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Correspondence • Minor ◦ Terrible aim: The character's attacks swing wide of the mark.

Difficulty spike in any tests regarding ranged precision. ◦ Forget how to Type: The character looses the ability to instinctively place his fingers on a keyboard, forcing them to finger type and slowing them to a crawl. • Moderate ◦ Bullet Magnet: The character somehow finds themselves in the course of every bullet in a scene. Direct rounds do extra damage while those passing nearby might ricochet and come startlingly close or do grazing style damage. ◦ Displacement: The character's natural sense of their body is disrupted. They become incapable of any physical action that they don't actively focus on accomplishing. A character not actively watching where they are going will trip over themselves. A jumping character might miss their launch point and fall short or miss their hand grab entirely. • Major ◦ Co-location Singularity: The character merges with an object in the area and suddenly become locked within it. A character might lean up against a wall and then merge with it. The effect seems mostly just a nuicence until the paradoxical effect ends and the two are suddenly seperated causing extensive damage to both. If a character's organs are involved, these are also crippled for the duration. Someone's liver, for example, would cause their body to begin to become septic as they can't clear the toxins from their symptoms. This effect can very easily cleave limbs. Life • Minor ◦ Hair loss: The character's hair inexplicably begins to fall out. Causes social issues. ◦ Fingernails: Character's fingernails black and fall off. ◦ Light Sensitivity: The character's eyes become hyper-reactive to light, becoming blinded under normal circumstances. Might see better in low light. ◦ Shock of White: The character's hair goes completely white. • Moderate ◦ Sexual Focus: The character starts to emit a musk/pheromones that starts to distract those around them making them “stalkerishly” interested in them. ◦ Hyper-drug: The character's body starts to process common drugs differently. Caffeine causes bouts of hyperactivity, insulin causes sudden and dangerous drops in blood sugar, tobacco destroys a person's appetite, other drugs you can be creative with. ◦ Struggle for breath: The character looses the ability to effectively breathe oxygen. The character starts gasping as if at very high altitude. Sitting up or moving too rapidly can cause a character to faint. Smoke or other gases that might displace oxygen cause them to immediately pass out. ◦ Lesser disease: The character becomes infected with a paradox-driven disease of some kind which they immediately begin to feel at work. This could be something painful like shingles right up to an STD or parasite like crabs. Have fun! ◦ Flesh to glass: A portion of the character's body seemingly crystallizes and becomes nonfunctional. This is no doubt agonizing and makes this location highly vulnerable to damage. ◦ Bodily prerogative: They character is overwhelmed with the need to satisfy their physical needs. They cannot help but to eat when hungry, fuck when horny, and sleep when tired.

Water turns to ice. Cars are one of my favourite subjects. • Major ◦ Love: The character is uncontrollably infatuated with someone else in the scene. The slightest scratch becomes agonizing. The character cannot help but be conflictive with the target person and violence is likely. ◦ Perceptive Filter: Pick something in the world. Mind • Minor ◦ Blind Spots: The character develops blind spots in their vision as their brain's processing is disrupted. the smallest caress orgasmic. ◦ Literary Blindness: Subject looses ability to read temporarily. The character completely looses the ability to perceive this object/person at a mental level. drive. They cannot help but pay attention to this person. ◦ Hate: The opposite of Love. . Have fun. They may believe that another mage is their brother and has a complete set of memories making this true for them. limps stretch and muscles pop. Character cannot effectively read. ◦ Political Disaster: The character is compelled to speak their mind about everyone they meet with absolute frankness. • Moderate ◦ Crippling migraine: Character gets a splitting headache that prevents them from focusing effectively on anything. This is stalker level powerful. ◦ Broken Memories: The character's memories are broken in some manner which the character is wholly convinced of for the duration of the effect. If they see a painting they must stop and revel in it. etc. If they hear music. • Moderate ◦ Solidification Field: Liquids in range of the character begin to solidify. ◦ Lost in beauty: The character becomes infatuated with anything that they might consider beautiful. ◦ Misfire: The character's weapon misfires or jams in some way. eggs putrefy. Milk sours. etc. ◦ Harden: The character's clothing begins to stiffen and becomes difficult to move in. ◦ Cancer: They have it. Matter • Minor ◦ Rot: Foodstuffs around the character rapidly begin to rot away.• Major ◦ Bone Growth: The character's bones suddenly begin to grow at an uncontrollable rate. ◦ Infatuation: The character becomes infatuated with someone else in a scene. Make awkward things happen for them. ribs pierce skin to emerge from the chest. ◦ Bombard: The character looses the natural filters in their mind that allow them to ignore much of the stimuli they experience. they must hear it out to the end. Teeth start to length and perhaps fall out. gasoline turns to jelly. ◦ No Fear: The character looses the ability to fear anything. The character cannot drink and most vehicles will choke to death rapidly.

