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Training Objective


Router Configuration Mode

IntroductiontoRouterCom m a n dL i n e
SolutionWhenPasswordIsLost RouterUpgrade BasicOperationCommand

Conception and Basic Structure of Router

Router-----an important network equipment
com p u ter equipm ent used for network interconnection Router m ust have: tw o i n t e r f a c e s o r m o r e protocols reaching network layer at least storing, forwarding and routing function

Router Function

router core function is to implement network interconnection
forwardgroupingdata route(routing):create,refreshandsearchroutetable rate m a tchbetweensubnets isolatenetwork,preventnetworkstorm ,designateaccessrule(firewall) in terconnectdissim ilar network

Router Work Flow

Work Process

router selects protocol


Remove E n c a p s u l a t i o nEthernet

Serial Port Protocol Encapsulation

Serial Port

Ethernet Interface


L A N 1


L A N 2

0.1 IllustrationofRouteTableContents .1 0.0 200.Route Table HUAWEI Destination Address Mask Code Next Hop Address 0.0 255.0 255.0.0.huawei. 100.0.

Quidway R1602 HUAWEI power Power switch socket Backup Ethernet interface interface Configuration interface Synchronous/ asynchronous serial port Synchronous/ asynchronous serial port .huawei.

com .Router Configuration HUAWEI Configuration via console interface Remote configuration via dial-up Configuration via telnet Configuration via mute terminal Transmit configuration file via ftp www.huawei.

com .huawei.Configuration via console Interface HUAWEI Construct local configuration environment R232 configuration port configuration cable www. .First Step: Connect Configuration Cable HUAWEI Takeoutconfigurationcablebroughtwithrouter.ConnecttheendofRJ45connectortorouter consoleinterface.andconnecttheendof9-pin(or25-pin)RS232interfacetocom p u ter serial port www.

www. then you can newly creat a "hyper terminal". After entering "Hyper Terminal" directory.Second Step: Create Hyper Terminal (1) HUAWEI Take the "Hyper Terminal" brought with WINDOWS98 for example.huawei. Click on "Start" →"Programs"→"Accessories"→"Communications"→"Hyper Terminal".com . select "Hypertrm".

huawei.Second Step: Create Hyper Terminal (2) HUAWEI .

com .Remote Router Configuration via Dial-up Line HUAWEI modem modem Backup Cable Connectrouterandcomputerrespectivelytomodem www.huawei.

Configure Local Router via Telnet HUAWEI .huawei.

Configuration via Terminal HUAWEI Synchronous/ asynchronous serial port interface Quidway(config-if-serial 0)#physical-layer async Quidway(config-if-serial 0)#async mode interactive .

Configuration via FTP HUAWEI ftp client 10.huawei.110.1 .StartFtpserveronrouter 2.0.2 Ethernet 1.0. Start client programonterm in a l ftp server 10. .Command Line Overview HUAWEI C o m m o nu s e rm o d e Privilegeduserm ode G lobal configuration m ode In terface configuration m ode Routeprotocolconfigurationm ode www.

com .huawei..Enter Router Configuration Interface HUAWEI console PressEnterkeytogetstartedwhenyouseeATS0=1. Systemn o wisstarting..A T S 0 = 1 Q u id w a y > e n a b le P a s s w o r d : Q u id w a y # Q u id w a y # d isable Q u id w a y > Q u id w a y > www.

com .Command List for Common User Mode HUAWEI Q u id w a y > ? e n a b l e T u r no np r ivilegedcom m a n d s e x it E x it fromE X E C h e lp Descriptionoftheinteractivehelpsystem l a n g u a g e S w itchl a n g u a g em o d e( E n g l ish.Chinese) p in g S e n de c h om e s s a g e s s h o w S h o wr u n n ingsystemin form a tion telnet Connectrem otecom p u ter tracert Traceroutetodestination www.huawei.

Command List for Privileged User Mode HUAWEI Q u id w a y > e n a b le P a s s w o r d : Q u id w a y # ? clear Resetfunctions clock M a n a g ethesystemclock c o n figure Enterconfigurationm o d e d e b u g D e b u g g in gfu n c tion s d isable Turnoffprivilegedcom m a n d s d o w n l o a d D o w n l o a dt h en e wv e r s ionsoftw a re a n dc o n fig erase Erasetheconfigurationinflashm e m o ry ---.More(PressCTRL_Ctobreak) .

