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Abuse of your taxdollars and capital murder cover up is described in this open letter of August 10, 2008 [unfortunately without

photos.) The Honorable Senator Barack Obama P.O. Box 8102 Chicago, IL 60680 Re: President Bush’s Abetment of Organized Crime

Dear Senator Obama: Organized crime controls public corruption and the Bush administration is aiding and abetting the pursuits of organized crime—drug trafficking, fraud, murder, arson, and armed robbery. During Bush’s entire presidential tenure, the Justice Department has covered up the trafficking of drugs from police evidence rooms in Virginia and the capital murder of Benton Payne. With the help of this Republican administration, Bennie Dalton (area code 804 458-0246) of Prince George County, Virginia, is literally getting by with capital murder in the staged suicide of Colonial Heights Police Officer Benton Payne. Dalton murdered Payne to cover up the chronic trafficking of confiscated street and Medicaid-Medicare fraud prescription drugs in Virginia by corrupt public officials and crooked narcotics officers. The State Medical Examiner’s report of Payne’s death is enclosed. Special Agent in Charge Jennifer Smith Love of the Richmond FBI Field Office (area code 804 261-1044) can verify this capital murder and illicit drug trafficking. Here is a photo of the vehicle of an undercover FBI agent outside Matoaca Supermarket/Exxon where contract agents of public corruption sell illegal drugs. This privately owned contract store is located on top of State Route 1312 and that portion of SR 1312 is now privately owned by contract drug dealers who traffic for public corruption in Virginia. These drug dealers contribute part of the illegal proceeds to Republican candidates. Trafficked illicit street drugs come from evidence rooms of local police stations. The Petersburg Progress-Index newspaper reported about the Hopewell Police Department: “In December 2005, an officer was unable to find drugs and money in evidence. Eventually, 1,600 items were not found within the department. Misplaced items include blood samples, drugs, and firearms. A Virginia State Police criminal investigation is still ongoing.” However, State Police say they cannot interfere with the FBI investigation that has lasted more than a decade with no arrests. In addition to the trafficking of street drugs from police evidence rooms, President Bush is using our tax dollars to buy prescription drugs such as Valium for black-market sale along with confiscated drugs. It is a multi-billion dollar business with kickbacks to Republicans. Across the street from Matoaca Supermarket/Exxon is the bank of McKenney. Capital murderer Dalton planned the armed robbery of that bank; Dalton’s friend Bonnie Rockwell, a former bank teller at that bank, was the insider. Two young AfricanAmerican males, Brian Abram and Eumeyer Johnson, were sent into rob the bank while

white conspirators served as lookouts. at 6200 River Road, Matoaca, Virginia.

One lookout stood on the Rockwell property

FBI records indicate $3,125.00 was recovered. Chesterfield Police, however, estimated only $1.00 was recovered and that dollar was never returned to the bank.

Taxpayers through FDIC replaced the stolen money. Only the two black males were arrested. Rockwell was financially rewarded by organized crime for her help. Next door to the bank of McKenney, the arson picture herewith took place on July 5, 2002. It was practice arson and murder conspiracy. Dalton et al. planned to burn down the Riverview Apartments in Colonial Heights for insurance fraud and practiced at 6210 River Road, Matoaca. The Riverview Apartments are a multimillion dollar HUD project. Insuring the replacement value would not be used to rebuild the apartments, the city passed an ordinance that no more apartments could be built in Colonial Heights. The plot was thwarted. However, this fire was next to my home and it was also orchestrated to ignite a propane tank and burn me alive. No arrests have been made. On another occasion the Rockwells and Ernest and Sharon Poole, 6114 River Road, Matoaca, conspired to murder me in a staged hunting accident in Appomattox River Park. State and Federal law enforcement intercepted the Poole-Rockwell murder conspiracy telephone call and an emergency response was initiated but no arrests have yet been made. The Pooles have also committed mail fraud, perjury and other felonies on behalf of organized crime. Regarding the successful murder, Payne was conducting an internal affairs investigation of Colonial Heights Police Officers Bennie Dalton and Wayne Grattan at the time of his death. Dalton and Grattan conspired to murder Payne along with their friend Sgt. Pat Kelleher who investigated Payne’s death. Payne who was at his home received a late night telephone call from the police department. He was lured to White Bank Park where he was executed. The original handwritten Medical Examiners report indicates Payne was found “ in his patrol car with large amount of blood on chest area. … sitting in driver’s seat … revolve found in vehicle between passenger door and seat on floor.” The Report of Autopsy states: “Bullet Path – passes into left chest at left of sternal margin, perforates right ventricle, interventricular septum and left ventricle, perforates upper margin of lower lobe of left lung.” To confirm that even the medical examiner does not believe Payne shot himself through the heart and then flung the gun to the other side of the car, subsequently the medical examiner reported the “handgun adjacent to body.” Capital murderer Dalton is circulating freely among the good people of central Virginia abetted by the United States Department of Justice. Senator Obama, President Bush is demonstrating a depraved indifference to the welfare of all the good people of America by willfully neglecting to take care that the laws be faithfully executed. Bush is aiding and abetting the pursuits of organized crime—drug trafficking, fraud, murder, arson, and armed robbery. Pictured with Bonnie Rockwell is murder co-conspirator Wayne Grattan’s wife Rose Gambino Grattan formerly of New York. Senator Obama, when you become president, will you take care that the laws be faithfully executed the in these felonies?

I, a citizen by both birth and grace of God, remain your most humble patriot, LM