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Autism Spectrum - Internet Resources

PLEASE NOTE: Where the Heart Is does not endorse any of the following websites, forums & groups. They are simply a collection of resources some of our members have found helpful, and it is our sincere wish that you may also find them helpful. If you have questions or updates for the spreadsheet, be sure to email us at To sort websites by another column, simply use that heading's drop down and choose Sort. Name
Autism ADD Resources, Inc. Autism Recovery Resources of Washington (ARROW) Autism Society of America

Phone Number
206.463.5237 Unavailable (800) 3AUTISM (503) 636-1676 (888) ASW4You 877-9AUTISM (928-8276) (772) 398-9756 Unavailable Unavailable (800) 634-4473

Website Address

Auditory Integration Training information Provides information, education, and hope to parents and professionals. "We provide resources, support, and information to those affected by autism. Our focus on biomedical interventions- because we want families to be able to do something NOW to help the quality of their children’s Increasing public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy. Additional autism resource information. Committed to public education about Autism across Washington State through various means. “everything you need to know about autism” "Avoiding Unfortunate Situations" Beyond Autism - a site by a parent that has "been there, done that, and is still doing it". A parent-led, not-for-profit, Web-based membership organization of families raising Works to develop public policy recommendations which promote the values of self-determination, independence, inclusion, integration, and productivity for people with developmental disabilities. Builds coalitions with constituent groups to promote more effective public advocacy. Tests new services and supports ideas by funding demonstration projects. Advocates for the needs of persons with developmental disabilities. Hosts and participates in events which foster better service provision for those with developmental disabilities. Advises the Governor and members of the state Legislature regarding issues of concern for those with developmental disabilities. Negotiates with state agencies. Builds bridges between public and private sectors to provide better services. Free games & information.

Autism Society of Oregon Autism Society of Washington Autism Today Autism Training for Law Enforcement Beyond Autism Child & Adolescent Bipolar Foundation Developmental Disabilities Council




Gateway to the internet for Special Education.

Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT) of Washington


Helps FEAT families develop and implement intensive in-home ABA programs for their children with autism with little outside support and FEAT of Washington helps these families by providing them with necessary informational and training resources.

Feingold Assn. of the US


Dedicated to helping children and adults apply proven dietary techniques for better be

Juvenile Bipolar Research Foundation Learning Fundamentals

866-333-JBRF 800-777-3166

Supports the research for the study of early-onset bipolar disorder. Products are designed by Speech-Language Pathologists working with children and adults with speech and attention issues.

MouseTrial Autism Software National Information Center for Children & Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY) National Institute of Neurological Discords & Stroke Northwest Justice Project

+44 (0) 7905 950308 ( 800) 695-0285

Low-cost software and free printables for educational and fun things to do with your autistic child.

Central source of information on disabilities in infants, toddlers, children, and youth, IDEA, which is the law authorizing, special education, No Child Left Behind (as it relates to children with disabilities), and researchbased information on effective educational practices. Autism Fact Sheet

( 888)201-1014

Working for equal access to the legal system by empowering low-income persons and communities through education about their legal rights and obligations, and by promoting respect for human dignity through legal advocacy. The Autism Outreach Project provides information, dissemination of demographic data, referrals, and training on best practices in identification and program development for students with autism spectrum disorders to Washington families, schools, and agencies. Online Asperger Syndrom Information & Support

NW Educational Service District 189 O.A.S.I.S. Organization for Autism Research Parent to Parent

(888)704-9633 Unavailable Unavailable (800) 5PARENT

OAR connects you to people, places, and information within the autism and research communities. Provides emotional support and information to families of children with special needs and/or disabilities.

PAVE (Parents Are Vital in Education)

(800) 572-7368

Organized to help you understand the educational system for preschoolers and school-age children, assist you to find services in your community for your and your child or adult with a disability, provide support when you learn that your child has a disability or chronic health care need, and help you as your child transitions from school to adult life.

People First

(800) 758-1123

A self-advocacy organization of, for and by people with developmental and other disabilities.

Positively Autism Special Education Technology Center

Unavailable 509.963.3350

A Free eMagazine celebrating the sunny side of the spectrum! Provides collaborative technology planning for specific students whose disabilities require that they use some form of assistive technology in order to fully access their education, a lending library of toys, switches, augmentative communication devices, alternate keyboards and other computer input devices, environmental control devices and software designed for students with special needs, and staff development on topics including assistive technology overview, augmentative communication, alternate computer input, software solutions and environmental control. DIR/Floor Time Model information National Parent Training and Information Center providing support and advice to military parents without regard of the type of medical condition their child has. Provides information, resources, and support to families affected by autism. Advocates for the rights and full participation of all people with developmental disabilities. Along with our network of members and chapters, we support and empower individuals and families; connect and inform individuals and families; improve support and service systems; influence public policy; increase public awareness; and inspire inclusive DVD & other resources on juvenile onset bipolar disorder.

Stanley I. Greenspan, MD STOMP (Specialized Training of Military Parents) Talk About Curing Autism The Arc of Washington State

301-657-2348 (800) 572-7368 949-640-4401 (888) 754-8798

The Bipolar Child

Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable (206) 204-6000

The Child Anxiety Network

The GFCF Diet The HANDLE Institute

Designed to provide thorough, user-friendly information about child anxiety. It is also designed to provide direction for those who are not sure where to turn when they think their child or a child they know may need professional help to cope with anxiety. Gluten Free Casein Free Diet Provides an effective, non-drug alternative for identifying and treating most neurodevelopmental disorders across the lifespan including Autism, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and Tourette's Syndrome. Provides diagnostic evaluations and multi-disciplinary intervention services for children with autism spectrum disorders from infancy through adolescence and a wide range of professional training opportunities.

University of WA-Autism Center 206-221-6806

WA Dads WA Sensory Disabilities Services WA State Father's Network Wrightslaw

1(866)241-8930 (800) 572-7000 (425) 747-4004 ext. 4286 Unavailable

Serves male caregivers of children with mental health, behavior, or emotional concerns across Washington State. Supports the developmental and learning needs of children aged birth to 21 who: are deaf or hard of hearing, are blind or visually impaired, or have a combined hearing loss and visual impairment. Celebrates and supports fathers and families raising children with special health care needs and developmental disabilities. Learn about special education law and schools. Groups: ems/

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