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Elseworlds: Christmas Angel

AUTHOR: Lady Raven DISCLAIMER: the Buffyverse and all it's characters belong to Joss Whedon. The 'Elseworlds' concept belongs to whoever thought it up (a fanfic writer for the X-Men, I think). RATING/CONTENT: NC-17, Consensual m/f sex [Buffy/Angel] SUMMARY: A sequel to Elseworlds: Fallen Angel. Buffy Summers, private eye at large, and Angel Roarke, mysterious millionaire type, are spending their first Christmas together. SPOILERS: Elseworlds: Fallen Angel. The NC-17 version should soon be available at The Loft, or The Naughty Slayer. AUTHOR'S NOTE: If you haven't read E: FA, this might not make a lot of sense. Basically, the year is 1948, and the whole Slayer/Vampires thing is the stuff of fiction. Both Buffy and Angel are in their early twenties, they met when Angel hired Buffy to find a stolen family heirloom (read E: FA). Giles is the Roarke family butler, who also helped Angel raise his younger brother William and their distant cousin Drusilla after his father died. Drusilla is sane, too, although pretty loopy and psychic (so she says). Sunnydale is the Roarke family estate, half an hour from LA. If there's a reference in here that you don't understand, then I probably haven't written it yet. Just acknowledge it and read on!

December 20, 1948 Sunnydale estate Angel Roarke stirred and opened his eyes as Buffy shifted, pressing her back more closely against his chest. He lifted himself up on one elbow so he could watch her face and smiled at the picture she made in the stream of moonlight coming through the window. The silver light made her look like a statue made of fine ivory, with emeralds for eyes, and gold leaf for hair. The need to touch her growing stronger, Angel gently traced his fingers down her body, from shoulder to hip and back. As his fingertips ran over the skin on her left side, he felt the interruption to her smooth skin. Caught in the half-trance that often came over him when he and Buffy made love, he traced the scar several times. She'd received it when a bullet had grazed her in an attempt to kill him.

Those emerald eyes that could make him burn or melt with a single glance gazed out the window directly in line with their bed, as Buffy smiled and said, "I think that's the reason I fell in love with you." "What?" "That first night we spent together, when I had to go to the bathroom and when I came back you hugged me and helped chase the cold away, when I wouldn't have blamed you for waiting until I was warm again." "Funny, and I thought it was because I'm such a wonderful person," Angel sighed in fake modesty. "Only between the sheets," Buffy snickered. "Oh, really?" Angel murmured, and tipped her face up so he could kiss her long and deep. He could feel his body responding to her nearness, to her scent, the way it always didand, he hoped, always would. Buffy twisted so she could reach him and her nails scratched his bare chest and stomach lightly as they trailed down his body. They always slept nude when they spent the night together, having realized early in their relationship that wearing nightclothes when they slept together was pointless at best, annoying and hindering at worst. As Buffy's slender fingers closed gently around his erection, Angel gasped into her mouth, and she breathed it in. Her hand moved up and down his shaft slowly and carefully, and Angel found himself rapidly approaching the point of no return. Remembering her last comment, he decided that he was going to be in charge this time. Tenderly wrapping his fingers around the wrist of the hand that was doing such a good job of giving him pleasure, he pressed just hard enough to tell Buffy to let him go. He then brought her hand up to his mouth and kissed it. He could see her eyes flicker and soften before he gently moved her onto her back. It always amazed him that tough-asnails Buffy could be so deeply moved by such little things. Feeling the urge to prove to her just how wonderful he was between the sheets-a common urge, actually-he bent over her and kissed her long and deeply. Buffy cradled her head in his hands, and slid her tongue into his mouth. Angel then trailed kisses over her jawline and down her throat, lingering for a while before moving downwards. He'd never had a throat fetish before he met Buffy, but she brought out lots of things in him that he never knew about. Buffy had only had a single brief love affair before him, while he had gone through a formidable amount of sexual partners. They had both suffered shattering betrayals by those they had loved-or thought that they did-but Buffy had turned inwards and locked away her libido, while Angel had turned outwards and sought oblivion in one woman

