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Eavesdropping Author: Isis FG Started: September 7, 2004 Completed: September 8, 2004 Feedback: vagabond_angel@comcast.

net Disclaimer: not mine. The end. Rating: R (language) Pairing: umm...let’s just say the main characters are Angel, Connor, Wes, and Fred Summary: total AU...Angel does a little eavesdropping Spoilers: none Distribution: my site (Vagabond Soul), and if you already have any of my fics, you may take this one, if not, please ask first. Author’s Notes: This fic was written for the Whedonverse AU Ficathon (run by myself and Stars) for doyle_sb4. The request will be posted at the end. AN2: This fic probably qualifies as complete silly!fic, but oh well. I just hope it doesn’t totally suck. Warnings: sexual references (mild ones) <^>--<^>--<^> The apartment was dark when Angel returned home from work. It worried him just a bit. Connor should have been home. But unless he was sitting in the dark brooding, something that he himself was more likely to do, that was unlikely. That, then, meant Connor wasn’t home. Which he was supposed to be. “Damnit” Angel cursed as he flicked on a couple lights. The boy had no concept of responsibility. He was supposed to be looking after his brother. That was the only way their parents had let the younger Holtz son live with the older one. If his father found out he was letting Connor run amuck, his ass was grass. Why couldn’t Connor just do what he was supposed to do, Angel grumbled to himself. Not that this was the first time his brother hadn’t been home when he was supposed to. This was an ongoing problem, one that Angel was beginning to get concerned about. Connor was constantly out somewhere, and he couldn’t seem to tell Angel where exactly he was or what he was doing. Angel was starting to think Connor was involved in something he shouldn’t be. The more he thought about it, the more Angel worried. If Connor had gotten himself into something illegal, then he needed to know. And he needed to stop it before either them got in trouble. The last thing Angel needed was the long reach of his father’s fist, in a literal sense. Wincing at the very thought, Angel rubbed at his jaw. Ignoring the wrongness of what he was about to do, Angel strode quickly down the hallway, coming to a stop in front of the closed door to his brother’s room. There was an unsaid rule about not entering through a closed door, but he was going to have to break it. Just this one time. So without considering it further, Angel threw open the door and flipped the wall switch to turn on the ceiling light.

Everywhere. Okay. and Angel was more than a little annoyed to find out the Connor was lying to him. A shudder passed through him at the thought of his seventeen year old brother beating off to the magazine. but only found random school stuff inside. some notebooks. The bed was unmade. Deciding to get some answers from the two. Angel pushed it aside. he wrinkled his nose as he lifted a pair of boxer shorts by his fingertips. He wondered if he lifted up the mattress if he would find Playboy or two. shaking his head at the total disaster area inside. He poked around in Connor’s backpack. Though he supposed that didn’t matter. There were clothes. and one of a sleek. He pulled open the top drawer to the desk. definitely too much information. and what looked like chewed up gum wrapped in a scrap of paper. and even hanging from the floor lamp next to the bed. Typical teenage boy’s room. and that his best friend didn’t tell him he was hanging out with Connor. Maybe he used the tried and true method of smell to figure it out. They may not even be there. a small slip of paper fluttered to the ground. bigchested woman on the cover. Nothing caught his eye. Crouching down. Carefully. Angel planned on having a little talk with . On the floor. but he really didn’t want to know if they were there or not. Connor’s handwriting dotted the space. some females in skimpy clothing. So why the hell was Connor meeting Wes at seven at his place? It didn’t make any sense. he reached for the paper. Cursing.“Jesus Christ. cherry red sportscar. bands he’d never heard of. Angel wondered how the hell Connor knew what was clean and what wasn’t. on the bed. As he closed the drawer again. Underneath was an issue of Maxim magazine with some bleached blonde. sure. he bent to pick it up. Morbid curiosity. Angel told himself. On the other side. There was such a thing as too much information. he told himself. How the hell did Connor live like this? Moving over to the desk. The side facing him was blank so Angel flipped it over. the sheets probably hadn’t been changed since his brother moved in eight months earlier. Wes 7pm his place “What the hell?” Angel mumbled in confusion. Wading carefully through the sea of clothes. but only through Angel.” he muttered. Down to business. he supposed. <^>--<^>--<^> Angel was halfway to Wes’ apartment when it occurred to him that the note in Connor’s room may have been referring to another day. Why was Connor meeting with Wes. he ~really~ didn’t want to know why Connor’s underwear was on top of the magazine. looking around for anything suspicious. A few posters adorned the walls. on the desk. it caught the edge of the magazine and knocked to the floor. and Angel suspected. His destination: Wes’ apartment. If Wes was home. Angel’s own best friend? They knew each other. Yes. Angel stalked out of the room. he stopped in the center of the room and looked around. finding nothing more than a textbook or two. Gross. When he did.

