanned skin.

" Angelus' lungs stopped pumping needed oxygen mid sentence as he saw the red silk sway around her legs as she slowly descended the stairs. its two mutual friends getting two other friends back together. you know us girls. who am I kidding its a date!] They stared at each other for an awkward few moments.. Spike and Willow stood back." She began to fidget nervously. using it to bring her ashamed face up and in front of his approving eyes. Her hair was impeccably curled. Spike did it the same every time. her eyes cast down uncomfortably.her friend reluctantly down the hall. "You do look very nice Wi. You could almost see the magical hands of fate. Spike's saliva glands kicked into overdrive. smiling as a rosy hue crept up her bare arms and neck. the lids drooping slowly shut of their own accord. willing her breathing to kick back in.. Angelus' eyes slowly began to widen and awaken as they made an intense contact with his mates. Buffy had indeed talked her into the small black dress. She just having a quick panic attack upstairs. "Um. [Are all first dates like this? Wait this isn't a date. busily working to stitch up the mending holes of their souls. letting flies buzz into the open house. small ringlets mixing with much larger waves.. She opened the door nervously... making her hips voluptuous and full. She wondered idly if that was taught at the academy.. The dress fit her just right. knocking her out of balance. As soon as her eyes met with his the world shifted. She wore a black look absolutely amazing. which contrasted well with her pale ivory skin. ." She laughed nervously. a nervous and trembling Angelus behind him. and even done her long red hair in curls. as she looked at his tired face.. binding them back together. dazed by the energy flowing through the want to come in.. as Willow opened the door. She quickly filed it away in the 'questions to ask later' drawer and dismissed um look nice too. Buffy is almost ready. Helping Willow distracted Buffy from the upcoming events.. travelling quickly to her face." Spike said softly.. "Thanks. She sighed heavily her air returning to her. Buffy stopped at the bottom. His eyes were covered in red spider veins. Spike reached out a finger under her chin.... distractions were a good thing. making her look like a porcelain doll. ************************************************************************ It was 8 o'clock sharp when Willow hear the loud three pound patented LAPD knock at the door. She wondered when the last time he slept was. "Luv. Spike walked slowly into the apartment. and it was like that in all the shows.

. how long would it be before Willow would know little things like that about him. "Not yet. "Um. gently soothing her." Spike smiled even brighter at the crimson blush that fought the ivory of her skin. ignoring his offered hand. before she opened her mouth to him. as she let Angelus heal her. his deep ice blue eyes penetrating hers. this can't be good.. The couple walked out to the car. Chapter 12: Leave Feedback Next Chapter Previous Chapter "Xander. He smiled back resisting the urge to take her in his arms. Their lips were shining and swollen from the combined wetness of the kiss. Spike whispered closely into Willow's ear. do you think they would mind if we left?" He smiled at her.. It took only seconds. . me and the bird are starving so could you two stare at each other in the car?" Spike asked grabbing Willow's hand swiftly before she had time to protest. "What am I doing here. exchanging gentle glances.. Xander is furious. She held her hand up slowly. their minds and bodies stunned and spinning from their moment of stolen passion.Buffy smiled contentedly the ache leaving her body. fighting the tears... tightly embraced in the arms of another. "Buffy. He wondered mentally to himself.I am starved. Willow blushed.what are you doing here?" Buffy asked shyly." She whispered her eyes closing.. Angelus rushed to her side. wiping the remnants of hers and Angelus' kiss away. and ripped apart into several pieces as he saw the love of his life. Buffy will need us for this one. Xander's heart twisted. The red in is his eyes faded slowly away turning a pale pink. Buffy sighed unconsciously as she felt his warmth heat up her chilled body.. not wanting the moment to end. Angelus protectively grabbed Buffy by the side.. as she now hung off of his muscular arm. She protested at first...alright then. as the life and love began to dig its way to the surface. see how his ears are red.. "Angel. "What in the hell is going on here!?!" Xander yelled angrily as Angelus and Buffy separated. She looked at it intently her mind swirling with mixed emotions." His tired voice rasped. "Shush. his large arms holding her tightly against his hard chest. bringing her tight body closer to his. what I am doing here?? I came to bring you and Willow Chinese food! I thought I would be a nice guy! What is HE doing here?" Xander yelled holding up a large bag of take out.." She said lightly. an offer of his utter forgiveness. making her face pink. sighing as she felt his soft tongue swimming around in her mouth. "That smells good huh luv? .. taking her lips into his.. Angelus held out his hand for Buffy..

but by the look on his face she didn't think she was achieving her goal. "If I hear you call her a whore one more time... Buffy could see his thick muscles tense and flex with anger. fighting the urge to pummel the body in front of him. Before Xander knew what he was doing. don't he's not worth it. what is HE doing here. "And what is with you Willow? Jumping on the bandwagon too. their mouths hanging open. Willow and I. he brought his small balled fist back. He growled... His jealously and hurt were overwhelming his voice mobility. their eyes huge with amazement. his voice dripping with disgust. and he did it without flinching. "You didn't answer my question.. we just made them this afternoon. his body swaying with the evening breeze. Angelus pushed Buffy behind him gently." Xander taunted. Angelus might not have been able to hit him. his death wish having already been made the second he called Buffy a whore the first time. He stalked over to the approaching boy. His head moved gently to the side absorbing much of the flimsy hit. as he clenched Buffy's small hand tighter. "Or what? You gonna hit me? Beat me up like you did Riley. kind of spur of the moment. Xander laughed triumphantly as he walked away from the couple. ya know?" She tried to make her nervous voice light and happy. his words stinging at her heart. or did you just forget he cheated on you! I bet you don't even care! You just want him to fuck you blind! You must be more of a whore than I thought you were. Willow and Spike just stood there. he could no longer just stand back and watch... if you are just going to let him use you like that! How much money is he paying you.."Xander. his sanity riding that fragile line once more. he punched Angelus right in the jaw. but I guess not. you are just as much of a slut as she it. Buffy's eye's welled up with tears. huh Buffy?" He screamed as he got closer to a frightened Buffy." Angelus threatened his eyes flashing red with rage. a lopsided grin plastered on his scrawny face. You I expected more of. I thought she had some self-respect. do you know he is still in a coma? I thought she was different." She glared at Xander with disgust. She grabbed his rising fist.. she is just another one of your little whores. Angelus smirked. "Angelus. . Angelus just let Xander punch him.. From behind him. reaching up. but there was nothing stopping him from lashing out.. Willow watched with a wince as Xander's eyes rolled back into his head. shortening the distance between them. Spike had had enough. If he could not have Buffy he did not want anyone else." He said coldly.. as he stepped up towards the younger boy. He gave Xander a crooked smile before quickly slamming his fist forcefully against the side of his face. I am sorry. Angelus took a deep breath.. we already have dinner plans. stroking his skin gently with her hand.

