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jobadge: @AJCann @stujohnson suggested tag for unconference on 22 May #uollts ?

AJCann: @jobadge @stujohnson #uollts sounds good. jobadge: RT @dajbelshaw: Some great ideas for using Twitter when presenting here: @stujohnson @ajcann useful for #uollts? llordllama: @stujohnson Aha! Excellent - looking forward to it #uollts AJCann: @stujohnson Is #uollts UoL only or open to all? jobadge: RT @stujohnson: Learning and teaching in the sciences unconference - 8 bookings already since last night #uollts stujohnson: There is indeed wifi in the George Porter Building #uollts stujohnson: back by popular demand and x18 bookings since Monday evening. Best get planning it then #uollts stujohnson: Wish I'd looked at booking form tracker before worrying input at #uollts Looks like there'll be plenty of stuff to talk about AJCann: @stujohnson How many booked for #uollts ? cjrw: @stujohnson did you count me in or do I need to fill form? #uollts llordllama: Do we get name badges, that's what I want to know! #uollts stujohnson: That's the #uollts emails sent llordllama: Just noticed @stujohnson 's put a screen-cap of the menu for tomorrow's #uollts on the web site. Now that's one way to lure people in! jobadge: @stujohnson @llordllama what is a low calorie sarnie when it's at home? #uollts stujohnson: @jobadge @llordllama I have no idea what a low calorie sarnie is. Marmite possibly? #uollts AJCann: #uollts twitterfall test jobadge: ok let's try that with the right tag #uollts ooo what does twitterfall look like then? lots of colours AJCann: #uollts stujohnson: Bit nervous about #uollts this morning Hope people are in a chatty/ideasy mood llordllama: In the office, and about ready to sleep. Hope to find some energy by #uollts STLock: Have fun all you folks at #uollts llordllama: Wondering if everything (even the low-cal sarnies) is on a stick today #uollts whittybus: @llordllama glad you are going #uollts stujohnson: Off to shuffle tables round #uollts stujohnson: Got twitterfall working in GPS18 #uollts jobadge: @richardbadge hurray glad you are feeling happy. Won't see you at lunchtime, will be at unconference #uollts AlexM11: @stujohnson good luck! Looking forward to following and nipping in now and again on #uollts stujohnson: We now even have signs and stickers. No expense spared! #uollts chriscane: Sorry not to be able to make it in person - marking and MSc admissions stuff to do :-( #uollts stujohnson: Can someone bring a pen please! #uollts AJCann: @stujohnson You mean we don't get free pens at #uollts ? stujohnson: @llordllama wrong tag! #uollts jobadge: are we starting at 10.30? #uollts @stujohnson seems very organised iamhelenharrop: RT: @AJCann If you fancy a break this morning, can you do something for us: [tech + assessment event] #uollts llordllama: You assume I'm talking to you ;) #uollts iamhelenharrop: @AJCann hi Alan, if there are outputs from #uollts I'm v. interested in seeing them. No time to follow along alas but will check in later simonjball: RT: @AJCann If you fancy a break this morning, can you do something for us: [tech + assessment event] #uollts traceymadden: RT @simonjball: RT: @AJCann If you fancy a break this morning, can you do something for us: #uollts msars: All ready for #uollts with filtered stream in place in tweetdeck. I should

have consulted menu earlier and brought coordinated lunch. jobadge: @msars is your lunch high calorie then? we are apparently having low calorie sarnies :-) #uollts jobadge: RT @AJCann: If you fancy a break this morning, can you do something for us: #uollts llordllama: @jobadge On a stick #uollts dsugden: #uollts Good luck everyone at Science Assessment session jobadge: right off to unconference #uollts via photocopier and internal mail :-) there should be two of me by the time I arrive. ffolliet: @stujohnson #uollts can I get the conference bag please? llordllama: Where abouts is this room for #uollts exactly then? stujohnson: @llordllama chemistry building then follow signs - 2nd floor #uollts stujohnson: Will shortly be excusing myself froM faculty LTC to get to #uollts llordllama: Ah. The smell do chem building takes me back to being a student #uollts planetchemistry: #uollts Greetings from