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Complete the paragraphs using the Past Simple:
Simon works for a successful recording company. Three days ago, he __________(visit) his old secondary school, to talk about his job. He _________(take) some CDs with him, and ___________(play) them to the students. One girl _________(ask): ___________ (you do) any of the songs on those CDs? "Yes", said Simon. "I _________-(be) the sound engineer on all the tracks". The students ___________(enjoy) Simon's talk. He __________ (tell) them: "When I ____________ (attend) this school a few years ago, I _________ (not study) very hard. So I ______________ (not pass) many exams". Then he __________ (add), "It's different now. Engineers in the music industry need qualifications." At the end of his talk, he __________ (give) each student a free CD!

II. Complete the sentences using Present Perfect:
Boy: (you ever meet) __________________ Madonna? Simon: (I ever meet) _________________ Madonna? Yes, (I see) _______________ her a lot. She's great. Girl: (your company ever make) __________________ a record with the Spice Girls? Simon: No. (we not record) _________________ them. (I go) _______________to one of their concerts. But (I never like) _______________ them!

III. Past Simple and Present Perfect
Study the sentences (a-d), and answer the questions (1-4). a). Simon started his job two years ago. b). Simon has never worked with The Spice girls. c). Simon and his friend have been to New York. d). Simon and his friend saw a film last night. 1. Which two sentences are in the Past Simple? 2. Which two sentences are in the Present Perfect? 3. Which two sentences refer to a specific time in the past? 4. Which two sentences talk about experiences or connect the past to the present?

It ____________ (not start) to snow in the valleys. I ____________ (steal) Jenny’s diary last year. John ____________ (meet) Mary last year and they ____________ (be) together ever since. Amy and Hugh ____________ (go) to 50 Cent’s concert. What's it like? b). Karen ____________ (buy) me an ice-cream and I ____________ (eat) it with pleasure because the weather was hot and sunny yesterday. 8. 4. 12. . I _____________(play) it three times this evening! 2. But their parents _____________ (go) to New York ten years ago. 14. she ___________ (be) very grateful to it. I __________ (buy) a Madonna CD this morning. a). They had a great time there. Use Past Simple in one. My friend _____________ (be) in hospital for the last 2 months. Emily ____________ (paint) her room blue. 9. 6. Put the verbs in Past Simple or Present Perfect Tense: 1. Terrible! I _______________ (not like) it at all. b). Since then. Alice ____________ (get) lost in Wonderland and she ____________ (can) find her way out until the cat ____________ (show) it to her. a). a). Lisa and Colin ____________ (go) to Pink’s concert on the 30th July last year. 15. We _______________ (not watch) it for a long time! 5.IV. They ____________ (go) there in March. My friend Pedro ___________ (live) in London since 1982. We ____________ (not do) our homework. 1. 4. 11. 3. b). b). She ___________ (meet) her at the party last week. We __________(go) to London last weekend. 3. 7. and Present Perfect in the other sentence from the pairs. 8. the students ____________ (decide) to go to The Bay of the Bones. 10. I ______________ (not hear) his new single.You're lucky! I _____________(never go) there. We ____________ (swim) 20 miles so far and we still ____________ (not finish). a). Simon's brother ______________ (never visit) New York. 2. 5. 13. Instead of going to Samuil’s fortress. You _____________ (see) Top of the Pops last night? b). They ____________ (have) a great time. My parents ____________ (take) me to all sorts of beautiful places during my childhood. Columbus ______________ (discover) America in 1492. yet. No. a).