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Out In Africa South African Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Funded by National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund

Public Call for Scriptwriters Out In Africa (OIA), producers of the South African Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, has received funding from The National Lottery Distribution Trust Fund (NLDTF) for the purpose of making a full-length narrative feature film. The intention is to develop and produce a three strand, interwoven script and film that relates and honours the lives of South African gays and lesbians and the multiplicity of their experience. This first Call is for scriptwriters. The production is an opportunity for talented ‘junior’ industry practitioners – three writers in particular. ‘Junior’ refers to those professionals who have the relevant filmmaking experience and have demonstrated ability in their chosen field, but who have not yet made a feature film. There will be a further Call for Producers and Directors. The film is to be shot and completed in 2014. OIA invites interested writers to submit the following typed Word documents, in English:   A 2 page CV detailing relevant experience and referees who may be contacted by OIA. A sample script for a short film (30mins max) that best represents your writing ability. It need not have a gay or lesbian theme although that would be preferable.

Shortlisted writers will then be requested to submit a treatment for a 30min film along the lines of the Concept created by OIA. If the story is selected for production, they will be offered a development contract (from treatment to shooting script). They will be expected to attend a series of workshops in Cape Town in which the three stories will be developed to form a single feature film script. Deadline for submission is 4pm, Friday 30 August 2013. No late submissions will be considered. Please send submissions to: Please ensure ‘Omnibus’ is in the subject line. OIA is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender presentation.
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