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icA ChRisTiAN Mission

March 1971




Dear Christian Priende:

The Kenya Church of Christ joins me in sending you their warmest greetings It has been a surprise and a treat to hear from so many of you this first
month on the mission field.

Please continue to write.

way in which Kenya underwent a great crisis, certainly demonstrates this.
and a great future appears to lie ahead.

developing nations that are ruled by Africans. The dramatic, yet effective

It is said that Kenya is perhaps the most stable of all the African

She has undertaken to govern herself independent of the British since 1963,
The history of the work of the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches

July 11, 1968 but had to return to the States six weeks later to look for

from the Congo. They made Nairobi their residence until their furlough to the Co^o was due. The Schaefer family did not get back to Kenya until
Landis family left the States for the Congo in the fall of

the British ruled, our missionaries from the Congo had attempted to enter these areas but were refused. Before the survey was completed and both Max ^ H^ry left for India and Indonesia, Howard Crowls arrived, evacuating

^ Kenya is short indeed. About four years ago, Harry Schaefer and Max w^d Randall arrived in Kenya to survey the area. They had planned on startiiig a work in Kenya six months prior to this. In previous years, when

their daughter Dixie Lee. The work then began at their return In December

We are working among both the African brethren and the Asians from India,

for our martyred missionary Phyllis Rhine. Currently, the Landis family IS leav^ for the Congo, then for the States. The Crowl family has returned to the Congo which leaves Dr. Schaefer and myself here in Kenya.

Naixobi and run the printing press which had been donated as a memorial

igbT, but because of the uprising went to Belgium. They studied French toere for a year, while waiting for the Congo to get back to nonnal. TOile they were in Belgium the decision was made for them to come to

This group is accepting the New Testament pattern.

^0 others in western Kenya. One is a split-off from an African church.

At the present time, there are four churches in JFairobi, There also are

national leaders is planned, where a concentrated Bible training course
will be given.

Our present work in Nairobi consists of cottage teaching sessions in' homes during the week, and services on Sunday. A training institute for

Schaefer and son Dave at 3 a.m. at the International airport. Since my
arrival we have been busy visiting people, dropping in on new and old

I arrived in Nairobi on the 4th of February where I was met by Hany

Christians, speaking, having area missionaries over, driving into the bush to church and :^ther into the bush to visit new people. We have been busy in the city presenting the work and have hopes of classes

toward leadership starting soon. We have had two weeks of rich fellowship

with our neighboring churches and have just completed a short convention result several express an interest in working with the Christians in the

in which these Christians —both old and-ne\T- —toak an active part. As a

visited the work - each taking an active part in the meetings. Sunday afternoon the meetings came to a close with a "chai pani" tea party - tea is the common drink in India and Africa. Let me extend a welcome to you
for tea here at any time.

We had a real treat when guests from Texas dropped in for a week and

Besides being busy in teaching, and getting ready for more classes among the young men and church people, I have taken pictures and taped

Church, my forwarding agent. These are available for your use in your churches or mission presentations. It will give you some insight into
Indian background in Hindi every day.

some of the meetings.

I am sending these to the Florence Christian

the type of singing, speaking, and what some of the folk here are like.

I am studying Swahili every day for two hours and find that I use my
Transportation is a real problem in this section of the world. I am presently borrowing Dr. Schaefer's car, but this procedure is un satisfactory as one of us is unable to get around as we should. I

am in need of a vehicle and am praying that something wilO. open up in

the near future to make this purchase possible. Possibly there is
Thank you for your prayers and continued concern.

someone who would like to head up a transportation fund.

Yours You: for the lost,

Dean P. Rempel

I p.p. 80x5250
Nairobi, Kenya





Florence, Oregon West Covina, Calif.

Oregon 97439

June 1971
Dear Prlends:

second time since my arrival that I have been able to come to you in this way, I do want to thank all of you for your kind and encouraging letters and espe cially for your prayers, which are so essential to the upbuilding of the Lord ' s work here in ^rica. Please continue to v/rite. I en^oy your letters so much,
and it s great to hear what's happening among all of you.

Greetings once again from the East Africa Christian Mission. This is the

new closes and conduct Bible study groups in various parts of the city of Nairobi. Just last night in my Bible class among college age men, three men
from the Luya tribe, came forward for baptism.

The work here has grown in many ways, praise the Lord. We have started three

tribe. Dismas, one of my key men, and a real worker for the Lord, invited me to
his village near the Congo-Uganda-Kenya border.

