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CHATT Job Descriptions

The teachers are parents who have taken responsibility for teaching a class. The teacher will develop a syllabus and lesson plans for the course. The teacher will be responsible for clearly communicating expectations to the students and overseeing classroom management. A teaching assistant will assist the teacher and students. The teacher will clearly communicate specific needs and requirements to the teaching assistant. The teacher will keep weekly attendance records. The teacher will help direct students to and from classes as needed and assist with the overall flow and function of co-op day. Middle school and high school teachers will give grades for their classes. It is up to the parents to determine what to do with those grades. The teacher may determine whether it is appropriate for parents to sit-in on the class they are teaching. Teachers will handle discipline in the following manner: 1st offense - verbal warning 2nd offense - take measures to help child behave properly in class (i.e. - move seats) 3rd offense - send child to parent

Teaching Assistant
Teaching assistants are parents that help in a class. The assistant's job is to help the teacher and students as needed during class time. This typically involves classroom management, handing out materials, helping with games or experiments, etc. Specific requirements or responsibilities may vary from class to class depending on the particular needs of the class. It is up to each teacher to communicate with their assistants what will be most helpful for their class situation. If a child needs to leave the classroom during class, the teaching assistant will escort the student to the hall monitor. The teaching assistant may then return to the classroom.

The teaching assistant will serve as a substitute teacher in the event of the teacher's absence.

Hall Monitor
The hall monitor will be stationed at the intersection of the two hallways on the first floor. It's a central location that should provide a clear view of the entry/exit door, the bathrooms, and the stairs leading up and down. The first priority of the hall monitor is security. The hall monitor will maintain the records of everyone who enters and exits the building. There will be a clipboard with attendance and sign-in / sign-out sheets for the hall monitor to oversee. The clipboard will be passed from one hall monitor to the next through the course of the day. Everyone who enters or exits must check in or out with the hall monitor on duty. Another responsibility of the hall monitor is to be manager of Information Central. There will be a large bulletin board by the hall monitor station. On it will be an hourly schedule of all classes, class rosters, volunteer schedule, and so on. Any information that would help anyone find their way around or help a lost student find his or her classroom will be posted on that board. The hall monitor should assist anyone who is seeking information and help guide them to where they need to be. If a child needs to be escorted to the bathroom or to a parent, the teaching assistant in a class will bring the student to the hall monitor. The hall monitor will then either escort the student to their parent, or escort them back to their classroom when they have finished using the bathroom. The hall monitor will also keep an eye on the bathrooms and be aware of how many students may be going in or out at a time. The hall monitor will be on the lookout for lingering too long or goofing around, especially during the lunch and recess periods. About halfway through the hour long "shift" the hall monitor will check on the general condition of the restrooms... both boys' and girls'. If there are any messes that need attention or if there are any supplies that need to be replenished, the hall monitor will ask a parent on break in the lounge to address the need. If a hall monitor needs to leave the "station" for more than just a few moments, they should ask a parent on break to cover for them until they return.

Recess Monitor
The recess monitors will be stationed on the playground or in the designated recess space. Recess monitors will distribute themselves around the recess area and keep a watchful eye on all children to ensure safety. The recess monitors will make sure all children are playing on the playground or in the open lawn next to the playground. No children are allowed to be over at the climbing wall or other adventure equipment at any time. They will also pay close attention to the behavior of all children and encourage friendly and courteous interaction. No teasing or bullying will be tolerated. It is fine if recess monitors want to organize games for the children. This is not required, but you're more than welcome to do so if you like. **The recess monitors will also help in guiding the various groups of children to and from the lunch and recess areas, and direct them to their afternoon classes, as follows…

Lunch clean-up team
The role of the lunch clean up team is to clean up the lunch room area and to prepare it for afternoon classes. Tables should be wiped down and floor should be swept. The lunch room will need to be reset for afternoon classes.

Study Hall Monitor
The exact location of the study hall is to be determined. The study hall monitor will supervise students during study hall periods. Students may sit quietly to work on school work. Quiet talking between students is permissible at the discretion of the study hall monitor. The job of the study hall monitor is to ensure that students don't wander around, leave the building, or do anything they shouldn't be doing.

Set-Up Team
The set up team will set up at the church on Monday evenings or early Tuesday morning. They will set up each classroom as needed for first period classes. They will check to make sure the bathrooms and kitchen are clean and adequately supplied.

Clean-Up Supervisor
The clean-up Supervisor will be responsible for setting up the family rotation for clean-up. They will also be responsible for contacting the families prior to the week, so that everyone knows when they are responsible for aiding in the clean-up process. They will also be the point-of-contact for families who need to make substitutions. They will oversee the actual clean-up process each week. They will be make sure the building is left in excellent condition at the end of co-op day. They will make sure the bathrooms, the kitchen, and other areas used by the co-op during the day are clean and tidy. They will check to be sure that each classroom has been re-set if needed. They will make sure all CHATT materials and supplies are properly put away.