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Proposal of Partnership With ABNA Intl

Prepared By Jennifer Stacey



ABNA International Jennifer Stacey 95 Wolf Creek Blvd Ste 2 Dover, DE 19901 I want to thank You for contacting me as a follow up to the email that I had previously sent offering the services of ABNA INTL. , on a strict “No Cure, No Pay” basis. Following this letter, you will find a table of contents outlining this proposal draft. Please know that figures in this proposal are negotiable, as well as reporting, campaign type, projection, customer service outline, dispute resolution processes, etc. As You have built a reputation on offering a product/service that meets their client needs, ABNA has built a reputation, as well, on reviewing what you, as the potential client, consider to be a receivables need, and we create a campaign to fit your specific individual business needs. For instance, some of our clients, such as Praxair, GE and BioAgent Corp, requests detailed daily reports sent electronically in a strict excel spreadsheet format, others such as Molex , InBev and AGFA allow us to have access to their internal program ( S A P ) where we simply notate accounts and they can run their own reports from our progress within their systems. We have clients that wish us to only handle collection accounts once they are past 120 days, and others we handle complete receivables management, from day 1 (from cradle to grave, so to speak) Some clients have us manage a separate phone line under their name, as we conduct business on their behalf as an extension of their internal receivables department, while others submit accounts and request there be a straight collection process. The point I am trying to covey is that ABNA creates campaign strategies to fit your individual needs and compliment your internal receivables structure. In my direct proposal, I will offer a three tier proposal separated into separate campaigns yet structured to have finality in an offer of ABNA handling complete receivables management for your firm. Please note, I have created the proposal this way, simply because I do not at this point know what your true needs or considerations are. We can discuss your individual business needs via a conference call at your convenience. I do look forward to being giving the opportunity to work with you to reduce your DSO, increase cash flow, cut FTE costs and strengthen your bottom line, all before EOY. I look forward to hearing your comments and speaking with you via a conference call at your earliest convenience.

Sincerely, Jennifer Stacey Dir of New Client Development


Company Overview ABNA is a unique full-scale cash flow management company that specializes in past due debt recovery and A/R management worldwide. We are 'industry specialists' within with offices and resources throughout the world. Our objective is to work closely with clients to identify their short, mid, and long-term A/R goals, and then apply a tailor made solution around exactly what they'd like to accomplish. Rather than applying a generic solution to a unique situation (like our competitors). Our solution is able to address and service any part of our client’s internal A/R activity, from invoicing to litigation. And service all cash flow need worldwide.

Our greatest strength is in being able to identify the root problem of our clients slow moving A/R, then quickly and safely implement a solution that will reduce DSO within difficult or slow-paying markets without upsetting customer relationships in any way. We first clean up all extreme past due debt and then help the customer rehabilitate their payment habits in order to strengthen their relationship with our client. We also have the ability to help clients streamline their outsourcing or internal operation/procedure, and create a more concentrated 'cost benefit' scenario that immediately decreases cost while increasing cash flow. And do so at less cost than any current in-house or outsourced procedures.

The purpose of ABNA is to be either a solid 'when needed' solution or more permanent partner and extension of a clients A/R department. The vast extent of ABNA services allows any large multi-national company, growing mid-sized company, or small localized operation to benefit from a specialized solution that will always result in improved profitability from day one. We guarantee that our solution will always out-perform our clients inhouse collection team or current outsource partner(s), and exist as the safest way to improve any centralized or decentralized operation. Thus allowing ABNA to exist as the absolute best credit and collection resource for any company throughout the world.

ABNA takes pride in speaking in detail with our potential clients and through discussions, being able to create a tailored cash flow management solution for your company. I'm ready to work with you to establish a plan to achieve the exact A/R results you require...right now. I look forward to scheduling a phone conference to review you individual receivables needs.