"Should we move him into the house or something. She lightly withdrew her hand from his. no one responded.. how sorry he was. feeling slightly guilty. straightening the misplaced material. watching with amusement as his limp body fell to the hard cement of the walkway. She knew he was just hurting. but he asked for it. her white teeth glowing in the candlelight. . He interlaced her slim fingers with his. He lingered briefly. He had a small trickle of blood running from his left nostril.] Angelus groaned with frustration silently to himself. smiling brightly at each other. [Its all Xander's fault. [Baby steps.] An awkward silence fell over the table. she smiled at him. as he began to whistle to himself. milking him for his climax. He knew things would be okay. each wondering what to say. their opposing voices merging as one "Leave him!" ****************************************************************************** *** "Wow. "Sooo. the blue and purple bruises invading his pale skin. Spike rubbed his hands down his suit lapels. placing a soft wet kiss on the back of her neck.. his lips pressed against her warm skin. Buffy and Angelus walked out of the house. I'll get him later." Spike provided lightly. as he brought her hand up to his thin lips for a chaste kiss. "Shall we then?" He asked with cheery look on his face. reaching out to take a hold of Willows fragile hand.. he should have called off dinner and taken her right there and then against the wooden stairs."That is for Angelus!" He yelled out. Buffy how is the baby? You feeling all right. The moment her body responded to his back at the house. "So... it's kinda chilly out here?" Buffy asked as the foursome made its way to the car. He closed his eyes imagining her tight warm depths wrapped around his dick. Willow finally piped up. Willow and Spike replied at the same time. Xander's nose and eyes were already swelling. putting a thick blanket over the romantic ambience. grabbing hold of her hand. this place is really nice!" Buffy said amazed.. the four friends just sat staring idly at one another. if he could just show her how much he truly loved her. they had made so much progress already. He moved her chair back in chivalrously as he leaned down. as her eyes sparkled with excitement. "right then. He sighed contentedly as he sat beside her." He closed his mouth. pressing his lips tightly together. placing it in her lap as she gave him an apologetic smile.. inhaling her scent. reaching out to steady his wobbling form. Buffy walked by Xander's unconscious form.. Angelus pulled out the chair for her. "and this is for calling my girl a slut!" He slammed his fist down on the other side of his cheek.

Willow looked at Spike questioningly before addressing Buffy. giving her a soft kiss on her porcelain skin.. "Excuse me. her heels tapping in a fast . It was all too much too fast. I need to use the restroom.. raising his sculptured eyebrow at his blushing lover. She had been drifting off.. Buffy paced the small confines of the bathroom. I feel fine.. making her body ache from the need of her soul mate. Buffy shifted under the table. I. With each stroke his hand came dangerously close to her covered sex. but he just didn't know how to make it go away. "I am sorry.. "I feel. as the textured fabric in combination with his touch was sending jolts to her pleasure centre. She practically ran into the elegant bathroom. He could see the pain that lay deep in Buffy's eyes. Buffy's emotions suddenly and swiftly changed. Buffy glared at him willing him with her eyes to stop. he just smiled applying more direct pressure.ah. Willow nodded solemnly as Spike helped her back into the chair. who seemed obviously distracted." She paused taking a deep breath as his large thumb grazed over her sensitive clit.. are you feeling alright?" Willow shortened her previous statement. Willow stay. She was just so confused. pushing his talented hand away from her. Angelus' affections were only adding fuel to the fire. she stood abruptly from the table. Angelus could sense her arousal... Buffy had to shake her head. Willow smiled as she turned her head towards his. to hear Willow's words.. Willow stood to follow her friend. as her eyes fluttered from the sensations running over her body. Pictures of his naked and muscular form swam in her mind. riding him until he makes me cum screaming his name!] "Fine. Willow blushed a deep red shade of embarrassment as she realised what Angelus was doing to Buffy under the table." Angelus pleaded with his sad brown eyes. thinking about how good Angel's body had felt up against hers. her body uncomfortably aroused. He placed his hand on her thin thigh. Buffy suppressed her moan. Darla's ugly face just wouldn't let her be.what were you saying?" Buffy asked politely. "The baby. her eyes shining with desire. let me.... "No. tears threatening to spill out of her moist eyes. rubbing the smooth material of her dress against her skin. [I feel like shoving his big cock in me. Angelus smirked.." She said quickly before looking into Angelus' eyes showing him that the pain and hurt still existed. and it was making his dick grow painfully hard.and what was the bug up Xander's butt?" She smiles.. Her emotions were starting to run wild in her panicked mind." She choked out.

