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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Raymond-Prinsburg News

The New Girl in Town
By Laura Kay Prosser Head deep in his car between races and even during his off time at home, Shane Kruger is dedicated to the sport that captivated his imagination at a young age, car racing. “My uncle used to race years ago and I went with my cousin to watch,” Kruger said. From the pit Kruger watched and allowed the diesel to sink into his bloodstream. Soon his cousin and his friends were racing as well, and before he knew it his friend Justin Tammen, a driver sponsored by Clara City like Kruger, had talked him into buying a car. “This is his old car,” Kruger said. However, it’s been years since the car has seen anyone but Kruger behind the wheel. So, he bought the car, found an engine builder, bought everything he needed to get started and has been racing for over three years now. “You don’t race for money because you really don’t make money racing people,” Kruger said. Everything goes back into the car. According to Kruger, there is always something to check and to make sure it’s done right so that once on the track there are no problems. “These things are pretty high maintenance,” Kruger said. Two to three nights a week Kruger spends working on his car with friends Owen Schipnewski, Jordan Freese, Lucas Doesken, Darrin Caspers and Dakota Runly. Almost every other day he is rac“I remember flying through ing. Most weekends he makes the air and just closing my into a four day racing weekend eyes,” Kruger said. from Thursday-Saturday. He didn’t roll, but with a five “You race, then you work to point seat belt and a roll cage get the car ready for the next he’d be pretty safe no matter race and you race again,” Kru- the type of crash. His car landger said. ed on the right front tire and Racing for Kruger is a lot of while he was ok, his car was time and commitment that he pretty screwed up. doesn’t seem to mind, not with “A bunch of stuff can go his friends doing everything to wrong at any given time and get his car ready and sitting in you see people crash all the the pit with him assessing the time in this sport,” Kruger track with him between races. said. “But people think racing Being constantly aware of is more dangerous than it actueverything is key to racing, ac- ally is.” cording to Kruger. One has to On a given night Kruger can be aware not just of the track race 16-18 cars and lately he but also the other racers and has been finishing in the top 10. everyone on the track and in “I’m a pretty competitive the pit. person,” Kruger said. “When you’re racing you This year he switched from don’t think of anything else, the category of Pure Stock to and when you’re done you Street Stock. He’s only raced can’t even remember what was eight times in this category, going through your head out though he hopes to race about there,” Kruger said. 70 nights this summer alone. The first time Kruger raced With this move Kruger will he jumped the wall of the track be able to race more than two and busted into a horse pasture nights a week and can race on because his throttle was stuck more tracks than when he was open. Pure Stock. Dear Editor, Matt. 10:28 “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul. Rather be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.” Do you fear terrorism in our country? There is another threat that is much more serious. Are you aware that the Islamist goal is to place mosques in every city in America? Are you aware that they have the ability to replace the church with mosques. Their goal is to conquer. Their success is figured by how many lands and nations they rule. This is the reason there is so much bloodshed in the Middle East. Egypt, Syria and Turkey, all once Christian nations, have been replaced by Islam. Have we learned the lessons from history? The Evangelical churches in America have watered down their preaching to a point that absolute truth is now second place to accommodation and toleration. People think the problem is apathy but it is actually more than that. Just as the Christian churches are weakened, the Koran is also watered down to sound more friendly to Americans. Much of the Koran readings are sugar coated so one does not realize their true intention. This is again done to make it acceptable to America. Civilizational jihad will use any means to infiltrate America and has, not only through terrorism, but also through immigration. They intend to use our constitutional freedoms in America to destroy the constitution. Their desire is to conquer through lulling Americans to sleep. According to Dr. Erwin Lutzer, favoritism toward Muslims is huge in public schools. Are parents laying down a strong Christian foundation for their children? Many young women going to college fall in love with Muslim men and buy into this false religion. The mosque is symbolic. Over 80% are supplied with jihad literature. Mosques are very visible. Where they are placed is where Muslims have been most successful. Is it no wonder that they desired to put one up next to the 9/11 Memorial? The newest religion, Chrislam, is a blend between Christianity and Islam. This, of course, is an impossibility. Christians believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who suffered, died, and rose again, who is now at the right hand of the Father, and who alone can save us. Muslims hate the cross. To them it is an offense and their intent is to destroy crosses wherever they see them. Yet in America we are seeing empty pews in our churches while the mosques next door have hundreds flooding into their place of prayer. In all religions one will see a variety of believers: some are radical, some are nominal, some are devout, some are deceived and many are deceivers. What then are we to do? Our charge is to go to our Muslim neighbor and share Christ with him/her. Islam is a religion of fear and oppression, not hope, not joy. Christianity is a religion of love, salvation from sin and eternal life with and through our Lord, Jesus Christ. Ref. The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent By Dr. Erwin Lutzer Helen Beekman Raymond MN 56282

