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A comparative analysis of ULIPs (Unit Linked Insurance Plans) in the Indian Insurance Market is the main objective of the practical. We know that now a days people have become aware of the investment opportunities in capital market and also they like to take risk in their life. ULIPs are such a product which offers a good combination of risk and also security, i.e. it gives investment opportunity and also protection to ones life.

The study was carried with the following objectives:

To obtain general awareness about the insurance sector. To compare ULIP of ICICI with its competitors. To gain an insight of ICICI Prudential and other various Insurance Companies. To do a study on customer perception about the various Insurance Companies. To identify the improvement opportunities and make appropriate suggestion. To do the market awareness about the Unit Link Insurance Plan

Type of Research:
Descriptive Research is used for the study as it helps fact finding through surveys and enquiries. The data is collected through the primary source, which include questionnaires personal interview and telephonic interview. Secondary data has been collected from internet web page, magazines, insurance related books, journals newspapers etc.

Sampling Design
Stratified random sampling method is used for sampling design in which customers are randomly selected.

Sampling Size
The sampling size in this research is restricted to 100 and samples were collected indifferent areas of So pore.

Sample Description
The sample consists of all income groups which include employees, students, unemployed people and self-employed people.

Actual Collection of Data

The sources of data are primary and secondary data. 1. Primary Data: The primary data was collected through the questionnaire. 2. Secondary Data: Secondary data was collected by:
Browsing different website Referring various articles, reports, journals, magazines on insurance. Referring different books and previous project reports in college library. Other Software Used For Analyzing the Data

Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel for showing the graphs and pie charts for the purpose of analyzing the data.

The introduction of Unit Linked Insurance Plans has possibly been the single largest innovation in the field of life insurance .It has addressed and overcome many difficulties and concern s that customers had about life insurance liquidity, flexibility, and transparency. These benefits are possible because ULIPs are differently structured products and leave many choices to the policyholder. They are structured such that the protection (insurance) element and the savings element (investment) can be distinguish and hence managed according to ones specific needs, offering flexibility and transparency. Thus we can say it is such a product that takes care of multiple needs. There were some factors which gave entry for ULIPs in the insurance market: Firstly was the arrival of private of private players, and ULIPs were the most significant innovation done by them, and secondly was the decline of assured returns in endowment plans. Besides this as the stock markets were booming which now has become the primary factor. As mentioned earlier enhanced flexibility and merging of investment and insurance in a single entity that have really endeared them to individuals. Early the market of ULIPs was taken up Birla Sun; they were the first to capture the market in this field. These are the insurance plans which are attached to Units Mutual Funds. The premium amount received in this policy, some part is used in investment of funds and remaining is used for insurance cover. ULIPs are remarkably similar to, mutual fund in terms of structure and functioning: premium payments are converted into units and net asset value (NAV) is declared regularly. Investors have an option of choosing their fund according to their risk taking ability. They disclose all the material facts most frequent and consistent (often quarterly or half-yearly) .Also investor has a fairly good idea about expenses.

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