She lightly touched his muscled arm. He rested his head against the wall.. They all sighed.... wiping most of it off before exiting the lavatory. Buffy's eye's narrowed at the large busted girl.. One minute she couldn't live without him. before shutting them without a second thought. just talk to me please. is your woman not taking care of you?" She asked suggestively.. running about a hundred miles per minute." The beautiful brunette strolled in a direct line towards Angelus. hitting her ears.." He gave her a fake smile. you seem very frustrated. Buffy had to bite her cheek. "Well.." He growled. "Go away. She smiled inwardly.. they lingered there making sure the woman on the other end of the door was all right. come out.. and put horrible mental pictures in his photographic memory.. before turning his body away from hers.. " He walked down the small corridor that led to the dimly lit restaurant. determined to wait her out. She put an extra bounce to her step. "Baby. the next she wanted to gouge out his eyes.. I just want to be alone!" Her voice muffled through sobs.. she looked down towards the ring that Angelus still wore.. "Go away. hello handsome. .. "Pregnant. to keep from pummelling the gorgeous girl.." Angelus banged on the outside of the women's restroom. who was starting to paw at Angelus... I am not interested. Maybe her emotions were playing tricks on her she thought. "I heard that!" She shouted through the thick wood separating them.. the wheels in her head cranking frantically... whatever your name is. talk to me." He smiled nervously as he pointed towards the door.." "Go. making her large breasts shift and sway seductively in front of his line of vision.. shaking their heads in various sympathetic gestures as they left him to his privacy... "Go away." She heard him roughly say.rhythm against the marble tile. "Buffy.. "Look. Buffy straightened up her ruined make up. his frustration and fatigue laced in his words. giggling as she squeezed more firmly. She could hear his rough voice travel the hallway. cringing at the sting of his dry eyes getting re-moisturized. He received curious glances from the male patrons exiting out of the opposite door.. She leaned closer seeing whom he was talking to. "Surely you don't mean that.. so please remove your fucking hands. his fist making the heavy door sway from his strength. Angelus slowly pried his eyelids open looking at the woman in front of him. He shut his tired eyes.. please.

He gathered her once more in his arms. feeling dizzy from her arousal. breathing in his ear. sighing once more.. Buffy knew what the plan was.. as he brought her pelvis up and pressed his rock hard cock against her throbbing sex. She moaned into his mouth. fury and love.. She rubbed her neck softly as she walked away. completely forgetting or caring where they were. without even having to hear him say the words.. Using her hands she brought his face towards her as she stood on the tips of her toes. She sprinted the short distance down the hallway. his large hand easily palming and wrapping around the flesh. like Darla had tried to do? Or would he be true to his promises? Angelus turned around harshly. maybe I could relieve some of that tension that seems to be making you so grumpy. the mother of my child. pinning the girl to the wall by her throat.... They were going home. "I said I wasn't interested. nibbling on the bones of her collar relentlessly. letting go of the gasping girl in front of him.. She kissed him with passion. Angelus shooed her away with a flick of his wrist. he gripped her ass with the other hand suggestively. pushing her much smaller one against the wall.desire. I said I was not interested! That means you or any other bimbo who comes along can fuck off!" He yelled frustrated. is right down that hall.. He flipped their bodies.. It took him a minute to respond. wrapping her small arms around his slender waist.. not bothering with the clasp. her voluptuous ass shaking. Would he let this beautiful stranger pleasure him." she called out turning her head to give him one last chance to follow. He grabbed her arm. the love of my life.. dragging her back to the dining table.. He tore the small silver chain off. hope. He shivered in disgust at her moist breath sticking grossly to his freshly shaven skin. Realisation kicked in and he took her into his arms. my wife to be. hugging her as if it had been years since he had last seen her. He quickly slid her small feminine ring off and slipped it back onto her finger. Buffy spoke hurriedly. Buffy looked at him curiously. the other half of my being. He returned her passion tenfold. as Angelus started attacking her neck."We could slip into the bathroom if you want. ... Her green eyes were as large as saucers. his tongue coming to life. his body finally registering its mate. together. He leaned his weight up against her grabbing the firm cheeks of her ass with both hands." She purred as she walked behind him.. "Suit yourself lover. Buffy gulped hard in her throat. bruising their lips together. He jerked their bodies apart. its rightful place. as he ran his hands up and down the smooth skin of her back. my beautiful girlfriend. Their teeth collided with each others. tearing at the necklace that lay hidden beneath his white dress shirt. Buffy's heart leapt with love.. his lazy tongue just lay relaxed against her frantically moving one. as their bodies became one entity.

. Angelus groaned loudly practically veering the car off of the road." She said very quietly. grinding his skin as she sucked.... The sleek car came to a screeching halt in front of their destination.. Back home. I mean if. I guess. or I could get you. it hard for me.. Angelus whipped his wallet quickly out of his back pocket. pinning Buffy in her seat.. He ran his hand up the inside of her dress.." Angelus hissed as he felt Buffy's small hands working at the zipper of his black dress pants.. "Dinners on me. me and... I don't want to go home tonight.. Spike. teasing hers with playful bites.... each smiling with joy. and he didn't know if he could make it that far.. almost making her hyperventilate from her short pants. tossing it in Spikes general vicinity.." He waggled his eyebrows at her.. " Her meaning finally registered in his thick skull. Willow smiled at his bashfulness. He drove well past the speed limit towards Willow's apartment. Angelus stop! .. Buffy stopped... He put the car in park. "You could. "I wouldn't want to either.. what would you like.. Buffy threw her head back..... "Um. we'll see you at. Buffy leaned over the stick shift that separated them.. just over a whisper.. admiring the bright purple mark that she had left on his neck. as his long fingers found their way to the soaking centre of her tiny panties.. Baby..ahhh."He added as he cast his eyes down towards the floor. She screamed.are leaving. hoping that she was not rushing her feelings too quickly." He stumbled out.. Willow took a deep breath mustering all the small courage that she could find." Buffy managed to get out half sentences as she fought with Angel's roaming hands. and don't hurry home. Spike and Willow burst into fits of laughter.. her voice ricocheting in the small vehicle. His hotel was on the edge of town. her breasts lightly scratching against his arm.. to drive. Spike missed the meaning of her statement." He yelled out as he dragged Buffy running out of the restaurant. "I think I'm blushing..... His cock was in pain from the immense amount of blood travelling towards it at rapid speeds.... He bit on her lower lip. Angelus grinded the gears in the new sporty convertible that he was driving. She rubbed the skin of his neck harshly through her blunt teeth. before shifting their bodies.. she had marked him as hers. ohhh. um. your making. you should hear them two go at! Oh. "Well then pet. ******************************************************************* "Ummm. He moved them to the side swiftly... her breathing increasing. stay at my flat tonight."Um.... plunging two fingers into her tight hole. ...... love. you. his mind was devoid of all things not sexual. a room or something. Angelus is buying and we're spending.. wanted to... sighing as the supple skin heated from his touch... He took her lips in between his........

