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Where Is Our Grave?

Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibandi, Sohbat of 8th of July, 2013.


Come on in O yaran Shah Mardan. Come in and we will listen to you- so that we take a naseeb from the sweetness of life, so that we don't think dunya is a barn. Dunya is not a barn. The barn is for animals. Men are not animals, that there should be a barn for them. But the people of this time think dunya is a barn, it is astonishing. Come on in O Shah Mardan, O Lion of Allah. AsSalamu alaikum, how beautiful. May Salam be upon you. May it come from the Salam of Heavens. Come on in, welcome, O yaran Shah Mardan. Madad, dastur. May we not get anxious, may we not get offended either. May we take a naseeb from the sweetness of this day. As-Salam alaikum O yaran Shah Mardan- the Ahbab of Shah Mardan, may Salam be upon you. When we greet them with Salam, they also greet back with Salam. What is our way? Our way is the way of faith, is the way of Islam, is the way of paradise. Don't leave the way of paradise and fall into a bad way. Don't be nawmid; nawmid, meaning don't be hopeless. This dunya is a khan/hostel. There are those who come as well as those who leave This is what dunya is. Welcome to you, O yaran Shah Mardan. Welcome to you. May your day and your hearts be in pleasure. Allahu Allah Allahu Rabbi Allahu Allah Allahu Hasbi. Allah Almighty Jalla Jalaluhu did not create dunya as a mahbas -prison for Man. Marhaba O our yaran, our children. We should know that Janab-i Wajibu-l Wujud did not make dunya a prison for Man. Allahu Akbar. May your hearts be in joy. May our hearts and days be joyous with the grants of our Sultan. May our dunya be joyous. May our graves be joyous too. As-Salamu alaikum O hadirun. Come on in to the assembly of Shah Mardan. May such a joy reach our soul and physical body that we awaken. Let us say As-Salamu alaikum. Let us greet with Salam. Salam brings safety. Who forgets the Salam is miserable in dunya & miserable in akhirah also. Dunya is not a even hostel. Dunya is a manzil /temporary resting place of Rabbu-l Izzat Jalla Jalaluhu for His believing servants. Here is a manzil, meaning a temporary place to stay. We are not permanent here. May we stay nicely and may we depart it nicely. Dunya- everybody lands in dunya. They should land in a clean manner and then they should leave dunya in a clean manner. They may be welcomed by the angels. They may say "Marhaba O Ahbab of Shah Mardan, O who go on the way of Shah Mardan, O Ahlu safa"! They are called "Ahlu safa", Allahu Akbar. Madad Ya Shah Mardan. A person who thinks this dunya is a permanent place to stay, loses his humanity. Dunya is not a khan, no. It is a stopping place, it is a manzil. One will go from one manzil to another. Allahu Akbar. Welcome to you, O Yaran Shah Mardan. We came with safa / purity & may we leave with safa.

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they become Sultans. Religion is advice. be beautiful. they become from them. Allahu Jamilun. May we also take naseeb and ihsan from your way and may our faces become beautiful. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Run after the good ones and you will be good. What is it that we ask for in dunya? It is faith. Janabu Rabbu-l Izzat rebuked shaytan. say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Go ahead O Shah Mardan.descending from Heavens and he becomes sweet. may it be beautiful for you. May we remember the Name of Allah first. May we remember the Name of Allah first. Ad-dinu nasiha. May this day of ours be beautiful for us. Palaces are what are suitable for you. If a people spend 40 days together with another people. But shaytan made the people confused and says "Ask for the dirty dunya no matter what!" No. Don't dive into the dunya filth. about which the glorious Prophet of the End of Times informed us from Rabbu-l Izzat: Be good. What makes the face of Man beautiful is not make-up. This is the teaching of the Prophets: O can't interfere with what I grant the Children of Adam. be beautiful. religion is advice. be beautiful. May you fill us with honour. On the contrary. Dunya is a hostel. Don't be ugly. "It would be more suitable for me". It said. You will be dirty. A beauty comes to Man. You will be good. Allah dressed on us the dress of sultanate. There is one matter that is requested from us. We should say the Name of our Lord before anything else. He (swt) said "You can't interfere. May you fill us with faith. says Allah Almighty. You have no honour. la 'arba'ina yawman sara minhum. A barn is not suitable for you. don't run after the dirty dunya. yaran-u Shah Mardan . The word came from above: "I granted you what is suitable for you. O Man! Be beautiful. May you fill us with loads of faith in the Presence of Rabbu-l Izzat. You can't decide what I grant or don't grant. Man ashara qawman. they become donkeys. Be nice.orgPage  2                     . Allah Almighty created His Habib and granted him beauty. O Ya Rabbi. such an honour /iftikhar dress that shaytan got jealous of it. Angels greet us with Salam. You can't interfere with Me!" Jalla Jalaluhu. May it not bring sorrows or despair. Allahu Akbar!                   www. Dunya is a hostel for them too but dunya is not a hostel for Man like it is for animals. May our day come filled with goodness.Welcome to this day of ours. O Lion of Allah's way. Kun fayakun! Palaces appear! Allah Almighty's order immediately happens. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. May we come with faith & leave with faith. May we not be ugly. The Prophet of the End of Times said: "Ahsinu wujuhakum". no value unless you say the honored Name of Allahu Dhu-l Jalal. What He (swt) asks from us is "Be beautiful. There are who land and who leave. May we not come for the dirty dunya. Religion is advice. What is it that is asked from us? Ad-Dinu nasiha.Ad-dinu nasiha. Allah Almighty is the most beautiful. It is such a dress. make your faces beautiful. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. I granted you what I granted you but I didn't grant you what I granted Adam". I granted you what I granted you. O Ahbab who are on the way of Shah Mardan. Know Allah.saltanat. If they are together with a Sultan for 40 days. You can't interfere with what I grant him . We are not like fourlegged animals. It is a ghanimah / spoils for Man. How beautiful. May we receive from the goods of our day that which is filled with goodness. be nice". If they are together with donkeys for 40 days.