sunny Ulster. Hope the unconf. goes well. Let me know when the coffee break is so I can check email. jobadge: got my cup of tea #uollts jobadge: Anyone listening in can you say hello to the unconference and tell us where you are? #uollts AlexM11: Hello #uollts I'm in Brum talking educational games research, but following closely and awaiting news of low cal sandwiches llordllama: @jobadge i'm over here! Oh, that's not what you were meaning... #uollts traceymadden: Greetings from the Higher Education Academy Physical Sciences Centre (based in Hull) #uollts llordllama: @stujohnson Introducing the day #uollts cjrw: #uollts wot no biscuits? simonjball: Hello #uollts Following twitterstream from lovely Yorkshire while writing about inclusion+SL.Hoping for great insights into tech/assessment jobadge: @stujohnson is starting us off, twitterfall is on big screen in the room #uollts whittybus: Hi there #uollts from the office at Clinical :-) AJCann: What is an unconference? #uollts laikas: #uollts Hello, greetings from laikas, medical librarian and PhD medical biology. Searching in between and waiting 4 the unconference 2 start llordllama: @ajcann Uncomplicated? Unrully? #uollts cjrw: Backchannel up on screen at #uollts msars: Hello to all at #uollts from the Life Sci Dept at Imperial College in London AJCann: We need 2 screens @ #uollts ! cjrw: Feedforward: keepads for picking topics at next unconference #uollts llordllama: Now we're working out what topics to discuss #uollts AJCann: Deciding 1st round of topics for #uollts llordllama: So not much love for information literacy issues in the room,colour me not suprised. #uollts jobadge: Choosing first round of discussion topics #uollts peer assmnt, blackboard for lab assmnt, keyboard exam, why do we assess msars: @cjrw Used PRS for selecting topics to discuss in past. Answer was always "Plagiarism detection" so I stopped using that technique. #uollts jobadge: On blackboard assessmnt for lab prac's table - Eran is leading and has brought handouts - wow :-) #uollts cjrw: Peer assessment was first past post but lost out on single transferable vote #uollts AJCann: NOT talking about plagiarism @ #uollts - hurrah! llordllama: Is it what teachers and students gain? Yeah that sounds good to me #uollts stujohnson: I'm in the group on peer assessment (currently) #uollts

stujohnson: Is peer assessment valid/reliable #uollts stujohnson: That was supposed to be a question #uollts cjrw: Assessment FOR learning mentioned on at least two tables #uollts AJCann: Lab reports don't validate student understanding #uollts jobadge: Yes peer assessment can be reliable and valid and a great learning experience #uollts jobadge: Assessment for learning here on lab reports too #uollts llordllama: Best phrase so far has to be 'enforce learning' #uollts msars: @jobadge #uollts. We use 3 types of Bb assessmnt for lab pracs. 1. quiz. 2. autograde excel sheet. (1& 2 postprac) 3. whole prac in Bb. traceymadden: Worth looking at WebPA (web based peer assessment) #uollts cjrw: Are we expecting GENUINE original thought from undergrads? #uollts cjrw: @jobadge counted your table already #uollts llordllama: What do students get from assessment? Top choice-the degree #uollts AJCann: Anyone use MCQs for practical assessment? #uollts jobadge: @msars trying to think about discrimination and feedback #uollts msars: @cjrw They should be thinking thoughts that are new to them, not necessarily original in the world. #uollts planetchemistry: @AJCann #uollts we use MCQ for pre-practical assessment... students do some assessed work BEFORE they come to lab. llordllama: We're drawing lots of arrows on the sheet, can't twitter them tho #uollts AJCann: @msars How does your Bb quiz work in practicals? #uollts cjrw: @msars key word there probably thinking not just cut-n-pasting #uollts stujohnson: Don't forget to move when u want to #uollts msars: @AJCann We use MCQs post-prac. Open book with lab notes. Good notes and understanding --> good marks. #uollts cjrw: Information literacy and assessment - assessed tasks in evaluating source docs #uollts my sprogs do that in history msars: @AJCann Whole prac in Bb when using online tools, e.g. bioinformatics. MCQs and also (more tricky) manually marked short ans