He kept listening though.. when Wes’ shriek stopped him dead. Pocketing the keys. Angel came to a stop in front of Wes’ door. It took him over five minutes to fumble with getting the top up and then locking all the doors. And Wes. Ten floors later. Ever since he’d gotten out of the hospital after being hurt in a mugging.. “Are we gonna do this or not?” Connor’s voice echoed through the door. he kept going until he reached the exit on the eighteenth floor. The elevator was on the fifteenth floor. “I told you I wanted to do it. No Connor couldn’t be. Scowling over what his best friend might be getting Connor into. The leather pants he’d worn to go out a few weeks ago had been weird enough. so Angel took the stairs instead. pressing his ear to the door. ‘Get it in?’ What the fuck were they doing?!?! They couldn’t possibly be. intent on barging in and stopping whatever lurid acts were going on inside. you know.” he heard Wes answer. he’d be putting him back into the hospital. though.him to find out why he was hanging out with his brother behind his back. he was going to strangle Wes. He certainly was not going to let Connor get involved in whatever the hell Wes was doing now. Angel leaned forward. “Will you hold still!” Connor said sternly.. he again headed for the front door. he’d been.different. Since he was over halfway there. he wouldn’t be worried about whatever Wes was doing with Connor. Normally. If Wes was getting his baby brother drunk.. was going to pay for corrupting his . Oh God! He rushed back to the door. He was halfway to the front door when he remembered that this was Los Angeles and leaving his precious convertible with the top down and keys in the ignition was just asking for it to be stolen.. Angel wasn’t used to seeing his proper English friend cutting loose like he was.. “I can’t get it in if you’re squirming. he was doubting that choice. but seeing Wes getting completely smashed and singing karaoke had been downright freaky. The elevator would have been smarter. Wes lived on the eighteenth floor.. And he didn’t even want to think about what they could be doing. Despite knowing it was wrong.. and quickly pulled it away when he heard voices coming from inside. Angel’s foot pressed harder on the gas pedal of his black convertible. his jaw dropping open. Angel pulled up to the curb in front of Wes’ building. Stalking down the hallway. he raised his hand to knock. I’ve never done this before. Angel’s eyes darkened at the inference that Wes had dragged his brother into whatever they were doing. didn’t I? I’m just a little nervous. grateful that he wouldn’t have to parallel park. Well Wes was going to pay for that. What were they doing? What hadn’t Wes done before? Anger was spiking inside Angel. Not wasting any time. Wes had been acting strange lately.” Angel jumped backwards. though.. The ‘seize the day’ attitude from Wes was still hard to swallow. “BLOODY HELL that hurt!” “You’re such a baby! You’re the one who wanted to do this!” Connor shot back. If they were doing drugs.

were. sitting on the couch. Angel ignored the question. and then glancing to Fred who was watching everything with wide eyes. None of the three said anything. His hand shot down to the door knob.. Angel burst into the apartment. It’s bloody hurts!” Wes shouted. Catching on to the drift of things. It took several long seconds for what Angel was seeing. and enraged.uh. nor engaging in various acts of debauchery. then to Connor. He was just glad .I thought. appearance.... Time to break up this little love nest. They just stared at each other for a drawn-out minute. suddenly feeling like a real ass.. “What is going on here?” “I’m piercing Wes’ ear. You’re piercing Wes’ ear?” he asked in shock. “Are you spying on me?” Connor tacked on.... “Angel. stop poking. It’s not even bleeding anymore. hello.what?” Angel stuttered. Angel! How could you think such a thing?!” “I. “Good Lord. “What the fuck is going on in here?!?!” he shouted as he crossed the threshold. It was Fred. “Damnit. Connor caught the speculative drift of Angel’s gaze and then burst out laughing. “ brother. No one was naked. all the while trying to prepare himself for what he’d find on the other side of the door.. No liquor bottles littered the tables. to register in his mind. “You said you’d do me next!” A few seconds passed before Angel recognized the obviously female voice. What he did see was Wes. “You-You thought...” Angel shook his head.” Wesley finally sputtered out.. Poking? Bleeding? The very thought that they were.Sorry?” Angel offered. and wring Wes’ neck and lock his brother up for the rest of his life...” he choked out before his laughter took over again.” Connor answered him. eyeing Angel suspiciously.. Connor shrugged. There was no doubt about that. Wesley leapt up from the couch and away from Connor. fully clothed thank God. and Fred seated in a chair on the other side of the room. “You’re.uh. And she wanted Connor to DO her too??? Good Lord! Angel thought. Angel was more than a little confused... with Connor kneeling next to him.but. What the hell does it look like I’m doing?” Connor shot back... “Connor!” a new voice drifted to Angel’s ears. and there didn’t appear to be any drugs either. trying to clear out the conclusions he’d come to. they’re having an orgy! Wesley was a dead man. scowling dangerously at both Connor and Wesley. all too stunned at Angel’s sudden. or rather wasn’t seeing. his eyes drifting to Wes. turning Wes’ head so that Angel could see the reddened ear with a needle sticking out of it. “He asked me too. “It’ll stop in a minute. falling onto the couch cushions as he did so.Angel couldn’t even think it. Wes’ cousin who had moved up from Texas a few months earlier.

” Wesley said placatingly.” Without saying another word or waiting for a response. That means I’m in charge. uh. “We’re going home.” “Whatever.he hadn’t walked in on some scandalous orgy.not all the time. Angel turned a dangerous eye to Wesley. been seeing Fred. Angel crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Connor. “What am I not being told here?” “I’ve. I can.. “You are under eighteen. trying to get Angel to release his grip. Angel stormed out into the hallway.” Connor answered vaguely. Sighing. “Uhh.” Angel disagreed. Now. “You and I will be talking about this as well. Seeing his brother’s eyes drift toward Fred. making everyone jump.” Connor shot back sarcastically. “Is this where you’ve been coming when you HAVEN’T been telling me where you are?” he questioned with an accusatory glance at his best friend Wesley. knowing he was going to get hell for it.” He paused in the doorway and turned back to stare hard at Wes.” “You can’t tell me what to do!” Connor half-yelled. <^>--<^>--<^> THE END! .” mumbled Connor. slamming the door behind him. Angel. “Out!” Angel gave him a push out the door. Stalking over to the couch. he ran a hand through his hair.. “WHAT?” Angel shouted. “She’s seven years older than you!” “So?” Connor challenged. Angel grabbed Connor by the shirt and pulled him toward the door. “Yes. “We’ll talk about this at home. and you’re living under my roof. “Were you helping him in this?” “Now.