and Angel held her hips still as he licked and sucked some more until he slipped his tongue deep inside her and her inner muscles convulsed around his tongue as she came." Angel lifted his head from her neck and asked. Her lack of experience had never detracted from their physical relationship. hard and begging for attention. Willow dug it up for me. anyway?" He could hear the smirk in Buffy's voice as she told him. better than chocolate." "I'll show you later. Angel got a huge thrill from teaching her things that were new or different for her. reveling in the taste.after another in an attempt to convince himself that it hadn't been his failure as a man at fault. After a minute of this Buffy was writhing beneath him. so he turned his attention to her other nipple to give her a rest-of sorts-while he gently ran his fingertips up and down her arms. then returning to tongue action.. He gently circled the hard bud with his tongue. silently begging for more. in fact in some ways it had added to it.if you're good. I just want to know what else she came up with. remembering one very interesting idea she'd come up with previously. Where on earth did you pick that up. "Just remembering that Ming Dynasty trick you pulled on me last week. not right now-so he stopped to kiss every inch of her midriff and stomach before moving down between her legs and licking her clit. only to get an even bigger thrill when Buffy's fertile imagination had come up with completely new spins on old techniques. "Restricted section of the library. telling him just where she wanted his mouth next. until she gave a breathless moan and thrust her hips up. "What are you smirking about?" Buffy asked with a smile in her voice.. "You have Willow abusing her position of sacred trust as a Guardian of knowledge to do research for our love life?" "Why Angel! What exactly are you implying?" Buffy asked in mock horror. Angel wasn't going to let her dictate to him like that-at least. Buffy gasped and came right off the bed." That was a challenge that Angel just couldn't ignore. Angel buried his face in her neck and grinned. Buffy moaned and arched into his touch. It was better than French champagne. before sucking ferociously for a few seconds. . He groaned as her juices flowed over his tongue. hell. and he grinned at his lover wickedly as he slowly bent to take one of her nipples in his mouth. and Angel was happy to oblige. better than anything else he'd ever tasted. "Implying.

feeling utterly content. and Angel grinned in anticipation as he moved up her body. her center clenching him like velvet-covered steel. Angel returned to his previous position. Even now. twisting his erection inside her. "Have you talked to the rest of your family about it?" "Yeah. he couldn't help wondering what he did to deserve this incredible woman who was his match in every way.He was suddenly overcome with impatience to feel his body sink into hers. Buffy had her head thrown back and her eyes closed as she recovered from her orgasm. He slid an arm around her waist and buried his face in her hair. and Buffy came again. He'd made it his mission in the past two months to study every reaction her body had to his touch. he swiftly placed his hands on either side of her hips." "Really?" Buffy asked delightedly as she twisted to lie facing him. and asked. She flung her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his waist. really. Angel moved his hips. driving himself inside to the hilt with a single stroke. Did you have something in mind?" "Actually. he knew what happened when he entered her while she was in the state between climax and afterglow. then to Hi Lo's for dinner on the day. Times like this. pressing her into the mattress as he buried his face in her neck and moaned as he emptied inside her. huh?" Buffy asked jokingly. and Drusilla just smiled and said you would be here every Christmas for a long time. but the sight of Buffy swept away by the pleasure that * he * had given her was too much. "What are you doing for Christmas?" * "Willow and I usually go to her parents' house for Hanukkah. and thrust into her hard. and groaned with need deep in his throat as he lifted his head. not sure whether she wanted to let Angel see how good the prospect of being with him every Christmas for a long time sounded to her. Feeling almost every muscle he had quiver. Grinning harder. Buffy's eyes flew open and she gave a strangled cry. William gave me one of those annoying grins. trying to hold back his own orgasm. His arms gave out and he collapsed on top of her. listening to the pounding of each other's heart. They lay still for a few moments. I was hoping that you could spend it here with us. hearing her pulse race beneath his ear gave Angel a strange sort of peace. Giles wanted to know why I hadn't asked you earlier. He wished he knew exactly what it was. Angel groaned." "She's been reading tea leaves again. on his side with Buffy curled up against him. so he could do it again and again and again. . He suddenly thought of something he'd been meaning to talk to Buffy about.

she doesn't throw tantrums or anything. I wonder how long it will last. "I think that in your case. "I busted a fake medium in one of my first cases. she certainly wasn't going to tell him that they were sleeping together. too. "I know the effects of marriage before you're ready for it. That was a Roarke family matter. before laying her head on his shoulder." Angel sighed. I mean. it was more a case of the wrong woman. I thought it was just a passing phase." "It's that serious?" Angel asked. "I just hope they're not making a commitment that might blow up in their faces. No matter how warm a glow the thought of being one gave her. she's not flashy enough. I can't believe that I didn't see that they were involved before. She had seen his reaction when he'd found out about the relationship between his younger brother and their British distant cousin. We both have a deeper than normal acquaintance with the dark side of humanity. Very well." "You may have a point. She knew better than anyone else just how much in the past that was. "Sometimes I worry about her. quirking an eyebrow." Angel sighed as he lay on his back." Buffy winced." "I think I'm relieved. more to reassure himself than her. William told me once that he wants to marry her once they graduate from college." Buffy frowned in thought and shrugged. and I've lost count of how many people have told me that she was right about something." "I doubt it. If there's a messy breakup. and stayed out of it. The only reason he hasn't told you or Giles yet is that he's afraid of how you'll react. She was always a little leery of talking about Angel's disastrous teenage marriage." Angel said. "Yeah."I don't know. Buffy had made sure that Drusilla knew how to prevent pregnancy. Not to mention. and she wasn't one. a little shaken. you know that William will take care of her for as long as he lives. when I was eleven I wanted to be invisible. She'd never make it as a professional psychic. He put an arm around Buffy and stroked her shoulder." Buffy bit her lip before she replied. When she first said that she could see the future. But she has such a trust in the world. I watched her do the tarot card readings she did for that party we had on Halloween. ." Buffy told him matter of factly. All I can tell you is that Dru doesn't show any of the tricks of the trade. "Face it. it could make life very difficult around here." "True." "He was probably right to." Angel replied grimly. She acts like a child sometimes. and she's still as convinced now as when she started. "Besides. love. Not in a bad way. But she's almost seventeen.

