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[4163] - 274 T.E. (E&TC)
Time :3 Hours] [Max. Marks :100 Instructions to the candidates:1) Answer any 3 questions from each section. 2) Answers to the two sections should be written in separate books. 3) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary. 4) Figures to the right indicate full marks. 5) Use of logarithmic tables slide rule, Mollier charts, electronic pocket calculator and steam tables is allowed. 6) Assume suitable data, if necessary.

SECTION - I Q1) a) Explain sleep mode and power down mode of microcontroller. Explain reset circuit of microcontroller. [8] b) State family members and resources of 8051 microcontroller series. [8] OR Q2) a) Differentiate between Microcontroller and Microprocessor. [8] b) Explain how will you select a microcontroller for a particular application? [8] Q3) a) Interface 16 Kbyte external EPROM to 8051. Find its address range.[8] b) Explain mode 0 and mode 1 of timer in 8051. OR Q4) a) Draw a timing diagram for read and write operation for interfacing external RAM memory to 8051. [8] b) With the help of port structure explain why it is necessary to send logic one on port pin before performing read operation. [8] P.T.O [8]

Q5) a) Explain following instructions i) MOVX ii) MOVC iii) ACALL iv) POP v) JNZ b) Explain following : i) Editor ii) Assembler iii) Simulator iv) Embedded C OR : [10] [8] Q6) a) State and explain different addressing modes of 8051 with the help of example.II Q7) a) Draw sequence diagram for performing read and write operation to interface following devices with microcontroller using 12C: [8] i) ADC ii) DAC b) Interface 8 bit DAC to microcontroller 8051 and write an assembly language program to generate staircase wave shown in figure 1. [10] b) With the help of neat block diagram explain the operation of logic analyzer. [8] OR [4163]-274 2 . [8] SECTION .

[18] kbkb [4163]-274 3 .Q8) a) Interface 16X2 LCD to 8051 and write an assembly language program to display string “WELCOME” from 5th character position on first line using 8 data lines. program memory map and stack of PIC [8] b) Write a program in C for PIC microcontroller to toggle alternate bits of PORT B continuously with 250 ms delay. Draw flowchart and write C/assembly language program to calculate and display weight on LCD. Draw flowchart and write C/assembly language program to read and display temperature on LCD. [8] Q9) a) Draw and explain microcontroller. [18] OR Q12) Design a system to interface load cell to 89c51/PIC microcontroller. [8] b) Draw interfacing diagram and flowchart to interface 4x4 matrix keyboard to 8051 microcontroller. send it to Port B otherwise send it to port D after some delay. Draw complete system diagram. Draw complete system diagram. also explain use of bank select register. [8] Q11) Design a system to interface LM 35 to 89c51/ PIC microcontroller. [8] OR Q10) a) Explain data memory organization of PIC microcontroller. If it is less the 1000. [8] b) Write a C program to get a byte of data from Port C.