spreading rivers of electricity to all parts of her anatomy. her own hand wrapped in his hair. their eyes meeting perfectly. are you still my girl?" He asked questioningly as he his tall form kneeled before the bed. He reached for her hand as he stood. setting her gently on the bed.. Buffy giggled the whole way up.. I need you. treating her door with the same attention as the other one. as he shyly slipped in. hell he would do it on the roof if he didn't think it would cave in. begging him to suck and bite harder. each time slowly and languidly. on the brink of fucking her senseless anywhere that he could manage to get his dick free. He threw the door open. He picked up the stunned and happily sedated Buffy throwing her over his arm and shoulder. the hood of the car. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed against her body. He ran to the other side. He moved his mouth towards her neck. love shining from her now bright green eyes. He pumped in her three more times. Angelus threw her door open.. He slowly unzipped the long zipper that held the delectable dress to her body like a second skin. about two soul mates sharing something beyond infinity He moved forward. placing her feet gently on the ground in front of her.. "Always. He was ready to throw her in the back seat. He walked around her body." She replied softly.. kneeling on the soft surface of the bed. praying that he didn't fall. He carried her over the threshold of the door. He parted her lips with his tongue." She screamed her body convulsing against the cold leather seats. filling the room. before turning to shut and lock her door. the side of the car.. "ANNNNGELLLUSSSS. the urgency of their early passion gone. face and neck all seemingly at the same time. as he kissed her mouth.. slamming it hard enough to make the car shift its position. Buffy sat herself up.. about two mates giving each other divine pleasure and happiness that no other could. His long muscular body moved suavely over to the small twin bed as he discarded his jacket carelessly on the floor of her immaculate bedroom. as he added the third big finger..He pushed them in and out of her quickly. kissing her neck and shoulders as he went. He reached out tenderly. Buffy's pelvis arched towards his hand. All thoughts were abandoned as he remembered that they were in fact still in the very small car. He considered the back seat. Buffy rose. until the lack of breath mixed with their powerful arousal made them dizzy and weak. parked on the busy street in front of her apartment. the blood leaving her core and returning to the other needed parts of her body. He mounted the stairs blindly. The dress fell to the ground softly. to stroke her smooth flawless face. her natural juices coating his fingers and hand. the front seat. This was about a man making love to a woman. filling her. They kissed as the seconds leaked slowly into minutes. marking her as she had him. holding his head down on her neck. kissing her soft plump lips slowly. milking her climax for the last precious drop. She came instantly. "I love you so much Buffy. sucking on her delicate skin. pooling around her .

He smiled knowing that they had grown. her eyes pointing at the white speckled ceiling. She moaned. his free hand came up to weigh her full breasts. She could feel his warm breath licking a path on her sensitive skin. He moved his tongue along the fine line. lightly rubbing the unborn miracle child. It still seemed like a dream. It was his new favourite spot as his tongue curled powerfully under the g-string. He felt her body stiffen as he kissed the tender scrapes of skin that connected her thigh to her ass to her sex. Angelus had positioned them. her back arching further into him. the tips of his fingers lightly penetrating her. She lay back in his arms. her head falling backwards gracefully. kissing the unexplored skin. He moved his hand back and forth. . She slowly opened her tightly closed eyes. She moaned. before circling each round sensitive nipple until it was hard. and she focused on the image mimicking her actions in front of her. tasting the musky honey that coated her thighs. The palm of his hand pushed down on her clit. Angelus kissed her back. the soft material of his silk dress shirt rubbing against her back. It was the first sign that her body was preparing itself to nurture the precious life she guarded inside of her. Buffy moaned in appreciation at the contact. He remained behind her. He slipped his hand down the front of her panties. Buffy could see his dark black eyes riddled with passion as he looked at her through the mirror. She rubbed her ass against the stiff member that lay impatiently inside of his pants. He smiled as she wobbled heavily unstable without worry. His hand moved down lower. Buffy watched in fascination as his hands moved down her still flat stomach reaching towards her covered mound. She moved her body. He positioned her body to the left as he sat down on the bed behind him bringing her down on his lap.feet. each time he would barely graze her swollen core. so that they faced the long mirror that was affixed on the wide double doors of her closet. as she put her arm backwards. the white of his skin showing through the dark black lace. completely trusting that he would not let her fall. She smiled brightly at the picture they presented. Buffy waited patiently allowing her pores to process each loving kiss that he placed sporadically all over her body. He stuck his finger in-between the lace floss that ran teasingly down her tight crack. letting it drift in-between the tight crevasse of her behind. her ass stroking his cock. as his fingers spread her lips. that they were filling slowly with milk. using his body to support her as she felt his rough blunt teeth bite the sensitive skin. he brought his hand up to rub the sides of her plump bare breasts. touching her clit lightly. He moved his hands back and forth. starting with the tail of her pelvis and continued all the way up her spinal cord. caressing the round cheeks of her bare ass. she smiled as the pure white of the cloth made her pigment look darker than it really was. massaging the tops of her thighs.