Qs. #uollts llordllama: Kudos to @crjw for the props to information literacy there and key role in avoiding plagerism #uollts cjrw: Taking prompt from @stujohnson to swap tables #uollts AJCann: Turns out several people are using Bb for post-practical assessment #uollts AJCann: Does anyone use pre-practical MCQs? #uollts msars: @cjrw Absolutely. Assessment must allow demonstration of thinking, analysis, criticism, construction - not just regurgitating facts. #uollts msars: @AJCann Yes, for some pre-prac work - do calcs in advance, get feedback --> make up solutions correctly in prac. Not nec summative. #uollts planetchemistry: @AJCann "Does anyone use pre-practical MCQs?" Me! me! me!.. anyone else?? #uollts AJCann: @AJCann #uollts we use MCQ for pre-practical assessment... students do some assessed work BEFORE they come to lab. (via @PlanetChemistry) stujohnson: Now hearing about a pilot project to let students take exams on a locked down pc #uollts Anyone any experience Eingang: @AJCann What is a pre-practical multiple choice question? #uollts msars: @AJCann And not just MCQs. Use short answers a lot with regex checking. Also matching Qs e.g. for process planning. #uollts AJCann: @Eingang Quiz before practical class #uollts HallyMk1: @AJCann Malcolm Andrew in Pharmaceutical Microbiology at DMU uses a java-driven practical tutor at Level 2 #uollts msars: @stujohnson #uollts We use lockdown PCs for students with SEN requirements to take exams on PCs. These are essay exams --> print out scripts llordllama: Talking about how assessment and grades from regarded unis and hence new students being attracted #uollts

planetchemistry: Any ideas on how to give personliased feedback to large lab classes (70 per class 140 total on modules??) #uollts stujohnson: Does taking an exam on a pc change the way you think about stuff? Pen & paper for sketchy thought and keyboard when know #uollts llordllama: Assessment = only 1-2-1 interaction with staff for many students #uollts llordllama: Might not be physical interaction but comments on an essay is personal to the student #uollts msars: @stujohnson In sci usually pen and paper needed in addition to PC diagrams, maths, chemistry. And then collate all bits tog. #uollts AJCann: MCQ assessment fits into a blended pattern of assessment #uollts llordllama: @stujohnson i'm all for keyboards ar my handwriting is terrible! #uollts simonjball: @planetchemistry #uollts At MDX they give feedback to 700 Year1's by dividing marks into 10 groupings & sending standard f'back to each grp jobadge: Getting ready for Learning and Teaching in the Sciences unconference #uollts planetchemistry: @simonjball sounds good. thanks! #uollts llordllama: Could we have education without assessment? And if so how would it work? #uollts simonjball: @llordllama #uollts surely 'education without assessment' is just 'life'? psychemedia: @llordllama I think I prefer to view assessment as enrichment... #uollts jobadge: If you are here at the science and learning teaching unconference or want to join the conversation from elsewhere add #uollts to your tweets traceymadden: Surely in life we self-assess and this is a very valuable skill (essential for the self-motivated learner) #uollts msars: @AJCann Definitely agree that online assessment has to be part whole. Esp if using MCQs. Longer written pieces also imp. #uollts jobadge: this is what we are doing at #uollts stujohnson: Feedback time #uollts cjrw: Moved to discuss peer assessment (both meanings of moved) #uollts jobadge: you can see who else is using twitter at this unconference by using twitter search on the tag #uollts cjrw: Been tweet quiet as mouth active #uollts llordllama: I vote 5 minutes a table! #uollts msars: @planetchemistry We use online assessment for 2/3 of pracs. F/back for each Q + general f/back on whole assessment + pers if req #uollts AJCann: Stuart summing up first round @ #uollts cjrw: Share about our experience using Conway et al's peer weighting scheme #uollts llordllama: Wondering he we should be doing Mike Reid's Runaround to change tables shortly? #uollts jobadge: Assessment gives one to one relationship with student #uollts ffolliet: u guys realise you tweeted more #eurovision than you have #uollts. ;-) llordllama: Do