be taken a back to leave a place or thing the act that shows that you accept sub’s power over you to become less strong a short form of the word to give the position of king or queen the part of body below the chest that contains the stomach to take away something illegally or by using force. a way of behaving that is not usual and that may be unacceptable to help or encourage sb to do sth wrong causing hatred sub’s is able to do something terrible and without hope burning quickly and strong different from what is usual or expected on or on to a sip, plane , bus, train the deliberate ending of pregnancy at early stages to exist in a great no. Or quantities a little more or less than ,a little before or after a high place or position than sth or sub’s

AbbreviationAbdicateAbdomenAbductAberrationAbetAbhorrentAbilityAbjectAblazeAbnormalAboardAbortionAboundAboutAboveAbracadabra Abrasive Abroad Abrupt Absence Absent Absolute

Absolutely Absorb Abstract Abundant Abuse Academic Academy Accede Accelerate Accept Access Accessorize Accessory Accident Acclaim Accommodate Accompany Accomplish Accord Account Accountable Accumulate Accuracy Accuse Achieve Achievement Acidity

Acknowledge Acknowledgement Acne Acquaintance Acquire Across Acting Action Activate Active Activity Actor Actress Actual Actually Actuality Actuate Adapt Adaptive Add Addict Addictive Addition Additional Address Adduce Adept

Adequate Adhere Adherence Adherent Adhesion Adjacent Adjective Adjust Adjustment Administer Adman Admin Administration Admire Admission Admit Adopt Absorb Adult Advance Advantage Adventure Adverb Adverse Advertise Advice Advise

Advocate Aerial Aerobatics Aerodrome Aerodynamics Aeronautics Aerospace Aesthetic Afar Affair Affaire Affect Affection Affirm Affix Afflict Afford Afforestation Afraid After Again Against Age Ageing Agency Agenda Agent

Aggression Aggrieved Agitate Agitation Agnostic Ago Agree Agreement Agriculture Ahead A head of Aid Aids Aim Ain’t Air Aircraft Airport Airy Alack Alarm Alarmist Album Alcohol Algebra Algorithm Alien

Alight Align Alignment Alike Alive All Allegation Allergy Alleviate Allied Allocate Allocation Allot Allow Alloy Almighty Almond Almost Aloe vera Alone Along Aloud Alphabet Already Alright Also Alter

Alternate Alternative Although Altogether Always A.m. Amalgam Amass Amateur Amaze Amazement Ambassador Ambience Ambient Ambition Ambitious Ambulance Amiable Amity Among Amoral Amorphous Amount Amplifier Amplify Amplitude

Amuse Amusement Analogous Analogue Analogy Analyse Analysis Analytic Analyst Analyze Anatomy Ancestor Ancestry Anchor Ancient And Angel Anger Angle Angry Angular Animal Animate

Anime Ankle Anneal Anniversary Announce Annoyance Annual Anonymous Another Answer Ant Antenna Anterior Anthem Anthology Anti Antics Antidote Antique Antiseptic Antivirus Antonym Anxiety

Any Anybody Anyone Anything Anyway Apart Apartment Apathetic Apex Aplenty Apolitical Apologize Appalled Apparatus Apparently Appeal Appealing Appear Appendix Apple Applet Applicable Applied

Appoint Appointment Appreciate Apprehend Apprehension Approach Appropriate Approval APPROVE APPROXIMATE Aptitude Aqua Aquatic Arbitrary Arbitrate Arbour Arc Archer Architect Architecture Archive Are Area

Argent Arguable Argue Argument Aright Arise Arithmetic Arm Armature Armed Arms Army Aromatic Around Arouse Arrange Arrangement Array Arrest Arrive Arrow Art Article

Articulate Artificial Artist Ascend Ascendant Ascetic Ashamed Ashram Aside Ask Asking price Asleep Aspect Aspersions Aspirant Aspiration Aspire Ass Assemble Assent Assert Assess Assign

Assist Assistant Associate Assume Assumption Assure Assuredly Astonish Astrology Asymmetric Asynchronous Atheist Athlete Atmosphere Atom Attach Attack Attain Attempt Attend Attention Attest Attitude

Attract Attribute Auction Audible Audience Audit Audition Auditor Auditorium Aunt Auspicious Authentic Author Authority Autograph Automate Automatic Autonomy Autumn Auxiliary Avail Available Avenge

Avenue Average Avert Averse Aviation Avoid Await Awake Award Aware Awash Away Awesome Awestruck Awful Awhile Awkward Axe Axle Axial Axis Babbitt Baby

Babe Baby carriage Bachelor Back Backbone Backfire Background Backing Backlash Backlog Backsliding Back up Backward Backwards Backwash Backyard Bad Baddy Bad-tempered Bag Baggage Bail Bail-out

Bake Bakery Baking Balance Balcony Baldly Ball Ball bearing Balloon Ball point Bamboo Ban Banana Band Bandwidth Bang Banged up Bang up Bank Banking Banner Banyan Bar

Barbaric Bare Barefoot Barely Bargain Bargaining Bark Barometer Barrage Barrel Barrier Barring Barrister Basal Base Basement Basic Basin Basis Basket

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