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We gather today as God’s beloved children to worship our Heavenly Father.

We praise his holy name, we listen eagerly for his words of comfort, hope, and challenge to us, and we offer ourselves to him in dedicated service. May you be blessed as you worship here today.

Leading and Assisting in Worship
Leader: Pastor Stephen Wood Organist: Olga Otte Deacons: Mark Hoffmeier; Troy Claycamp Greeters: Larry & Shirley Lewis (8:00) Larry & Linda Guinn (10:15) Communion Assistant: Leah Otte (8:00) Altar Care: Luci Angel (8:00) Lectors: Dot Goodwin (8:00) Amy Pierceall (10:15) Acolyte: Morgan Jones (8:00) Ariel Douglass (10:15) Projectors: Jamie Baker (8:00) Jack Tormoehlen (10:15) Flowers: Sara Otte Welcome Center: Tammi Reinbold (8:00) Linda Seitz (10:15)

July 14, 2013

St. Paul Lutheran Church is a congregation of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (E.L.C.A.). It is referred to as “Borchers” since Rev. Henry Borchers, who served our congregation from 1857-1881, advised and influenced a small group of pioneer settlers that wanted to establish a congregation in the area. This year we celebrate 161 years of life and ministry in this beautiful country setting in Southern Indiana. We look forward to many more years of growth and change as we seek continually to be faithful to God’s call to mission.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is
offered at the 8:00 a.m. services on the 2nd and 4th Sundays and at the 10:15 a.m. service on the 1st and the 3rd Sundays of the month. Christians who believe in the true presence of Christ in the bread and wine for our forgiveness and salvation are invited to receive Holy Communion.

St. Paul Lutheran Church
10792 North 210 East, Seymour, IN 47274 Office 522-7364 Annex & Fax 522-7484 Parsonage 522-7421 email: Web Site: Office hours: Tuesday - Friday Staff The Reverend Stephen Wood Pastor Carolyn Jones...............Director of Youth & Family Ministries and Borchers Preschool Director Wendy Rotert ..Secretary Trish Tangman ..Care Team Director Amy Pierceall and Mandy Otte Custodians Jamie Baker .. Worship Technology Advisor and Web Master

Sunday School classes are held each Sunday for all ages at 9:10 a.m. Visitors are welcome to attend. HEARING ASSISTANCE: We have head phones available for those in need of assistance with hearing. They are located on the table at the entrance of the sanctuary. LARGE PRINT BULLETINS—There are a handful of large print bulletins available. They are located on the table at the entrance of the sanctuary.

This week: Today 14thMonday 15thThursday 18thNext week: Monday 22ndTuesday 23rdWednesday 24thThursday 25th-

CALENDAR July 14th—20th 9:15 am Quarterly Meeting 6:00 pm Prayer Shawl Ministry Meeting 9:00 am Borchers Breakfast Club July 21st—27th 6:30 pm Stephen Ministers Group Meeting Pastor and family on vacation 1:30 pm Clothing Center 9:00 am Borchers Breakfast Club

THE CONGREGATIONAL QUARTERLY MEETING is today July 14th at 9:15 am. LILA MARIE LEE ANDERSON will be baptized at the 8:00 service today. She is the daughter of Dakota Anderson and Anthony Miller. Lila was born on May 22, 2013. Her sponsors are Richard and Melissa Anderson. CONGRATULATIONS to Jeremy and Kamie (Taulman) Ronsheim. They were married here at St. Paul last night. SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL will be held in the Fellowship Room at 9:15 each Sunday in June, July, and August for kid’s age 3- grade 5. Jr High Youth will be helpers during the summer. The summer theme will be Treasure Seekers. We will have a bible story, game, snack, and a craft each week. This week’s helper is Carolyn Jones. Claire Tangman is the helper for July 21st. BORCHER’S PRESCHOOL is now accepting enrollment for the 2013-2014 school year. Your child must be age 4 by August 1, 2013, to be in the Sunbeam Class, age 3 by August 1, 2013, for the Rainbow class and age 2 by August 1, 2013 for the Raindrop class. Enrollment forms are at the Welcome Center or call the church office for information. RUTH CIRCLE—A sign up sheet is at the Welcome Center for volunteers to water the flowers at the church. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED to help make contact with members whose birthdates are missing from our records. We want to be sure everyone is included as we extend good wishes and add each name to our weekly list for Going Deeper in Prayer. If you are available to help gather this information, please contact Trish Tangman @ 522-7364.