Let her sweat. so that I can clear my calendar until January second. how about I pick you up at your office on Christmas Eve?" "Okay. before nestling closer and drifting off to sleep. 1948 Hi Lo's. and the crowds were thick." Buffy giggled. and proceeded to people-watch the passersby on the street." Buffy sat down at her and Willow's regular table. "Willow asked me to tell you that she will be a few minutes late. The restaurant Hi Lo's was on one of the busiest thoroughfares in Chinatown. How do we work this?" "Well. do you have any cases that are likely to make you work twenty four hours a day?" "No." "Well. . I'll be able to get better proof after New Year's. you can show me what else Willow came up with tomorrow. Buffy." "Okay then. and they performed their usual ritual of greeting. about Christmas. She wants me to get her proof so she can squeeze him for a diamond necklace. except for something that can't be done until Christmas Eve. There's something that I was hoping you'd help me with." Hi Lo told her with a mock frown. what?" "I'll tell you then. I have a rich wife who's convinced her husband's cheating on her. ***** December 21. then. So I guess we'd better get some sleep. But. We'll be up late. just give me a cup of coffee until she gets here." "Sure. but this is old friend of theirs . I know I don't touch divorce cases anymore. If you want. Hi!" "Hello... Chinatown LA Buffy walked into her favorite restaurant. I need a break. "Hi. you can pick me up in the morning at my place. give us more time. anyway."Don't worry. looking for her best friend. they love each other too much to be enemies. The owner ." "Everything's ready. and I'll be extra busy for the next couple of days. Even if they do break up.approached.

when you introduced us? He looked at you like you were the most beautiful woman in the world. some company will sweep you up and take you away from all this. Bureaucracy. Will. but we're getting all set up for the stocktake early next year. "They're the only reason he's got such a prominent position in the first place. "Will! Exaggerating a little.. You've got what women dream about when they're reading romance novels." "Oh. Buffy continued. where she was working for a degree in higher mathematics.but I see the way that Angel looks at you. y'know?" At Willow's sympathetic nod of agreement. "No problem.well.." "You think?" Willow as not to insult Hi's cooking . Soon as you finish your degree." Buffy smiled sympathetically. Buffy. indicative of heavy commitment!" Buffy tried to hold it in. Will." Buffy started to giggle. Willow and the rest of the staff had been having a lot of trouble with the Head of the library's Board of Directors recently.look. "Sometimes I get so scared.Buffy said.I wonder how I'll ever live without him. "I'm sorry I'm late.. aren't you?" ... remembering how Willow had refused to look and gripped her hand until Buffy could swear she heard the bones creak. I know I'm not exactly the best person to give advice about love considering that I've never experienced it .. I haven't exactly had the best of luck with men. Even the first time the three of us had dinner here." Willow explained. Is Wilkins still on your back?" Buffy asked in concern. "I can't believe you didn't tell me sooner! This is so important.. and the memory of the haircut still had the ability to make Buffy laugh. "He's too busy toadying to all the people he wants favors from." Willow grimaced. Willow had recently had her auburn hair cut into a chin-length bob. It's just. "Don't worry. but her smile broke out.this is. I love him so much. "I know. After a few minutes of concentrated eating .Buffy saw Willow approaching and smiled. like. Hi approached with their regular orders. and he touched you like you were made of gold or something. She was working part-time at the Los Angeles public library to pay her fees at college. "Angel's asked me to spend Christmas with him. half in skepticism and half in hope." Willow gasped and replied. due to the fact he was basically a nasty man whose only enjoyment of life came from the exercise of power.. and the two young women dug in. Buffy waved as Willow entered and hurried over to their table.