Authorization and Accounting) access-list Configure structure of access-list arp Set a static ARP entry chat-script Define a modem chat script crypto Config IPSec or crypto map custom-list Build the custom queue list dialer-list Create a dialer-list dlsw Configure dlsw dram-wait Insert dram wait state enable Modify enable password parameters exit Exit from configure mode firewall Configure firewall status flow-interval set time of flow control frame-relay global frame relay configuration commands ftp-server File transfer Protocol help Description of the interactive help system host Add host's name and IP address hostname Modify hostname ifquelen Change interface queue length interface Select an interface to configure ip Global ip configuration subcommands ipx Novell IPX global configuration commands logging Logging configuration commands logic-channel Select a logic-channel to configure -----.P : www.More (Press CTRL_C to break) -----.huawei.Command List for Global User Mode HUAWEI Quidway>configure Quidway#? aaa-enable Enable AAA( .

com .huawei.Command List for Interface Mode HUAWEI Quidway>interface E 0 Quidway# ? backup Modify dial-backup parameters bridge-group Join into DLSw Bridge-group crypto Apply crypto map to interface custom-group Assign a custom queue list to an interface description Ethernet interface specific description duplex Configure duplex operation mode exit Exit from config interface mode help Description of the interactive help system ip Interface Internet Protocol configure command ipx Novell IPX interface subcommands llc2 Modify LLC2 parameters loopback Configure internal loopback on an interface mtu Set ethernet interface Maximum Transmission Unit(MTU) nat Network Address Translator no Negate a command or set its defaults priority-group Assign a priority queue list to an interface send-frame-type Set the format of the sending frames shutdown Shutdown the selected interface standby Hot standby router config www.

'show? ')anddescribes e a c h possibleargum e n . If nothin gm a tches.the h e lp list w ill b ee m p ty. Twostylesofhelpareprovided: 1.'shows n ? ' ).Partialhelpisprovidedw h e na na b b r e v iated a r g u m e n tisentered a n dy o uw a n ttoknoww h a t a r g u m e n tsm a tch theinput(e.g.Help Online HUAWEI Q u id w a y # h e lp H e lpm a yb er e q u e s t e da ta n yp o in t inac o m m a n db y e n tering aquestion m a rk '?'.g. www. 2.huawei.Fullhelpisavailable whenyouarereadytoentera com m a n da rgum e n t(e.

HUAWEI Command Line Error Message Quidway#show Incorrect command Quidway#show Incomplete command Quidway#show interface serial 0 Too many parameters .huawei.

History Command HUAWEI Quidway#show history enable config int s0 exit <ctrl><p> OR ↑ <ctrl><o> OR ↓ previous history record next history record .huawei. .Edit Characteristics HUAWEI Common keypress Input character to current cursor position BackSpace Delete character previous to cursor position Delete Delete character at cursor position Left cursor key← Cursor moves a character posision leftwards Right cursor key→ Cursor moves a character posision rightwards Up & down cursor key↑↓ Display history command www.

huawei.Display Characteristics HUAWEI Language Key in 'Ctrl+c' at display pause Key in space bar at display pause Key in Enter at display pause Chinese/English display switchover Stop display and command execution Continue to display next screen informaton Continue to display next line information .

com .Ispasswordforenteringprivilegedm ode forgot? I forget password.huawei.How to do When Password is Forgot? HUAWEI 1. and I can not configure router www.

UpgradeviaFtp 3.Upgradeviaconsoleinterface 2.huawei.UpgradeviaTftp More function and more simpler configuration www.Router Upgrade HUAWEI . .Upgrade Router via Console Interface HUAWEI console Q u id w a y # Q u id w a y # Q u id w a y # r e b o o t W A R N IN G :Systemw ill R E B O O T !C o n tin u e? [Y /N ]y www.