DID YOU KNOW? Stephen Ministers are available to be a friend to anyone needing to talk through a difficult life situation. Relationships can last as long as needed-from a few visits to a long term relationship. Pick up a brochure on the Welcome Center or call the office @ 522-7364 for details. THE FOOD PANTRY items for July are oatmeal and grits. THE RECYCLING CONTAINER is here!! Please follow the guidelines posted on the container for acceptable items. Look on the Welcome Center for a take-home list of what is acceptable and what’s not. ANNIVERSARY DINNER – the 45th Anniversary Dinner of the CrossLife Ministries/ Lutheran Child and Family Services Auxiliary will be held Monday, July 15, 2013 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at Emanuel Lutheran Church Dudleytown. All are invited to enjoy the evening of fellowship and become more familiar with the ministry to individuals, marriages, and families throughout Jackson and Bartholomew counties. The guest speaker will be a representative from Provisions, Inc. Plans for the Fall Luncheon and Bake Sale will be discussed. Please bring a covered dish to share. Drinks and anniversary cake will be provided. BOOK BUZZ PARTICIPANTS will not meet in July due to busy summer schedules. This gives readers TWO months to read the selection for the next time the group gathers. On August 26th at 1:00 PM readers will meet in the narthex to discuss the Pulitzer Prize winning novel March by Geraldine Brooks. One copy of the book is available in the church library. Copies of the book are also available at the Jackson Co. Public Library and through Evergreen. If you need assistance locating the book or if you have other questions, please contact Michelle Wood or Trish Tangman.

A HEARTFELT THANK YOU to all who took part in Alexander's Memorial and celebration of his life! Your expressions of love, prayers, the great food to sustain the travelers from near and far are greatly appreciated. Thank you Pastor Steve, Trish Tangman with Stephen Ministers, Wanda Engelau & group! You truly are the hands and feet of Christ for us. —Many Blessings to you. Love, Sylvia Rust & family P.S. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. WELCA BIENNIAL SYNODICAL CONVENTION for Women, Teen Girls will be held August 2-3, 2013 in Columbus. Registration forms can be found at the Welcome Center. If you have questions, please contact Linda Guinn.


Scoop of Faith
- Calling all Ice Cream Makersand ice cream lovers Bring a batch of your favorite home-made ice cream and let the voting begin! Sunday, August 25th St. Paul Lutheran Church Borchers Picnic Grove Watch the Welcome insert and August Newsletter for more details.

Walking in Faith – Sowing Christ’s Love
The mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church is derived from our core values - the essence of our purpose for existence and the criteria we should use to guide our congregational decisions and actions.

Our Core Values:
1. Spirituality – to worship and to grow and develop spiritually as Christians. 2. Outreach – To spread the message of God’s love and grace by word and by action. 3. Service to Others – To live Christ’s message to Love one another.
You can support the mission of our church by coming to worship, engaging in study, sharing the word, bringing a friend to church, taking part in Care Team initiatives, volunteering at church or in the community and loving one another. We invite you to join us in this journey.

Our Response to God’s Love
We Worshipped: July 7 —8:00 am service– 112
th th

10:15 service—68

Total Offerings for July 7 : Spending Plan Giving— $5,673.50 New Church Loan Payment—$6,965.00 Other Giving—$1,230.00 {The weekly amount needed to cover expenses in the 2013 Spending Plan is $5,435.00}

Readings for July 21st:
Ninth Sunday after Pentecost

Those assisting with worship July 21st:
Communion Assistant: Altar Care: Acolytes: Projectors: Flowers: Welcome Center: Leon Seitz (10:15) Linda Seitz (10:15) Courtney Mansfield (10:15) Kyle Claycamp (10:15) Doris Rorick (8:00) Chloe Bryden (10:15) Volunteer Needed Tammi Reinbold (8:00) Linda SeƟz (10:15)

Genesis 18:1-10a Psalm 15 Colossians 1:15-28 Luke 10:38-42 Lectors: Susan Holle (8:00) Karen Davis (10:15)