Last year he was Track Champion in Montevideo, so it’s no surprise that with this new switch he has locked his eye on a new prize. “I’m going for National Rookie of the Year in Street Stock,” Kruger said. Kruger will be competing against hundreds of drivers and 45 rookies. His top 30 shows will be totalled for points so the more nights he drives the better his odds are, if he drives well. “Everyone in this classs has been doing it many more years than I have, they have a lot more laps under them than I have,” Kruger admitted. However, he doesn’t seem to be daunted by this fact. As he gets his car ready week after week and gets behind the wheel to race weekend after weekend, he is one step closer not only to dying of an adrenaline rush but also taking the prize of being Rookie of the Year. “The game plan is to keep it on four wheels and try to win,” Kruger said.

T hRee Buns
and a Hurricane
Nobody wants “to be one of those parents” who waits until the last minute to register or assume children can attend without preregistering, but in many cases that’s the majority of people. Everyone just has too many irons in the fire, and a lot of time they need every single minute, even the last one, to get everything done. There also seems to be an expectation of receiving a t-shirt for participating in activities. I love commemorative t-shirts; I have one from an outdoor music festival in college that I still wear. But when kids get several shirts a year they cannot possibly be special. Parents want to make sure their kid gets that free t-shirt, even if they don’t register by the deadline, but really, who wants more laundry to do? That was a tangent, I apologize. The Hurricane is at the age where things he is interested in become available as actual participatory events or activities. Since he can’t possibly keep abreast on all the offerings and also can’t read, I share with him things he may like to do. As his personality is naturally inclined to resistance, occasionally there are things I know he’d enjoy but he refuses to take part. At first I found this very frustrating, because about three days after preschool ended I could tell he was bored at home and rightfully so – I can’t possibly schedule eight It begins So it’s the second week of June. Summer seems to have arrived, kind of . . . depends on the day. People, especially parents with school-age children, often look forward to summer as it means the schedule slows down a little. Even without children that age yet, I can already tell it does not slow down. I don’t think it ever does actually. There are so many possibilities these days for extracurriculars. At age five or maybe even sooner, children begin participating in activities beyond the academic classroom and parents begin their shuttle service and calendar nightmares. With one child going in to kindergarten in the fall I foresee the headaches in our near future. I work part-time as the Community Ed Director for KMS. This gives me a unique vantage point to parenting and family function or dysfunction. Community Ed is the hub of dozens of activities for all ages, but it’s the elementary age students whose activities cause the most anguish for those involved at every angle. Some people seem to want their kids involved in every possible option, others avoid as many extras as they can. There are people who can’t afford to put their kids in some, if any, activities, and some who act like they can’t afford it but drive very nice automobiles.


hours of busywork and do this with him every day. When it came time for him to get out and participate in some activities specifically for him, he fought us on leaving the house. Then I thought, why am I pushing him? He’s five. If he would rather stay home and play in the mud than go to gymnastics with other kids, who cares? Between school, all the school-sanctioned events, and non-school things (4H, music lessons, boy scouts, church activities, etc.) we will have plenty of time out and about in our near future. Last weekend we ate four meals, all six of us, at the table together. How long before that never happens? I work with a lovely lady who has four boys of her own, all out of high school now (hi Paulette!). She told me recently that her all four of her boys were three-sport athletes from 7-12 grades. That means she and her husband sat through, cheered on, encouraged, and paid for her children to participate in 72 seasons of sports. Think of the hours, the miles on the car, the meals on the road. And that’s just the sports. Makes me want to slow down a little. I know sometimes my boys will need a little pushing, but I think it’s okay to miss an activity once in a while. There will be plenty of time over the next 15 years or so to overextend our calendars. I don’t want to be one of those parents either.

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