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Training objectives

Know general network failure Grasp judging and locating method of failure Can deal with simple network failure


Frequent troubleshooting

Failure description:
Check port by SHOW port command, and physical port always keeps DOWN. Check port by show port command, and physical port always keeps UP, but losing package seriously while pinging opposite end .

huawei.AWEI Frequent troubleshooting Already  sending Ihaven'treceived yet! Datapackageloses seriouslywhilepinging opposite end Router A Terminate 网络 .

so maybe the DTE equipments did not connect well.and notice the following signal states are: DCD=UP DTR=DOWN DSR=UP RTS=DOWN CTS=UP Why?.UAWEI Frequent troubleshooting Question 2:Finding that the physical port is D O W N w h ile checking router serial port state.Checking whether the DTE equipments connect correctly and whether cable or line has questions. Answer:We know that DTR RTS signals are both sent from DTE(data terminal).cn .huawei.

cn .huawei. In fact it also can be understood easily: the router is regarded as DCE while configuring router. while which is regarded as DTE when the router connects MODEM by AUX port.UAWEI Frequent troubleshooting Question 4:What's the difference between configuration port and backup port cable of QUIDWAY router. Solutions:Configuration port cable DB9(25) end is DCE head. http://datacomm. while backup port cable DB9(25) end is DTE

huawei.AWEI Frequent troubleshooting Failure description 1. But losing package seriously while data is excessive. and this problem often happens in the Ethernet port.Checking port with show port command. Checking port with show port . http://datacomm. Checking port with show port command. 2. physical port is UP and protocol is UP. physical port is UP and protocol is DOWN. physical port is UP and protocol is DOW N . but can't ping other ends.

cn .huawei.AWEI Frequent troubleshooting Whether the protocol is right PPP、X25、FR Whether the working method is right (DCE、DTE)(X25、FR) Whether the frame format of link layer is right X25、FR、Ethernet Whether the address mapping of link layer is right? Whether IP address is right? DDR、X25、FR

huawei.AWEI Frequent troubleshooting QUIDWAY 2501 router and CISCO router perform PPP interconnection failure? Hello! Our equipment may have questions? .com.

There maybe problems in middle link. but pinging opposite end failure. 2、Observe debugging information with DEBUG PPP PACKET''ll find the physical layer and protocal layer are both UP. why? 1、Refresh port state with SHUT DOWN、NO SHUT DOWN command. and two ends encapsulate PPP protocol separately. http://datacomm.UAWEI Frequent troubleshooting Two routers interconnect by After checking the port state with SHOW command .huawei. to find both sides are in REQUEST state while routers of two sides perform LCP negotiation. then pinging opposite . at this time you should check the state of middle transmission line.

Open debugging front DEBUG X25 PACKET and to find that one end sends SABM frame.but protocol is always in disconnection state.while the other sends FRMR .com.huawei.UAWEI Frequent troubleshooting Question1 :Two connecting sides encapsulate X.25(or encapsulate LAPB directly). and changing working mode of one end will make it. Solutions:This pheonomenon is because both side are encapsulated in the same working mode(DTE or DCE). http://datacomm.This repeats continuously. . http://datacomm. If it is direct connection of back to back. please check local sending window, receiving window is matching or not. but which will reset or clear continually during data transmission. it is necessary to consult right flow control parameter from network management section.WEI Frequent troubleshooting Question 2: X25 can build virtual circuit.huawei. Solution: This result may be caused by incorrect parameter setting of flow controling. If it accesses to public grouping network.

com. When an IP address is configured to two diffent x121 IP address can only be corresponded to one x121 address.25 address mapping.huawei. Analysis:In the X.25 address mapping. http://datacomm.conflicts will occur. the system prompts that the address overlap.UAWEI Frequent troubleshooting Q u e s t i o n 3 : W hen configuring . Solution:Use the command no x25 map ip to delete olde address mappings and configure the address mappings again.

while Cisco defaults Cisco. Anlaysis: The encapsulation format of Quidway2501 frame relay defaults IEIF. while Cisco defaults .com.AWEI Frequent troubleshooting Question 1: Frame relay of Quidway2501 and Cisco can not connect. i. port setting of Quidway: encapsulation fr cisco fr lmi-type cisco http://datacomm.e. Solution: Change settings of two sides into identical values.933A. LMI of Quidway2501 defaults Q.huawei.

cn . IP address setting problem routing problem http://datacomm.huawei.AWEI Frequent troubleshooting Failure description: Ping host computer of other unsuccessfully networ Malfunction locating: 1.

0.160.0 neq rip.160. configuring the followingcommand: Access-list normal 102 permit udp any 202. . to find interface with IP being 202.AWEI Frequent troubleshooting Question: When configure firewall.1(mask is three 255) still can receive RIP package.huawei.38.

UAWEI Frequent troubleshooting Failure description: D ial port configured by router can't dial Malfunction locating 1.M odem can't work properly 2.Configuration of dial port has error

Configured PPP AUTHENTICATION PAP. Not configure PPP AUTHENTICATION which resu that PPP don't ask for NAME from opposite end to DDR application. which results in PPP negotiation passing failure. http://datacomm.UAWEI Frequent troubleshooting Not configure USER-NAME. which in PPP negotiation passing .but configuration of PPP CHAP HOST has configuration of PPP PAP SENT-USERNAME has error.which results in PPP negotiation passing failur Configured PPP AUTHENTICATION CHAP. youcansetdatapackagetointerestingpackagewithdialer-list com m and.Itwillnottriggercall. M odem initiation is right or not. Softwarereason Iftheportissynchronous/asynchronousport. NotconfigureM odeminoutcom m and.AWEI Frequent troubleshooting Question:M odemcan'tDial? Hardwarereason ConnectionwithM odemisrightornot. . Notconfiguredialerm apordialerstringcorrespondingtodata package. Notconfiguredialer-groupcom m and. NotenableDDR.thenithasn'tsetto asynchronousm ode.

and Etherne always keeps UP. but can't ping host address http://datacomm.Check port by show port command. . and Etherne always keeps DOWN.AWEI Frequent troubleshooting Failure description : 1.Check port by show port command.huawei.

but can't ping server on Ethernet connecting to 2509 . can ping asynchronous port and Ethernet port of 2509 at terminal.huawei.UAWEI Frequent troubleshooting Question:After dial user of 2509 dial router from asynchronous port(asy port).com. .AWEI Summary Analysis and solution for physical layer problem Analysis and solution for link layer problem Analysis and solution for network layer problem Analysis and solution for DDR problem Analysis and solution for Ethernet problem