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Enough Already

AUTHOR: Sandee E-MAIL: RATING: NC-17 M/F Sex - lots of it! Because there NEVER can be too much smut. DISCLAIMER: These characters are owned by Joss Whedon, WB and Mutant Enemy Productions. I'm only borrowing them and planned to return a bit more happy, but unharmed. Please don't sue. I have less than nothing. In fact, I still owe on my student loans! SUMMARY: B/A - Angel and Buffy are looking for some "quiet" time together, but they keep getting interrupted. No curse exists. Just happy Buffy and Angel forever! DISTRIBUTION: Please ask first. I'd be glad to loan it to anyone, except Geocities sites. AUTHOR'S NOTES: Please send feedback. I would greatly appreciate it. Sorry if you get this fic sent to you from a bunch of different lists. DEDICATION: I want to thank Tink and Bree for all your help. Thanks to all those who sent feedback on my last fic, which helped encouraged me to write another. I'd like to say thanks to my Mom who will NEVER be allowed to read this because she'd die if she knew this is what my Bachelor's Degree went to!..hehehe... Note: *italics - represent thoughts.

Buffy sat on the long dark library table with Angel standing nestled between her thighs. Her short pink skirt crept up her thighs as Angel's strong hand journeyed upward. Their mouths were fused together while their tongues dueled, slipping and sliding against each other. One of Buffy's hands was tangled in his soft chocolate brown hair, while the other grasped his firm butt pulling Angel closer to her. When Buffy pulled away to gasp for much needed air, Angel's mouth moved to suck at her neck. His other hand started to undo a few of her blouse buttons so his soft lips could travel down to her firm breasts. "You taste so good." Angel's tongue traced the tender veins in Buffy's delicate neck. Angel's hand crept further up her skirt and brushed her damp panties making Buffy gasp. She began to rub her wet panties against his hand. "Mmm. . . that feels good." "Buffy?"

Buffy had her hand in Angel's pants and they were very obviously in the middle of something private. They parted and Buffy went back to work on his zipper. His erection was growing uncomfortable and he wanted some relief soon." Buffy grabbed Angel's hand and yanked it. Giles. She didn't stop running with Angel in tow until they reached the Sunnydale Cemetery. I don't need to lock up now right?" Buffy questioned Giles. but right now I can't remember what..What are you doing here?" Giles tried to regain his thoughts and push aside his overwhelming embarrassment. maybe I do.. When Buffy finally slowed she found herself .." both Angel and Buffy replied at the same time. "Oh." "OK. Both froze instantly having no idea what to do at that exact moment. Angel delicately stroked the inner flesh of her hot slick core barely brushing her swollen clit that begged for attention. Giles. she reached in and grabbed his hard cock. I can do that. I. "Well. "I needed a book on something. then see ya. he was greeted with a startling sight. practically running to leave the library. then we can continue without interruption.. but was scared they might get caught... As Giles briskly walked into the library. Buffy was first to talk. "Good. "No." he stuttered. he asked me to do it for him. Angel was still so embarrassed he hardly knew what was happening as Buffy rushed him out of the library. "Why would interruptions matter? Did you have something planned?" she smiled playfully and tugged at his black leather belt attempting to unbuckle it.umm. then promptly displayed the book in his hand.I needed another Watcher's Diary." Buffy replied as her hips took on a life of their own and rubbed against Angel's hand and erection that was pressing into her thigh. Giles froze while Buffy and Angel tried to quickly reassemble themselves.needed. She wanted him desperately and couldn't wait any longer.. Her small hand caressed his growing bulge gently. Just as Buffy started to firmly stroke Angel's hardness the library doors flew open. I finished the one I was reading. Pulling it down quickly."Hmm? What Angel?" "Do you think Giles is coming back to lock up?" Angel's hand began to slip under the thin material of her panties and softly stroke the hot slippery flesh that lay beneath. "Oh. "No." Angel said as he caught Buffy's lips in a searing kiss. "So. Buffy tingled all over." he said as he slipped the drenched panties off of Buffy.

