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The ability to enlist the aid of nature itself by way of stones derived from nature and not man-made in any way is a priceless opportunity. Those blessed with fortune and an insatiable curiosity can optimize these gems to their fullest capacity will be rewarded with nature’s power to enhance your: * * * * Personal development Spiritual advancement Insight and intuition and Inherent supernatural gifts.

This power may very well prove to be just the extra boost you need in order to elevate your spiritual mastery and to tap into your mind’s, soul’s and body’s true inner potential. Spirit stones have long been lauded and cited in scriptures, myths and folklore for centuries. Keeping with this ancient tradition, each of the stones are all-powerful, with the ability to protect you as their owner from negative spirits and energies.

Supreme Potency
Spirit stones are inherently more potent than mere crystals and gemstones. This natural potency is then amplified in these elite stones’ indwelling spirits and magickal properties that are there for your benefit. This greater empowerment can then be applied to magickal rituals or simply your regular meditation sessions, allowing you to focus your energies and occult powers towards achieving your desired goals and ambitions. These Stones empower your thoughts, Aura, any quest or spiritual task you undertake, prayers and any protective measures you take as a regular practice. During meditation, the stones allow you to boost specific brain functions that can benefit you in a number of different ways… * * * * Allowing your thoughts and insights to manifest more rapidly To uncover newfound accuracy and targeted, logical “leaps” of genius Fostering the development of your psychic abilities and Putting telepathic skills well within your reach

Additionally, the elementals within can guide you in spell-casting, as well as offering practical advice in your daily life. Unlike crystals and gemstones, which demand constant programming just to act upon (much less accomplish) a single task,spirit stones allow you to “assign” multiple tasks with practical, positive magick that will not only transform you, but your entire

We recommend holding your spirit stone during meditation. oils and flowers. There are a number of reasons that these mantras play such an important role. fostering positive thinking and creating an allaround better working environment for everyone! Employing Mantras Yogis and tantric practitioners have been utilizing mantras since ancient times. with the use of mantras. where you will be given answers and shown methods for further development and uses to empower your life with the stone. combined with pure and natural essences. which will allow you to communicate more effectively and powerfully. in professional settings. you’ll uncover a greater capacity to neutralize negativity. the etheric link will be formed naturally over time. after 40 days a full link is established. weaving our stones into the décor will allow the healing to begin from the moment clients and patients step through the doors – neutralizing negative attitudes. The more 'work' or connecting you do with your stone. A second practical application is to strategically place them around your home and/or office. However. However.environment. Putting Your Stone to Use Spirit stones can be employed many different ways A way to tap into the powers of your magickal stone is to immerse your stone or stones in water for a few hours. If your business is a therapeutic or healing centre. * They allow you to raise your consciousness . Attuning with Your Spirit stone and Forming the Etheric Link You don’t have to orchestrate elaborate rituals or rites of empowerment to carry out in order to attune yourself to your new stone. so that you can get in tune with the stone’s energy as it gets familiar with yours. attracting luck and. drawing new clients into your establishment. encouraging positive energy. Once the hours have passed. the etheric link will grow and strengthen. just like any relationship. most people notice their lives begin changing in a few days. calming agitated auras. to facilitate this process. we provide you with the name of the indwelling elemental. by directing your stones’ elemental to perform a single. The process can be as simple as holding the stone for a few minutes each day. The resulting magickal “potion” has the power to purify your aura and eliminate negative forces and energies in your life. By incorporating them into your everyday environment. Aided by the power of the visualization process. you’ll find a heightened potency and rate of success. specific task. By using and handling your stone regularly. you will quickly form a psychic telepathic relationship. reserve the water for use in ritualistic baths. the faster you will see results.

we’ve psychically detected the specific mantra that’s associated with your new spirit stone. Many have reported that by constantly chanting their mantra. the mantras and recitation of the spirits name expedites this greatly. In light of this. Spirit Stones are constantly alive with energy and powerful vibrations. Purifying your Stone . and uplift their consciousness. each one has a personal mantra. We include this mantra in the instruction package provided with the stone. Your psychically divined mantra will foster the relationship-building needed to maximize the power of your stone. and then transfers them to you. Mantras have proven a powerful way to connect with your spirit stone. with frequent use. We provide this mantra to you at no additional cost. it’s up to you to decide if this method melds with your own personal tastes. Attuning with your stone will take some time and effort. this brings many benifits over time under constant use. Mantras can affect our chakras. these are just yet another way to tap into their mystical powers. It helps to increase the stone's key virtues and powers.* * * * * * * * * * They foster purification They enable you to control your energy levels They can assist you in attuning yourself with cosmic forces. We do highly suggest using mantras with your stone specialy the ones given in your psychic reading. the owner. providing stimulation and purification. Greater power equals greater results. since grasping your stone in your left hand during meditation can assist in absorbing energies easily. you will be told whether the spirit is masculine or feminine. taking advantage of the stone's benefits more rapidly. This mantra will attune and amplify the stone’s natural vibrations and fosters a bond between you and the indwelling elemental. and it's own name. we suggest that you keep your stones AND mantras close at hand (we mean this literally. Because of this. with certain mantras forming bonds with specific chakras – awakening and attracting power in and to that particular chakra. they’re able to accumulate power reserves. and They connect you with deities and beings of higher intelligence They assist in increasing one psychic sensitivity They help to silent the mind and strengthen ones focusing ability They raise one magickal and spiritual energies They increase one frequency They empower ones Magickal rituals and spells They help develop seed powers of the soul Magickal practitioners employ mantras to replenish their own magickal capacities or to recharge themselves with stronger energy. We suggest you employ this unique mantra while meditating or in conjunction with a rosary/mala or prayerbeads – concentrating and focusing your attention on the mantra and the vibration it manifests during repetition. This mantra acts as nourishment for both the stone itself and the nature spirit it contains.