Services - Our services increase your cash flow at less cost. Our clients have very diverse and changing needs, so we've created "industry specific" services that can be completely tailored around our client’s internal goals. From day one A/R management and invoicing all the way to extreme past due collection and litigation, ABNA is able to offer services focused on directly improving any part of our clients’ internal A/R results. Solid DSO reduction always being the prime objective of our service. We'll work with our clients to identify exactly what part of their A/R they want to improve, fix, or possibly restructure within any region of the world. Then we'll together craft an action plan that focuses on short, mid, and long term goals and clients targeted financial objectives via ABNA services. Services that will have absolutely no negative effect on customers or sales, only positive rehabilitation of days outstanding. Most importantly, ABNA will be able to offer such a partnership and service that is of direct cost benefit to our client. We negotiate a "no cure no pay" price around the exact job we're given. Our interest is to offer clients a service that falls beneath their current FTE cost and thus under budget. In other words, we always MAKE clients money, not COST them money. We accomplish this by quickly increasing cash flow, while doing so as a reliable partner and extension of their local credit and collections department.

INTERNATIONAL DEBT COLLECTION (COMMERCIAL) We collect past due debt locally anywhere in the world, within any language, and within any industry as we handle every portfolio size, large or small. This allows our clients to work with us as little or as much as they like in order to achieve the exact level of results they require. ACCOUNT RECEIVABLE MANAGEMENT (PARTIAL OR FULL) ABNA can handle any volume or level of A/R Management everywhere from invoicing, issuing statements, follow up A/R calls, A/R customer service, collections, dispute resolution, all the way to litigation. We can be utilized to improve, fix, or recondition any A/R department no matter how big or small. CASH FLOW CONSULTING Need to have a team of cash flow management specialists come in to analyze, prescribe, and then fix collection related issues at just about any level? ABNA has a traveling team of credit and collection consultants that can help correct and streamline in-house collection operations. LEGAL ABNA has a network of attorneys and law firms around the world that specialize in credit related issues.


ABNA has partnerships and arrangements with many companies throughout the world that help us to provide additional services that we do not handle directly in house. This allows ABNA to be a complete one stop shop for any possible A/R related service a client needs. So instead of using many different third party resources, clients only need one...ABNA.


Partnering Under the ABNA NON Disclosure and Privacy Agreement Due to the fact that ABNA has partnered with such a diverse amount of companies, many whom are firm competitors, we ask all clients to understand that when partnering with ABNA, YOUR Company, Contacts within your organization, Client Data, and Financials fall under the Non Disclosure/Privacy Agreements. You, Your Company, and Your Client Base are never breached from complete privacy, other than when ABNA makes direct contact with an approved contact person within your organization or when an ABNA makes contact with your client in regards to the request of making payment to your organization. The Non Disclosure Agreement can be modified as you see fit either via your own in house counsel or we can utilize ours to make changes upon your request. This agreement ONLY ensures that your information, and that of your clients information is never discussed with your competitors, clients of ABNA (past, current, or future) , or any other outside organization. This is why you will never find ABNA clients listed on our website or promotional material. Neither will you ever be asked to do so. Ultimate Respect and Consideration of “OUR” Clients The absolute top priority of ABNA is to handle your customers with the utmost respect and professionalism. Our employees always work extra hard to take a completely positive and friendly approach when working with your customers. We understand how important your customers are to your organization, so trust in the fact that ABNA will only have a positive impact on your business. This is why ABNA utilizes terminology, such as “Partnership, Internal Compliment, WE and Us” when speaking with both our clients and our clients customers. Your clients are treated as if they are our own. When we deal with your clients, many times we introduce ourselves as an extension of your receivables department simply assisting in auditing accounts for EOM, EOQ, or EOY. This allows us to create an urgency to pay, without ever alienating your client base. We also assist your clients in paying when they claim financial distress, as many face today. Introducing them with affiliates that can offer commercial lending, equipment leasing, or assisting them with their own in house receivables. ABNA offers a business solution, unlike many other receivables management and collection firms worldwide. In retrospect, your clients become a part of our success, and we treat them as such!