Angel licked her in little swirling motions that were driving her crazy. She closed her eyes reveling in the intense feelings running through her body and opened her thighs wider apart." "I know what you mean." "What?" he replied as he tenderly lapped at the hot wet outer flesh that covered her tight core. She stopped giggling when her eyes met Angel's dark hungry eyes. "Angel. He lapped at the moisture flowing from her weeping center." Joyce let go of the handful of hair she was holding on Angel's head. God!" Angel's cool tongue delved deep searching out her tangy wetness. He won't be able to look me in the eye for weeks.. She froze when her hazel eyes met her mother's. Angel finally took pity on her and sucked slowly on Buffy's clit. where are your panties?" "Oh. Buffy started to giggle again. why did you stop? I was almost there. I really need you. I almost died when he walked in." Angel slid to the ground bringing Buffy with him to lay in the deep grass. Buffy felt her orgasm growing at an intense rate. and just as Angel began to suck the little swollen nub harder. We are going home. "Angel.Oh. "They must still be at the libr-." she began to giggle even harder.. Buffy lost all train of thought as her body exploded in sensation. I have never been so embarrassed living or unliving. He wanted to be in her tight warm body so badly he could barely stand it. that was so close. He whispered on her lips. Buffy whispered back." Then he groaned against her mouth as her small hands reached out and began to stroke his hard bulge. Angel pulled away just enough to let Buffy breathe." "Too close if you ask me. Her hips arched closer to his skilled mouth as she tried to get his mouth exactly where she ached for it. his mouth becoming frantic over Buffy's.standing in a secluded part of the cemetery surrounded by trees and bushes. "What's the matter Angel?" Angel's mouth swooped down and captured her pink pouty lips in a hard. "Buffy. which she used to pull him away from her daughter. God Buffy." "Oh. . he stopped." she whined opening her eyes to see what the problem was. bruising kiss." Buffy began to giggle. "BUFFY ANNE SUMMERS! Get up this instant. "But did you see the look on Giles' face? It was priceless. "Baby. "I'm so wet Angel. She was so angry she couldn't speak.I'm so hard. Then glared at him. Angel lifted her skirt and lick her creamy thighs.. no. He started to growl deep in his chest and the vibrations sent little electric shock waves right into her core.. Buffy ran her fingers through his hair urging him on. my thighs are sticky and I'm throbbing for you.

slamming it shut right before her mother could walk in. *Now what do I do?* Angel winced at the throb radiating from his engorged cock. relaxing it. but. She winced at every bump the car took putting more pressure on her already aroused flesh. . He laid back in the grass and reached in to his tight jeans. Angel couldn't hold back much longer and slipped into game face. Buffy. biting hard into his wrist. She followed her mother to the car.Buffy did as she was told. Do you understand me?" "Yes. Angel groaned and began to lightly stroke his hard throbbing shaft.. then yelled out. "I don't appreciate your attitude and you better not come out of that room at all. Joyce pulled into the driveway. but just so you know I was looking for you because you were late coming home from patrol. Letting the coppery blood flow over his tongue. And another thing that was totally inappropriate behavior. Angel came with a deep growl spurting cool seed over his hand. When we get home you are to go directly to you bedroom. As his hips followed the motion his hands were creating. . "I'll see you later!" She gave him a wicked smile and waved good bye." "I told you I didn't want to hear another thing from you. quickly getting up and arranging her clothing back in place. Angel began to growl as his orgasm grew. "Mom. One big hand pumped along his length as the other gently circled the swollen purple tip. I got scared and worried. Buffy yanked it open. the wetness and the throbbing between her legs. DON'T test me tonight!" Buffy sat quietly in her seat. how could you do that? Why were you there anyway?" Joyce turned to look at Buffy. Thinking about Angel. "I do not have to answer you young lady. *What the Hell just happened?* he thought. He laid on the cool grass motionless for a while trying to gather his strength to look for Buffy and see if she was all right. Joyce fumed as she opened the door and looked up the stairs. repeating her orders to Buffy and sent her marching to the front door. Angel stood there completely stunned and utterly confused. *I can't believe I'm about to do this. He grunted at the spasms of pleasure that rolled through his tense body. unbuckled his belt and lowered his zipper. His hips thrust strongly against his own hand as his need for release grew. Where the Hell are your underpants?" . Buffy quickly looked back at the stunned vampire with hurt and sorrow in her eyes. pulling out his hard cock. I do not want to hear another thing from you until I've calmed down tomorrow morning at breakfast. He stopped circling his velvet tip and brought the free hand up to his mouth.* Angel reached down. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Buffy slid into the back seat of her mother's black jeep.

