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DI Project Travel Policy/Guidelines

Objectives: Develop DI Travel Policy which is:      Consistent with Dematic HRSI policy. Fair and reasonable, within published guidelines. Cost effective, and supportive of DI Travel Cost Reduction initiatives. Customer and employee sensitive. Applicable to all DI personnel, and other company personnel traveling on behalf or in service to DI or DI customers.

Project travel general considerations and contributing tasks/responsibilities: Project Management  The Commissioning plan is a key component/document within the project, and is critical to realization of any travel related cost savings. As such the Project Manager shall: 1. Issue a preliminary commissioning plan for input and review by all project leads not later than 60 days prior to the start of commissioning, in accordance with PM-5250401. For shorter duration projects, retro-fits and cut ins the plan is to be issued at least two weeks prior to the start of commissioning. The plan is to include a detailed commissioning schedule, which can be utilized by each project discipline in developing critical commissioning staffing plans/schedules. 2. Subsequent to the issuance of the preliminary commissioning plan, the Project Manager (in accordance with PM-5250-401) will call a commissioning plan review meeting. The purpose of this meeting will be to review the contents of the plan and solicit final input and comments from the project team to the plan, including (as applicable) commissioning staffing plans. Following this meeting, the Project Manager will update the plan to reflect agreed changes and distribute as the approved commissioning plan. This plan will also be submitted to the customer in accordance with PM-5250-401. 3. The Project Manager will conduct a pre-commissioning meeting, to review in detail the final commissioning plan and schedule in accordance with PM-5250-401. This meeting will occur not later than one week prior to the start of commissioning. 4. The Project Manager will conduct the installation turnover meeting, either at site or inhouse, in accordance with PM-5250-313. Considerations related to the location of this meeting will be made in order to minimize travel related costs without compromising the effectiveness and objectives of this meeting.


5. The Project Manager shall verify that the project site is ready for commissioning to commence prior to any travel by commissioning personnel. Project Management shall resist and mitigate “political pressure” to have personnel on site before the site is read y for commissioning. Doing otherwise compromises commissioning efficiencies and usually results in higher commissioning and travel costs.  The Project Manager (or designee) shall work with Dematic travel and identify preferred air carriers and flight times for travel to/from the project site. When determining preferred carriers/flights, the Project Manager must consider onsite start time requirements, etc. The Project Manager must also consider/compare connection times, layovers, etc. as they relate to paid travel hours vs. apparent costs savings associated with less direct flights. These preferences will be published by Project Management (preferably in the commissioning plan), and should be utilized by project members when traveling to/from the site. Reasonable exceptions will be evaluated and authorized by respective group managers and the Project Manager. The Project Manager (or designee) shall work either through Dematic travel, or independently to identify a primary and alternate hotels (or other living accommodations) to be used by all project team members when traveling to the site. The Project Manager will negotiate through Dematic travel, or directly with the identified hotels to achieve the best rate for project personnel. The Project Manager will publish this list to all project members (preferably within the commissioning plan). The primary hotel will be utilized by all project members. If there is no availability within the primary hotel, the alternate maybe utilized. Exceptions will be evaluated and approved by the Project Manager, or respective group department manager or section manager if the Project Manager is not available.

Project Team (EVERYONE)  Travel Authorizations - Any travel shall be preceded by a completed and signed travel authorization at least 2 weeks prior to scheduled travel (when possible). 14 day advance tickets should always be the norm to minimize costs. Exceptions are to be reviewed/approved by the Project Manager and/or the respective group manager. The travel authorization shall include travel dates, airline, departure/arrival times, and quoted airline costs, hotel and indication if a car rental has been included. Respective group managers are responsible for reviewing each travel authorization to assure that the requested travel has been planned in accordance with this travel procedure/guideline, Dematic HRSI travel policy, and Dematic travel guidelines. Meals and Per Diem – See HR-50 Rental Cars - The number of rental cars utilized on site needs to be minimized. Multiple engineers traveling on the same predetermined schedules set forth within the Commissioning plan and their respective managers, shall optimize the number of on-site rental cars utilized. This situation is to be monitored by the Site and Project Manager, project members, project leads and group managers, and any apparent abuses discussed with the appropriate manager. Exceptions maybe granted in cases where there are