Industries - It's our job to know your business. ABNA is made up of industry specific business units consisting of salesmen, client service staff, collectors, investigators, administrative staff, attorneys, and management focused on specific industries. Such units are dedicated to providing industry specific service for industry specific needs. For example, if a client falls within the chemical industry we will service such a client with chemical industry-experienced staff. We effectively service many industries within our group. What this means is not only do we know such industries, we're also involved within such industries. We take the time to form relationships with industry related groups/associations regionally, nationally, and globally. We actively participate within such industries, not simply service them. This allows us to more effectively provide cash flow solutions that focus on the specific issues certain industries face. Our objective is for both ABNA and it's clients to be completely on the same page relative to what needs to be accomplished and how. We service companies that manufacture and/or provide building, developing and/or general contracting materials or services.

Partnership Proposal Prepared By Jennifer Stacey Identifying Need- The following proposal is created to assist with any, but not exclusively reserved to the following financial needs: DSO Reduction Increased Cash Flow Rehabilitating Your Clients Payments Habits Cutting FTE Cost Strengthening Overall Bottom Line Centralizing receivables for all of YOUR Receivable Facilities

Fee Structure- ABNA INTL offers a strict “No Cure, No Pay” Fee structure. Unless receivables are received by Your Company via the direct efforts of ABNA INTL, there are no fees. ABNA will handle all set up costs directly including but not limited to admin, postage, specified client phone lines ,staffing cost, and any additional costs entailed from utilizing our network of resources ( such as but not limited to credit /commercial background program accessibility, civil/private investigators, mediators, CPA’s, Financial Consultants, Commercial Lending Affiliates, Legal Entities, etc.)The ONLY exception to this rule is if a client wishes for an account to proceed to litigation upon the review and recommendation of ABNA’s internal counsel, which the client must first approve and following approval Court Filing and Initial Retainer Cost are charged to the client, while ABNA would incur the ongoing attorney fees. Again, litigation is not the primary goal of any account, as ABNA incurs the primary cost, with that said ONLY 1% of accounts that ABNA has handled go to litigation.

ABNA will invoice our client the contingent fee, which is agreed upon prior to the beginning of any receivables services, once Your Company received the funds that stem from the direct efforts of ABNA INTL. The invoice will reflect the agreed upon percentage of what is received by Your Company. This fee will not reflect the initial placed amount only that of what Your Company receives and accepts.

Reporting and Client Stat Options ABNA will customize statistics and reporting according to the direct needs of the client. Interval of reports can be daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly determined by the individual needs of the Client. The format of the reports is created according to the direct need of the client. Reports may be transferred to the client via electronically axed, or through USPS or Fed EX.

Review and Changing of Programs- ABNA does not require a contract unless it is requested via the client. ABNA has a high success rate worldwide and does not find the need to “hold clients” to contracts when our performance has been basis enough for over 10 years to allow our clients to want to continue with our firm. Campaigns and Programs can be changed and terminated by the client, we only request out of courtesy to our staff that the client allow 24 hours to initiate the complete change or termination.

To Place Accounts With ABNA INTL- Placing accounts with ABNA INTL is extremely easy, according to the clients comfort ability zone. ABNA has a spreadsheet that you can simply import aging buckets into and send to us electronically, OR clients can send us a snap shot or spreadsheet of the aging buckets they wish us to manage, some clients allow ABNA restricted access directly into their system once a business relationship has been established, while others simply send a copy of the last statement for each account they wish to place via fax , email, or USPS/FedEx. The choice is that of the client!
Three Tier Option Proposals

Please note that this proposal has been created from public financial reports and an assessment in YOUR INDUSTRY as a whole, through our past and current client experience. If there are some needs that have been identified that you do not need assistance with, or if you have other receivables needs, that ABNA can assist with, we will tailor your campaign to fit your individual needs. The three tier option allows you to review each service that ABNA offers, if you are only seeking Commercial Collections, ABNA can offer Option 1 for all of your receivables beginning at an agreed upon aging bucket forward. If you find a need to proceed to or simply start with Tier 2 then we can assist in handling the problematic accounts, overflow of receivables due to peak sales volumes, an M & A or understaffed needs. Tier 3 is an option for some businesses, but not all. Again, this is a proposal built from the services we offer to your industry that is most effective and successful.