who go on his way are also beautiful. Your Yaran are your admirers. "Be ugly". don't be ugly. represents Him. Grant us power O our Mawla and we open up and are filled with love & enthusiasm. Stay alert! There are so many things. O Lord.All is Adab. Recite it and your honour increases. There is such a beauty that. who are you? Who are you? You are the Hazrat Insan. no power that can beat you. Prophet Solomon. honoured O Man! Be happy with this rank Allah Almighty granted us. O My Habib!" HabibuLlah asked for this honour for his Nation too. www.our Subhan. your virtue and rank cannot be finished by writing or speaking of it. Listen O yaran Shah Mardan. our Sultan. He is My Caliph. "Be beautiful" says the order from Heavens. May they not walk the path on which shaytan sets foot".alaihi s-salam. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. Jalla Jalaluhu says "I didn't grant anyone what I granted the Children of Adam". You made us beautiful. who is the Prophet of the End of Times. "I granted this rank to him and granted you what I granted you but you can't ask Me for what I granted Adam". The Holy Quran. all the Prophets that came from East to West told their nations "Be beautiful.saltanat. Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Kulluha Adab . But shaytan says. who was told in the Divine Presence of Allah. "Put your feet on the 'Arsh. wrote a letter and said: "'Innahu Min Sulaymana Wa 'Innahu Bismi Llahi r-Rahmani r-Rahimi" (27:30). "He is well-respected. Janab-i Haqq. Hazrat Insan Allah Almighty dressed him with a rank. you can't even look at his face. with beauties.                   Go ahead O Shah Mardan. don't be ugly". Balqis's golden throne shook and collapsed. There is no honour that can reach your honour. Ad-dinu nasiha. It comes to us from him. they are admirers of the wisdom in your words. Insan! Prophet Adam is who represents Allahu Dhu-l Jalal. Be proud. Say O mankind. Allah Almighty said "No. on the contrary. religion is advice. The earth trembled. O our Lord. What I granted to you and to Adam is different. O Children of Adam. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Who have his morals are also beautiful.orgPage  3                     . This is what Allah Almighty asks from us. Shukur Janab Allah. Why does he represent Allahu Dhu-l Jalal? Because Hazrat Nabi. 'ala nabina alaihi s-salatu wa s-salam. Shah Mardan's way is the way of enthusiasm. Shaykh Mehmet Effendi. "May my Nation walk the path which I walk.. Who is filled with love & enthusiasm is the Prophet Hz. Angels said "Dress this attribute on us". "There is the dress of honour / iftikhar I dressed on Adam. Grant us strength O our Mawla. Be Man. You created Your Habib beautiful. Let us say O yaran.they are admirers of the Nur on your face. Who love Your Habib are also beautiful. O Man.. our Sultan. O our Lord. He is getting ugly according to what he does. We wish we stayed beautiful. from the beginning to its end is filled with wisdom. Always say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim and there will be no power that can stop you. don't be animal. "I granted the Children of Adam honour for the honour of the Prophet of the End of Times". Be beautiful.our Subhan.Rabbu-l Izzat. There can't be anyone "higher than the Children of Adam. How can a person be ugly? He gets ugly with his actions. O glorious Prophet. with honour. They are the people of paradise. You can't look at shaytan's face. "This is unique to Adam.

Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. The animals and insects also eat what grows on the earth. Leave them & look to the power that will come down from Heavens.don't escape from the servanthood of Rabbu-l Izzat. The earth has nothing. Beauty comes down from Heavens. O our Lord! May You grant us strength. Ugliness comes from earth. You are different. Man cannot be beautiful without taking that Nur. May You send us the Sultans who will please Your Habib. They didn't create us for grave. Look for what comes down from Heavens. is all trash. O our Lord. What goes up to the heavens is the Nur Allah granted us. Evil things belong to shaytan. However we are not created for the grave. "Don't be shaytan. feet. May the doors open for us. Allah granted you eyes to see the beautiful. May you stay in these Paradises". the dress of izzu sharaf (honour) was dressed on mankind. that dress of iftikhar. How beautiful it is to be from your yaran. Our rank is high. But shaytan messed it up. O Children of Adam. the Ruh. What they bury inside of the earth is the animal attributes. not inside of the earth. It made them expelled from paradise and thrown to this filthy dunya. not what grows up from the earth. We should open up. you should know about yourself. and a body so that you can perform His servanthood. No one can take away from you that dress. Look for what comes down from Heavens.Say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. May You grant us power and we remember You. There is no end or limit to Your Grants. Walk the path of beautiful ones. Welcome to you. Allah granted you speech to speak of His Wisdoms. May our external power increase. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. Your yaran are your admirers. May we dress in the dress of Nur O Lord. May You send us the Shah Mardan who will defeat the ones that corrupt Your way. How beautiful is your way. Don't escape from His servanthood. you came with khair". O children of Adam. Don't sleep. O Bani Adam! "Uskun 'Anta Wa Zawjuka l-Jannata" (2:35) I made the paradise an abode for you. Look for what comes down from Heavens.saltanat. There is Shah Mardan who will teach us our humanity. O yaran Shah Mardan. O our Lord. Our grave is above. Shah Mardan is speaking to us. Open your eyes. be angels" was said to                   www. He granted you hands. our Sultan. Be beautiful. May You accept us Ya Rabbi. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. May the doors of Heaven open. we should open up. You are Sultan. May we be told: "AsSalamu alaikum O servants whom Rabbu-l Izzat loves. O our Lord! The dress of iftikhar.orgPage  4                     . Don't leave that way and fall into a bad way. Go ahead and speak O Shah Mardan. Find the beauty from Heavens. O our Lord.that dress of honour. You came with barakah. Whatever the unbelievers. He is speaking to us. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim.You are Subhan. We stand in Your Way. Real beauty comes down from Heavens. be dressed with Ruh (spirituality) and then they may call you up. You should know.our Subhan. who oppose Islam invented. Be nice. May our internal power increase also. your yaran are your admirers. The bad way belongs to shaytan. May our love & enthusiasm increase. We should open up. Who is the beautiful? Who takes Nur from Heavens is the beautiful. One day the grave is waiting for us too. To get the Ruh ready. Not only one but even a thousand shaytans can't take it. Don't throw it away! That dress you are dressed with was dressed on you when you were leaving paradise.

We have the dress of majesty which comes from the Sultan.saltanat. go ahead. be humiliated and fight each other. Let us say Huuu. may You dress us in the dress of majesty that You dress on Your weak servants. They may dress in the dress of majesty. may it come with his barakah. May we not be a barn keeper. May it come with the power.mp4                   www. O our Lord. May we gain power and strength.mankind. is on us. crush shaytan Ya Rabbi. You will be dressed with the dress of majesty. If they called with these words. from the honour of Heaven. Yaran of Sardar (commander). which will defeat. I sent for you the dress of honour. May You dress us in the dress of majesty. O Shah Mardan. May we open up. May the Heavenly support that will come down from Heavens reach you. Allahu Allah.orgPage  5                     . get exhausted. Go ahead O Shah Mardan. "Don't leave it. As-Salamu alaikum O Hadirun. may we not be ugly. But Man lost his humanity and became only animal attributes. don't go out into the streets. Who doesn't believe doesn't have that dress of majesty. Say this at least 3 times a day. Let us say Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Rahim. "Dress in it and come to Me" says Allah. You are Sultan O our Lord For the honour of Your Habib. May we be dressed with beauty. Allahu Rabbi. Ramadan Sharif has arrived. Wear it and come to Me. May we expand. we are weak servants. May the flags of Islam rise. which will give you happiness. May you be dressed with a dress from the beauty of Heaven. Don't fall into the filth of dunya". You are Subhan. O yaran Shah Mardan. Video link: http://saltanat. O our Lord! May You grant us strength. who is the Sultanu-l Awliya. Allahu Akbar. May it come with his barakah. You are Sultan O our Lord. Allahu Allah. O Lord. The power and barakah of our Shaykh. unbelievers. Allahu Akbar. Return to your Lord. Believers have the dress of majesty. for the honour of this Ramadan Sharif. Fatiha. It is welcome. O yaran Shah Mardan. We are the Ummah of the Sultanu-l Anbiya. Allah bless you. May You make us within that circle of Divine Protection Ya Rabbi. raise the flag of Islam and a power that cannot be stopped comes to O believers. May imdad/ help reach us. may the tyrants. No troubles will come to you. shaytans. power. The imdad of Heavens reaches. Allahu Hasbi.php?id=8435&name=2013-07-08_tr_KabrimizNerde. there would be no need to go into the streets and scream.