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The tendency to invoke hyperlinks in this summary has been supplanted by two key-intents: to summarize what transpired

last night [vide infra] on the STATE-level [c/o Senator Mike Folmer, detailed below the “*”] and to project what will occur today in Congress on the NATIONAL-level [see the following few ‘graphs]. As the “BHO Scandal-Sheet” topics have increasingly included administrative aberrations in federal departments beyond the-usual-suspects [IRS, NSA, AG-Holder, Benghazi], the upcoming August Recess could reflect a greater tendency to wander afield [which is, perhaps, what BHO would desire]. Nevertheless, testimony today of General Bristol [Africoms] will enlighten on two planes [what happened before/during/after 9-11 in Benghazi, and why did the Pentagon falsely claim he had retired (and, thus, had signed-off on a non-disclosure agreement, precluding testimony)]. I confess to another motivation, albeit the import thereof is not amenable to articulation [just yet] herein. I have been publicly critical of the loco-regional GOP for deficient leadership during recent years, and this concern will be addressed during a mediated “summit meeting” to be held in ~72 hours; I will invoke these essays to illustrate how what could motivate the GOP Committee-People has been sorely-lacking, with the implications of such disillusionment having permeated the national party. One need only note the “food fight” being waged by putative-candidates for the POTUS-nod in ’16 [Christie and Paul] to illustrate the profundity of this schism between the “Establishment” and adherents to the TEA [“Taxed Enough Already”] Party Movement.
The phrase "What we've got here is (a) failure to communicate" is a quotation from the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke, spoken at different points in the movie first by Strother Martin (as the Captain, a prison warden) and later Paul Newman (as Luke, a young prisoner).

This reference is misconstrued as an endpoint when, in actuality, it often reflects the lack of any desire to convey information to the hoi polloi because, perhaps, it might threaten a power-base; the rationalization often uttered is that one risks conveying “too much information” [“TMI”] but, from the perspective of the political activist, it is desirable to empower recipients to draw personal conclusions accordingly…rather than to assume “ignorance is bliss.” Therefore, the “demonstrative” component of these time-consuming “blasts” cannot be under-estimated. Therefore, the PA-GOP leadership really must scrutinize its performance @ all levels, particularly as national forces are threatening the perches of their colleagues [why-we-always-lose-and-the-need-for21st-century-conservatives]; one need only scrutinize the speaker-list of the upcoming RedState “Gathering” to note the prominence of people such as Ted Cruz [notwithstanding the fact that Bill O’Reilly excluded him from his most recent polling] instead of the lamentably dead-wood. The necessity to inform the populace/voters of what has been transpiring is regularly undermined by the Inqy for, noting today’s 8 a.m. “blast” omits mention of yesterday’s PICA-Board meeting, quality-reportage must be gleaned from crusader-rabbits such as Jim Foster. * I was asked, almost a week ago, how best to conceptualize the NSA-based controversy, recognizing Franklin’s dictum: “He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty

nor security.” I delved into historical context to establish a key-point that spills-over into the raging debate over Immigration “Reform,” to wit, it is necessary to recall America’s mandate that we are a “nation of laws.” Indeed, before people wish to legislate [make law, amend law] due to allegedly “broken law,” they must FIRST ensure the current ones have been enforced. For example, BHO is overtly “passive aggressive” when it is revealed that Homeland Security lost track of 1 million foreigners; how justified would it be to burden the feds to monitor 12-30M more people under these circumstances? And, harkening back to the aforementioned disillusionment with GOP “leadership,” how encouraging is it to read that Top GOP donors tell party to legalize illegals, McCain claims to be able to purge those extra border agents in conference committee, and Boehner's Strategy is To Slow-Walk Immigration Bill To Finish Line under the aforementioned circumstances? Today’s testimony [Senators strongly criticize intelligence chiefs over NSA data collection] may also confirm what Snowden revealed regarding the breadth of the NSA’s activities [U.S. to declassify documents on spy programs, surveillance court], even as Warrantless Cellphone Tracking was Upheld By Court. Just as was detailed supra regarding the issue of Immigration “Reform,” one must first purge admitted-perjurers from powerful positions [e.g., Clapper] to, if nothing else, restore trust [individually and collectively] and, certainly, not continue to pay them [even if civil service laws require either stress or alteration]. Last night, ~100 people listened to Pennsylvania Senator Mike Folmer discuss SB-999 [An Act prohibiting certain individuals from providing support in the implementation of certain sections of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012] and SB-875 [An Act regulating unmanned aircraft in Pennsylvania] @ the Jeffersonville C.C. Detailed were programs already extant that infringe upon just about every component of the “Bill of Rights,” and emphasized was the need to motivate the masses to prompt legalized nullification. Unfortunately, Governor Corbett hasn’t signed-on with this “populist” effort, perhaps assuming such “libertarian” efforts could undermine law-enforcement. Thus, people must become self-educated [noting videos such as that by FNC's Judge Andrew Napolitano, aired prior to Folmer’s presentation]. Folmer notes the need for the law to satisfy three criteria: two external concepts [law & justice] are mediated via an internal force [the unwritten necessity for morality]. Bastiat corroborates Folmer’s views [Law is organized justice] and warnings [Seductive Lure of Socialism, The Socialists Wish to Play God, The Socialists Despise Mankind, A Defense of Compulsory Labor, The Socialist Concept of Liberty, Socialists Fear All LibertiesThe Superman Idea, The Socialists Reject Free Choice]. Meanwhile, while BHO ignores Congress [even as pretends to relate therewith], he remodels America [ObamaCare will make it Pay not to work and Many Disability Recipients Admit They Could Work] and Weiner pollutes the media [Weiner’s new Ad: 'Quit isn't the way we roll in NYC,' Weiner Aide Apologizes After “Slutbag” Tirade, MEDIA FORCED TO DESTROY WEINER-MONSTER THEY CREATED, HUMA TO TAKE 'EXTENDED VACATION' AWAY FROM HILLARY], Ahmadinejad claims Iran Activated 5,000 New Centrifuges as Part of Nuclear Program. Finally, in follow-up of yesterday’s presentation of a national groundswell against ObamaCare [and Rove’s repeated opposition thereto, which again failed to sway Hannity], the HOUSE BILL TO DEFUND OBAMACARE GAINED 100 COSPONSORS.