watching as Angel's hand worked expertly at her sex. your wet honey spread across my fingers.. riding him further... as she continued to hump him with grace. He pulled her body down towards him. and finally down to his ankles. his tight buttocks. He stood in front of her hungry gaze naked as the day he was born. With each powerful stroke he penetrated her further. so firmly against him that it was almost too much.. "I can't wait to taste you. She moved her drenched crotch over the enormous bulge in his pants. know that it was from my hand. his powerful muscles making the task efficient and easy. A tear escaped her eye... her hips grinding against him. to know that I am the only one. His long legs hung over the side of the small bed. running down to her swollen lips... She shrieked with delight as he flipped them.. as the palm of his hand applied more and more pressure to her clit.. The only thing that remained in her memory was Angel pleasuring her. over his enormous and erect member. "Open your eyes baby.He kissed her neck. She turned her body around. He took his time. tasting the salty drop that was created out of bliss.. he struggled not to cum himself at the image. He stepped out of his pants. over his hips.." He coaxed as he sucked on her diamond-clad earlobes. His dick bounced happily in the air at its new-found freedom. "I love you Angel. He smiled devilishly giving her a smirk. as he ever so painfully slowly unzipped his pants. He groaned as he felt her hot arousal coat him through his pants.. this is what I want you to think about. watch yourself cum in the mirror. teasing her. " She whispered against his lips. Her tongue reached out lightly. look at me.. his name on her lips. scream my name. to cup her breast. slowly unbuttoning his shirt. her vocal cords cracking and hissing as she released the painful memories from before. as he kissed her passionately... to feel your tight muscles stretching for me. Her moisture leaked out. my hand stroking your pussy." She reopened her eyes. She was rubbing herself so quickly. cum for me. make love to me. coaxing her with his erotic words of love. kneading and pinching her erect nipples. the smooth landscape of her back now facing the mirror. He continued to whisper huskily into her ear. He sat up. staring at the pleasure playing across her delicate face as his hand moved frantically under her panties. look at us. well except for a few major improvements. She pushed him backwards on the bed. Buffy's eyes got wider and wider as more and more of his broad chest was revealed.. I love you baby. soaking further into the thin material as she smiled. she screamed loudly. Next he brought the soft material down. Buffy was soon moaning and crying out softly and began rocking back on his dick frantically as the triple stimulation sent her tumbling over the edge of ecstasy. his velvet voice making her eyes struggle to stay open.. He brought his hands up. . He got up off of the bed. as he reached down quickly to remove his black socks.

. His penis directed itself towards her opening. deeper. her hips parting to the side. He brought himself to the hilt of her cervix. as he still had yet to cum. her muscles sore and unused. as she exposed herself to him. and Angel had multiple deep red scratches on his chest and back from her uncontrolled body movements. "Harder Angel.. leaning down to grasp the sides of her barely there thong. Angelus hissed at the enveloping heat that surrounded him. In their short time together neither Buffy nor Angelus had ever had this much pleasure and torment in their lovemaking. roll and suck the bud." She whined as she shifted restlessly underneath him.Buffy's mouth watered as he slowly undressed in front of her. pulling up on her ass. her nails raking over his back a little harder. He slowly thrust inside of her. using the extra leverage to push him further inside of her. until it was positioned high in the air. With each new inch of his luscious and smooth skin she shrieked giddily with excitement. soft cries. He moved it slowly down her legs. He went to the front of the bed.. but unfortunately his dick was controlling the more dominant part of his body. His tongue bathed her crack. and watch her cum once more. as he licked the soft moist skin of her ass... His tongue found its partner in her mouth. as he continued kissing her passionately. erasing her pain. He sighed deeply in his chest. He flipped her body over. taste her precious nectar. He had decided that those were his favourite. Buffy cradling him in her core. Angel groaned in pain/pleasure as he felt his dick swell even larger inside her tight chamber.. Angel's muscles ached and burned from the overuse. He tossed it behind him blindly smiling as he heard it collide with the mirror. he couldn't. An hour and a half later. as he sought out her tonsils. lapping up the cum that had spilled out of her core. he pushed further inside of her wet depths groaning in pleasure the whole time. If he looked closely he probably could see the various shallow bite marks on his shoulders. Buffy cried out softly. not until he proved that she was more important than anything else in the world. She grinned as he slowly withdrew from her tight opening. his knuckles tickling her skin. They both smiled as she rubbed her legs against his. He wanted nothing more than to take her wet clit in his mouth. He crawled up behind her. dragging his large penis out and then back in again. revelling in the softness. Buffy had just come down from the 5th peak of her damn breaking climaxes. wet from their combined sweat. declarations of love and grunts filled the room as they made love to each other. not yet. Buffy struggled to keep . her body resting on her knees and elbows. I need you. He moved himself in-between her thighs. keeping as much pressure off of her as possible. She instinctively spread her legs for him. her soft legs tickling against the fine hair on his. spreading her folds to the side as it found the way home. Their bodies were slick. The muscles of his arms and the dimples of his ass shifted and flexed with his powerful movements. He rested most of his weight on his forearms. Buffy wrapped her long legs around his waist. Moans.

as he remained tightly inside of her. as he inserted two fingers into her. Angelus sat on his knees. She sighed contentedly. He reached around her body to pinch her clit as he thrust into her forcefully.. She rocked her hips back in opposition of his. The pictures rattled and shook as the bed banged loudly against the wall. he heard loud footsteps marching up the stairs. her body recovering from their rough and long session. each thrust creating a deep digging sensation in his gut as his climax travelled from each one of his veins towards his balls. She wiggled her ass seductively in the air taunting him to come claim what was his. his dick large and wet from her cum. She whined at the loss. She took a moment to enjoy her view as well. coating and spraying her with his hot white fluid. He jumped up.her self balanced as her arms wobbled. his testicles slapped back and forth teasing her clit. They both came screaming one last time. Just as Angel closed his tired and very weary eyes. they both lay naked and wet. her own orgasm making her shake in uncontrolled movements. Angel rammed into her over and over. her body on fire with boiling blood. the foundation being shifted minutely with each pound. Buffy moaned deeply. Just as she was about to cum for her record sixth time. He grabbed her sides. sounds emitting from her lungs. He brought her hips back smacking her ass against his skin." He whispered before they fell asleep his large body wrapped tightly and securely around hers. Her arms collapsed. maximising the depth and hardness. which she never knew she could make. as Angel's pumps became erratic and un-paced. He let out a loud manly groan his seed ripping from his dick. as he dipped his head shoving his long tongue into her. . She moaned loudly as his fingers curled towards her pleasure button. he stopped and stood back admiring her beauty. "BUFFY!! I LOVE YOU!!" Xander yelled. supporting her.. his voice muffled and stuffy from his blocked nasal passages. She slipped into a deep much needed sleep. resting her head against the cool sheets beneath her as Angel continued to pleasure her from behind. His teeth scraped her bud. Buffy was gone as soon as she felt his heavy weight on hers. She was lost in a cloud of lust. He smiled at her screams and pumped into her quickly. fucking his face without inhibition or shame. He sucked on her intimate lips from the back. instinctively bringing her body back. Angel collapsed right in time with her. she looked back. plunging the thickness of his tongue in and out of her quickly as she brought herself back. "I love you. his heavy body pushing hers flush on top of the small bed. her lip extended in a pout as she battered her eyelashes at him. She shrieked. his breath returning to him slowly.. re-energized as he shoved himself back into her harshly. The coolness of his tongue relieved the soreness of her aching sex. one hand on each hip. making them jump open. He panted harshly. each too exhausted to move or care about the mess.