Afew weeks back I had the opportunity to visit the village of the Luya
He is the son of the headman

and is working here in Nairobi. We spent one and a half days driving into the interior to reach the village. What a trip! This is the rainy season and I sometimes wish we hadn't prayed so hard for the rain to come so that the drought would end. Every day, for a month now, it has rained with only bits of sunshine
every now and then.

to no roads. Our arrival was expected and there were 250 people there to meet I met his father who has six wives and his brothers and sisters, of which there are 32 in number. It was well after midnight when we got in and we were wet, tired and hungry but Mother, bless her, had dinner hot and the tea steaming
and we ate everything set before us.

We drove 300 miles inland, going from paved roads to dirt roads and finally

among a different people. I spoke a number of times, with Dismas as my transla tor. The elders of the village all came to meet me and the gifts they gave me were really something: two chickens, one lamb, 100 green bananas, a gourd, two
sheep skins, and a lot of friendship. Each night I was invited to the headman's

The time spent there was one of the most fascinating times I've ever spent

for supper and entertainment. We heard songs, animal imitations, stories of
the tribe and then the last night there, the headman came and offered me two acres of land to build a church. Por two years, Dismas, his son has wanted

someone to go there and build a church and we are praying that this will be done

within the year. By church building we mean an enlarged African hut made of mud, sticks, grass and dung. We also plan to build a round hut, much like the one Bismas and I shared dtiring that visit, for the evangelist and missionaries
to stay in when they go to the village.

A big day recently, among the missionaries in Kenya, was the get-together with the Growls from the Congo and a farewell to the Gene iandis family who left
for the States on May 14.

The Wadlow family, who came a year ago, are moving from Nairobi to the Congo
and have asked me to take their home. I said as this is an answer to


Housing here is very difficult to find and very expensive to rent.


have been subletting an apartment from an English couple who returned to England for two months. This was ideal as my things had not yet arrived from

America and I was able to take over their home without worrying about
tion and without any breakage or theft, which is rare.


somewhere to cook or sleep.

My things have arrived now and all in good

ful for. One of the great things about moving into the Wadlow home is that they have been the storage center for sevez^ of our missionaries. A table might be
long-to one, a bed to another, and so on,
furnished home for awhile.

We have much to be thank

but it fills the house and makes it a

new Christians it is difficult to change many of the old ways. They need your
prayers for strength and guidance in this, their new life in Christ. Getting

Several people have written and asked if we have any requests for prayer and aid. Yes, we do. Since I have been here we have had six baptisms and for these

settled into a new work is expensive and there are so many basic things which must be purchased for classes, church woik, village work, and then the most im
portant thing on our list of 'needs' is transportation.

jects for your displays available by contacting my Forwarding Agent,
Florence Christian Church.
anything for DVBS or for

There are slides, pictures, a tape, newspaper clippings and different art ob If you would like
your mission programs be sure and ask for them.
— _


extra copies of newsletters or

they don't have what you need, write to me and I will try and find what you need for your program. Remember, it takes six weeks for a package to come from

We, here in Kenya, pray for you.

Please continue to pray for us.

Very sincerely yours, in Him,

Bean P. RCTipel

a £31) 71

P.O. Box 5250

Nairobi, Kenya





Florence, Oregon West Covina, Calif.





P.O.Box .306

Florence, Oregon 97 439

July 1971

Dear Priends in Christ,

So much has happened here in Kenya since writing to you in June, which has made me realize how iiDportant it is to establish an indigenous work among these

The 11th of June shocked the nation as an attempt was made to overthrow the

Kenyatta administration. The coup failed, resulting in a large number of execu tions and a tight lid put on all activities for two weeks. On the 20th of June,
rally in support of the present government. Uo church services were held as

all missions, schools, and businesses were asked to close down for a two day-

thousands swamed the streets of Nairobi to show their loyalty to President Kenyatta. What a day! Kenyatta said he would crush and destroy any enemy of the state. The V.P., Mr. Moi, warned that the government "has already issued an order to the police to arrest anybody found preaching tribalism, spreading rumors or making'mischief." He further stated, "Kenyans should live In haimony and anybody who tries to disrupt the peace and sow seeds of discord among us
will be dealt with mercilessly."

paper) has carried warnings every day against enemies of the E. A. Community.
Arrests are made frequently and the people are in a state of wonder.
government fell in February of this year.