Because of this. While possessing certain gemstones that are related to astrological influences can prove greater harm than help. Because purification is so important. Not only is owning more than one stone perfectly safe . some are much too large for an actual glass. altars or other offering areas where oils and incense are put forth as gifts to the dedicated deities. but physically as well. Of course. positive vibration. Owners of multiple spirit stones soon find that their various stones actually work in harmony with one another. during the psychic scanning process we use to identify the unique mantras and elementals associated with each stone. restoring the stones' to their can also be incredibly advantageous. Once you’ve established an etheric link with your spirit stone. You can purify your stone by placing it in a glass of water with at least six teaspoons full of salt. it’s essential that you take steps to regularly cleanse your stones. If negative forces are identified. you can even make offerings of fruit. Collectively. you’ll strengthen your bond with the indwelling elemental’s higher evolved intelligence as well as their dedication to attracting positive energy and holding negative energy at bay. Not only can you own multiple spirit stones. we carefully work to detect any pre-existing negative energies that may have been absorbed from previous owners or the shamans who’ve handled them. they won’t harm one another. if desired. This process is ESSENTIAL to keeping your stone and its elemental spirit operating at full strength. Once the 48 hours is up. This negative energy is transferred from your stone and into the salt that surrounds it. but you can also safely store your stones in close proximity – even set into the same jewellery. spirit stones are free from this potential negativity.Spirit Stones provide you with a protective buffer against a myriad of negative forces. there’s no reason you should restrict yourself to just one. The purification process needs at least 48 hours of immersion to cleanse the stone of the negative dross and psychic attacks it’s been shielding you from. coffee or milk to the indwelling elementals that give your spirit stoness heightened power! . you or the surrounding environment. Larger stones may require more salt – ideally enough to cover the entire stone. Owning Multiple Stones As rare and priceless as Spirit stones are. not only will we cleanse them psychically. It’s also safe to house your stones together in shrines. Simply find a container large enough cover the stone with a layer of salt and then add water – filling it to the top. Indeed. remove the stone and pour the remaining saltwater down the sink or drain.

Others fight off negative thinking and potentially damaging psychic attacks. both internally and within your surrounding environment. Spirit Stones can provide exponential empowerment in spell-casting and ritual work. Whether at home or in the office. to serve as a meditation space. In fact.Shrines. the setting of much of a magician’s work. your shrine can and should be constructed to generate the positive and nullify the negative energies. your sacred space. but that also boost their odds of success when questing after yet undiscovered Spirit stones! do not copy or distribute . Altars and Configurations Across the ages. Your shrine is. or to facilitate certain spiritual exercises. where magickal objects are retrieved from the realms of the fairy and other magical dimensions. Configuring your shrine offers limitless possibilities. Because of this. you can create a fortress of protection that will shield your shrine from psychic attacks or interference from negative ethereal or astral entities as well as creating a space where you can manifest the outcomes you wish by channeling the thoughts with assistance from the spirit stones working together is an expanded way to serve the larger picture and destiny of humanity in this trying time. Your shrine can be customized to help manifest desired outcomes. dedicated devotees and spiritualists have set up magnificent shrines to honour gods. many of the shamans we aquire our spirit stones from have employed magickal configurations that not only aid in their ritual labours. By designing your shrine to include Spirit stones. Yet others work like a magickal magnet that attracts higher spiritual intelligence to your own sacred space. saints and other sacred figures. Certain configurations can offer the keys to open doors to exciting different realms. Some configurations work to attract luck or prosperity. deities. Incorporating spirit stones into the design of your shrine can boost not only the power. essentially. but also your ability to align yourself with the higher intelligence that the shrine is dedicated to. goddesses. Configurations like these can aid in manifestation rituals. This principle works much the same in altars. shrines are often arranged with certain religious and sacred objects in order to enhance the power of the shrine.