naked and godlike.] Angelus thought at he snuggled in deeper with his own personal goddess. feeling terribly overwhelmed with guilt. making it slick and warm for him. He could feel her juices responding to him... we've been at it for hours... How could he have said such things about her? He was hopelessly and truly devoted to her. making Angel's flaccid member move within the safety of her walls.. His dick began to harden as it filled with blood." "Urgggg!" He yelled angrily. Xander marched up towards Buffy's bedroom. banging on it harshly. Xander could still see a thin layer of sweat . Buffy groaned at the noise as she shifted more comfortably into Angel's body.. Angel. wanting the pleasurable sensations that she was just experiencing to return.. I am sorry. He brought his bruised fist up to the door. Maybe it was the way her blonde hair would glow in the sun. He let out a small groan as she kept rocking her body against him unconsciously in her sleep. just as he had always been from the moment her saw her. or the way her bright green eyes morphed with her changing moods.. He could not resist as he pumped into her lightly... "POUND! POUND! POUND!" "Open up. I want to be the father of your child. "BUFFFFFFYYYY! I know you're. open up! I love you. with the light in the hallway it glistened from their juices. Through Xander's drunken stupor he had no idea it was passed 2 o'clock in the morning.. "Buffy. She brought her ass further back. his tightly toned muscular body.... " Buffy moaned still half asleep. Angelus picked up his pace.. go back to sleep.. determined to ignore the annoying sound. I want to marry you. "Shush.." He whispered into her ear. as he completely and regretfully dislodged from his mate. Angelus stood in full form. His extremely large cock stood straight up. stretching her vaginal muscles making everything tight. She moaned unhappily. Angel growled at the interruption. "Um. [Damn. rocking lightly in and out of her. as he pounded mercilessly with his fist. walking angrily towards the door. baby. his eyes rolling back into his head as he began to move out of her tight body. He withdrew his fingers.. he stayed for a moment distracted as her face began to contort with pleasure. as he stroked her wet regions. Buffy's moans escalated. umm she smells good. her body moving of its own accord. he inserted two fingers pumping them slowly as he watched the blissful smile return to her parted lips. he wasn't exactly sure what is was about Buffy Summers that made his cock ache. Angel glanced at the clock. Buffy please open the door!" Xander leaned his hot face up against the cool wood grain of the door. shifting uncomfortably on the bed." Xander was cut off as the door opened widely. sighing with contentment as she found the perfect spot.[What in the fuck?] Angel groaned as he closed his eyes once more.

this was definitely not what he was expecting. looking at the anger that glared from Angelus' dark intimidating eyes.. I love you. "Baby. Xander quickly shut his mouth. he was crushed.. making his smooth chest shiny. Xander looked back at a very pissed off man. Xander's mouth gaped open. He stared for a second. Here was the glorious Buffy naked. I love you. Its late.]. Xander wanted to collapse on the floor. Her stomach was flat... but he saw that Xander was no threat.. as she slipped her arm around Angel's bare waist." Buffy yawned.. Angelus fought the purr that inched out of his throat.. the smooth tan of her curves presenting themselves lusciously. He thought that his perfect. Buffy still half asleep put Angel's white silk shirt on.." His voice raised with anger. he had no idea if would be able to continue on with his life. Xander's eyes shifted past Angel's nude form momentarily as he looked at Buffy's nude body sprawled out on the bed.] She groaned mentally.. [Did she just say she needed me? or was she talking to the male god in front of me?] "Xander get the fuck out. His throat went dry as she shifted... somehow still virginal Buffy would be alone...... his cock twitching in spite of the situation..] Angelus smirked. "Xander. Her bare feet padded across the room.. I'm exhausted. He was mortified. I will not restrain myself this time." Xander yelled out too drunk to care about Angelus or what Buffy had just said. leading down to the patch of curls that rested between her long straight legs. It was better than he had ever dreamed.. buttoning only a few necessary buttons. Buffy got up slowly from bed. go home. snuggling in closer towards Angel's warmth as she stroked the smooth skin of his lower back. who's at the door. before taking a second look back up towards Angel's. Now I have things that need tending to.. tears starting to pour down his face.. [His is twice the size of mine. [Oh god. His face fell with disappointment as he felt himself... need you inside of me. I let you slide earlier this evening. He jumped slightly at her touch.. " He cried.. her delicious breasts swinging heavily with her movements. waiting for him.. Xander sheepishly looked down at his own member. he knew he should be mad that another was looking at his mate. she was absolute perfection.. his gaze lowering to the man's protruding cock.. "But. . "Buffy. are you coming back to bed.that coated his body.. I ache baby.. as his eyes ripped from their sockets. I'm sorry. I want to raise your baby.. [It feels good when he does it. and that was for Buffy.. I want you to marry me.. or it could have been the bottle of Jack Daniel's that he drank earlier. wincing as her sore and swollen sex rubbed together against itself." Buffy moaned patting the empty spot for his missing body..

