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The Play of Baucis and Philemon Cast: Gods Pacupac, Dessa Contillo, Gina Cunanan, Rose Ann Basas

, Neneth Townspeople Gapate, Danielle Ann Dionisio, Kaithlyn Kate Roque, Marikit Cuaton, Marie Renzie Manalo, Janine Geroche, Arleen Miralpes, Jhulie-Ann Nolial, Leslie Pearl Magbanua, Genelyn

Zeus Hermes Hera Athena

Baucis Philemon Weaver Merchant Merchant’s Wife Rich Woman Maiden Kids

__________________________________________________________________________________________ First Setting: in Mt. Olympus... R.A-Hera: Why you do look as gloomy as a tomb my kingly husband. What seems to be the problem? Dessa-Zeus: I have received word of a very ungracious group of humans, and I have decided to visit Earth to see if the reports are true. Guard over Mt. Olympus well, Queen Hera. I shall return in a few days. Gina-Hermes: May I come too, Thunder-lord? It would be an excellent time to play some of my new tricks on humans. Dessa-Zeus: You may come along, Hermes. But you will have little chance for tricks, since we will go in mortal form. Neneth-Athena: Be careful mighty Zeus, to take on human form is a risky thing. Dessa-Zeus: I want to get first-hand experience on how strangers are truly treated so it is the best disguise I can use. But thanks for your advice, Hermes and I will be cautious. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Second SETTING: in PhrygiaMarketplace... Dessa-Zeus: Well here we are in the Phrygian market place, Hermes. These people look respectable enough. I simply can't believe they're as wicked as the reports I've heard. Perhaps the atrocities are all caused by that band of thieves lurking near the highway. Gina-Hermes: It is indeed a nice market place with all sorts of delectable foods to eat. I smell roasting beef seasoned with garlic and a hint of sage. There's also the aroma of bread made with roasted almonds and raisins. Good heavens, I am simply famished. It's too bad we don't have any money. Dessa-Zeus: We'll just ask these people to help us out of their goodwill and in the name of the Olympic gods. Excuse me sir, I am a traveler and I was hoping............. Kit-Weaver: Out of my way you, filthy peasant! Gina-Hermes: Good people, could you spare a morsel of food? Janine-Merchant's wife: I have nothing for you, you nasty vagrant. Renzie-Merchant: Get away from my wife before I give you both a good sound beating!

We’ve come all this way. (pours wine) Gina-Hermes: good sir..Dessa-Zeus: Pardon me. But to have them try and talk to us... I was wondering if you would be so kind as to share. Kate-Philemon: I’m afraid the jug is almost empty. Dear Philemon. Jhulie-Maiden: I simply despise seeing such low class peasants. you are children of God.. come in. trying to talk to their betters.. you beggar. Come in. Gina-Hermes: A most unpleasant feeling. Dessa-Zeus: That is called pain. But there may just a few drops left... . Danielle-Baucis: no. don’t sit on the floor! Sit on chairs like quality people do. They should be whipped and then sold as slaves.. Dessa-Zeus: Let’s give it a try all the same. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Third SETTING: (Baucis and Philemon’s House) in a little hut on the outskirts of town. A good sound thrashing is what these loathsome vagabonds need. Why that one looks like he has certainly got fleas and the other one is worse. They ought to be put in chains and sent to work in the copper mines. Rich woman: And to think I forgot my Egyptian whip. go get our guests some wine. Gina-Hermes: My lord. I think we should report these fellows to the magistrate. my dear Hermes... It's bad enough to have to look at them and breathe the same air. We are strangers to these parts... my dear lady. Maiden: The nerve of these low class people.. Let’s just go ho— Danielle-Baucis: Poor strangers! Philemon. Gina-Hermes: you do? Kate-Philemon: yes-Gina-Hermes: then who are we? Kate-Philemon: why. Humans often experience it. the homes of people with plenty to spare. my friend and I would like some more wine. indeed. Dessa-Zeus: Do you know us? Kate-Philemon: of course. Whoever lives here has nothing. why are you standing there! We must bring our guests inside. Arleen-Rich woman: Get your dirty hands off my clothes. well that's really just too much. I have the strangest sensations where those rocks hit me. We’ve lost our way and-Kate-Philemon : Baucis. Gina-Hermes:Why bother knocking here? We’ve knocked on houses of all kinds. My friend and I are strangers and we are very tired and hungry. there are guests at our door! Dessa-Zeus : Hello. We were just about to eat so I will just put out two extra plates and cups. Dessa-Zeus: The people of this city are even worse than the reports I received. Gina-Hermes: This is hopeless.

You are divine and we’ve served you such simple meal. turning her gaze upon her husband. Of all the people of this land. am I losing my wits or what? I gave everyone a drink and that was four cups. Let me never see the tomb of my wife. Baucis. dearest love!” and again. Let the self same hour take us both away together. each cried unto the other. as he felt himself rooted to the ground. How is that possible when our jug only holds four cups? Danielle-Baucis: look Philemon! Wine is bubbling up from the bottom of the jug. “Dearest love. Danielle-Baucis: oh no. you were willing to share everything you had with us when you thought we were only wandering humans. Then I gave our guests two more. and finally I gave everyone another drink which makes for a total of ten. Why? Kate-Philemon: Well. saw Baucis at the same time turning into a leafy linden. nor let her suffer the misery of mourning my death. I see your forehead sprout!" "Sprout. and fill your cup as well as your wife's as well. One other favor we would ask. Dessa-Zeus: “Tell me. Dessa-Zeus: Come here my good couple. I am Zeus and this is crafty Hermes. yours is budding too-. And Philemon. When the morning sun rises your hut will be changed into a golden temple and you will be priests of Zeus and Hermes. who has played the trick with your wine jar." And as their faces disappeared behind the green foliage. Baucis let’s go and kill the goose. only you two are worthy citizens.” Dessa-Zeus: You have chosen wisely and you shall have even more than you asked for. (Baucis and Philemon chase and shout) Kate-Philemon: quick there she goes. what may we do in return for your hospitality?” (Couple whispers) Kate-Philemon: “We desire to be your servants. Then when the time appointed for your death comes. and let your goose live. I feel it true.Gina-Hermes: Please pour us some more. kind friend.--now I cannot stir my foot. . (They kneel) Have pity on us you mighty gods. they were standing one day in front of the sacred porch. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Fourth Setting: Temple of Baucis and Philemon with sacred porch And when again old age overtook them." what's this you tell us?. saw him slowly changing into a gnarled oak tree. and we are the only ones who remain. Instead you will be changed into trees to grow on this hillside for countless years to come. Our guests are not human at all.Nay. Now behold! (thunder crash) Danielle-Baucis: why the city is now covered by a lake. you will not die. farewell!” And their human forms were changed to trees and branches. From boyhood I have loved only Baucis. and to have the care of this temple. and she has lived only for me. Kate-Philemon: I say Baucis. that sneaky fowl is trying to fly up into the tree. Kate-Philemon: "My dear. And really. how much does our jar hold? Danielle-Baucis: Four cups. O good old man and you good wife. Kate/Danielle-Philemon and Baucis:“Farewell. Though you are poor humble folks. It feels as if 'twere taking root. Now farewell kind souls and may peace be always with you. and Baucis.

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