Option 1 - Straight Collections Option 2 – Overflow Receivables Management Option 3 – Complete Receivables management Here is what we'd propose per each option: Option 1 - We'd recommend that you'd place either five to ten of your largest and most problematic slow payers or place all accounts that have exceeded your “problematic” aging stage, such as all accounts past 90/120 days per month for four months. Allow us to quickly reduce all such past due debt from your A/R, rehabilitate such customers slow payment habits, and get your DSO under control with such customers, and provide Your Company with immediate cash flow. We'll offer a contingent scale per a 15-19%(depending upon age, balance and condition of predicted accounts ) rate...simply to allow us to prove ourselves to you via a pilot run. And give us a chance to without question to show our value. Our primary goal. Option 2 - Once successful within Option 1 Your Company may choose to continue on with Option 1, or we can move to Option 2...or...simply skip Option 1 altogether, and start with Option 2 in order to immediately increase results and cash flow movement. And do so at a far more attractive fee, and larger portfolio that would allow us to greatly impact your A/R within a shorter amount of time. In advance of year end close! We can handle Option 2 for four months and prove ourselves to you in advance of a full A/R management relationship. This Option can contain your 50-100 most slow paying and difficult customers each month...or a set list of customers from an earlier aging point then option 1, such as 60-90 days. Your choice. For this Option, we could offer a 8-13% rate, which is far lower than what you have in place now. Once successful, we'd move to Option 3. Option 3 - Once successful with either Option 1 or 2, we could move to the third option...or...simply save time and move immediately to Option 3. This option will greatly improve and increase your cash flow from day one, immediately lower your DSO, cut expenses and cost from every side, and allow you to generate a large amount of added income/profit that will more than pay for our service. In fact, we'll be making you far more money...and not costing you a thing! Simply the gained interest alone and reduced expense will outshine our fee. We propose a solid .25-5% fee for A/R management for one year. If you like, ABNA would handle all collections, invoicing, statements, customer follow up, dispute resolution, etc... We'd take on all such responsibilities, time, and expense.


Executive Summary of Proposal
ABNA will utilize our full time dedicated 'customer service focused' collection and A/R staff by allowing them to handle your A/R within any of the three options. We'd work with your customers a few times per week on a friendly basis to make sure they're performing on your behalf far better than they are now. We'll put in more time and hours to make sure this happens. Guaranteed. We'll work with you as a safe extension of your credit and collections department either as ABNA or under the Your Company name. And from day one, make sure your customer is most comfortable in dealing with us. Utilizing our network of experienced CPA certified collectors, mediators, negotiators, legal counsel, civil/private investigators, commercial lending/equipment leasing/factoring affiliates, ABNA ensures positive results through a business model solution developed over a 20 year span of experience. Plus we will make sure that communication between us via detailed and custom reports, on-line info sharing, and relationship logistics is exactly how you want it to be at all times. After all, communication is key!

Through our available services, ABNA INTL will offer” Immediate Reduction of DSO Immediate Increase of Cash Flow Immediate Cut FTE Costs Immediately Save Internal Receivables Employees from “Spinning Wheels” with problematic accounts, when their time could be better spent being more proactive Assist in the overall “Health” of your Receivables

Final Words to Consider

If you're interested I'd love to start work with you as soon as possible, If we get started now, I promise that we'll make a solid impact on your yearend finish. What are your thoughts at this point? Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a more in-depth conference call between you, your colleagues, myself, and one of the heads of our Domestic A/R Management Division here at HQ. I'm sure that you'd find such a call most informative. I look forward to scheduling a conference call at your earliest convenience.

Direct Follow Up Contact Information Jennifer Stacey Direct Line 1-302-883-856 Email- Web connect- Evening Office Line- 302 265 2651