and he always listens to your opinion. even if he doesn't agree with it. her eyes round again. no. Hi Min. it's incredible fireworks-type sex. that last one's rare. He even approves of the fact you have your own life." Willow's eyes widened. "Is Min going to be in tomorrow? I wanted to consult her. had a thriving business among Chinatown's residents as a herbalist. coming to their table. "I keep looking for the catch. dammit. You have a man who looks like an angel. She muttered to herself. "Besides. "You must stay for Tea.." Buffy bit her lip. and Buffy giggled. "Well. and has enough money and power to be mistaken for God. had stopped her from informing the prig that she was a professional. I've missed our talks. you can be afraid that his family will suddenly hate you-" "Will!" Buffy laughed." Hi Lo's mother. "I'd be happy to. Also. Buffy's lips quirked and she added quietly. Buffy?" Hi asked. all moping gone. "Not really. I still can't believe that nothing's going to take my happiness away. and added in a deceptively demure tone. okay?" When Willow grinned. and that you don't have a ring-type commitment. deep down. at least in LA. unlike male doctors who. Buffy had become great friends with her and one of her few Caucasian clients. Only the presence of her old friend. you just have great sex. "I get your point! Let's just eat our food. his former non-wife tried to kill you! Don't you think that's enough?" When Buffy didn't answer. there's always the fact that he's had enough gorgeous women to fill up this restaurant. plus a few curses she'd picked up from Lou's brothers. Hi?" "Yes. Willow pursed her lips. Willow was so much fun to flabbergast. Min has missed you.Willow just looked at Buffy. Believe me. saying she should leave it to the professionals." Buffy smiled and nodded. Buffy always maintained that Min's concoctions worked so well because she both understood and respected a woman's body." Hi nodded. AND he supports you in your career. According to you he could give Don Juan lessons in lovemaking. didn't think a woman should be having sex outside marriage. nodded. and inside marriage should be having as many children as possible to prove their husband's virility. and replied. and went to finish off her fried rice. Min supplied the herbal potion that Buffy used as birth control." Willow looked up. I keep looking for the tarnish. lately. Buffy did not have many good experiences with men doctors. The last one she'd encountered at LA General Hospital had lectured her on the inadvisability of being hit by bullets. looked down at the table and said. and she exclaimed. "That reminds me. Sargeant Louis Coppola. "Buffy.. Buffy .

"It's a legacy from that ancestor who escaped the Salem Witch Trials. and if Sunnydale wasn't so far from LA. ***** December 22. While Buffy was 5 ft 3 inches in her bare feet. we shall have Tea. Her slight frame. 1948 Hi family house. he wouldn't be making you so much a part of his family if he didn't want you around for a very long time. Min was a skilled enough herbalist to make a living as an assassin. wondering if there would ever be a time when every train of thought didn't stop at the station called Angel Roarke. once they were sure that they were doing the right thing for the right reasons. And I love you too. She heard the door unlocking and quickly got to her feet. do you really think that Angel's ever going to part from you without a fight? I would say the man is seriously in love with you. turning to greet the woman who opened the door with a smile. Min was even shorter. Chinatown LA Buffy rang the doorbell once. and listened to the wind chimes hanging from the roof. Even being on the porch gave her a sense of serenity. Min smiled in return." Buffy tilted her head and looked at Willow fondly. Willow asked. and beckoned Buffy inside. why do you always know the right thing to say to me?" Willow grinned and replied. then sat down on the small bench next to the front door of the Hi house. You live with him on the weekends. combined with her innocent face-still beautiful. "Buffy. . it would be all the time. You know how protective he is of William and Drusilla. "Willow. She noticed Willow looking at her in concern. Buffy could easily believe it." The two women reached across the table and gripped hands warmly. Buffy closed her eyes and felt the cold winter breeze caress her face. "Come into the garden. She'd told Buffy once that as a young woman in China.considered that the only REAL men were those with brains . she had poisoned a man who had threatened to rape her if she didn't become his mistress. Min was one of those people who. and smiled." Hi Min didn't look very formidable. That was a grave mistake. Buffy sighed. even with the wrinkles and wear of sixty five years of mostly hard living-caused people to underestimate her. A part of her hoped that day would never come.something else that she admired about Angel.

He and Buffy spoke on the phone occasionally and wrote once a month. Buffy had repaid Min's faith as well as her money within a year. Buffy breathed deeply as she and Min entered the tiny hut in the center of the garden. Buffy's relationship with Joyce had often been difficult when she was alive.took shockingly direct action. That streak of ruthlessness was one of the many things that Min and Buffy had in common. a New York City District Attorney. Min had lent Buffy some of the money she needed to start her private investigation business. it was partly because Joyce had put so much time into building up her art gallery. . it had become a small. Min insisted that the house had excellent Feng Shui. thanks to some contacts of her father Hank. Buffy followed Min through the house to the medium sized garden at the back. Hi Min had inherited this house. Min had helped in more ways than one. but Buffy was effectively an orphan at the grand age of twenty-one. and now his new family took up nearly all of his attention. leaving her a limited amount of time for the two to argue. though her son didn't know. in the exact place best suited to it. Hank Summers had remarried last year. but Buffy thought that Min and her son Lo's hard work had probably had something to do with it. Giles. Willow and Min filled the gap as best they could. Though things had improved after Hank and Joyce divorced when Buffy was fifteen. William. perfect. Hi Lo had introduced them when Buffy was eighteen. and Drusilla had joined them. but sometimes wondered if Joyce had EVER understood her. he and Buffy had never been very close. traditional Chinese garden. where Joyce had hoped that she would outgrow her fascination with crime. Buffy never doubted that Joyce had loved her greatly. becoming the impartial advisor that Buffy had badly needed. Things had gone downhill again after Buffy graduated high school with the intent to become a Private Investigator. now Angel. Joyce had argued vehemently for Buffy going to college. one of the few in Chinatown. from a grateful client the second year of the Hi family's residence in the US. Joyce had died less than two years ago. It had become the foundation of the Hi family fortunes. but her mentor in herbalism had been Japanese. and Min had adopted the Japanese Tea ceremony in his honor. Over the twenty years that the Hi's had lived in this house. Min was Chinese. and Hi thought that his mother might be able to help. Min had also been Buffy's greatest comfort when her mother. Their relationship had only improved just before Joyce's death. and preventing it. Indeed. Buffy had been suffering from chronic headaches as she studied for her final high school exams.