Such was the beginning of a hectic month.

The East Africa Standard (news


tinue to pray that Kenya will settle back into a routine schedule and that we do not suffer the problems which plague our neighboring country, Uganda, since her

HEW MMBKRS The work has grown in many ways. The langata ChtErch has had ten additions during the month of June and each now actively studying the Word of God in their homes and in Bible study classes. Many of our people have chosen Western names as they wish to make a change from tribalism into nationalism.
the majority do keep their tribal names. The new members are: Johe

Mougua, Joseph Mwendwa, Elizabeth Mwendwa, Josenita Wangui, John Kimemia, Titus,
Herman, Charles, William Gincina and Ibrahim.


this class has been closed until Sept. 20, when the students return from summer work on the farms and their visits back to their villages.

Our college age classes grew to 45 but due to the recent vacation



Mokongeni and Offa churches. Each has a membership of 20. We are now busy in a
program hoping that more in these
church work and come to visit us.

Since the Wadlow family left the work in Kenya, I am also working with the
two locations will hear of our presence
brethren of



A Bible institute is being started among the

Church which will run for a three month period, training leaders and taking them out in groups of two each weekend to preach in villages and tribal regions. This will open in September with the local schools and university. The men
recruited for this institute will come from oiar area churches closely with mature leaders for this training period. and will work


Friends have written and asked if I could enclose a schedule

which we use on the mission.

It is difficult to pin-point a definite one, isow-

ever, here is a basic one which I use while working in the Nairobi area.
8:30 a.m. Mokongeni church meets
10:50 a.m. Offa church meets 10:30 a.m. Riruta church meets


Correspondence, prepare lessons, tapes,
office work.

slide preparation


Work among college age men in the University of Nairobi
area, Meeting among the Westlands Maluya tribe.
Work in the Riruta area



Class with Mokongeni brethren
Adult classes in Westlands area


Work among the Xangata brethren
Classes and Bible study


Leadership class, elders meeting
and private talks with those who I try to have most of the leaders

A great deal of time is spent in visiting wish personal help in understanding the Word.

with the churches here in Nairobi before going out on their own.

their own people. It is necessary that they leam the importance of leadership
I have taken a loan for a Volkswagen, as transportation is bad

take part in the meetings as they'll be going out to their villages, speaking to

ly needed. The Lord has really opened doors for me. So many things are being put on sale. A yellow V.W, was put up for sale recently, for $1,500, It is a


1971 model (cc1600). The owner said I could have first chance to buy it.
feel at home here in Africa.


entire sale was made in Hindi, which made me


not start payments in Jxily, the bank has given me until October to start paying them for the car. I continue to praise the Lord for all this help.
my friends. We've seen more, eaten more and visited more people this week than I have since I came to Africa. Ted has. even helped out in a few Bible classes. We were able to go to the Independence Day party at the American Ambassador's
border. Ted was able to go but I could not spare the time. your missionary,
Please continue to pray for the work here,
In Him, Dean Rempel

regular price for this model is $2,700.,

with duty another $2000. As I


weeks. He is 19 and great to have around.


Ted Williamson, from Tulsa, Oklahoma,

I didnH realize how much I missed

came to Nairobi for


house on the 4th, At the party we met a professional hunter who gave us some good pointers and invited us to go on a three day hunt near the Ethiopian
A set of slides is available from my Forwarding Agent Church,
for the new Christians and for

Box 306, Florence, Oregon


"Cast thy bread upon the waters, for Thou shalt find it after many days'
(Eccl 11:1).

A Mission in East Africa to the African &Asian


Thank you for:
— helping bring 120 to Christ through
Baptism — Starting three congregations at:

—Maguga Green ^Church of Christ — Lower Kabete Church of Christ — Ngong Road Church of Christ

—supporting a center in the Parklands area
of Nairobi where the Word of God is
heard in:

cottage study groups
Bible classes

' 4^.(1
A DVBS class being taught by Dean Rempel and Nancy Wanyoike. —Dean Rempel with DVBS staff in the Bungoma District in Western. Kenya
— 150 Children attended


Leadership training class
Womens class

The East A,frican Christian Mission would

like to thank especially the following con gregations for their continuous support:


—ChristianClinic groups wereformed with
West Covina Church of Christ
Los Getos Christian Church

10 to 20 children in each.

