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Bilet 8 A t's obviously right that all the students, would be very happy to get good grades so in my opinions, it's very

right for me to say grades encourage students to learn. I recall my first English lesson was very intersting. When I was 13 years old, my father sent me to an English class. I was the youngest pupil in the class. The teacher asked me to write something about my hobbies, and I wrote about my dear cat, she gave me a good mark with the comment that: "Your made a good essay, it is clear and lively" I was so happy and at that moment, I thought that I was not bad at English, then naturely, English became my favourit subject at school. It was the story at the primary school, at present, teachersdo not give many marks in University anymore. We only get final grades a semester, and that grade tells students how good and how hard did they work last semester. Normally, all the students expect to get good grades because with good grades they can have a good diploma after graduation, they can apply for the higher programmes easier and further on, it is also useful to find a suitable job. However, it is not only getting good grades which encourages students to learn. If a student learnt hard just for getting a good grade he would never become an excellent student indeed. It is important to learn to achieve good grades in the University but it is more important to learn how to except the bad grades. In a letter written by Abraham Lincoln to the Headmaster of a school in which his son was studying, he wrote" In school, teach him it is far more honorable to fall than to cheat..... Teach to have faith in his own ideas, even if everyone tells him he is wrong" So I think, becoming a good person is far more important than becoming just a good grades collector. Finally, as soon as being a student, in my point of view, good grades really help to encourage student to learn, but to be successful in life, to be happy let learn and work with the sound of your heart. B Whether grades could encourage students to learn has been argued for a while. There are varity of arguments among students and teachers. It is a important topic because it concerns with the method how we educate effectively our students. From my experience, I agree with the idea that grades encourage students to learn. It has been argued that marks could make some students stressful, especially for the students with poor grades. However, as research on the education indicated that grades could let students clearly understand their performance and let them know their advantage and disadvantage. For example, without grades, how

could students know what talent they really have? Grades is the indicator of students' ability to master the knowledge. Moreover, the teacher can clearly master the status of each student study through grades. Every one had talent, but no one had all the talent. By grades, the teacher can understand ach student's talent. For instance, some students may be good at logic thinking, such as mathmatics, physics; the others may like atheletic, such as baseball, tennis. By grades, the teacher can give different advice to different student. Furthermore, only through grades can parents understand how their child's performance in the study. For example, when I had a poor performance in some courses, my parents always helped me figure out the reason and help me go through it. Each time I went through this difficulty, I had more confidence on my study. In conclusion, grades can encourge students to learn. It can help students realize their talents and find out their disadvantages. Without grades, how could a student clearly understand themselves?