Buffy slipped out of her shoes and left them neatly by the doorway. Technically. smooth and elegant movements. I keep wondering when it's going to be swept away." . Buffy was a woman of tempestuous emotions. next to Min's. She took a deep breath before she said. It was Min who had taught her how to harness and control those emotions. "That is not what I was referring to. before she met Min. instead of letting them pull her every which way. and you know this. My business is steady. Mostly." "I know you won't leave me.I was so sick of divorce cases!" Min smiled gently. "You do not have this fear in your relationship with Willow. but as Buffy and Min spent more time together." Buffy nodded. The ceremony had seemed odd at first. I have all the work I want. Buffy let her mind empty of concerns as Min started the graceful. or with me. elaborate motions of the ceremony. Buffy smiled. and waited for Min to speak. Buffy still didn't see what contemplating the cosmos had to do with drinking tea. I can pick and choose cases now . it made as much sense as gold-plating corn kernels before turning it into popcorn. the participants were supposed to be contemplating the cosmos and such things while the ceremony took place. "How is your life in these times. Buffy watched Min go through the last ritual. It had a calming effect on her. and followed the older woman to the low table. she did everything wholeheartedly. "Things with Angel are getting better and better. she was the wisest person Buffy knew. Buffy had become used to it. but she still enjoyed the ceremony.our . unconcernedly hitching her skirt up high to sit cross-legged on the floor and across the table from Min. and replied. she never could fool Min." "What do you mean?" Buffy asked. or betray me. the long sequences of involved.history. then decided to keep it on. Buffy wasn't used to serenity. "Very well. "You do not have this fear with the other relationships in your life." "How do you know this?" "Your . then they delicately sipped in unison. Buffy?" Buffy let a big smile slip out before she could stop it. At first." This was why she'd wanted to talk to Min.

"That is as it should be. knowing that it is the love you share that will always guide your way home.Min tilted her head. Draw strength from this bond. "But you did not exhibit this fear with me. not replaceable..." . her gaze intent. "How do you know?" "I found it myself. exactly. but never knew it. before our history existed." Buffy babbled her answer. the kind of love that many search for. Treasure it. and she asked." Buffy sighed and answered." Buffy's face was a mixture of hope and skepticism as she asked. once you knew what you are seeing. not censoring or even thinking about what she was saying. "How would you feel if you lost Willow or myself?" Buffy bit her lip and said. She had to swallow twice. But now I've found it. and Min continued. "Now that you have found this love. before she spoke. Like I used to be a jigsaw puzzle with just one piece missing. I'd cry for days. "I feel like it sometimes. Min smiled at her again. "You are not so very old now. Grief-stricken." Min's eyes glowed as she spoke. Any problems in this love will be brought upon it by the outside world. and few find. Whole." "And if you lost Angel?" Buffy was frozen. "I'd be devastated. I could never love anyone else the way that I do him. and asked. I don't know if I'd ever truly recover. But I was younger then." "How do you feel when you are with him? How do you feel when he makes love with you?" "Complete. Angel is my love. cherish it. Always remember how blessed you are to have it. she could only stare at Min in horror. He is your mate. don't think that! But I can make other friends. You and Willow are. This kind of love is easy to recognize. and always miss you." Buffy smiled in reply." "No. "Why do you feel so strongly about him? Why not us?" "You and Willow are my friends. and pointed out." Min laughed softly. "I'd be sad." Min's gaze became thoughtful. and face the challenges in your lives together.

" .Buffy let out a long. 4th floor 5:00 pm Buffy heard the knock on the door of her office. It only took a second to sling on her jacket and grab the large shopping bag." When he got in the car. "Ready to go?" Angel asked. he was wearing a red silk shirt. Angel had come close to falling in love with her all over again." Angel stayed at the door as she turned back into her office. Angel had learned how to make others wait. She tucked a stray hair behind her ear and walked to the door. and smiled as she sipped her tea. After one look at Angel. "What's in the bag?" "Christmas presents. Besides. In honor of the holiday. and they were on their way downstairs. Buffy always seemed to be in a hurry. and not bring presents? I just hope I've gotten the right thing for William and Drusilla. * Angel watched the sway of Buffy's hips as she walked slightly ahead of him down the corridor. whenever she saw him after more than a day apart. When they reached his car. smiling. and the effect was devastating. before opening it. and his walk reflected that. as Angel opened the door for Buffy. ***** December 24. But it had taken Min to get her to recognize it. the same color as Santa's suit. He'd abandoned his usual combination of black and white. and her walk reflected it. Angel usually had this effect on her. "Did you seriously think that I'd come to spend Christmas with your family. he asked. "I just need to grab my jacket and my bag. and took a lightning-quick check in the mirror in the tiny bathroom. and when she'd answered the door. Buffy was wearing a green silk dress that matched her eyes. She had always known this. 1948 348 Melrose Avenue. slow breath. the view was much better from here. because she told him chidingly. deep inside. She was so aware of him that the actual sight came as a shock. he knew Buffy had seen the pleasantly surprised look on his face. she took a deep breath to calm her racing heart.