 


requirements for shift work, etc., by the Project Manager or group manager in the event the Project Manager is not available.  Travel to/from the Project Site - The project teams should be on the same travel schedule, as coordinated by the Project Manager. Weekend overlaps and other special consideration may impact this procedure, and any exceptions will be reviewed and approved by group manager and/or Project Management. (See” Travel Times and Compensation” below for additional detail related to travel requirements.) On-site Work Hours – 10 hours/day is the normal number of hours to be worked by all commissioning personnel. Site arrival and departure times are to be set as agreed upon by the project leads and Project Manager. Work hours may vary if off shift commissioning or other activities are required. In such cases the work times should be established and communicated by the Project Manager, group managers and team leads. Work hours will be coordinated to allow for SAE, Mechanical Engineering, Controls Engineering, Installation and Project Management to arrive and be on-site during the same period daily. Lunch schedules should be coordinated on-site by the project team, and as dictated by project site conditions and support requirements. Lunch periods (hours) are unpaid, the same as when in the office, and these hours are not be included on timesheets. Daily or Trip Reporting - For extended commissioning efforts, daily reports must be sent back by the assigned commissioning team leader to their manager and project manager. Field trip reports must be completed for trips other than extended commissioning activities where the daily report will suffice. Travel Times and Compensation.  For weekly commissioning trips, the following options are available: 1.) Monday Morning travel: Unless otherwise directed by the Project Manager, Monday travel to the sites is allowed if flights can be booked to allow arrival on the job site prior to 10AM. If arrival to the site is completed on Monday morning the return flight must be booked to allow the engineers to be on site through 2PM on Friday, at a minimum. (See numbers 5-7 below) 2.) Sunday Travel: If required to be at the site first thing Monday morning for customer support or other PM specified activity, travel should be completed on Sunday. If the member travels on Sunday, the return flight should be booked to allow the engineers to arrive back in Grand Rapids between 4 and 7PM Friday. (See numbers 5-7 below)  For Commissioning trips to the West coast the following applies:

3.) Unless otherwise directed, team members are allowed to leave Monday morning, to be onsite approximately mid-day Monday. If there is a requirement for being on-site on Monday morning, travel will be required to occur on Sunday. Appropriate travel planning, including team member weekend overlaps, should be utilized to minimize the need for Sunday travel by team members. The return trips should be bi-weekly returning on Friday to arrive back in Grand Rapids between 4 and 7PM. (See numbers 5-7 below)

For daily return trips the following applies:

4.) For local sites, members will be allowed to return home daily anytime the total cost to the company is less than the living expenses on site. Travel must take place outside normal work hours. (See numbers 5-7 below)  General notes: 5.) No commissioning team members may leave the project site without the knowledge and consent of the Project Manager or his designated representative. (If there is no PM/Site leader available, then confirm travel with your section or group manager.) 6.) The Project Manager should be made aware of travel plans or necessary changes in plans well ahead of time to allow for proper coordination of the team members. 7.) In accordance with HRSI policy, travel time to and from site is not paid for if you are traveling outside of normal business hours. However, in cases where the group is on mandatory overtime, the individual is allowed to put time in to match the mandatory overtime if their travel extends in to the daily mandatory overtime levels. Sunday travel time is not paid for. Revision History: 1/19/04 See the attached updated DI travel policy. Updates have been made to the link to per diem rates, update from DWO to DI, Rapistan to Siemens, and some enhancements to the pre diem utilization explainations. Please work to control project costs through the use of this policy, and stress this policy to your project team members during team meetings, precommissioning meetings, etc Hills 5/13/05 Updated CONUS Per Diem link Hills 2/13/06 Updated DWO to DI, Rapistan to Dematic Hills 10/1/07 Updated Siemens to Dematic Hills 2/25/09 Updated Meal & Per Diem Section per HR-50 Hills