we assess too much or too little ~ good topic for the next round. Maybe also do we use the right kind of assessment. #uollts msars: @jobadge Is 1-to-1 essential component of assessment? For large classes automation --> more feedback possible but less personal. #uollts planetchemistry: @msars that's somewhat similar to us.... the option for personal feedback is always available if needed.. #uollts AJCann: Keyboard exams problematic #uollts AlexM11: Assessment in small bites - it would be good to explore quicker/shorter assessment methods for modern students #uollts llordllama: @msars yeah, our group touched on the problems with lack of personal interaction much as we'd like it to be higher #uollts msars: @planetchemistry We use autograding script to mark prac reports w/calcs

based on stu results + Bb quizzes too #uollts llordllama: @alexm11 so long as those small bites are onna stick #uollts planetchemistry: @msars #uollts autograding script looks good. We use the QuizTest script quite old but it works well. jobadge: Reminder demo of grademark #uollts Eingang: @AJCann No pre-practical exactly, but I do write some MCQ questions that are intended to scaffold the exam project activities. #uollts cjrw: Our use of Conway (now for videos instead) #uollts llordllama: @whatshtag Unconference at university of Leicester uk discussing learnin and teaching in the sciences #uollts jobadge: And finally we are a trending topics #uollts AlexM11: @llordllama assessment on a stick? nice #uollts msars: @AlexM11 We do lots of our online prac assessment immediately after prac. 30 min write up. Got to be good! #uollts cjrw: Also use peer evaluation (formative) in teaching about essay writing #uollts jobadge: Hearing about peer assesment types: group work, assess contribution, assess each others work #uollts AJCann: Discussion in the room currently denting tweets from #uollts AJCann: Lots of sharing at #uollts msars: @cjrw #uollts Your student ranking of essays results are like ours -probs distinguishing best answers. Can't always see beyond facts. llordllama: Peer review sounds like it brings out some scary feedback #uollts jobadge: Talking about peer marking being like peer review #uollts laikas: "#uollts we use QMP ( ? ) in computer-assisted learning (on BB) and in exams. 4 med students. " msars: @planetchemistry I'll look into this script. Thanks. #uollts AJCann: @jobadge demonstrating Turnitin Grademark at #uollts - anyone else use this? llordllama: Oh good. Lunch has arrived and is now scheduled for 12.30. @DaGooses can keep their becks out of it! #uollts stujohnson: Hearing about grademark from @jobadge #uollts cjrw: @jobadge is demo-ing some tools n tricks in blackboard #uollts msars: @AJCann Is @jobadge demonstrating Turnitin Grademark for staff marking or peer marking - or maybe both? We don't use it yet. #uollts laikas: following #uollts from a distance. Missing discussions -- and Lunch. Twitter has its limitations. Next time video -unconference? llordllama: Grade Mark looks interering but i'd want to run it across 2 screens #uollts AJCann: Participants at #uollts not too impressed with Turnitin Grademark. msars: @jobadge Is there any research on students preferences for electronic v. handwritten feedback on essays? #uollts msars: @AJCann What were problems perceived with Grademark? I think they've tried hard with the s/w functionality. #uollts AJCann: #uollts in danger of degenerating into a Blackboard session simonjball: @msars #uollts Research by Gomez (was UWE now Plymouth) shows students much prefer Audio feedback to typed/written -more personal/supportive llordllama: @ajcann You mean it hasn't already? #uollts AlexM11: @AJCann pull back from the technology people: focus on assessment as the core. You can do it! #uollts wozzza: @AJCann techniques of assessment? #uollts AlexM11: Actually focus on the students as a core. I correct myself. #uollts msars: @simonjball Thanks for ref. That would be recorded audio, I suppose, rather than f2f? #uollts NextTweetTopics: Be The First twitter #uollts: Good discussion of teaching and assessment - now on peer asses.. simonjball: @msars #uollts yes recorded audio feedback supplied as MP3. students reassured by tone of voice and not deciphering handwritten comments!