July 14, 2013

Going Deeper

The purpose of this page is to provide a tool or instrument for your spiritual growth. This page contains a brief synopsis of the readings as well as some questions for your reflection to help you go deeper with the Word. On the back is a day by day listing of scripture readings with possible prayer request. Individuals are listed on their day of birth—so that you might pray for them on their birthday. Also on the back is the prayer list for the congregation. Keep on Growing Spiritually!! Readings for the Day: Deuteronomy 30:9–14--Moses calls the people who are about to enter the promised land to renew the covenant God made with their ancestors. Through this covenant God gives life and asks for obedience. God's commandment is neither burdensome nor too far off, but dwells in the people's own hearts. Colossians 1:1–14--The letter to the Colossians was written to warn its readers of various false teachings. The first part of the letter is an expression of thanks for the faith, hope, and love that mark this community, including a prayer for strength and courage from Paul. Luke 10:25–37--Jesus is challenged to explain what is involved in obeying the greatest commandment. Jesus tells a parable rich in surprises: those expected to show pity display hard hearts while the lowly give and receive unexpected and lavish mercy. ‘From Sunday & Seasons, copyright 2013 Augsburg Fortress’ Questions To Ponder: 1—What is the main point of the story? 2—Who are your neighbors? 3—What does it mean to be a neighbor? 4—Are people more neighborly now or years ago? Why? 5—What is the significance of the person being a Samaritan?


MEMORY VERSE: Luke 10:37 37 He said, "The one who showed him mercy." Jesus said to him, "Go and do likewise."

Going Deeper in Prayer
Monday 7/15 Jeremiah 2:1-37 Romans 1:1-32 W Nate Otte, Rachel Hoevener W World peace Tuesday 7/16 Jeremiah 3:1-25 Romans 2:1-29 W Julie Rust W foster parents Wednesday 7/17 Jeremiah 4:1-31 Romans 3:1-31 W economic development Thursday 7/18 Jeremiah 5:1-31 Romans 4:1-25 W Christians in Russia Friday 7/19 Jeremiah 6:1-30 Romans 5:1-21 W Lyra Claycamp, Mary Eglen, Huntley Jones W trauma victims Saturday 7/20 Jeremiah 7:1-34 Romans 6:1-23 W Jesse Wilhite W for spiritual growth Sunday 7/21 Jeremiah 8:1-22 Romans 7:1-25 W Olga Otte W police officers

Prayer List Prayer for Homebound Individuals: Betty Hoene, Eldena Hoene, Eunice Lutes Prayer for Long Term Care Issues: Orville Schnitker; Helen Carter; Andy Runge, Peggy Meahl (Sarah Rotert’s sister-in-law); Pastor Ed and Joan Winter; Walter and Verl VonFange (Bertha Otte’s sister & brother in-law); Recent Hospitalizations : Geneva Hoene, Floyd Meahl (Sarah Rotert’s brother) Other Prayer Request: Emily Hume; Paul Johnson (cancer-Leslie Wente’s fiancé); Anita Shelton (friend of Herschel and Doris Kleffman); Leta Ahlbrand (friend of Shirley Lewis); Amy Siefker (niece of Karen Hoene); Carly Hoffmeier (sister-in-law to Mark Hoffmeier); Joe Bond (cancer-friend of Bob & Dena Schafstall); Pam Kottkamp (cousin of Beth Claycamp); Jane Meyer; Mike Tangman (cancer); Vicky Ent (Cancer-friend of Judy Wonning); John Helwig (cancer-friend of Jenny Engelau);Frances Lamberson (Terri DeVoe’s Mother); Phyllis Neidinger; Ron Kidd (cancer– Bill Kidd’s brother); Edna Spiehler (Patty Herkamp’s friend); Mary Sipes (sister-in-law of Linda Booher); Peggy Rucker (Friend of Wilma Claycamp); Shirley Darlage Duncan (cancer-friend of Dena Schafstall); Dewayne Greathouse (cancer—friend of Linda Guinn);Pat Norrell (friend of Kendra Harris) Prayers for those in Military Service: Steven Rieker (Jerry & Pixie Otte’s Grandson); Chad Brigdon,

Evan Marshall