— — —

Fairview Church of Christ Florence Church of Christ Plainfield Christian Church

+ Bible Study was carried out 4 times a day + Group Discussion met 1 time each day
+ There was a Question and Answer

period each afternoon
+ Christian movies were /shown

each night
+ Each day the teachers met with
the children and visited in some

For even in Thessalonica ye sent once and again unto my necessity. Not because

of the homes to talk.andpresent the Word of God to the parents.
Many of the children would bring their parents in the evening to see the movie and hear the message ofChrist.

• Dean has met many Asian families such

as the Jiwa Family. Though there is a large
Asian exodus many still remain in East

I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may
abound to your account. Colossians 4:16

Africa and have been permited to carry on their work undisturbed by the Africani zation Policy whichhassent hundreds away^


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A display of the
sion at the

East Africa Christian Mis
Church of Christ, West





West Covina

Covina, California, which is

Dean's living-link



cj u
fo ^


•s -v: o

church. If there are any who would like to share in this mission, please write Dean's for


fo ^

warding agent, Florence Churcli of Christ, Box 306, Florence, Oregon 97439. If you are in Can ada please write Mr. and Mrs. F. Rempel at 9931
Richmond Ave., Grande Prairies, Alberta, Canada. There are slides, tapes and newsletters which you may use for a mission program.


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+-' •(-> 01 I/) CO

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u 3


Join hands
con't from page 1

so much possible.
new church to

You've made it possible for a
Westlands. Because of
prayer have classes among these

start in

the new

church we now

people who are mostly members of the Luyi tribe.
Tliursday we have Bible study and
Martin Wafula's home. On Monday we are hav

ing a

class for


Here, the new in
such a way

Christ meet at this

time so that they can study

in departments the message of Cnrist and be able
understand the New Testament in

that they have a good foundation in Christianity and are able to grow into mature Cnristians. A women's work is developing slowly. It is nard to work among the women as they are kept in
the homes to work on the farm. I nave been try

Over the past year many have asked if there is any "special need". The first year is always an expensive one, as the new work is getting underway many expenses arise. The largest of
which cost $1,500.00. The Carthage Church of Christ in Carthage, Mo., who are supporters a-




ing to have them meet together once a week to share with them the importance of Christ and His
love for both men and women.

long with the Los Gatos Christian Church in Cal ifornia, have given a gift of $280.00 toward the
"car fund". It is through gifts such as these
We have costs
that the Lord's work is able to continue without

left the United On January 20, 19 71, I States to join the East Africa Christian Mission

in Nairobi, Kenya.

Tuesday, I enjoy most, as 20 university stu dents meet together and share their ideas of how as Christians they can share their experience
with other students.

a delay because of lack of funds.

in printing, rents for church and evangelist's home, transportation (gas is 86<J: a gallon in Kenya), publicity and Bible class materials.

have much in As I look over the year , I which to praise the Lord. It's a good feeling the feeling of having so many friends back home who have helped bring Christ to the people of East Africa. Your part in this mission has made covi' t on page 5

Young people gatner around an evangelist as he opens tiie Word of God to them.

Aboard the Royal barge iJalikwanda, drummers give the rixythm of the paddlers as Che huge ves sel weaves its Limulunga in the annual Ku-onbuka

Dismas, Jacob and Ernest, two of the leaders in the East Africa Christian r.ission, like this

young evangelist, reach village and rural people in small friendly gatherings and at their homes where women listen to the Gospel while they con
tinue to do housework such as these two who are

weaving baskets.

On special occasions such as evangelistic rallies and special meetings, masses gather for Christian films, and to hear the message of
Christ spoken.

Tlidnk you for your gifts over the past year.
Your love for the Lord's work, in Kenya has made



work in


Kabete has

also been

started. Fifty six people meet each Wednesday. Many have come to know the Lord during the past few months. Many, who have been Christians, but

this program possible.

who have had

no place to meet with other Chris

tians have found a new "home" in the East Africa

Evangelism Subservience to no earthly organization Loyalty to tne New Testament Loyalty to Cnrist Jesus Many over tiie past year have been baptized because of your faitn and love for the "lost" in
East Africa.

Christian Mission. Many old Christians who have not had the chance to study the Word of God now have a place to meet where they are taught more about Christ by Dean and the evangelists. At the end of the year, a year which offered adventure and challenge, a year in which so much

good for our Lord has taken place, we praise the
Lord for those of you who have remembered Dean and the work in your prayers and your support.