she was so close. "Nothing. "God. *I need to calm down. Buffy gasped when she felt another hand on her own and froze. then Buffy pushed Angel off of her." She flashed him a mischievous smile. Her orgasm built with each swirl of her fingers in the wetness." With that Buffy shut the door and locked it again. The more Buffy thought about Angel. until Buffy moaned loudly. I need to take deep breaths. "Oh. Buffy's fingers stroked the delicate aroused flesh in the little swirly patterns mimicking Angel's tongue earlier that night.* she repeated to herself over and over. "I'm sorry. "It's . but found it locked. the ache that had been present since the start of the evening still radiated through her. what do you want!?" "I heard some weird noises coming from your room and thought something might be wrong.. You scared the shit out of me. Angel laid next to Buffy on the bed. Deep breaths." he smirked at her his eyes flashing his arousal.. "Then hurry up... She began rubbing her nipples. I need a little. Buffy laid on her bed trying to follow her own advice." Angel hid as Buffy straightened her clothing again and buttoned her shirt back up. Breathing deeply.. Bringing his lips closer to hers gently brushing his lips to hers. She wanted to feel her hard nipples rubbing against his smooth muscular chest and his thick cock filling her tight slippery passage. Her hand began stroking her clit in a rapid side to side stroke and her hips thrust off the bed. The door flew open. the worse the ache became.You just looked so good. I wanted to help. They kissed like this for a while.. She looked up in shock at the owner of the cool hand. softly making them peak in to hard buds peeking through her lacy bra. Quickly. well. and she wanted to feel his weight on her. She finally decided to ease the ache herself. crap! My Mom. Buffy could feel the tension building along with the orgasm she had wanted all night. Angel peeked out of the closet. The lace was a little rough and felt wonderful against her smooth flesh." "I'm fine and now I'm going to bed! I'll see you tomorrow for my lecture at breakfast. Angel. Buffy playfully hit him. "Buffy what are you doing?" Joyce questioned as she went to push open her daughter's door. The tiny hand dove beneath the little skirt searching for her slit. Buffy continued to stroke her breasts while her other hand skimmed down her firm stomach to find the source of the ache." she whispered. in your case a lot of relief here. Her tight core ached for Angel's hardness. "Buffy open this door NOW!" Angel and Buffy froze.Buffy slammed her bedroom door shut and flopped on her bed. Buffy undid the buttons to her flimsy blue blouse and began to massage her breasts pretending they were Angel's talented strong hands...hide in the closet.

"Dammit. Buffy watched him replay the bad memories. They were now standing in front of the abandoned church Spike tried to take his strength for Drusilla and where they fought the Order of Taraka." He dragged her away from the building as he ranted. we have to find a quiet place. Angel had slowed. teasing her lips with his own. Do I? No." she smiled and placed a sweet kiss on his mouth. dumbfounded at the display. wrapping her arms around his waist trying to comfort him. I come to visit and you're not home. bulging underneath the tight fabric of his jeans. They parted briefly to round the corner to his apartment door and froze. Angel emerged from the closet and Buffy surveyed the handsome sight. and they stayed that way until she pulled away. looking around. Buffy then tugged Angel up the stairs and into the church. They could hear him mumbling." Angel backed Buffy up and out of earshot." she said. Angel felt a cold shiver run through his body. Buffy and Angel looked at each other. They practically ran hand-in-hand all the way to Angel's "I can't believe this! You've got to be kidding! All I want is a little intimate time with the love of my unlife and this is what happens. "I have no clue!" he said. I can't take anymore interruptions. Buffy. "You trust me right?" "Of course I trust you. Whistler was pacing back and forth in front of the door with a duffel bag in hand. "Angel." Whistler kicked the door open and walked in." "Uh. Come on out. baby." "Neither can I. I'm about to burst. Buffy wanted him so badly. I don't." "I love you too. I'm sorry. that's better. His tongue demanded entry into her warm mouth to dance with hers. She had no idea where Angel was taking her They just kept walking while he continued to rant." . I'm tired of waiting out here. Angel wrapped his arms around Buffy also. "I don't think this is a good idea. Let's go to my apartment." Buffy said exasperated. I'll just go make myself at home and wait. "Oh. He was gorgeous. She had been interrupted too many times tonight and didn't think she could take anymore. "Now. "We are leaving. Angel? Where are we going?" He stopped suddenly and threw up his hands." she giggled. placing a searing kiss against Buffy's mouth. I love you more than I will every be able to express to you. and his arousal evident. I'll just wait inside. I want a little time and look what happens." "Finally! Some place quiet where we can be loud. "I don't ask for much. Angel." It was Buffy's turn to be in tow.

