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Training Objectives


Understandconceptandtechnologyofmulticast Master IGMP protocol and configuration Master PIM protocol and configuration


Unicast,Broadcast and Multicast
Host 24 Unicast
Multicast Broadcast


Comparision between Unicast and Multicast

U n icast

M u lticast

Multimedia Conference

Multimedia terminal

Internet .Data distribution HUAWEI File server Remote host Internet www. .Real-time Data Multicast HUAWEI Server Multimedia host Internet Football game Vocal Concert Stock exchange www.

huawei.HUAWEI Game and Emulational Application Player Internet .

HUAWEI Characteristics of Multicast technology Increase . control network traffic and decrease the load of servers and CPUs Optimizeperformanceandeliminateredundanttraffic D istributed application.huawei. which makes multipoint transimmsion possible Advantages Disadvantages M u lticast application is based on UDP Do best efforts No congestion control Packet duplicate D isordered reaching of packets www.

huawei. www.239.255.255 User multicast addresses .0 .255 Local management multicast addresses .0 .0.255 Reserved multicast addresses 224.Multicast Addresses HUAWEI Range of multicast addresses .224.255.

com .huawei.MAC Multicast Addresses HUAWEI MAC Multicast addresses Ethernet : 01-00-5e-xx-xx-xx www.

com .HUAWEI Mapping IP Multicast to Ethernet www.huawei.

and if the packet is arrived at the interface that can return to the source end. packet will be discarded.huawei. RPF check is successful and the information packet is forwarded.Multicast Forwarding HUAWEI ReversePathForwarding(RPF) ForwardingmulticastpacketisnotbasedonthedestinationaddressofIPpacket but use RPFtocheckanddeterminewhethertoforwardordiscardtheincomingpacket. If RPF check fails. The check on multicast source address is achieved by querying unicast routing table . ProcedureofRPFcheck The router checks the source address of the arrival multicast packet.

32 RPF check fails.0.Example:RPF Check HUAWEI Receiver ource .the packets arrive at an error interface Multicast Packet Multicast packets arriving at an error interface www.18.huawei.

com .18.Further View: RPF check fails HUAWEI Multicast data from 191.0/24 S0 15.huawei.253.0.32 S0 S1 RPF check fails Unicast routing table Network Interface 191. RPF check fails and the router discards the packet www.0/16 S2 S2 Data arrives at S0. S1 168.

15.0/16 S1 S0 S1 RPF check succeeds Unicast routing table Network Interface 191. the router forwards the packet www.0/16 S2 S2 Data arrives at .0.0/24 S0 15.huawei. RPF check succeeds.HUAWEI Further View: RPF check succeeds Multicast data from 191.0.0.

HUAWEI Forwarding multicast packet by switch without multicast function Multicast?? .

huawei.HUAWEI Achieving Multicast in Layer 2 Switch Check the table Forwarding table 1 3 4 5 2 MAC address Interface 01-02-03 1 2 5 .

com .huawei.txt defines the up-to-date IGMP V3 www.HUAWEI IGMP .Internet Group Management Protocol IGMP protocol is the only protocol between a host and a router RFC1112 defines IGMP V1 (support windows95) RFC2236 defines IGMP V2 (support windows and most of the newest service packets of Unix) Draft-ietf-idmr-igmp-v3-03.

com .HUAWEI Actions of a Router and a Host in IGMP response report routine query unsolicited report for joining group reportforleavinggroup group-specific query www.huawei.

10.0. stop sending query message : router fails.10.1/16 query message query message 10. stop sending query message : re-sendquerymessage www.huawei.HUAWEI Actions of Router in Shared Network in IGMP .3/16 : Election fails.0. .Report Suppression Process HUAWEI Query message Response report Response report Response report Response report Routersendsqueryperiodically O n lyonememberofeachgroupinthesubnetsendsresponsereport O thermembersaresuppressedanddon'tsendreport.huawei. .IGMP V2 Packet Format HUAWEI www.

huawei.HUAWEI Comparision Among Three IGMP Versions IGMP V1 Querier election based on routing protocol leave silently none IGMP V2 self election IGMP V3 self election leaving type Designated group query actively send leaving packet yes none actively send leaving packet yes yes Designated source none and group joining .