"I remember Giles telling me once that he liked Yeats." As she bent to put the packages beneath the live pine tree in a large pot. "So what did you get everyone?" At Buffy's look. They liked it so much. "I didn't ask what mine was!" Buffy smiled. sipping eggnog in front of the fire. I got Drusilla a doll for her collection. we bring the tree in and a few presents are put beneath it .but it doesn't get decorated and most of the presents put under it until Christmas Eve. We managed to pack the children off to bed early enough that we had barely started the tree. The first Christmas after my father died and I took over the family business. I snooped in the library. "I thought it might be nice if everyone found an extra present tomorrow morning." Buffy smiled. and retorted. so what would be the point?" Sunnydale estate. so the fire was tolerable." At Buffy's skeptical look." "I'm glad. and looked up at the empty tree. does she?" Angel shook his head and replied. At Angel's curious look. Angel told her. even in December. made out of necessity. and I didn't find it.why isn't your tree decorated?" "Old family tradition. before reaching into the nook that she'd hidden the bag in. Angel asked. "I've been meaning to ask. "Really. he protested. When William and Drusilla came down the next morning. so I figured that he doesn't already have it. "I want them to say they like their presents because they really do like them. so I got him a copy of one of the collections.the ones we get from people at school or work . Angel . I know he likes it. "I'm sure they'll love their presents. when nearly everyone's in bed. She doesn't have one of those yet. "She has one dressed in a Chinese dress." Buffy shot him a look. and replied." . not because they know you'll ground them if they don't. Buffy finished her drink." "I wouldn't do that. kicked off her high heels and stood up to set her glass on the mantelpiece. She'll love it. 11:30 pm Buffy and Angel sat together companionably on the couch in the library. She took a step backwards. They all will. a new swing recording. she grinned and told him.As they started to drive off. It had become unusually cold for California. Every year. Angel added. Min helped me get one from China. I know you'd see right through it. Giles and I kept up the tradition. it's branches bare. I got William a record. they said it was like the tree had been decorated and stocked with presents like magic. but no doll actually from China. I was so busy that I didn't have time to bring the tree in from the grounds until the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

"So. Angel had turned off the lights on the way in. and she could have sworn that her heart actually flipped. A few had obviously been made for school projects. another with various shaped ornaments. "The boxes are on the second level. Another box was filled to brimming with sparkling tinsel. and Buffy recognized signs of Giles' organized mind. the more he wanted Buffy to be with him always. William and Drusilla at various stages in childhood. No matter that she'd seen his naked body countless times. It was a definite sign to both he and Buffy. It was a notion that Angel had been considering more and more seriously lately. The ornaments were grouped according to type. * When Buffy had brought down the fifth and last box."I like it. she couldn't keep from wanting to trace the lines of his chest down to his waistband. The last box held only one thing. she asked. she opened them all. that's filled with William and Drusilla's old school textbooks. Buffy just looked at it in the box. but as time went by. Buffy swallowed hard as her eyes traced down his body. a glittering rainbow of various length garlands. that Giles approved of Buffy becoming part of the family for good. yet another with lopsided and none too solid looking decorations that must have been made by Angel. an exquisitely made and painted china angel." ." Buffy nodded." Buffy looked at Angel and the penny dropped. "That's what you wanted me to help you with?" At Angel's smiling nod. Obviously an antique. "Doesn't Giles normally do this with you?" "He suggested that you might like to help me this year. Have to decorate the tree in your nightclothes. She turned around. His black silk pyjama pants whispered as he moved to kneel beside her. behind the second shelf from the window." Buffy's face glowed. You grab the boxes and bring them down here. "Part of the tradition. God knows that his first try with marriage had been nothing short of catastrophic. let's get started! Where do you keep the ornaments?" Angel stood up and told her. One box was filled with baubles of all colors. and Angel silently thanked Giles all over again for suggesting this. until she heard Angel call her name softly. Buffy had made some of these herself. relieved when her voice didn't crack. and Angel headed out the doors. "Where's your clothes?" Buffy asked. I need to do something upstairs. and his bare chest gleamed in the firelight. now.