. His cool mouth was sending little electric tingles to it. pressing down on his growing erection looking for the relief she craved all night. She shifted her position off his lap as he kicked his shoes and socks off. throwing it onto the next bench. that feels so good." she giggled and smiled wickedly up at him. Angel pressed his aroused cock up towards Buffy's hot center. while stoking her rosy nipples with his thumbs. Angel started to purr deep in his chest and Buffy's tummy felt as though it had butterflies and her breathing became erratic. Buffy helped to unzip his tight jeans and push them and his boxers off his firm body.. . Each button she unfastened her mouth followed kissing the smooth satiny skin beneath." she whined disappointedly. Her tiny hand started to unbutton his black shirt. "Buffy isn't this sacrilegious?" "I don't think so. We have bad memories of this place. . so lets replace them with some good ones. "Why did you do that. Angel's cool tongue flicked over each bud a few times before capturing one in his mouth drawing on it gently.Harder. She began to suck gently. "Mmm . Buffy could feel the wetness start to flow in her core. . Angel unfastened her lacy bra and slowly slid it down her lean arms. Buffy lead Angel into the chapel to the back pew. Her blonde head ducked down to capture his thick shaft in her warm wet mouth. Angel's eyes rolled back in his head and his purr became more of a deep rumbling growl. He couldn't take it anymore. His hands immediately cupped her firm breasts. "Buffy?" "Yes. . Buffy moved to straddle him as he sat enjoying being ravaged by his petite lover.Angel?" "I need to get out of these pants. Reaching behind Buffy. He watched them form little hard buds and couldn't resist tasting them any longer. He could smell her arousal and it was driving him crazy. She pushed him down on the back bench and removed her shirt. She winced when he let her soft breast go only to be satisfied when he latched on to the other one. It's no longer in use and besides we finally have a quiet place. Her hands caressed his nipples as her mouth sucked at his neck. She loved that feeling and only he could provide it. Her hips squirmed. Angel did as she wished. Angel's eyes widened." she demanded."Sure it is. Her tiny hand ran threw his soft brown hair. ." Buffy was more then happy to help. Buffy become even more aroused and her core started to throb rhythmically." she giggled and sat next to him. holding his head close as her fingernails of the other traced his tattoo. Angel reached out and slowed Buffy's bobbing head to still it and pull her off of him. .

He thrusted in a solid motion. Buffy could feel the pleasure radiating from deep in her womb." Buffy gasped as his cool hand caressed her inflamed body. "Hold still for a minute. stop teasing. All he could do was smile and say. "Nope. She giggled.all night . Buffy felt Angel still for a few seconds waiting for her to be ready. She could feel his thick cock rubbing her swollen clit as it slipped in and out of her pulsating core. flushed with desire. Thrusting faster and faster. baby. the stronger it became. She felt his hips flex and begin to move. His tongue fiercely probed her mouth playing with hers. She felt full and complete when her body surrounded his. . . He was loosing all control and slipped into game face. Angel was completely surrounded by her tight slick vaginal walls. He could feel her body tensing under his making her tight wall grip him even stronger. then felt him thrust slowly as her body stretched until he was completely encased in her scalding sheath." Angel shifted his hips slightly and positioned his cock at her wet entrance. . "I love you. and she pulled the free leg up higher to rest around his hip to let him slip deep inside her tight sheath. Angel rubbed his hard shaft over Buffy's slit making her hips arch for more." and slid his hands into the waistband of her skirt and pulled it down. She felt like he was touching her soul he was so deep. "Angel . The more Angel thrusted." right before he captured her lips and kissed her deeply. It felt so good. and she loved it. Angel glided in and out of her slippery core. but it was difficult. groaning at the pleasure her body contained. "Wait. Buffy shifted slightly to get comfortable. Her body tensed rapidly with the growing orgasm."Because you have way too many clothes on. "You still aren't wearing any panties?" She giggled. ." she gasped. . been waiting . Her hips arched to met his. She clenched her strong muscles around his hard cock making him growl at her. Her hips worked to meet his in a rhythmic pattern their bodies and needs set. She draped her leg over the back of the bench giving Angel more room to maneuver. then gasped as he began to slowly stroke in and out of her tight channel. . She had wanted this all night. while continuously stroking her body and laying her down on the hard bench. I've . . Buffy could feel Angel's thick shaft at her dripping core. then held still waiting for Buffy's slim body to accommodate his thick size. Buffy loved the feeling he created in her body." He did as she asked. . She could feel the head nudging to enter her body." she gasped. Angel could feel their bodies became more frantic. . "OK.

Completely sated neither of them wanted to move. digging her nails into his flesh she drew blood as she tried to push his body into her. they lay there enjoying the closeness and bliss of being together. gently kissing. Angel's incisors pierced Buffy's delicate neck letting the sweet rich blood flow into his waiting mouth and began to suck. I was right. and we finally weren't interrupted. "Enough already!" The End . Angel groaned. Her vaginal muscles rippled gripping and clenching his hardness so strongly it triggered Angel's orgasm as well. Their bodies still joined. Her body couldn't take it anymore and exploded.Angel thrust hard using the armrest of the bench to push off from with his lean strong legs. Suddenly they froze. <creek> <creek> Someone was coming. Her orgasm struck with such forced she almost bucked Angel right off of her. "See." she said as their lips met again. His balls tightened and he felt the tension explode out of his body as he spilled his cool seed into Buffy's hot core. Angel was the first to move slightly to brush his lips to hers. Buffy's fingers gripped his strong butt." "Right? Right about what?" "Now you have good memories. stroking his beautiful face. She smiled up at him.