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Big Questions On Line [A response to Templeton foundation Initiative

HOW CAN IMAGINATION CHANGE THE WORLD? Without doubt observation and imagination does play a very important role in science. Einstein said "Imagination is more important than knowledge." It is the imagination that gave birth to all great developments in science. Newton's imagination led to mechanical world view. The relativistic world view was the product Einstein's imagination. Einsteins said "God does not care about our mathematical difficulties.
He integrates empirically." Here is what Sir John Templeton said "Both the vastness and the intricacy of the physical universe stretch our imaginations and beckon us to look beyond what is visible, toward the great ocean of realities not visible."

Modern scientists, closed behind the doors of the laboratories seems to fail to develop new imaginations from nature. Thus they end manipulating the old imagination into new and complex mathematical languages. The biggest flaw of science exist in the fact that it studies nature by a process of fragmentation than integration. Scientific path of enquiry amounts to studying life by killing it and searching for the living element in it. To answer the "Big Questions" we need new observation in nature and imagination that integrates the developments in science, but makes fundamental changes in our vision and thinking leading it to simplicity.

Universe is energy and matter in vibration and motion. Equation E=mc2 of Einstein implies enormous energy contained in an atom. The problem with science is that they have failed to imagine and differentiate energy or light particle and atoms. Let us look at it in a new way and let our imagination and intelligence unwind to comprehend a New Picture.

Let us take E=mc2 as central thought - C2 invariably
means "m" [mass in the atom] is the product of two light particles moving in opposite direction coming from two parallel worlds with maximum speed - Rest is detail

The detail of the universe now should be built around a

This now becomes simple. THE CAUSE SHOULD BE NON
EQUILIBRIUM AND PRINCIPLE SHOULD AN INSTINCT TO SEEK EQUILIBRIUM". Perpetual existence invariably means the design

of the particle and the whole should deny this equilibrium, but allow a dance and exchange of information. This is possible only by ratio design of 4:3 with right and left connected by a crossing and quantum nature of energy flow discovered by Max Planck. Imagine an 8 with one arm being big and other small in the ratio 4:3. Now a quantum flow can occur between the right left leading to a quantum perpetual dance between two state 4:3 and 3:4 where left changes into right and vice-versa. This can explain in simplicity the spin and curved displacement associated with motion. The motion here becomes

a spiral one sucking the opposite towards it. Imagine a drill. Nassim Haramein of "Resonance project" makes a good defense of this vision. The simplest quantum dancing particle is electromagnetic particle. This particle has maximum freedom in three dimensional space. Thus it dances with maximum speed and moves in maximum speed in relation to a particle moving towards it from a parallel world. When they collide they form the Hydrogen Atom or the "Simplest System". The two quantum dancing particle forming A atom should now exist in 4:3 ratio, thus giving it a quantum dancing capacity in relation to nature. [the day and night cycle and climatic cycle can be visualized as quantum dance of nature]. This ratio 4:3 now becomes a holographic design of all system including the whole system. An atom formed looses a level of freedom in three dimensional space and its forces are centralized. This differentiates the Newtonian [atomic] matter and Einsteinian [ Light matter]. It also explains why gravity is a weak force. The mass and gravity now becomes the measure of non equilibrium of the system. Since the principle is to seek equilibrium and design denies it, the spirit that is flowing in a system has dual role. Initially it moves towards a central point and beyond it, it opposes the flow. Thus it accounts for co-existence of inertial and gravitational mass. Since by Max Planck's law flow becomes inevitable, the atomic system also quantum dances but its dance becomes centralizes and is relative to the environment. Important thing here is that we are picturing a universe that is in non-equilibrium. The symmetry that much of modern physics

seeks in its equation is non existing one. There is no need for searching for Higgs Boson particle or work for the Unification of four forces, for the universe is governed by a single force ELECTROMAGENTIC. Now when we extend the picture to helium atoms that results by the union of two Hydrogen atom that exist in 4:3 coming from two parallel worlds, it loses two level of freedom and communication. An important point that we have to imagine here is the formation of inner channels in these system through which communication takes place. They are formed because of the non-equilibrium design. In an Inert Helium atom they are closed in space and thus they do not form bonds but only responds to heat induced winding and unwinding. They can open and exchange information within itself and the world around in quantum steps. We can now go ahead to visualizes two helium atoms forming a pair and communicating within itself gaining highest stability in space, with ability to conquer time and its direction by a process in which the information in one inert helium is released into the SPACE OF THE OTHER ONLY EMERGE ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE reforming itself and conquering time. think of biological creation here. This imagination led me to make dramatic conclusion that inert atom should be the building blocks of the "living system" or the "Souls" of living system. The fact that we are imagining atoms formed from 4:3 ratio from two parallel worlds, two atoms in 4:3 ration and two inert atom in 4:3 ratio invariably means there are many parallel worlds. Science has laboriously advanced to figure this out and

has even come out with a sensible explanation for singularity that fits biological creation. Another important observation that is crucial to our thinking is the living system. The living system strives to sustain certain symmetry at the constant expenditure of energy. The second law of thermodynamics applied to life shows that life acts against gravity and centripetal force. It seems to convert gravity into anti-gravity in its inner space. Including life into the picture of the universe built on gravity, gives us sustainable picture. The inner space of life now forms the "New Space-Time field" that Einstein searched for much of his life. This self sustenance picture of nature seems to break down when we introduce humans who live a mind and self centered existence corrupting the flow in the system. Extending our imagination now leads to the unity science and spirituality that can help us in quantum leap in evolution, breaking the womb of darkness and emerging into light or Golden Age - We can reinvent Big Bang creation from the inner space of a single soul and discovering God or Universal Consciousness and intelligence. You can explore these aspects in the fallowing PPT presentation and the links there off. Those whose mind is willing to review and seek TRUTH will find answer to all BIG QUESTIONS in it in all simplicity. Nature and God are Simple we have made it complex. I have lost count of the number of time when I knocked the doors of "Templeton Foundation". I feel the foundation exist in a illusion that they can buy Truth by money power, they wrongly think that their answers to come from big temples of

science, where people exist chained and visualizes a one dimensional figures. I hope it will awaken at least in the open public media of facebook.
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Thanking you
John Paily 30/07/2013