"O.M.G.! Did you hear about Chattie and Sean they are so totally going out.

" Kayla squealed to Taylor. Chattie wasn't even sitting ten feet away, yet here they were talking about her right in front of face. "Hello," Chattie saya." I'm sitting right here and no we are NOT!" Cahttie screamed at Taylor and Kayla."Isn't that right Mariah?" Chattie looked to the right then left. Mariah was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, somewhere upstairs Sean and Mariah were in a supply closet " feeling up on each other". "Sean stop." Mariah said. She couldn't trust anyone coming up here or atleast she couldn't risk Chattie coming up here. "Why baba? We're just having a little fun I mean I know Lachattie likes me or whatever, but she ain't gotta know." Sean says looking deeply into Mariah eyes. She blushes and looks down. His special effect, girls were like putty in his hands. "But Sean what about if she does find out. I can't do this to her, she's my best friend." I should have thought about this before i went up here with him, she thought." Plus she likes, almost loves you." Sean gave her a look of hell. Suddenly, outside the suplly closet the lights flickered on and off, on and off. "Damn Mariah!" Sean half whispers, half screams to Mariah." I thought tou said no one would come up here" "I-I-I didn't think any one would come up here.Maybe its just Kayla or Taylor. I'm sure they won't tell about us." Mariah said, secretly haping it was just the two of them. " Yeah, maybe" Sean said and walked out the supply closet, Mariah in pursuit. The lights were flickered off, blinds closed when they came out. Wasn't the blinds open? Mariah thought to herself. "Comeo n Taylor, Kayla, stop playing." Mariah says and then she gets pulled away with a hand covering her mouth. "Scream and I'll kill you!" The voice hisses to Mariah. She nods and the voice puts her in a corner. Sean starts to call Mariah's name. "C'mon Mariah, stop B.S. with me. Turn on the damn lights!" Sean says getting scraed. he can't seem to find Mariah through the darkness. "Don't!" Mariah says.... Or so he thinks. The fake Mariah grabs him from behind the waist behind. " Hay Sean." She whispers into his ear. Sean realizes its not Mariah. "Your not Mariah!" Ha says. The voice tightens his grip around his waist. "Of course, Baby, I'm your worst nightmare."The voice hisses in his ear and pulls out a knife. She slashes him in the neck. Mariah watching everything from the corner, screams. The voicce runs over to her. "Shutup, Shutup! Or I'll kill you just like your little buddy here." The voice says. "No,no please no!" Mariah pleads." Who are you?" She aks before the voice turns to leave. "Nice question. I'm Tayja, your wrost nightmare!" Tayja smiles to herself. " Tell anyone and I'll kill you." With that Tayja runs out of the room, sayin " Guess what bitches the bitch is back!" Back downstairs Tallor,Chattie and,Kayla race towards the house and up the stairs, after hearing Mariah scream. Chattie gets to the door first, Kayla and Taylor in pursuit. "Mariah,Mariah! Are you o-" Chattie stops. As does Taylor and Kayla. "Oh. My. God." Kayla shouts. Taylor is frigid next to her. "What happened!? Why is Sean dead?" Tears start to swell in Chattie eyes. Soon enough the tears fall and heavy sobs build up in her chest. "Well," Mariah starts to sayt." Sean and I were in the closet kissing when all of a sudden..."Mariah trails off. This catches Chattie's attention. "You little whore!" Chattie says as she lunches a fist towards Mariah."How could you!" Chattie says hitting Mariah in the face. Mariah stagers back, clutching her nose. "Stop it!" Taylor shouts. She holds Mariah back from taking another swing at Mariah's face."Now, Mariah tell us ehat happened." "Well after we, um, come out of the closet, the lights were off. We thought it was one of you but it was..." She hesitated, too afriad to say anything. "Come on, Mariah. Tell us." Kayla said to calm her down. Mariah took a noisly, big gulp. "She said her name was Tayja." Taylor and Kayla looked at each other, stunned. "That's impossible." Taylor says." She fell out the damn window! How the hell did she come back?" "Well, they never found a body."Kayla stated. She turned to Mariah. " Are you sure the name was Tayja?" She aks her. She shakes her head yes."She told me if I told anyone, she'll kill me." She says. "She should have killed you.You backstabbing whore! You knew i liked him." Chattie shouts . "Stop it."

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