. He slipped his tongue into her parted lips as he separated her thighs allowing him passage.. She smiled at the soft silk of his shirt that she still wore as it absorbed the cool liquid sweat from her body.. let me feel. tasting the wine that they had had earlier.. power or finesse spent. ****************************************************************************** *** (Across town) "I don't know Spike. and the sound of their damp and sweaty skin colliding with fury. "Buffy! Your getting huge...... Chapter 13: Leave Feedback Previous Chapter Buffy waddled down the familiar hallway. Her hand was stroking the smooth planes of his rapidly moving chest." She said excitedly as she ran to the other side of the booth. For the next hour and a half he sat listening to Buffy's cries and moans of pleasure as Angelus made her come over and over again. "Will he be okay?" Buffy asked tiredly as Angelus collapsed beside her... His heart finally shattered like a piece of dry ice being hit with a hammer as he heard Buffy's final earth shattering scream of Angelus' name. "I luv you pet.. I am nervous.. her small palm barely spanning the sides of her large protruding belly. Xander slumped in front of her door. Willow and Spike moaned as they felt the tip of his hard penis slowly enter her wet core." He whispered as he positioned himself between her clenched thighs. "He'll sleep it off.. Xander had lost count after 5 he thought.. Her ivory skin was aflame with red arousal coating her flesh. "I love you too. his heavy and spinning head resting against her door.. her feet sore and swollen. lets sleep. let me show you."Xander have you been drinking." Willow whispered as Spike lovingly stroked a line between her bare breasts. He passed out wishing that it were he in the bedroom with her. "Hello Jenny!" Buffy said cheerfully as she made her way slowly towards the brunette. He kissed her mouth slowly. are you drunk?? Go HOME Xander... I am sure he stumbled home hours ago. I don't love you. He could hear the sounds of Angelus pounding into her with quick and relentless speed.. every single ounce of her energy. his palm reached under her shirt to stroke the baby lovingly. we'll worry about it in the morning." She trailed off before slamming the door shut in his face still angry at his words. She thought his heart was going to beat of his chest cavity it was moving with such speed and force..." He said tiredly as his eyes drifted shut automatically." She whispered. I could never. as she snuggled into the crevasse between his arm and his chest. making a loud smack. I love you baby. She leaned down.

she smiled as she felt the faintest of flutters under the tightly stretched skin of Buffy's abdomen. these kids just don't let up. She was still trying to prepare herself for two kids. Maybe he got stuck in traffic. I swear I don't thinks its possible for him to be on time. Jenny nodded her head. "Damn. She had been tossing and turning in their large bed all week. getting up out of bed."I can't wait to get these babies out of me! I still have two more months!! I mean how much bigger can they get!" Buffy laughed. rubbing soft circles on her skin. "I won't risk it." Buffy giggled happily that she could truly call him her husband now. and its almost 12:15. Why do you guys drive all the way out here anyway? Isn't the Sunnydale hospital right down the street?" Jenny asked curiously." Buffy said shaking her head in disbelief. letting their babies know that he was not going anywhere. She wiggled slightly adjusting her large stomach to just the right position. not since he came to my house in the middle of the night drunk as a skunk. She had screamed in frustration. It had taken five small black stitches to close the bloody gash that he got from hitting his head on the frame of the hard metal bed. but everything was gone. Angel's comforting touch. the soft cushion of the blue chair easing some of the ache that inhabited her body. Angel had literally passed out when he heard the news. unable to get the sleep that she so desperately needed. he hasn't come in yet. not with 'him' in there. but it wasn't anything that she couldn't get over. "I can't believe they haven't pulled the plug yet! It's been 7 months! I don't think he'll wake up Buffy. Have you guys heard from Xander at all?" Jenny asked curiously as she helped Buffy lower her swollen body into the soft chair. Her smile faded as she thought about the question." 'Him' being a comatose Riley Finn. Sure she had been angry. "No sorry Buffy. feeling bad for the emotions that were now making Buffy's eyes fade. as she felt a strong kick to her ribs. She smiled appreciatively. they must be boys." Buffy smiled brightly at the thought. The minute his large smooth had rested on the naked skin of her belly. they had been taking turns playing drums on her internal organs. Angel had smiled brightly. It was the only thing that worked now. so of course she did. I have given up on sleeping altogether! Angel is the only one who can get these two to calm down. Between the two miracles growing and stretching inside of her body. Angel had simply told her to get back into bed. "So have you seen my husband walk through here anywhere? He was supposed to meet me here at 12:00. "Ouch!" Buffy shrieked. . the children calmed their movements. Willow went to check on him the next day. her skin glowing and radiating with pure and utter happiness. you don't have anything to worry about. In 12 hours he just vanished. No we haven't.