HUAWEI Upgrade Router via Console Interface (Continue) console B o o tM e n u : 1: Downloadapplicationprogram 2: DownloadBootromp rogram 3: M o d ify Bootromp a s s w o r d 4: Exitthem e n u 5: Reboot E n teryourchoice(1-5):1 .huawei. .HUAWEI Upgrade Router via Console Interface (Continue) console Boot Menu: 1: D o w n load application program 2: D o w n load Bootrom program 3: Modify Bootrom password 4: Exit the menu 5: Reboot Enter your choice(1-5): 1 www. .HUAWEI Upgrade Router via Console Interface (Continue) www.

HUAWEI Upgrade Router via Console Interface (Continue) .huawei.

0.1 .0.2 Ethernet ftp server 10.110.110.huawei.Upgrade Router via FTP HUAWEI ftp client 10.

Upgrade Router via Tftp HUAWEI ftp client www.2 Ethernet ftp server .

huawei.Upgrade Router via Tftp HUAWEI BootMenu: 1: Download application program with XMODEM 2: Download application program with TFTP 3: Clear application password 4: Clear configuration 5: Exit and reboot Enter your choice(1-5): 2 .

com .tracert www.huawei.monitor Test tool:ping.Basic Operation Command HUAWEI Command to view system status and system information:show Debug command:debug.

Commonly-used Command show HUAWEI show version show running-config show interface .huawei.

.L T D .com .hardwareversionis 1.2 -Feb19 2000-05:29:51 Copyrig h t( c )1 9 9 7 2 0 0 0S H E N Z H E NH U A W E IT E C HC O .huawei.0 version HUAWEI Q u id w a y # s h o wv e r s ion Q u id w a yS e r ie s1 6 0 0R o u t e rS o ftw a reVersionV R P 1 . running-config HUAWEI h u a w e i-bj(config)#showr u n n ing-config C u rrentconfiguration hostnam eh u a w e i-bj ! in terfaceEthernet0 ipaddress100.1.1255. ! e n d www.0 ! in terfaceSerial0 encapsulationppp .1.252 e x it iproute10.1.0255.

baudrate is 64000 bps interface is DCE. 0 CRC.huawei.2 255. IPCP opened.96 packets/sec 5 minutes output rate 60. 0 no buffers 0 input errors.1. interface: display interface information HUAWEI huawei-bj(config)#show interface serial 0 Serial0 is up. line protocol is up physical layer is .1. 0 frame errors 0 overrunners.255. IPXCP initial 5 minutes input rate 52. 0 aborted sequences.255.252 Encapsulation is PPP LCP opened.00 bytes/sec. clock is DCECLK. 24907 bytes. 0 no buffers 670 packets output.19 packets/sec Input queue is 0/75/0 (current/max/drops) Queueing strategy: FIFO Output Queue :(size/max/drops) 0/75/0 539 packets input. 29586 bytes. 1. 0 input no buffers DCD=UP DTR=UP DSR=UP RTS=UP CTS=UP www. cable type is RS232 Internet address is 11.63 bytes/sec.

Logging HUAWEI debug logging console debugging logging monitor debugging www.huawei.Debug Commond: . ping statistics --5 packets transmitted 5 packets received 0.1: bytes=56 Sequence=1 ttl=255 time = 31 ms Reply from 11.1: bytes=56 Sequence=2 ttl=255 time = 32 ms Reply from 11.00% packet loss round-trip min/avg/max = 31/31/32 ms test tool HUAWEI #ping bytes=56 Sequence=3 ttl=255 time = 31 ms Reply from 11. press CTRL_C to break Reply from .1.1.1 PING 11.1: 56 data bytes.1: bytes=56 Sequence=0 ttl=255 time = 31 ms Reply from 11.1.huawei. bytes=56 Sequence=4 ttl=255 time = 31 ms --.

com .186(10.1.1 29 ms 22 ms 21 ms 2 test tool HUAWEI huawei-bj#tracert 10.186 38 ms 24 ms 24 ms www.110.110.huawei.201.110.186 traceroute to 10.40 bytes packet 1 11.201.186) 30 hops max.201.

Emphasis of This Chapter HUAWEI Operatingprincipleofrouter C o n figurelocalandremoterouterviaconsoleinterface D ifferentiationbetweencom m onusermodeandprivilegedusermode Upgraderouter C o m m o n ly-usedroutercommandsandsmalltools .huawei.