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"Big Questions on Line" A Response to Templeton Foundation Initiative. WHY HIGG'S BOSON PARTICLE MATTER?

I believe that science is taking us from simplicity to complexity. Attempt to break down the system and study them is not going to take us anywhere. It amounts to studying life by killing it and searching for the living element in it. Scientist will now come up with concept of a pair to Higgs Boson and the search will continue with multibillion dollar project. If "Templeton Foundation" is very serious about answers to "Big Questions" please take note of the fallowing intellectual exercise done by a mind that freed from "Plato's Chair" The simplest answer to "Big Questions" can be obtained by observing nature and reviewing the developments in science and making some fundamental changes in our thinking and interpretation of key experiments. Universe is energy and matter in vibration and motion. Equation of Einstein implies enormous energy contained in an atom. The problem with science is that they have failed to perceive and differentiate energy or light particles and atoms. It has failed to define mass or perceive the origin of mass. Higgs Boson particle is sought as an answer to this unexplained reality. It idea of a particle giving mass to all other particle is most ridiculous one. It leaves a question what gives the mass to Higgs Boson particle. The answer exist perceiving it from a new and sensible way and let our imagination and intelligence unwind to comprehend a New Picture of the Universe.

Let us take E=mc2 as central thought - C2 invariably
means "m" [mass in the atom] is the product of two light particles moving in opposite direction coming from two parallel worlds with maximum speed - Rest is detail

The detail of the universe now should be built around a principle
cause for this motion and the design which it facilitates the perpetual motion. This now becomes simple. "The cause should be non equilibrium and principle governing should be an instinct to seek equilibrium". Perpetual existence invariably means the design of the particle and the whole should deny this equilibrium, but allow a dance or vibration. This is possible only by ratio design of 4:3 with right and left connected by a crossing and quantum nature of energy flow discovered by Max Planck. Imagine an 8 with one arm being big and other small in the ratio 4:3. Now a quantum flow can occur between the right left leading to quantum perpetual dance between two state 4:3 and 3:4. This non equilibrium design can explain in simplicity the spin and curved displacement associated with motion. The motion here becomes a spiral one sucking the opposite towards it. Imagine a drill. Nassim Haramein of "Resonance project" makes a good defense of this vision. The simplest quantum dancing particle is electromagnetic particle. This particle has maximum freedom in three dimensional space. Thus it dances with maximum speed and moves in maximum speed in relation to a particle moving towards it from a parallel world. When they collide they form

the Hydrogen atom or the simplest system. The two quantum dancing particle forming atom should now exist in 4:3 ratio, thus giving it a resonance capacity. This ratio 4:3 now becomes a holographic design of all system including the whole system. An atom formed looses a level of freedom in three dimensional space and its forces are centralized. This differentiates the Newtonian [atomic] matter and Einsteinian [ Light matter]. It also explains why gravity is a weak force. The mass and gravity now becomes the measure of non equilibrium of the system. Since the principle is to seek equilibrium and design denies it, the spirit that is flowing in a system has dual role. Initially it moves towards a central point and beyond it, it opposes the flow. Thus it accounts for co-existence of inertial and gravitational mass. Since by Max Planck's law flow becomes inevitable, the atomic system also quantum dances but its dance becomes centralizes and relative to the environment. Important thing here is that we are picturing a universe that has non-equilibrium design at all levels. The symmetry that much modern physics seeks in its equation is non existing one. There is a serious problem with reference point it creates. Einstein the great thinker in his autobiography suggested replacing the 'constants' of physical science with ratios. There is no need for searching for Higgs Boson particle or work for the Unification of four forces, for the universe is governed by a single force -ELECTROMAGENTIC. We need to re-visualize universe and understand it from certain new realities that we perceive from nature. Whether we can

bottle into a mathematical language is next step. Nature has only two force winding and unwinding. Look deep into nature and observe the day and night cycle. It has only two types of systems a unwinding and winding. There are parallel systems that are in non equilibrium state unwinding to seek equilibrium. Example stellar systems. There are parallel space-time where force are directed to a CENTER. At the center there are near equilibrium that strives to oppose this force, creating a flow back to the outside. In other words nature needs to be understood from two basic forces GRAVITY and ANTIGRAITY or centripetal and centrifugal force. Modern science and its picture of the universe is based on a single force gravity. Thus its quest for origin has ended in singularity, black hole, Big Bang Origin from point, with having a "cause for origin" and has failed to perceive the world that exists perpetually in TIME. Einstein the great thinker thus strived for much part of his life introspecting on a Second Space Time field that opposes the space-time field of the material world. What Einstein sought and but failed to observe from Nature, after he became prisoner of the system called science, is there open for you and me by Grace. All you have to do is to break loose "Plato's chair" walked towards the door open and see a Plant Grow, a seed sprout, Lilies flower and an apple falling. When material world tends to wind and collapse to the center by virtue of gravitational force, life uses this force and matter to create a force that moves away from the center. Life has inner space where gravity is converted into anti-gravity. When material world tries to shrink the living world opposes it creating living mass that grows against it. This line of thinking eventually takes us to origin from single "Primal Human Soul"

from whose inner space the Creation comes in to being leading to perpetual existence. A knowing this reality unites spiritual knowledge of the ancient and the modern science, liberating humanity from the clutches of religions and making a quantum leap into New Cycle where Light and Knowledge shines as in the beginning. You can explore these aspects in the fallowing PPT presentation and the links there off. Those whose mind is willing to review and seek TRUTH will find answer to all BIG QUESTIONS in it. Nature and God are Simple we have made it complex.
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Thanking you
John Paily 30/072013