my darling. Don't move." so close that her breath touched his lips. Angel was shifting in his seat by the time she'd gotten to her waist." Buffy sighed and kissed him gently and thoroughly. before placing her other foot on the chair next to his thigh. She kept her eyes on her fingers as they slowly rolled the stocking down her leg. "Or I won't play with you anymore tonight. "I took care of that. as he asked. She took his hands and led him to the big armchair. and handed it to her."But I didn't bring my nightgown. one by one. She slid off his lap. She sat on his lap and hid a smile. leaving her in her underwear. She then slid her slip off her shoulders and did the same. wrapping his hands around the end of the armrests. and laid the nightgown over the couch. She kept her look as severe as possible. "Merry Christmas. She took her foot off the chair and stood straight for a long moment. She bent over. "And what happens if I don't?" Buffy leaned forward and breathed. and started to slide his hands slowly up her leg. and ordered. and grinned when she saw the black silk nightgown." She then undid the buttons of her dress. She broke away from him to fetch the bag she'd brought the presents in. given the fact that she desperately wanted him to kiss her long and hard." Angel's eyes danced with desire and mischief. around here. She slowly slid the dress off her shoulders. When the stocking only held onto her toes. She knew Angel could tell she was serious. and murmured. and undid her stocking from her garter." He brought out a gaily wrapped present from behind his back. she slid it off and dangled it in the air." Angel smiled. Not as if it does any good. and Angel's hands froze. She turned to face Angel. She shifted her leg a little to compare it with Angel's pants. next to and facing away from the fire. to puddle on the floor around her feet. "Stay there. Buffy nailed him with a look. the other around her lower calf. She hid a grin at Angel's audible intake of breath when she casually placed her left foot next to his thigh. as she felt his manhood stir underneath her. because his hands left her leg and returned to the arms of the chair. He cradled her chin in his fingers. almost brushing Angel's face before she tucked it in the bag. . so someone could read by it. and simply raised her eyebrows at him when she discovered that they matched. It would come to just above her ankles. and replied. Angel wrapped one hand on her ankle. That means keep your hands on the chair. She pushed him down into it gently. carefully folded it so it wouldn't wrinkle and placed it into the bag. "I told you not to move. She eagerly ripped open the present. letting the paper drop to the floor. and told him coldly. catching Angel's fingers tightening on the armrests in her peripheral vision. and she had no doubts that the spaghetti straps were exactly the right length. embroidered with the same black-on-black pattern.

only now letting her wicked smile break free. letting it dangle to below her knees. She turned her back to him. Her smile grew wider as she heard Angel give a tiny groan. and bent at the waist as she drew her underpants down. Buffy broke the kiss and smiled as she told him. and smiled at the intent way she circled the tree. and his hands flex on the chair when she threw it into the bag. then picked up the nightgown and slid it over her head. a few silk dresses and silk stockings. she swiftly undid her garter belt and tossed it into the bag. This despite the fact that said ornament was a lopsided square covered in sequins and glitter. some of which had fallen off. trying as hard as she could to find the very best place for it. she chirped. that's enough of that. Feeling joy sparkle in her veins like the French champagne Angel had given her the night they'd first made love. She undid and unrolled her stocking even more slowly this time. never worn silk next to her skin all the way down. * Angel passed Buffy another ornament. Buffy wound her arms around his neck and sighed into his mouth. she moved her foot between his legs and wiggled her toes. Putting on her most innocent face. Buffy caught up a long garland of silver tinsel and wound it around her neck like a 1920's feather boa. and when she slipped it off her toes. Taking a step back to put her just out of his reach. She saw Angel's eyes flicker when she undid her bra." Angel smiled in return and let her go. He'd found that watching Buffy . letting herself shiver with sensory pleasure at the way it flowed over her body. and the whimsical figure of Santa stuck in the chimney that William had found when he was fourteen. she told him. She couldn't stop her hands from running over her body through the silk as she turned around. pulling her body close to his as he kissed her thoroughly. His straining erection had relaxed somewhere between the hand-blown glass balls he'd brought home from Venice two years ago. "Let's do the tree first. making her now bare breasts bounce. ok?" At Angel's look. moving against him enthusiastically as he slid his hands down her back to caress her ass and press his erection into her stomach.Just to punish him. Drusilla had made it in third grade. She had silk blouses. Let's trim the tree!" She nearly lost it at the incredulous look on his face as she tripped over to the tree. "I want to watch the tree sparkle above us. and Angel caught her. "Well. she moved her fingertips to lightly brush his balls through the silk of his pajama pants. She kept her back to Angel as she slid the bag under the couch with one foot. but never a silk nightgown. She spun in place.