Darla felt like screaming.Xander had been one of her best friends since she was young. I have a gun. She was seriously debating on never sitting again. around my unborn children.. has big ol' fluffy come for a visit?" Darla asked as she swung her small delicate curves. making Buffy's ears bleed internally. he has a bit of a temper. She had let her blonde locks grow long. the work getting up just wasn't worth it. He slid his long arms around her waist." Buffy teased. I think I might be able to take him. It felt like hard rock salt was being dug deeply into the wounds. well.." Buffy whispered under her breath. taking off the dark black sunglasses that shielded his eyes from the hot LA sun. Buffy struggled to get out of the chair. and slowly lifted out of the chair. she had perfected her own technique. I mean he's rich. than admit that she was jealous of Buffy. and he loves me. it lay impeccably curled. "Huh!" Darla laughed. such as yourself. Darla's crusty make-up covered face fell." He . a wonderful lover. You were nothing more than a warm hole for him to stick his dick in. handsome. The only reason that he turned to you was out of sheer desperation. not one. "Go away Darla. her body looking perfectly slim and delicious from the back. "That better be my late husband kissing my neck. as her body leaned into his strong and gentle touch. She would rather die. as if my head didn't hurt enough already. You know what.. He was to meet his beautiful wife at the hospital for their check up. He had run late at work. I am carrying two. she had watched the sexy smile cross Angel's face so many times in the last few months.. I think you're just jealous. Buffy's words cutting deep open wounds into her gut.. her body just too heavy to make the manoeuvre possible. He kissed her neck lightly.. Angelus came strolling through the door. "I am a whore! Ya right honey. "You know Darla.. and then at the real estate office." Buffy smirked.. she really hated the blonde in front of her. I mean tell me did he even kiss you? Or did you just drop to your knees like the slut you are?" Buffy taunted. I have the perfect husband. Buffy strolled the best she could in front of the chuckling female. Jenny grasped her hand. flaunting her thin body in front of Buffy. I couldn't be happier. Buffy could see the sting of jealously pass through the other woman's piercing blue eyes.. I try not to have whores. but two of his beautiful children. "I don't know. Buffy turned away from the nurse on the verge of tears." Darla spat back.... but she couldn't. crying. or someone is in big trouble. her and Jenny withheld their tiny chuckles of laughter. as Buffy supported her creaking back. "Well. his hand gently caressing the sides of her wonderful belly. I'm about a million times more high class than you. He snuck up behind his love. feeling her knees give slightly. she had everything that she had ever desired. "Oh god. her high shrill annoying tone. the ends twisting in the middle of her long back.

Buffy hung back a second. her body moving behind his as she checked out his tight ass peering out from under the dark blue slacks that hung off him. She walked towards him slowly. Buffy loved it when he was in his uniform. "Angel. "Ya right! Like that stopped you from groping me this morning!" Buffy blushed as she thought back to their wonderful love making experience that they had . ummm. as their eyes met with passion. Her favorite thing about his delicious uniform was the short sleeves that would tighten on his large biceps every time he moved his arms. "Umm. letting her feel the heat he was packing.. they were both smiling. squeezing the firm flesh in her hands. looking into his large happy eyes.. He looked at the embracing couple in front of him. her step holding a lot less bounce." Buffy smiled as her nerves instantly calmed from his presence. Their lips met in a sweet kiss. his heart beat skipping. Angelus stopping to nibble on her lip as he rubbed the front of her stomach. I thought you were just happy to see me. They had been dating for the last 6 months." Angelus said as he dragged his wife off by the arm." He said simply as he leaned down lifting her shirt slightly so he could put several loving kisses all over her bare skin. cheery even. "I guess they just love their daddy..whispered as he sucked on the soft lobe of her ear. how do you do that? They have been kicking me all damn day! I think I actually have bruises.. "Hello love." She giggled as she turned around. He had gone through such a big transformation in the last few months. "Mrs.. They had paired Spike and Angelus together again as partners. O'Connor. as he chuckled low in his masculine throat. "Oh really its a gun. She felt much better about finally telling Darla exactly what she thought of her. Jenny smiled as she saw Giles walk through the door that separated the rooms from the waiting area." She whistled as she grabbed the firm skin of his buttocks. He pressed his hard chest into her back. He was happy. and laughing about something as Angelus used his large hands to rub her enlarged stomach. the children are present!" He mocked. "Come on lets go. Buffy smiled feeling his warm lips ignite her flesh. "How are my boys?" He asked as his tongue slid into her mouth.. The tight material made him seem so much taller and muscular. not wanting to draw too much attention. "I think I am going to be sick!" Darla spat out as she walked quickly away. and things were starting to get serious. see how these gremlins are doing in there. and now they held the record for the most busts and drug raids. Angelus jumped." Giles said as he gave her a quick kiss.

. standing before a judge with Spike and Willow as their witnesses. (Yawn) tired. "And Willow didn't tell me! I am going to kick her ass! When did they find out?" Buffy's smiled extended from ear to ear at the thought of her and her best friend raising their babies together. rest. how?" Buffy cried. unable to contain the joy that now bathed her life in comfort. I am not. telling everyone he could the news. Buffy was forced to sell it. up to his lips for a kiss. what? We are here?" Buffy sat up groggily. Angel.. "Oh my god. you need some sleep. and was not yet starting to show. wake up. But now somehow he had know it was her dream to raise her kids in the same place that she had been ." Angelus laughed at the image of his blonde friend pulling over random strangers. "I almost forgot to tell you.." She smiled her eyes beginning to flutter at the caring sensations he was adorning her with.. Buffy shifted excitedly in the seats. they stood in front of the house that she had grown up in. her face wrapped in an all around glow. focusing on the bright house in front of her. "Really?? What is it.. Angelus got out of the car.. as her eyes got big.. "Huh." Angelus purred as he brought her small hand intertwined with his own. just how they wanted. When her mother had died..engaged in before his early morning shift. Angelus and Buffy had wed just weeks after their make up.. "But. She was complete with her one and only soul bound to her own. Willow had gotten pregnant 3 months after Buffy. ****************************************************************************** *** "I have a surprise for you baby. Buffy drifted off as Angel barely finished his story. It was small and intimate." Angelus coaxed as he stroked her face lightly.. They still couldn't get enough of each other. but there were still a lot of things that they need to plan before they could actually have the ceremony. running around to the other side. She strained her eyes. as Buffy's eyes got wide her eyes as green as ever." He said in a affectionate tone as he lightly rubbed her belly. "Just yesterday I guess. her eyes filling with more joy than her small self could handle... you should have seen Spike at work today. helping his wife up to her feet. Spike told me they are having a girl!" He smiled.. tell me!" She shrieks. "Baby.. Spike had proposed the minute he had found out she was pregnant. "We will be there soon enough.

It was at that exact moment as he looked to his precious wife.raised. ." Angelus said happily. "I made them an offer they couldn't refuse. and their two miracle babies he knew that nothing could ever separate them. The End. The hands of fate had bound them together for all eternity.

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