fingernails might grow into twisted and brittle ways. or a car's steering suddenly locking up. Radios die. ◦ Acidify: All liquids in the area become inexplicably acidic and damage anyone exposed to them. Effect is largely cosmetic until a spark ignites the gases causing a powerful explosion. ◦ Give way: Something breaks and puts the character in danger. Should they fall. • Moderate ◦ Magnetic Field: The character starts to generate a powerful electromagnetic field that begins to interfere with anything mechanical. • Moderate ◦ Withering: One of the character's limbs becomes suffused with entropy and rapidly deteriorates. Flashlights might provide a nasty shock. skin shrivles. ◦ Kinetic barrier: The character's every motion requires extra energy as the paradox drains the kinetic energy from their motions. Seems in all ways like Kinetic Barrier but the lost energy is returned to the character after a short time causing the character to character to sudden surge forward through the air likely causing a fair bit of damage. rapidly moving air and small objects to make a whipping field that abrades they character's skin. and makes a general ruin of everything around them.• ◦ Choking gases: Effects the character creates have a secondary effect of releasing clouds of gases which choke and irritate those nearby causing blistered skin and blindness. temporarily seeming to age several decades. Think mustard gas. • Major ◦ Wind Coil: A field of twisted kinetic energy forms around the character. ◦ Kinetic Buffer: Worse version of Kinetic Barrier. ◦ Conductivity: All objects in the area become conductive temporarily. stereos will knock them flat. their credit cards are immediately corrupted and have to be replaced. • Major Forces • Minor ◦ Static Charge: The character starts to generate large amounts of static which causes a shock each time they touch something causing momentary pain and making any finely dextrous actions all but impossible. an air conditioner falling from a building. blinds them. It could be a gangway breaking away beneath them. it occurs slowly and they are unharmed. Major ◦ Boiling Waters: The paradox causes all water in the area to begin to break down into hydrogen and oxygen causing it to seemingly boil without heat. Entropy • Minor ◦ Deterioration: A piece of the character's clothing rapidly begins to deteriorate and fall away taking years of damage in a few minutes. Arthritis sets in. The character will become exhausted after even walking a short distance. . and god help them if they touch an industrial stove. Every electronic device can potentially electrify the character depending on its power supply.

Short trips take hours. ◦ Infective Spiritualism: The character becomes infected with the aura of a spirit they encounter taking on many of its behaviour traits. • Moderate ◦ Vanishing: One of the character's favored possessions becomes ephemeral as the quint in it becomes twisted by paradox. • Major ◦ Greater Vanishing: As vanishing. Consider the character effectively a ghost-like being for the duration. Other mages even have trouble perceiving the mage in this condition as she lacks the weight of presence to even get their attention. they suddenly become extremely hungry. might also be a spirit of deceit. • Moderate ◦ False Premonition: The character is flooded with false visions about what is going to happen to those around them. The character looses all retained quintessence as it bleeds from their pattern. but its the character themselves that starts to phase out. Normal people can't seem to pay attention to it enough to notice. ◦ Stigmata: Bloody fissures open in the mage's flesh suitable to their paradigm. ◦ Lost time: The character looses a few hours here or there. A spirit of watching. for example. The time of day suddenly changes. They gain the benefit of this quint. whatever arrives is actually a conglomeration of what they desire with something else they do not chosen by you. . but not the choice to use it or not. They see each and every action as potentially leading to their doom or to that of those around them. Assume the character spends a quintessence on any effect they cast. • Moderate ◦ Dual-Form Spirit: When the character calls a spirit. Very distracting. ◦ What was that?: The character starts missing portions of sentences as they experience minor perceptive time hops. perhaps making constant requests or just getting in the way.Prime • Minor ◦ Mana Leak: The character looses the ability to effectively manage their quintessence and spend it on any effect they cast. etc. they spirits are irritatingly present at all times. The character can see the object but it appears ghostly. Pick one and assume that a large number of these weak spirits are constantly around them. Good one to pass to a good roleplayer. Besides making small effects happen around the characters. • Major ◦ Spirit • Minor ◦ Spirit Host: The character begins to attract a particular subset of spirits who begin to fallow after them. A character infected with a spirit of murder would herself become murderous. they completely miss taking medications. Can't stop the bleeding. Time • Minor ◦ Every Damn Light: The character's travel arrangements come to a grinding halt as they hit every obstacle ever from car accidents to construction.

• ◦ Parasitic Spiritualism: A lesser form of Infective Spiritualism where they character becomes instead infected with a parasitic spirit. The effect is less powerful then Infective Spiritualism but longer in duration and feeds from the character's acts. Major . growing stronger the more they act in accordance with its urges.