jobadge: Moving tables - new topics: plagiarism here #uollts llordllama: Work place learning group for me. Not just because it's closer to the lunch. #uollts planetchemistry: @simonjball @msars #uollts MP3. We use it for f'back and v. effectively as f'forward tool for 'quick look' at drafts etc. stujohnson: Hearing about 'learning-place working' authentic assessment #uollts traceymadden: Who's going to be the first to mention e-portfolios? #uollts AJCann: Overassessment topic voted down at #uollts so now discussing group assessment. llordllama: My third year of my degree was totally on work placement doing real drug research for real money. Best bit of my degree i'd say #uollts stujohnson: Learning-place working sounds fascinating. Anyone any experience? #uollts llordllama: Good to hear the uni is working towards plans for more work based learning. But when do we get to the discussions? #uollts llordllama: Actually that said this physics project working with esa sounds dead interesting but that's my inner science geekspeaking #uollts AJCann: Institue of Engineers insists on some team project wprk for accreditation #uollts msars: @stujohnson Do you have "year in industry" degrees at UoL? They are v good experience for students. #uollts msars: @simonjball @planetchemistry I like the idea of recording f/back so that students can refer to it again. Need to look at logistics. #uollts llordllama: Hey, there's a dairy free plate of sarnies is that for me? #uollts jobadge: @msars yes a few students take industry sandwich option #uollts llordllama: @msars yes we do, certainly in chemistry and we're talking about how much that up skills them #uollts msars: @llordllama I agree Yini students are upskilled when they return & show more maturity and motivation. They get what it's all about. #uollts AJCann: Difficult to design team projects that allow team to work simeltaneously rather than sequentially #uollts llordllama: Been sharing aspects of my year working at Glaxo. #uollts llordllama: @msars I loved it, but showed me that due to allergies and career aspirations that lab work wasn't for me? Real wake up moment #uollts planetchemistry: @msars #uollts MP3. Audacity is the way to go for recording f/back. To mail personalised attachments to a large group I use Pegasus Mail. llordllama: @ajcann at uni we were placed in Belbin teams so we weren't expected 2all work @ same time. Outcomes were team function not project #uollts jobadge: Moved away from plagiarism to being open and the changing notion of scholarship #uollts jobadge: Sarnies!! #uollts llordllama: It's onna stick time! #uollts msars: @llordllama lunchtime = end of formal part of #uollts? If you have formal at unconf? davidandrew52: #uollts thank you everyone nogbad: @AJCann Interested in this - IME teams automatically chunk tasks such that they are sequential #uollts NicoleKitta: Difficult to design team projects that allow team to work simeltaneously rather than sequentially #uollts NicoleKitta: It's onna stick time! #uollts msars: @jobadge How many people were at the unconf? It was short and intense! #uollts jobadge: @msars about 20 here #uollts planetchemistry: #uollts thanks to all... great stuff! llordllama: #uollts What a pleasure to see the phrase 'onna stick' retweeted msars: @jobadge thanks to all at #uollts for sharing via twitter llordllama: And @stujohnson is now calling up to order for feedback on the format #uollts

llordllama: #uollts Session's getting good feedback. Formal discussion paper? Well I'm going to blog it but he the uni thinks in paper terms... #uollts llordllama: I think the session needed more of an ice breaker - I certainly didn't know that many faces! Names on the other hand... #uollts llordllama: Greatest opponents can be the most evangalising converts. #uollts llordllama: If you need help running sessions let me know @stujohnson I used to run these things for a living! #uollts llordllama: Is TAN still exTANt? #uollts llordllama: Beyond science events ala TAN getting some props in the room I agree, get out of our subject corners! #uollts stujohnson: @llordllama great! Yes please! #uollts jobadge: link to TAN events discussed at unconf #uollts llordllama: I vote for brown Bag lunch events using using speed networking techniques #uollts stujohnson: Thanks to all of you who contributed to #uollts via twitter. Will send some links out later. was v. useful stujohnson: @ajcann twitter archive just worked a treat. 244 #uollts tweets straight to csv Thanks @moodledan