HUAWEI Compatibility Processing between IGMP V1 and V2 V1 Host v2 Host V1 Router V2 Router V1 Host V1host report suppresses V2 host V2host is suppressed by V1host report V2 frame format is compatible with v1 Router works in v1 till V1 timer out of time V2 router is forced to configure as v1 V2 frame format is compatible with v1 Router works in V1 V2 Host V1 Router V2 router is forced to configure as v1 V2 Router . .HUAWEI IGMP Snooping Establish and Maintenance Group IGMP report 1 CPU forwarding table MAC address interface 01-02-03 0135 0 IGMP query 2 3 4 5 www.

1 Specify IGMP version number Quidway ( config-vlan-interface0 ) #ip igmp version 1 Display IGMP interface information Quidway#show ip igmp interface ethernet 0 www.Configuration Commands HUAWEI Configuration on the Router Start multicast application Quidway ( config ) #ip multicast-routing Emulate host behavior .1.join a group Quidway ( config-Vlan-interface0 ) #ip igmp join-group .huawei.

sparse mode (PIM-SM)(RFC 2362) Multicast of shortest path first (MOSPF) (RFC 1584) Others (Core-based trees mulitcast routing protocol. <CBTv2><RFC2189> . etc.HUAWEI Multicast Routing Protocol Overview DVMRP V#(Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (Internet Draft) Protocol Independent Multicast . ) www.Dense Mode (PIM-DM)(Internet Draft) Protocol Independent Multicast .

0.13 PIM protocol is divided into: PIM_DM (Protocol Independent Multicast Dense Mode) PIM_SM (Protocol Independent Multicast Sparse Mode) www.HUAWEI Protocol Independent Multicast .PIM PIM (Protocol Independent Multicast) is independent of unicast protocol (use any unicast route)anddependsonunicastprotocoltoperformRPFcheck UDP port number: 103 PIM router group address: 224.huawei.

32 Multicast dataflow .PIM_DM Forwarding HUAWEI Receiver ource 92.18.huawei.0.

32 Multicat dataflow Prune message Stop sending multicast dataflow www.huawei.PIM_DM Pruning HUAWEI Receiver ource .

HUAWEI PIM_DM Grafting and Grafting Response Receiver ource 192.0.huawei.32 Multicast data flow Graft message Grafting response IGMP join group .

PIM_DM Status Maintenance HUAWEI Receiver ource .huawei.32 Multicast dataflow www.18.0.

10.1/16 10.0.Assert Mechanism HUAWEI Source S 10.10.3/16 multicast dataflow Assert message .huawei.

Neighbor-Finding Mechanism HUAWEI Periodically send Hello Packet . establish and maintain neighborhood Elect DR——the router with highest IP address becomes DR of this network segment when IGMP is version 1. DR also acts as IGMP querier Hello message Hello message www.huawei.find .

com .huawei.HUAWEI PIM-DM Configuration Commands Configuration on Layer 3 switch Start mulitcast process Quidway(Config)#ip multicast-routing Start PIM-DM process at the interface Quidway(config-VLAN-Interface2)#ip pim dense-mode www.

Configuration Example HUAWEI Video Server Backbone network with PIM-DM Accesslayer Multi-Media PC . .0.HUAWEI PIM_SM Forwarding and Joining RP/DR DR Receiver Source 192.32 Multicast dataflow joining message IGMP joining www.18.

huawei.18.PIM_SM Pruning HUAWEI RP/DR Source 92.0.32 DR Receiver Multicast dataflow Prune message Stop sending multicast dataflow IGMP leaving .

huawei.PIM_SM Status Maintenance HUAWEI DR Source .18.32 RP DR Joining message www. .huawei.HUAWEI PIM_SM Registration and Registration Stop DR Registration RP DR receiver ource 92.18.32 Registration stop Multicast dataflow Unicast registration message Unicast registration stop message www.

32 RP Receiver O h .32 T h isisSPT! DR Source 192.RPT! Multicast dataflow www.18.huawei.HUAWEI Multicast Distribution Tree Model DR DR Receiver Source 2. .Shortest Path Tree Switch HUAWEI DR Source 192.0.32 RP DR Receiver Multicast dataflow Stop sending multicast dataflow SPT joining SPT grafting www.

Configuration on the Router HUAWEI Start mulitcast process Quidway(config)#ip multicast-routing Start PIM-SM at the inteface Quidway(config-vlan-interface0)#ip pim Sparse-mode .huawei.

HUAWEI PIM_SM Configuration Example C-RP、 C-BSR Video Server Backbone network with PIM-SM Access Layer Multi-Media PC .huawei.