and she hissed. then back at this. Buffy moaned and went limp so rapidly that if Angel hadn't been holding her so tightly. "Angel!" "I'd never drop you. Buffy giggled and Angel wrapped his arms around her in such a way that it was impossible for her to move. He told her. Buffy slipped from his embrace and surveyed the tree one last time. Buffy put her hands behind her back. and Angel decided that they'd spent enough time on the tree. and loosened his grip just enough to let Buffy slide slowly through his arms." Angel said." Angel buried his face in the small of her back and kissed her through the silk. Buffy just smiled as he kissed her. his tongue sliding into her mouth and searching for a hollow or crevice it hadn't yet found. She still had the glittering boa of tinsel around her neck. when he flicked his tongue over the sensitive place. Angel gently caressed her. so intent on doing this family ritual correctly. and it sparkled as she moved. letting . "You want *me* to put it on?" Angel nodded. When they were both breathless. so meticulously modeled and painted that it almost looked alive. not knowing how he knew what she was about to say. then gently picked Buffy up in his arms and carried her the short distance to the Christmas tree. When he put her down on her feet again. He backed away. wrapping it around Buffy like a rope. Angel took hold of the end of the tinsel. The sensation of Buffy's body sliding against his had made his erection snap back with almost painful force. then left a trail along her jaw to the spot behind her earlobe that always made her moan." as he opened it to show her the porcelain angel. made him feel a heat that had nothing to do with lust. He could feel Buffy shiver. using it to pull her into his arms. When Buffy said. the same way she did at museums and art galleries . she would have fallen to the floor. he bent to wrap his arms around her thighs and lifted her so that she could reach the top of the tree. "My great-grandmother bought it for her first Christmas with my great-grandfather. he kissed the corner of her mouth. He heard her moan again. letting the silk of her nightgown carry his movements and magnifying the sensual effect on her skin. Buffy looked at the angel. "Just let me see if it's straight. and the sound made his head spin. She carefully hooked it over a branch and swung to face him with a smile." Angel carefully took the angel out of the box and handed it to her. "It's beautiful. until her toes touched the floor.her mother had taught her well ." she said.and looked with wide eyes. "Not quite. "Finished!" Angel smiled in return and bent to pick up the very last box. This time. He gently lowered her the floor under the tree and kissed her again. and flicked it off her shoulder as he grabbed the other end. and everything to do with love.

then took off the nightgown the rest of the way and looked at Buffy. Buffy looped the tinsel around Angel's neck. With the last of his strength. Angel stripped off his pajama pants. and Angel felt the pressure explode as he came deep inside her.. Their lips met and tongues entwined as they moved together in perfect harmony. After a few minutes. Her inner core clamped down on him ruthlessly. "We can get them tomorrow morning. he worked his hand between their writhing bodies and stroked her clit. Angel entered her in one smooth stroke. Buffy wrapped her arms around his neck and rubbed her leg along his. Angel increased the force and speed of his thrusts as he felt the pressure build within him. His hands close to shaking. her skin glowing in the light from the fire and the lights strung in the tree. her gaze so heated it could burn him as surely as the fire that blazed not ten feet away. I don't want to wait. and knew that he was close. Angel scooped Buffy into his arms and stood up. then between her breasts. "My clothes-" Buffy started. trailing over her upper chest. and walked towards the library doors. Needing to feel Buffy come with him. Angel rolled them onto their sides. Angel.. her wish was his command. he followed the path with his kisses. "Now. then over her midriff and stomach. making her clench around him in her pleasure as she climaxed. Slowly her eyes opened. Angel started a slow. He bent so that Buffy could collect his pajama pants and her nightgown. and she looked at him. and murmured. As the nightgown traveled downward. it's good enough for you." As always." As they crept up the stairs. undulating underneath him until Angel felt his body start to tremble. We'll sneak the bag upstairs while everyone's eating lunch. "If it's good enough for me. He kissed along her left thigh and down to her knee." . She still wore the tinsel. still holding her close. He buried his face in her neck. She held out her arms and at her silent signal Angel covered her body with his own and her lips with his. regular rhythm that he knew he wouldn't be able to keep up for long. He hadn't realized that she'd been almost as aroused this whole time as he had been. and kissed along her throat as he slid the straps off her shoulders. his eyes never leaving Buffy's face. and the silver strands glittered in a rope that twisted around her body.go of the tinsel. They parted just long enough for Buffy to say. Her head was thrown back and her eyes closed. Buffy arched beneath him and wrapped her legs around his waist to give him deeper access to her.

He couldn't help but be touched.. None of them bore his name. Giles could have sworn she said. and one of Buffy's breasts was not quite bared to his gaze. then William and Drusilla . and almost gasped at the picture before him.or from the love he had for the couple in the huge bed. Her head was nestled on his shoulder. For he did love a picture out of an ancient book of love .Giles found himself unable to break the habit of waking up early on Christmas morning. He turned. either from sheer aesthetic appreciation . After years of being woken up by enthusiastic children ." The sheet was tangled around their waists. and quietly pulled back the curtains.well.***** December 25.first Angel. He didn't let the chuckle out until he was in the hallway and the door was securely closed.. He bit his lip and left swiftly and silently. and used the time to bring his 'children' a treat. He smiled slightly in his sleep as he tightened the arm that was wrapped around Buffy. Giles put the breakfast tray on the table underneath the window. he hadn't seen Angel look so happy since. he hadn't ever seen Angel as happy as he was now that he had Buffy. and she mumbled faintly as she turned her face into his chest. 1948 Rupert Giles didn't make a sound as he walked across Angel's bedroom to the window. he lifted his right hand to take her left and Giles caught a glimpse of something sparkly wound around his wrist and up his arm. she had become a part of his family too. As Buffy snuggled closer to Angel. The early morning light threw Angel's features into sharp relief. but they were a family all the same. How on earth had Buffy persuaded Angel to let her tie a garland of tinsel on him? THE END . "I love you. making him look more like a sculpture than ever. Giles couldn't stop himself from smiling in return. Buffy was lying on her side with her left arm thrown across Angel in an unconscious sign of possession.